It’s not revenge it’s love swasan season 2 (payback time) episode 38


One Man was walking inside the room when his phone rings.. He look at caller ID..
On phone..
Man- Yes Mam everything is done I am just checking last time..
Caller – listen one mistake you are dead!! Swara Malik is coming to UJJAIN.. In evening..
Man – Mam as you said I have made Room no 102 on name of Swara Malik but Mam my payment?
Caller angry said – you will get your payment after Swara Malik take step in that room… And in next second BOOOMMM!!!! HA HA HA ..completely laughing..
Man was shivering cuttings the phone he said to himself – Aman Mathur you are gone if anyone comes to know.. ..and this woman is insane.. I have to hide from here and then leave this country forever… All this much risk of death I am taking because of money otherwise I know what it cost to against ASR and Swara Malik… Saying this he left inside the room to check on..

Scene shift of way to Ujjain..
After a long journey with giving each other space.. They settled in dhaba!!
Laksh is making orders food while Aarohi, Khushi are settled on sitting area.. Arjun is standing with Sanskar.. Without any words while Swara has parked her car coming towards them when she saw her brother barking on phone..
Swara ask walking towards him – what happened Bhai?
Arnav on phone – just contacted him you bastard as soon as possible!! Cutting the call.. He comes to her..
Swara again ask – Bhai?
Arnav – nothing I always knew that Aman Mathur will be fired by me!! I ask him to manage the company and he is not even in Mumbai!!… And his mobile is switched off..
Swara – let it be Bhai I think he wanted break or gone for important something.. You asked your secretery to look for it..
Arnav nodded and then said – so after driving of five hours you dicided anything?? And what is it with Sanskar.. Like you he is also ignoring you completely out of your way??
Swara turn to look at Sanskar who is leaning on car door closing his eyes standing beside Arjun…
Swara face Arnav – no Bhai.. I didn’t know why he is avoiding me and about my decesion.. Well whatever is done.. Is done I can’t change it and about taking revenge with sanskar.. He is not worth of it… Not of my revenge not of my trust notthing. ….
Arnav amused ask her – what made you to give up on your revenge for which you came here India??
Swara – just some time of privacy and silence..
Arnav – spit it out Swara?
Swara shrugged off and said – Bhai it’s just.. This good for nothing organ ( pointing to her heart) only beat for that bastard and even bleed if anything happens to that bastard ….and I can’t be enough to feel this hell pain of feeling of Love… I tried Bhai.. I tried but nothing changes my feelings.. For him you know Bhai even he ask me my life I will give him happily I don’t give damm if he is murderer of Vikrant.. I don’t care Bhai if he is monster who had made every single person to hell for hurting me… (looking at Sanskar) because in my life this beast is only Prince Charming for me… That I love him said in whisper.. Her eyes are sparking.. Smile widely..
Arnav signed in relief after listening her confession and then he said – so you are going to confront him..
Swara negetivly nodded and said – no Bhai… Because if I don’t hate him and just only love him that doesn’t mean I will forget everything.. It’s better just to part a way from him ..

Arnav – ” What the!! “shocked would be something which is too right for Arnav Singh Raizada.. And then he definitely think “What his sister made of… Again a new shade!!! ”

Swara smile sadly – don’t what the! Bhai let’s go ..I can never be together with him.. He killed my husband.. .. Holding his hand she walk out to them… For joining lunch.. Arnav kept staring at Swara with disbelief.. Thinking ” what is she!! And Now her love making her apart from Sanskar.. I can’t see her like this I have to do something!! ”

Sanskar is coming to wards the table when he tripped on ground “Aahh “hissed in pain..
“Sanskar ” In no time Swara left the hand of Arnav and runs towards Sanskar with wide eyes..
Swara held him with concerns – You are OK? Ask desperately like her life depended on it..
While Sanskar just nodded feeling overwhelmed by her concern for him.. She care for him!!! ..
Arjun smile look at Laksh who was giving thumb up… And Arnav felt hope by this scene that can not be fall apart..
Ragini – Swara Sanskar is fine… We should have lunch.. Said with little annoyed tone..
Swara didn’t say anything just hold Sanskar and moved to nearby chair …kneeling in front of she look at him.. In his eyes.. Her hand was massaging his knees.. Where he got hurt.. She wanted to know that it didn’t paining too much??
Sanskar smile a little – it’s alright my love..
That’s it listening him she comes back to sense!!! blo*dy hell… What she is doing.. Standing back she again come in her grumpy expression said coldly – just watch when you walk.. And then like always she walk away from him leaving him smile devilishly handsome..
Sanskar whisper smirking “still love me “walking towards table..

Having meal they all walk behind the dhaba.. There was garden for visitors..

Laksh – it seems so boring.. Guys I mean it’s Swara Malik birthday without any song…it would be incomplete..

Swara frown thinking NOW WHAT!!

Aarohi said irritated – Laksh please I am not interested to listen your vocals cords!! Which is too much dammed..
Laksh chuckled..

Arjun smirk – I agree with my wife why don’t Sanskar sing something for his fiance… Said looking at Swara who was now greething her teeth..

Khushi – I think they both should something.. What’s say!! Said excitedly..

Sanskar said lovingly – I love to sing for you all hapinness..

Ragini – For us or… Your darling.. Making everyone chuckle..
But Swara was now hell angry with their drama!!

Arnav lastly said – they both didn’t need anyone insistent to sing.. They will do with their own will so stop making them uncomfortable… Complete with smile devilishly knowing how he provokes both lovers Ego..!! After all his own Ego are like elephants.. !!

Just then Swara phone rings.. She looked at caller ID.. A pang of hurt and pain splash on your face.. “I am coming ” uttered this word only to left everyone with their own thoughts..

Laksh – Now what guys? Said after Swara.. Left..
Aarohi – I think we should leave now.. It would be late for Ujjain!!

Suddenly Sanskar said – let’s play situation game! It would be fun.

“WHAT THE ” ASR was now coming to them with left these words from his mouth after disconnected the call
Khushi ask him – any problem!?
ASR – nothing just I can’t connect with Aman Mathur . .afte going back have to fired that idiot!! Saying this he settled beside Khushi..
Ragini – OK then start with the game!!
Arnav – what game? And where is Swara?
Arjun – Situation game… And about Swara I will get her…
Sanskar, Arnav and Laksh look him amused expression.. Knowing very well how Swara is behaving Arjun have still guts to gone behind her..
Arjun left from the place…

Aarohi smile – Arjun is so caring for Swara.. Everytime he think about Swara more than us.. Really they are best friends..

Everyone nodded.. And then the game start.. With Khushi..

Laksh smile and ask – so Khushi if you got any situation in which you have to choose your life or love. ..what will you chose?

Khushi look at Arnav and then said – Honest answer is.. I chose my..

Before she could complete Swara come there saying – offcource love. Hai n Khushi.. Said smirking..

Khushi – No it would be life Swara not love because without life what love means?
Arnav is left dumbfounded.. He is not more important than her life and here he thinks she is everything for him..
Arjun who came after some time surprise by this silence …..
Swara settle beside Sanskar and said – but you know what my love is everything for me.. I can give my life or kill anyone for my love.. Said eyeing at Sanskar who is shocked by her sudden action well not only he many shocking faces are not able to digest what Now with Swara!!

Aarohi ask with annoyed face – but Swara nowadays these things are good in books not in reality..

Swara laugh and said embracing hand of Sanskar tightly -” Well not for everyone Aarohi.. I mean it if anyone comes between me and my love then… Dead! It was more than threatening other than playing game..
Suddenly a silence was spread..
Swara look at Sanskar eyes and said – I will die for my love… I will live for my love… I will kill for my love… ( looking at everyone ) Junoon Hai.. Pagalpan hai yeh ishq Aur Mai isme kho chuki hoon Doob chuki… Hadh se bhi badkar mai Apko pyaar Krti hoon..


Sanskar whisper – let’s leave princess.. Saying this he hold her hand possessively and take her out of the surrounding .

It’s been two hours that Swara is silent and Sanskar is driving for Ujjain, he had already told Arjun that he will come with Swara and there is no problem with any one.. He didn’t bother to break her silence..
“I LOVE YOU ” said Swara after a long silence.. Looking his side..
He smiled and said – I know princess.. ( but he didn’t turn her side)
Swara ask in whisper – Why you kill him..?
Sanskar made sudden break with jerk and look at her side with red eyes his face is showing his anger..
Sanskar – because he was your husband.. Because he dare to come to you.. (grabbing her arms he shake her entire body) YOU ARE MINE… Get this Swara Malik
Swara tremble but didn’t show her fear and ask – that was the same words you said years back.. To my husband..
And then sharp pain on her cheeks make her look him disbelief.. He slapped her.. He is in too much anger that he is only seeing Red!!
He barked – How dare you say him “my husband ” listen Swara just get this I am not going to leave you as much as you want.. You have to live all your life with.. I don’t care you want it or not.. I given you break to think but now nothing.. I know what you said in front of everyone it’s damm truth of your life.. You will go any extents for me.. As much as I will go.. So now princess like a good girl tell me what make you come to me !!!
Swara didn’t look at him.. She knew that she is provoking his anger but she don’t care.. Not about his physical or mental anger towards her…
She said – Because life is small and I want to confess you that’s it..
He laugh painfully said – OK OK I get Swara…but you forget about me I am not any five years kid to listen your rubbish talks. Answer me dammit?!! 7

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