It’s not revenge it’s love swasan season 2 (payback time) episode 41


Concert was not yet over for everyone… As the Swara completed her speech.. CBI and police commissioner Khan was there at VIP block..
Sanskar turned to look at them..

CBI officer – Mr Kundra you are under arrest to be involved in making fake drugs and s*x raccate case against Raichand and trying to bribe police to kill Omkar Malik.. While he was killed in encounter.. And also to take over on MALIK industrial by illegally rights
Arjun looks at them with disbelief.. But no time.. The word made him froze at the spot..
CBI officer – and Mr Arjun Gadodia you under arrest for making wrong file against MALIK the legal adviser and also to help Mr Kundra in his RAICHAND matter!!

Commisionar look at Arnav and said – you are under arrest for supplying steal designs of Aarohi Khurana.. And also to make illegal business in the name AR industry..

They three could not say a bit.. It was like they are going to get their punishment..
Laksh and Ragini were still in shocked and then getting watch all this they easily guess it was perfect plan against three powerful beast by three revengeful women who had lost something precious in life but whatever it is… She can’t be get back like they are her family her friends ….and she will go to any extents to save them… Looking behind the three women who were enjoying the scene.. She knows what she had to do…

Ragini stepped forward – May I see where is the arrest warrant Commisionar..!! Said RAGINI gadodia.. In her grumpy cold expression..
Laksh who was seen to be lost sense his wife turmoils and know one thing that family is family!!
Commissioner – listen Miss you don’t know the legal procedures.. So please stay out of it!!
Ragini look at every faces then said in anger tone – Well then I should introduce myself.. As a lawyer.. Or clearly a criminal lawyer.. Commisionar who had taken HET degree from Delhi law and medical college.. Wanted to check my bio data even I have practice my law and order under best lawyer of Asia before eight years.. Anything else!! So you must I do better know what is legal procedures is!!
Well all taken aback.. All means Swara who was now also in that block with Khushi and Aarohi look at Ragini in shocked.. No one remembers that Ragini was actually hold on best lawyer degree before becoming Model!!
Ragini – Now if you don’t mind.. I would like to see arrest warrant.. Commisionar..
Commisionar look at CBI who given him the which he handed to Ragini..
Ragini look at paper and smile devilishly – tsk tsk.. Commisionar and another officer you have gotten one mistake its arrest warrant but not of today.. It’s of tommorow evening that means you can’t touch my one family member before tommorow evening.. Did you get that!! Now leave… Before I call your upper officer who knows what happened when you tried to insult a bussiness or a famous top lawyer!!

Commissioner and CBI officer left as soon as possible before throwing aplogitic glare at Aarohi.. Who call..
Ragini look at three women and said – I didn’t complete my word right.. I have practice my law and order under Asia best lawyer.. Vikrant Singh Rajput!!… Ladies..
Well it was another shocked for everyone.. Except Laksh who knew this already..
No one knows what to say.. Or what to do..
Laksh get it what Ragini trying to do.. So he spoke – good one ladies ( glaring at Swara, Aarohi and Khushi) and gentlemens( glaring at Sanskar, Arnav and Arjun) but seems like I and Ragini left out with all this revenge planning and plotting..
Ragini smile – but not anymore.. So how about to get back to hotel.. We can easily talk without all this thousands people disturbance!!saying this she left the with Laksh.. Who don’t even seem to bother.. To look anyone…


Sanskar – I am sorry.. I don’t know he holds this much position in many lives.. Otherwise.. It was all my mistake.. Arnav and Arjun were never know about him…

Arjun – I am sorry. ..I don’t know about him at all .I know… No one apology can get him back… But we own you our lives….

Arnav – I am ashamed it was my anger which provokes me that day to hurt him but I don’t thought to kill him.. It was mistake..

They three were ashamed.. Too much guilty. About what they did before six years….they know forgiveness is not they are going to get it…

Khushi, Aarohi and Swara look at each other then at them.. And walk away….

Scene shift of paradise lounge Ujjain.. The whole lounge Laksh has booked for privacy..

Ragini look at everyone.. No one saying a word which was frustrating her…

Laksh started – Vikrant Singh Rajput..
All look at him.. Some were guilt some were softened..
Laksh continue – you three killed him before six years in Ujjain.. Why? Ask pointing to Mans..who were looking at womens..

Sanskar didn’t scare of anyone not even of death so he knows what to say – it was mistake not murder Laksh.. Said in anger tone..

Arnav and Arjun look at him shockingly.. Other were too giving him shock expression..

Khushi mocking – oh then I would really like to listen which type of mistake that lead to kill one person.. My Vikrant..!!

Arnav flinched hearding her.. As others were too much seriously surprised by hearding Khushi “My Vikrant ” which they expect from Swara.. Who seem to standing at one corner with drink and looking uninterested in their discussion.. Gazing at moon.. Not even bother to look at them!

Sanskar said in hard voice – whatever happens it was mistake.. And if are so much know about what we did was murder “a intentionally murdering ” then I would like to hear How?

Aarohi said angrily – don’t try to make yourself innocent…..Sanskar Kundra!!

Ragini – but Sanskar is also right in his place How you three know that it was murder? And Sanskar what mistake?

Sanskar know he have to tell them truth it was nothing what Arnav and Arjun thinking.. It was a mistake or to say accident

Sanskar step forward and said guilty – We three were drunk.. And..
Flashback shown…
Arnav was drinking continously and driving when he stopped applying break harshly and look at his left side where two men’s were sitting on car front side… Drinking and beating one men with their legs.. It was Cliff. He walk to them..

Sanskar who beating the man angrily.. Shouting – she is mine !! Mine!!! You bastard!!! Vikrant Singh Rajput!!

Arnav stopped at track.. Hearding “Vikrant Singh Rajput “…..Rajput family!!! Anger rushed in his blood.. He walk past to them..

Arjun who was laughing at the condition of Vikrant.. Spotted Arnav.. Said drunken state – Hey who are you? Go look we are busy!!!!

Arnav barked drunk – who is that man!! Said pointing to Vikrant!!

Arjun laugh drunk said – well he is the king of Rajput palace and we are here to ask this king to give it to us simple !!

Vikrant shook his head …his whole body was covered with blood.. He Said – that palace is not on my name and who are you all? (and then he look at Arnav) you are Arnav Malik right.. MALIK empire Yuvaraj..
Before he could say further Arnav punched him with horribly!!making him knock out..
Three of them drunk.. Didn’t seem to bother what they were doing..
Sanskar turned around to see Arnav.. – hey why you punch him? He is My enemy!!! Said in drunken state..
Arnav – he is also my enemy!!
Arjun – look he is passed out.. Now what?
Arnav Angrily – killed this bastard!!
Sanskar – hey what!! No it just I want that palace no one is going to touch him now!! As he said countless times he is not having palace… So now I am leaving..
Arjun – but sanskar what about investment??
Sanskar – to hell with the investment.. I can start with another bussiness.. Let’s leave!!
Arnav – but I wanted to kill this bastard Rajput!! Saying this he grabbed Vikrant collar and started dragging him to the cliff.. But Arjun hold Arnav back to stop him he was helding knife which accidentally hit on the back of Vikrant.. Sanskar was trying to clutch Arnav hand and finally they both made Arnav and Vikrant back to ground …
Arjun shouted- you fool are you lost it!!! You were going to push him from Cliff!!
Arnav who was drunk and fill with anger started realizing what he was going to do.. – f**k!! What the hell I was doing.. Shit man!!!
Arjun check Vikrant.. And saw the knife.. He take it out easily…
Sanskar ask – is it gone deep?
Arjun – no just like scratch…

Sanskar – I think we should take him to hospital saying an accident case we will leave!!
Arnav – yes it would be better come make him laid in my car!!
Sanskar nodded and help Arjun to take Vikrant to the car. …
After some time they reached nearby hospital.. And admitted Vikrant..
Arnav – oh god his condition was vulnerable!!
Sanskar – yes I am thinking same.. Is he able to survive?
Arjun – why don’t we leave once clearing up he is fine or not?
Sanskar – yes …we will do it!..
Arjun – I am going to canteen.. For coffee.. You two want..
Sanskar nodded and Arnav – in my coffee no sugar.. I am diabetic..

Arjun nodded and walk out for coffee..
After some hours..
Doctor – excuse me..
Sanskar- yes doctor? Is he fine?
Doctor – sorry but he is dead due to too much blood loss!
All three were shocked looking at doctor….but then completing all formalities they left the hospital..
Flashback ends…
Sanskar look up and said to all pale faces which were shocked hearding all this – we never wanted to kill Vikrant Singh Rajput… But it just happened we have made all the things to save him but nothing happened. ….it was our mistake.. But..
Aarohi was not Able to understand what to say.. Same was Khushi who was staring at Arnav.. Ragini look at three of them angrily.. While Laksh can’t believe what they did in anger!
Saajna Lyrics

Saajna.. Saajna…
Ek tujhko hi bas dekh kar
Bhooli mujhko hi meri nazar
Tujhko shayad nahi hai khabar

Tujhko jeete hain hum kis kadar

Khushi pushed ARNAV with all her strength and shouted – you tried to kill him in your anger!!!! How could you!!!
Aarohi said hatred – just for palace.. Bussiness you beat him to death… That he died…
Ragini was too much anger at them – you three are really supposed to struck in jail.. In Anger..
Arnav – it was my mistake.. I am ashamed of it.. I know.. I can never be justified..
Jude jo tere khawab se
Toh toote hum neend se
Yeh kaisa tera ishq hai Saajna
Tu haathon mein toh hai mere
Hai kyun nahi laqeeron mein
Yeh kaisa tera ishq hai Saajna

Arjun – but how you all know that we tried to kill him I mean..
Aarohi laugh painfully and shouted – it was you only ARJUN gadodia who was talking with Sanskar after coming back to Ujjain.. In outhouse.. I was also there with Khushi.. We two had came there to tell you two about Vikrant.. And his death.. And we two wanted to go to Ujjain for his funeral but we listen you two and then the plan was made everything was set according to plan.. To destroy you…ASR and Sanskar Kundra..
Khushi – What you thought from past six years what we are doing grabbing you three trust.. And look now.. Something broken into pieces there ( pointing Arnav heart).. I can say…. All the trust,love, broken.. I mean to say HEARTBROKEN!!. Now Aranav Singh Raizada what is there anger, hatred for me.. Betrayal which I have given you should be there…

Tere bina kabhi raatein na ho meri
Tere kareeb ho, mere yeh din sabhi (x2)

Arnav is broken completely.. As she said all the things were right without one thing.. He always love her what matters.. Whatever happens!!
Arjun couldn’t stand the hatred of Aarohi.. He is feeling disgusted of himself for doing all that. …if he had stopped himself.. Not drunk too much.. Then he may have his love.. He is ashamed.. Her betrayal broken him completely.. But he knows he deserves.. HEARTBROKEN!! and Now his life only have Empiteness without her..
Laksh said with anger – if you all still have respect for mom and dad don’t ever come back to Mansion.. Otherwise I don’t think I am going live with you all.. Anymore.. Ragini let’s leave I don’t want to see their faces anymore.. Never showed your faces to me… For me you two brothers are dead.. With your friend..

Ragini said angrily – you know what don’t worry I will send bail papers to you three but never show your faces to us.. I know Mom and Dad will easily accept that you two were never existed and ASR foe you.. Anger only matter!!!
Laksh and Ragini left the places disowned ….them..
Aarohi – I disgust you Arjun.. And Sanskar how I wished you were never existed for me and ASR.. I really thought you as a mentor which you never were… You all are nothing
to me in my life for me you three are dead!! Saying this she left from.. There..
Jude jo tere khawab se
Toh toote hum neend se
Yeh kaisa tera ishq hai Saajna
Tu haathon mein toh hai mere
Hai kyun nahi laqeeron mein
Yeh kaisa tera ishq hai Saajna

Khushi – I Hate you three from my heart.. I never love Vikrant more that I hate you Arnav and Sanskar you are nowhere in my life exist anymore.. Same with you Arjun gadodia!!… She also left them giving disgusting look..

Tu saath hai agar
Tanha kyu hai safar
Itna toh bata mujhe
Kyu hai mujhse bekhabar (x2)

Three of them were Heartbroken…

Jude jo tere khawab se
Toh toote hum neend se
Yeh kaisa tera ishq hai Saajna
Tu haathon mein toh hai mere
Hai kyun nahi laqeeron mein
Yeh kaisa tera ishq hai Saajna

Swara who was looking all that heard every word.. Seeing three Men.. Completely broken.. Their tears.. Their colorless faces.. Their shattered conditions.. Their blank eyes without any expression.. That Empiteness which was shown in that faces.. Every thing was screaming her thier HEARTBROKEN!

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