It’s not revenge it’s love swasan season 2 (payback time) episode 40


Avoiding everything as Swara said they all landed to Ujjain but no one speak in whole journey nor Swara ask them.. As because she was in her own car with her own space.. After reaching to Ujjain the first thing was Check in hotel paradise.. She taken her room 102..was about to go when she turned to look at everyone gloomy and pale faces..
Swara said smiling devilishly – I know whatever you all got to know it’s hurting but you should forget everything and enjoy this evening if not then think about my reputation.. I am here Rockstar and you all are with me.. Saying this she walk away.. Leaving shatter all of them with her indifference behavior..
Ragini look around the media – guys Swara is right we should think about Aarohi and Khushi after some time now.. We should check in.. To our rooms..
All nodded.. And walk out to their rooms…
Arjun to himself – What the hell is happening around me first Swara meeting with me morning.. Her confession about revenge then the whole day her different behaviors and Aarohi or Khushi didn’t even seem to different… After some time her confession to Sanskar which is unpredictable and lastly knowing she is getting treatment of drugs addiction…and the whole Aarohi and Khushi.. Plotting against Swara.. Which is too much..!! No way Arjun Gadodia something is damm wrong in all this.. Someone is making you see and hear.. What that person wants.. Like you broke down completely.. For Aarohi.. Or betrayal by your friend Khushi.. Feel guilty for Swara… Simple thing you just feel shattered.. By ever thing… I have to think straight.. But how.. Maya is not receiving any call.. Nor Aarohi or Khushi.. My any assistance lawyer are not taking my call nor the hire private ditactives… Then.. How.. OK now I am feeling helpless which I never fell.. I have to talk with Sanskar!! Muttering all this he moved out to Sanskar room..

In Sanskar room..
Sanskar was sitting in bed clutching his head in his palm totally mess up now where Arnav was also there trying every possible way to contact with Aman Mathur!!
Arjun moved in and next second he locked the door..
Arjun – I am not able to contact Maya!!
Sanskar look at him – we were waiting for you only.. What you think by all this happened in this one day!!
Arjun – simple one person wanted to make us think, see, or hear according to him or her….
Arnav – exactly.. And until now Aman didn’t attend the call..
Arjun – same with Aarohi and Khushi..
Sanskar – I tried to talk with Dsp But looking like no one wants to take my call.. No one..
Arjun – same with me.. I am feeling..
Arnav – helpless.. Completed his sentence..
After some time.. Of silence..
Arnav – he said that one day we would feel helpless and that day nothing can save us nor money or power.. Said in broken painful voice..
Arjun smile weekly – he was right.. Whatever we three have done.. And Now this is the same day.. I am losing my love.. Like he said..
Sanskar wipe his sweating – I can’t believe this.. His every damm words are seems to be truth.. That blo*dy Vikrant Singh Rajput!!.. How could it possible..
Arjun – we killed him on this very day and on this very place Ujjain.. Before six years.. We were partners of crime and now I lost my Aarohi..
Arnav – I lost my KHUSHI.. I even don’t know whether police has encountered her or What..I can’t lose her …..
Sanskar – I don’t think police we do anything.. Until Swara moved to Mumbai let’s go to concert after that.. I will try to contact my manager for helicopter.. Who seems to retied in hell not even bothering for taking my call..
Two of them agree …
Laksh – Ragini what do you think ?
Ragini – I don’t know Laksh.. I mean Aarohi and Khushi are my sisters.. I trust with all life…
Laksh – but we can’t judge anything now..
Laksh – let’s leave..

Thousand of crowd of people were surrounded the the whole stadium.. Fan of Rockstar Shona.. Cheering waiting for her..

Arnav look around – where is Laksh and Ragini?
Sanskar – don’t know.. Should be gone to meet Swara..
Arjun – yeah.. I don’t believe that Aarohi will distrust me..
Arnav – nor do I for Khushi..
Sanskar – and I am thinking Swara is planning something..
Arnav and Arjun look at him – What!!
Sanskar nodded – I don’t know but I don’t felt good at all.. I mean.. It’s time I should tell her truth about Vikrant death..
Arjun – I am also thinking same.. As footage shown.. She thinks it’s kidney failure case but truth is..
Arnav – we killed Vikrant Singh Rajput brutly but I don’t believe that Sanskar you didn’t tell me that he was my sister husband..
Arjun – and nor me..
Sanskar – let it be.. You both probably don’t know about Swara that time but now I don’t care what Will Swara think after knowing truth.. She must kill three of us..
Arnav – yeah not more than that!
Arjun – let’s tell us before concert..
Sanskar nodded – no just wait.. It’s better we listen her last song..
“”Mam.. As you said we have fix projection screen as background of stage “‘inform one of staff member..
Swara nodded and then he left…
Swara look at herself in mirror.. With blank expression – Now they will know what is the meaning of “PAYBACK TIME “..I will make them feel every emotion which I felt before six years.. All this Swara Malik facade would be over.. I can again live like Swara your Swara Vikrant..
” not only you we all will like before “said Aarohi wiping her tears..
Khushi smile – all this would be over they will get their punishment.. Whatever they did with Vikrant..
Aarohi said firmly – It’s not Love it’s Revenge.. And Payback Time.. For those murderer..
Khushi – let’s checkmate girls.. It’s our last Drama..
All three laugh..
Arnav was looking for Swara when his eyes caught Aman Mathur who was on phone.. Standing with some security guards…he was going to grab him but then because of craud he lost it.. He turned only to bump with someone ” can’t you see “…then he again started finding.. But in no way.. He got… Really his day is looking like “helpless day ”
As the same for Arjun who made all his power to look for Swara.. But for his bad luck he didn’t get it… Then his eyes fall on Maya.. What she is doing here.. She was in Venice right.. She is talking Om phone with some guards.. Seriously it’s hell confused and helpless day for him….
Sanskar was about to go inside the green room when announcements made.. That Swara is on stage.. He runs towards VIP section.. Where Arjun and Arnav came at the same time..
Arnav – AMAN!
Arjun -MAYA!
Sanskar – Aman is here.. OK and what Maya is doing here?
Arjun – I don’t know but we have to caught Aman.. Only he can tell us who is all behind it!!
Ragini and Laksh also come there.. But what they saw in other side of VIP block make them utterly disbelief..
Ragini find her voice somewhere – is they Khushi and Aarohi..??
Arnav, Arjun and sanskar look at the direction where Ragini is pointing only to be shocked by seeing both of them standing in VIP section.. Wearing Saree.. Which they never saw.. Talking with Aman and Maya.. What the hell is wrong!!
Sanskar – Can anyone tell me what the blo*dy f**k wrong here!! Or I am turning Insane!!
Laksh – as much as I am thinking myself.. I can’t understand anything.. Aman is here in VIP block with Aarohi and Khushi….and Maya is too there..
Arjun – Aarohi is wearing Saree.. She never wears Saree she said she hates it!
Arnav – even Khushi too hates Indian dress..
Ragini jerk off both of them and said – are you both lost it here no one is understanding anymore.. And you both insane lost Romeo lost in Saree!! What does it matter.. As much as I am looking at them I can never guess it that I even know them..
Sanlak – agreed..
Ragini – looking four of you idiots I can guess.. I have to talk with Swara..
Arnav – don’t.. Because you can meet Swara Malik after concert only she is right on centre of stage..
Ragini turned only to get her life biggest.. SWARA MALIK ON STAGE wearing BRIDAL LAHENGA…with jewellery…

Khushi smile devilishly – she is looking gorgeous..
Aarohi smirked – after all she is My late brother wife !

Swara look around to get control on herself smiling she again adjusted microphone from her hair.. Her eyes are sparking with unknown happiness..

Joganiyan Lyrics

Paari paari honthon pe na jaane kaise
Dhaani dhaani muskurahaton ke phool khilne lage, mann hi mann

Hearding songs lyrics and her intense dance make Sanskar just to taken aback he is lost it.. He can see she is not his Swara his princess his angel… She is not his.. The woman standing in front of his eyes is widow of Vikrant Singh Rajput.. A wife who is mourning for his husband… By the lyrics.. Of song of each word making his heart to break into pieces then his gaze fell on projector screen which is showing pictures of Vikrant Singh Rajput ( presenting Ravi DUBEY as Vikrant Singh Rajput)

But Swara was in her own world dancing her eyes are continuing with tears looking at Vikrant Image’s but her lips were smiling..thinking “look I am smiling Vikrant your Swara is smiling.. Today I will tell to the world that I am your wife.. ONLY YOURS.. ”

Khaari khaari hatheliyon pe jaane kaise
Pyaari pyaari rangreliyon ki dhoop sajne lagi, tan badan
Hui main teri joganiya joganiya
Tu jogi teri joganiyan main joganiyan

Arnav and Arjun look at Vikrant photos and then Swara one thing was clear in noway she is Swara Malik… Just one name suit her Mrs Vikrant Singh Rajput.. But then their eyes fall on Khushi and Aarohi who were smiling and tears were falling from their eyes…
Ragini is totally blast.. What the hell is happening.. And who is that man… Wait a second she turned to Laksh “is he Vikrant.. Vikky!! Our college friend.. ”
Laksh look at her and nodded.. ” also Swara husband.. ”
Ragini clutch his hand tears weld up in her eyes ” he is no more..!! “then she look at Khushi with teary eyes..
Laksh look at his brothers ..thinking ” I never knew that Vikky is Vikrant Singh Rajput.. Otherwise I would have already made you all punished.. For killing him.. ” he wipe his alone tear…

Ab chaahe mohe rang lagaa
Piya ji mohe ang lagaa
Hui main teri joganiya joganiya
Tu jogi teri joganiyan main joganiyan

Khushi smile at her dance.. That same how Vikky used to taught us.. Especially her.. She was nothing then second woman in VIKRANT life but.. She loves him with her all heart.. She look at another side only to gaze in Arnav Singh Raizada eyes who was looking shocked but she gives victorious smile to him.. Her happiness had no boundaries Today is Payback time… Yes it’s time to punish him for his sins!!!

Swara look at everyone faces who is having different expression but she don’t look at one man face which she don’t want to… Because she hates him… Hatred her whole body is shaken with this feeling when he touches her or show his love.. On which her.. Vikrant had rights.. Only Vikrant.. She hate him… She hate Sanskar Kundra!!! It’s time for Payback !!! Revenge!!

Jab se mili baahein teri
Mujh se mili raahein meri
Jab se mili baahein teri
Mujh se mili raahein meri

Aarohi look at Arjun face.. Smirking at his pale face.. He didn’t seem to react.. Anything.. Thinking ” you killed my brother right my Vikky bhai I will tell you how it feels.. To get stabbed on your back like you stabbed on his back by real knife.. And Now I stabbed you by the knife of.. Trust, love, respect and relationship.. And for sure your life ever thing I will destroy it.. Very carefully.. Lawyer Arjun Gadodia …it’s time for taking revenge on the only day when you killed my brother !! It’s Payback time ”
Arjun didn’t know what to say or think like his mind become numb.. By the look of Aarohi face which seems to be betrayed.. And then Swara who was dancing like in madness.. Singing ….her eyes are with tears and her face was sparkling… He knows he lost everything… EVERYTHING…

Chhat pe teri jaag ke
Mujh se mili subah meri
Ab chaahe tu raatein jalaa
Ab chaahe tu raatein bujhaa
Hui main teri joganiya joganiya
Tu jogi teri joganiya main joganiya

Swara look at Aarohi and Khushi who were looking at her with smile.. Cheering up.. She smiled and sings out loud… Then she knows it’s time..
Khushi understand and turned to Aman and Maya.. Signal them..
Aman and Maya nodded and moved to back side of stage..
Aarohi held Khushi hand tightly which Khushi also did..

Neeme neeme nainon mein naa jaane kaise
Meethe meethe chaahaton ke chheente aaj padne lage, mann hi mann

In next moment.. The screen hold the picture of Swara, Vikrant.. Marriage.. Aarohi and Khushi laughing with.. Them.. Making a small family then a small baby on Vikrant hand Swara is beside him holding his arms tightly.. Khushi and Aarohi were behind them… And then only Swara and Vikrant photos shown where he was carrying her in his arms… After that Aarohi and Khushi playing color on Vikrant…and then the photos of Swara with Khushi carrying small baby kissing baby… Each photo contains a beautiful memories… For them…
Arnav, Arjun and Sanskar look at each other realization hitted them with shocked that they had taken someone who was there life.. They had done the Sin in name of love, bussiness and relationship… Yes they had make grave mistake before six years.. Which is now making them too much guilty.. That they can’t even ask forgiveness for this!!
Teele teele khwahishon ke jaale kaise
Neeli neeli baarishon ki boondein aaj tarne lage, tan badan
Hui main teri joganiya joganiya
Tu jogi teri joganiya main joganiya

Song completed …all the audience were clapping and shouting about photos.. Hooting.. But in all this.. Many life’s changed after this song.. After the biggest truth of their life… And many heart broken..

Swara was breathing heavily she look at everyone.. Then at Khushi and Aarohi.. Asking – Khushi.. Aarohi please guys.. Come.. Bestie..
Khushi and Aarohi runs towards the stage and in next second they hugged Swara tightly.. Kissing her forhead..
Aarohi – you were best Bhabhi!!!
Swara smile – thanks sister!!
Khushi – offcource best.. After all she is My Sautan!!
Swara laugh.. – we are not alone!!
Aarohi and Khushi realize and turned… Look at thousands of people…
Swara(speak in microphone) – I would like to introduce this Man in photos… He is Yuvaraj of Rajput.. Vikrant Singh Rajput.. Who is dead before six years.. Because of CAR ACCIDENT.. In this day… And he is My Husband.. I am proud of to say this.. That I am his Widow.. Mrs Vikrant Singh Rajput… He was the Royal blood.. Who had done everything to make Rajput and MALIK proud.. And Now I am glad to make everything better for him today at his death anniversary.. I am here in Ujjain for giving fund to the orphanage.. By the money made by this concert… (looking at Khushi) she is the biggest supporter of my husband and now mine…who made every thing to make Vikrant Singh Rajput dreams come true.. To made orphanage as much as we can.. That no children sleep without food or shelter.. ( turned to Aarohi) she is cousin or say sister of Vikrant Singh Rajput.. Who is hell bent to make every damm thing for construction of orphanage by taking permission of government.. “Sunshine orphanage ” my husband sole reason to live.. And who said he is dead he live in our hearts having his own space…. Thank you friends…for coming here.. And enjoying.. The concert which was memory of Vikrant Singh Rajput… A real man.. (said last word glaring at Sanskar ,Arjun and Arnav)


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