It’s not revenge it’s love swasan season 2 (payback time) episode 42


Swara was still staring at them with unknown silence..
Arnav have enough of this silence.. So he just slid out his mobile and call..
All look at him.
Arnav said in broken voice – You are really a awesome wife Mrs Rajput!
Swara was taken aback by his unexpected comment..
Arnav – you know if you always wanted revenge then be MALIK but what can I say after all you always were RAJPUT… Firstly leaving with them in childhood and then marrying a RAJPUT.. ANSWER ME DAMMIT!!! (shouted at top of his voice)
Swara walk up to him and said – it was not my mistake that you are reasons of Vikrant death.. We both met each other one year before I never made plans against you three.. I was still confused with all that happened in my life.. What you three think my life become a PERFECT JOKE.. From my childhood I have only saw pain and betrayal.. (looking at Sanskar) I didn’t ask you to come in my life or love or protect who the heck were you to become my SHADOW!!!.. (turning to ARJUN) you were who came to me as best friend I never beg for your friendship nor do I expect anything from you…and lastly bhai you what you thought coming in my after many years you can heal my wounds in just few f**kING months.. I am that Human who have gone through so much pain and hurt.. That it didn’t matter if any one slap me or shout on me… I became emotion less many years before.. All this smile is just a facade.. I am not what you all think.. And about Vikrant he was just a friend of mine nothing else who and I were have contract marriage just six months so when he died we were divorced already.. I am not any widow of anyone!!! [barked angry at three Men who were stunned by her outburst] Clenching her fist she finally decided – I am leaving.. And I never wanted to see you three faces in my life and remember that in SWARA MALIK life no matter what happened none can control her by any emotion!!! Saying this she left them with shocked state….

Sanskar – I don’t think these lady will ever forgive us..
Arjun and Arnav look at him with questions look..
Sanskar – what? I am right and about leaving… So then Swara hell wrong I am not any type sacrificing Romeo.. Who will agree and it’s time for her to again get to meet with a beast.. Said smirking

Arjun looks like his brother is totally right.. Being good is not enough and in his nature he can be Devil to go any extents… To get back on his wife..

Arnav smirk and said – I get it! And Now Khushi Maheshwari I vowed to win your love in ARNAV Singh Raizada way…

Arjun smile devilishly – We three are really beast..

Sanskar laugh – Stubborn beast.. And we three know to make our way.. As the matter of fact we tell then truth.. So now getting forgiveness would be understatement… Getting back that love would be something which we deserve…

Arjun – yeah.. And I know being beast WOULD easy to handle these stubborn crazy ladies!

Arnav – CRAZY..

Khushi – Aarohi I have submitted our resignation letter..
Aarohi nodded..
Ragini – and where are you both leaving ?

Aarohi – nothing just going to Capetown.. I got a job.. So KHUSHI and I have decided to leave in two days..

Laksh – but you both don’t have to!

Khushi – Laksh please… Aadarsh bhai and Roshani Bhabhi is also there it would be great..

Ragini – OK..


Swara was walking in corridors of hotel when she bumbed someone…
She looked at oldy man around 70s HELL!!

Old man was shocked looking at Swara.. Then a evil smile play on his face..

Swara took a step back for taking some space…

Old man – How are you Swara Malik?
.Swara shut her eyes tightly but when her eyes open it was fill
With silence calmness …

Old man look amused but he said – you didn’t forgotten me… After all you are still alive after…

Swara clutch her fist tightly and said in her business tone – If your nonsense is over can you moved aside Mr Rajveer Singh..
Rajveer laugh a little and said – I am glad you didn’t forget me after all you are like granddaughter…
Swara take a sharp breath and give dead glare at him before walking past from there but stopped and turned – I am alive but don’t know now how much will be you live.. Said smirking at his horror scared face.. And then she walk away from that place….

Khushi was packing up her luggage when her room door open with a bang…
“WHO THE HELL …but stopped glaring at ASR who is standing infront of with a smug smile…

Khushi angrily gritting her teeth – what blo*dy hell you are doing here?!!
Arnav walk inside locking door behind him and said – why Khushi Maheshwari a incridible lover of Vikrant Singh RAJPUT this room is only your!

Khushi look stunned at his audicity – you are so shameless after knowing what I felt towards you … have voice to taunt!

ASR chuckle and said – First think Miss MAHESHWARI about my crime.. So it was just a drunken accident and it is not my mistake that your Romeo Rajput didn’t have that much blood in his body… And about my voice (helding her arms and closing her he said in anger firm Voice) No Body have that power to make ARNAV SINGH RAIZADA to feel guilty for not having a mistake and I don’t care to give you any explanation.. After all you hate me right more than you love your Romeo Rajput!?
Khushi was breathing heavily because of his close aproximity and what he was saying we’re making him more justified.. He is somewhere right but she don’t want to see this!!

ASR pushed her from his arms and said – you know what.. I just came to tell you Miss MAHESHWARI.. That tommorow morning I want to see you in my office at 10 o’clock sharp

Khushi shockingly uttered “what the ”

ASR smirk and said -Yes dammit as my personal secretary.. Oh before you ask how?.. You can read this contract which you have signed before eight months without your knowledge.. For becoming my secretary I thought to discard it but now it seems very useful.. Right.. (handing her contract papers he left the place giving last glance at her who was starlted by hearing his plan)


Everyone came to parking lot taking their luggage.. After attendents stuff their luggage in respective cars..and left all looking each other..

Aarohi – Khushi are you OK?

Arnav look at Khushi pale face but didn’t care to say anything after all he was only reason..

Khushi glare at Arnav and handed the contract papers to Aarohi..

Arjun and Sanskar look at each other with thumbs up.. While all this noticed by Swara

Aarohi shouted – WHAT!!! (reading all the things)

Arjun said smirking – Any problem Wifey?
Aarohi taken aback by his unexpected “Wifey “…
Aarohi – Are you lost it Arjun Gadodia what the heck are you calling me?!!!
Arjun shrugged off and said – you are my legally wedded wife Mrs Aarohi Arjun Gadodia…
Aarohi snapped – I am not your blo*dy wife!! This marriage sucks !! And you will get soon divorced paper Mr lawyer!!!
Arjun shrugged off and said – but Aarohi for our divorce you have to live with me atleast six months because you forgotten that we married before six months and for divorce you have to live with me one year.. So no divorce BIWI! Understand well you understand!
Aarohi jaw dropped looking at Arjun gadodia rage and madness was returned on all over her face…

Laksh and Ragini were having a hard time for not punching these Men behaving as beast.. And then two were more left..

Swara ask – you have something for me Sanskar?
Sanskar smile devilishly and said – no princess but if you want.. You can ask after all I am your fiance.. Soon to be husband!
Swara – yeah sure on my DEAD BODY!
All look at her with mixed feelings.. Hurtful by her this statement…
Swara didn’t care and turned around to get inside the car but stopped.. And look out to see all of them were still not move giving up she came out and ask – Now what?
Laksh said angrily – Are you insane or child that doesn’t know what to say?
Swara signed and look at Arnav and ask quitly because this she really made everyone hurt – Bhai could you please drive my car and come with me…
Arnav look at her angrily but snatching the keys he moved towards the car making Swara follow him.. All of them give angry glare at her and then get back to leave Ujjain!
PRECAP – Beast are awake!!!

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  1. Hadi

    Awww superb yr waiting for episode since 2 days plZ don’t take such a long time to upload next episode plZ n this epi is beyond superb but I don’t understand why the he’ll Sara always talk about her death
    Arjun n arnav get their path of love but what will our hero do which path he will choose waiting for that plZ post sooooon

  2. Divyanshri

    Aryana yaar… u r so confusing…… with each episode u give 2-3 shock. together……. yaar….. awsome….

  3. Aahna

    u always come wid unexpected thing.Totally awsm. waiting to know sanskar way to win her princess heart.I really two beasts…..
    waiting for 3rd one…

  4. Jwala

    so it is round again ha? I think you are going to end it.. but I have a feeling that vikrant is not dead.. you will bring suspense anywhere ha.. twist queen. update next part soon

    1. Hmm! I’m also thinking so Jwala!

  5. I wanna see beast asap plz

  6. vikrant death was really mistake only????

  7. Deeksha

    It is awesome dear… Just loved it…… Pls update regularly…….. Can’t wait for many days…….. Just awesome as always…. Love you dear… Waiting how Sanskaar convinces swara……. Eagerly waiting for the next………. Lots of love ??????

  8. awesome!!

  9. awesome… update soon.. now who is that old man.. waiting to see how sanskar convince swara… both have full ego persons,,,

  10. I totally agree wit jwala sis there mst be andr suspence of urs so plz update asap plz dnt b late:-D:-D:-D:-D:-D

  11. AnuAnn

    No words needed

  12. interesting

  13. Niku

    Awesome !! Amazing!! superb!!!……really all d three beasts r awake??…..I like sankar dialogue most….haha….but yeah mr.rajvir kha se aagya…??

  14. Abirsha

    Wow awesome…. Very nice

  15. U know what Aryna! In last chappy ,I was disappointed by u as u are calling them beasts. But no doubt, I’m loving the BEASTS whom u’re presenting now…
    Love u my girl!

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