It’s not revenge it’s love swasan season 2 (payback time) episode 39


Swara – you want Answer right Sanskar Kundra.. You are not worth of it!! Said looking him smirking at his anger.
Sanskar clench his fist tightly in anger his face hardened and his eyes are only showing his rage.. He knows he can’t hurt her…but it doesn’t mean he will be silent by her indifference..
Slamming the door of car and coming to her side he grabbed her arms and dragged her out side in a desert place… Pinning her inbetween car door and him…
He asked in dangerous tone – Swara answer me..!!
Swara gulped in fear but remain silent..

Coming closer to her he again ask – what is it Swara?!
Sanskar look at her eyes which is now closed due to their closeness.. Her breathing heavily.. Her face sweating.. He smirk..
He again ask in whisper but this time his breath was mixing with her on her luspesious lips making her nervous… Her cheeks become pink in no time.. -” say it princess ”
She stammered. Not knowing what she saying – yyyouu cchheated mee… I am not any illegitimate child.. Ragini is not my sister. And Omkar Malik is already dead few years before that person was your men…

Sanskar look at her in disbelief.. Shocked would be understatement for him.. Hell!! What she is saying!!?? Is she lost it??
Jerking her arms he make her come back to sense..
Swara open her eyes.. In shocked knowing what she says Sanskar…
Sanskar – who told all this?? Anger written on his whole action..
Swara eyes was moist.. She said hesistatly – so this is true..
Sanskar pushed her away and shouted – Are you lost it Swara Malik!!! Or What!!!!
Swara eyes filled with tears..
Sanskar is now totally shocked by her this behavior… Sliding out his mobile..
On phone
Sanskar – Arjun.. Come with Arnav and Ragini to the mall road.. Side now and ask Laksh to take Aarohi and Khushi with him…
Arjun – but what happened?

Sanskar – Swara Malik is crying!! Now come!!
Cutting the call he look down at Swara who is crying like hell..
Banging the car door he closed his eyes in frustration..
After one hour..
Arnav – What is wrong with her? Said in disbeleif..
Laksh comes back to them – she is fine now.. But taking too much stress that’s why fainted..
Ragini – but why Swara is behaving like this? It’s weird..
Sanskar – Aarohi and Khushi?
Laksh – don’t worry they are gone to nearby hotel we can also go there.. I don’t think driving in night would be good..
Arjun – Ragini go and sit beside Swara..
Ragini nodded and moved towards the sanskar car and make Swara head in her lap.. Stroking her hair lovingly..
Laksh – I have taken her blood sample ….because her her body temperature is not normal… And her pulses..
Sanskar said regret – I should not have manhandled her…
Arjun – Laksh her cellphone?
Laksh given him cellphone and call in his hospital..
Arnav – what you are upto Arjun?
Arjun – whatever is wrong with her we can know …you all remember how her face was become hurt when she get someone call we can enquire it!
Sanskar nodded as Arnav too agreed..
Arjun looks at caller ID… – here more twenty five times one call she has taken..
Sanskar – so just call it !
Arjun shook his head in “disbelief “- if I call this number with Swara mobile then the caller could doubt..

Arnav – then call on your mobile..
Arjun – that is what I am going to do! Saying this he take the number in his cellphone.. And call.. In that time Laksh also comes back…
On phone
Arjun put the call on speaker..
Caller – hello welcome to Addiction recovery -drug place of Venice.. What can I help you Sir..
All look at each other shocking face don’t know what to say..
Caller – excuse me.. Hello..
Laksh take call and ask – hello Miss..
Caller – Miss Ria.. Sir
Laksh – ya Miss Ria I am Dr Gadodia speaking from gadodia hospital Mumbai..
Ria – OMG sir.. You are Laksh gadodia.. I am so sorry sir I didn’t know.. What can I help you sir..
Laksh – I wanted to know about one person details if you don’t mind..
Ria – no sir please ask..
Laksh – Miss Ria.. Is there any person named Miss Swara Malik?
Ria – Miss Swara Malik.. Let me see sir… Yes sir.. Swara Malik.. But sir this case is highly confidential we can’t tell you.. Without any order..
Laksh – listen Miss Ria.. Swara Malik is my wife’s sister.. So I want every detail of her case.. Is that OK with you.. Said angrily
Ria – yes sir it is OK.. I can mail her case details in your hospital..
Laksh – OK then thank you I will tell you when I get the mail..
Ria – sir one second..

Laksh – what?
Ria – Sir Miss Swara Malik is the same bussiness tycoon right.. And the rockstar..
Laksh – yes..
Ria – I am sorry sir.. But I wanted to tell you something as you are her relatives.. One more person call us to know her details..
Everyone listen it..
Laksh – who is it?
Ria – sir her name is Miss Khushi Maheshwari.. But she can’t get the details..
Laksh shockingly – thanks Ria..
Call ended
Arnav – Khushi she knew it then..
Laksh – I am not getting it first thing Swara is been treated.. And then Khushi.. If she knew everything then why the hell she don’t say a word..
Arjun looks at Swara.. And said – Laksh just tell us what is problem with her….and from when? Saying this he take out mobile and move aside…

” Laksh.. Laksh Swara is getting conscious ” shouted Ragini happily..
Everyone comes to them…
Swara slowly open her eyes and look at everyone.. And then at Ragini – RAGINI what are you doing in my penthouse and in midnight.. Like theif!! I know today it’s my birthday.. Oh yes it’s my birthday so you didn’t forget.. It’s good otherwise I have done some drama with Kalavati PORWAL and Kavitha PORWAL.. That you all would be fed I was thinking also.. Said happily..
All looking at each other.. Like what the hell !!!
Laksh know he have to ask Swara everything carefully..
Laksh comes to Swara and ask – hey birthday MALIK.. What time it is?
Swara look at him with disbelief – Laksh it’s 3am why are you asking like this.. Are you OK? ….and why you all are looking me like this..
Sanskar smile little – princess we have kidnapped you.. For Ujjain..
Swara shockingly – WHAT!!
Arnav get what other are doing so he said – yes little sister we have kidnapped you and now you are in car.. And in two hours we would be in Ujjain for celebrating your birthday..
Swara – you all are too much !! Hey devil please help me..
Arjun smile after many hours she is talking with him.. – Dont worry lioness I am with you. ..
Swara smile – I know.. But where is Aarohi and Khushi..?
Sanskar – they are waiting for you in Ujjain it’s a huge party!!
Swara stood up and comes out of car stretching her arms.. – why I am smelling something fishy.. You all know right I am Swara Malik not any child so stop pampering me and spit it out!! Said in her Swara Malik tone..
Arjun said in no nonsense tone – I want your penthouse CCTV footage password now..
Swara didn’t ask anything and said – it is finger print lock..for that I want my laptop.. And you all are too much excited in kidnapping me that didn’t care to take it!!
Ragini – no we bring it.. Your every useful thing..

Swara hugged her – that’s like my sister..
Sanskar bring her laptop and on it but Swara take it.. – no in the hell I will permit you Mr Kundra to touch my lappy..
Sanskar smirk – not at all problem soon to be MRs Kundra..
Swara smile happily and return back to laptop.. Opening CCTV footage…
Arjun – open your penthouse midnight footage..
Swara -I didn’t understand what you are upto devil..
Arnav – Swara just On it!
Swara shrugged off and on it..

Video shown. ..
Swara is sitting in couch after talking with Mr Dixit.. Smiling.. And looking at the clock.. After some time She was about to go inside the bedroom when door bell rings.. She turned to look at time then call her gaurd.. After inquiry she opens the door..
( all are shocked by seeing )
Aarohi and Khushi smiling comes inside the penthouse..
Swara, – what happened you both this time?
Khushi said in anger – you are taking treatment of drugs.. Addiction why don’t you tell us?
Swara smile – guys its OK… And if sanskar or anyone comes to know they would be worried.. But how you both know..
Aarohi – Maya told us..
Swara nodded and ask – want some drinks?
Aarohi – I will make it saying this she moved towards open kitchen..
Swara – but Aarohi.. Where I know.. Maya never disclose my any details if the person is not Arjun said suspect..
Khushi said hesitate – no Swara.. I have ask her she is My friend too..
Swara nodded and sit beside her..
Other side of kitchen footage shown where Aarohi is mixing high dose of white powder in one glass of wine.. And then taking three glass she moved towards Swara and Khushi…
Taking glass.. Swara sip.. It..
Aarohi – so Swara you were married..
Swara was shocked looking at Aarohi – how you know?
Khushi – Swara that means you are the wife of Vikrant Singh Rajput… Who is dead..
Swara look at them with shocked..
Aarohi laugh – Swara you know right your husband is murder by sanskar..
Swara – yes I know.. So what!!
Khushi – and you came here to take revenge with him..
Swara – noway.. I came here to meet him and about revenge.. Why I will take revenge when Vikrant dead was because of kidney failure.. I agree Sanskar beaten him to dead but his death reality is his alcohol consumption.. Nothing else.. I came to India to meet Sanskar.. And Now can I know why the blo*dy hell you both are acting like a real Vam!!
Aarohi – Swara you have to do something… You have to live like some one else for whole day.. Because in your wine I have mixed high dose of drugs.. Which will make you do what we want.. Said smiling..
Swara didn’t say anything just staring them…
Khushi – don’t think too much Swara whatever we would say you have to do it! Like in morning Arjun will come to you for knowing the reason of your coming to India and then you will act as frustrating widow whose husband is dead because of sanskar you will think all this whole time and also accuse Sanskar for making you illegminate child and Ragini your sister… Omkar Malik was already dead you will say all this.. Behave strangely enough to think everyone that you are mad…
And then Swara fainted.. Khushi make Swara sleep inside the bedroom.. And Aarohi clean the whole area..
Khushi smile devilishly – finally this work is done.. Now call Aman Mathur..
Aarohi – Dont worry I have said Aman to reach party hall.. In evening and when Swara will come to cut the cake in next she would be shooted….she would be dead!!
Khushi – and that’s what we want let’s go..
They both left the penthouse. ….and then the footage of morning shown..
Video.. Over..

Arjun was not believing that his Aarohi is trying to kill his best friend.. And the same feeling was with Arnav who is now in broken after knowing what Khushi is upto..
Nor Laksh or RAGINI getting what to say.. And sanskar was thinking about all the moment with Aarohi.. And her support.. But what now!!

Swara said – blo*dy hell… How dare they to drug me.. Khushi Maheshwari and so called Aarohi Gadodia.. I will tell you how it goes when people call you mad.. Where the hell my cell phone.. She turned only to see everyone lost in thier thought… She saw her cellphone in Laksh hand.. Snatching it.. She call.. Her men…
On phone..
Swara barked in her Swara Malik tone – listen you idiot I want every detail of Khushi Maheshwari and Aarohi gadodia… Whom they are meeting.. And what they wanted everything and do one thing… And how on the earth they came to know about me.. And my marriage just find out.. As soon as possible!!!
Cutting the call.. She made another call..
On phone..
Swara – hello DSP Srivastav.. Sir it’s Swara Malik.. I wanted you make any fake case against Khushi Maheshwari and Aarohi Gadodia.. Seal their bank accounts so they couldn’t get any money.. And charge any case to cancel their license of doing bussiness …listen Dsp uncle I know.. It is too much but I will tell you everything.. And yes can you look for Aman Mathur.. According now he would be planning for leaving India.. Yes.. You can get his photo from AR industry.. He is pa of ASR.. But I don’t want anything related with AR industry or KGM industry… Thank you.. Uncle.. Yes I am alright
Dissconnected the call..

Swara was fuming in anger – How dare they both tried to kill me.. Now I will show what is the circumstances to go against Swara Malik!!… How could they..

All are looking at Swara unbelievable.. That in no time she had made the two women life hell..

Swara taking a deep breath look at everyone – Gosh.. I didn’t thought to ask you all.. I know they both are very important to you all.. So you all can meet them in Central jail..

Laksh – you didn’t try.. That why they did this!

Swara smirk – simple Laksh.. Insecure they both were insecure.. Because my brother and my best friend give too much important to me more than them so this called women jealous..
Ragini nodded..

Swara gets a call.. And after disconnected it.. She ask – Can anybody tell me what I have done in this fourteen hours? Because now I got call from concert manager for Ujjain concert.. And yes if you all wanted to mourn for Aarohi or Khushi.. Then please do it Tommorow because now I have to go Ujjain as soon as possible..

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