It’s not revenge it’s love swasan season 2 (payback time) episode 30


Arjun – where are they both.. It’s just dead bodies..
Ragini – but they were here only.. Before one hour..
Arnav look at the lying men’s.. – He was too much Angry.. When you both came here..
Laksh – no.. We came here five minutes before from Swara.. Sanskar was looking animal who will kill anyone.. In his way.. I was shocked seeing his anger..
Arjun – RAGINI.. Now I wanted just truth..
Ragini – fine.. Omkar Malik is not dead.. He was about to kill Swara before eight months.. He killed that ANNAPURNA.. And from him I came to know about me being MALIK.. And from eight months it’s Omkar Malik some men’s who are trying to kill Swara, me and Sanskar.. But Swara act as Shona RAICHAND so that Omkar Malik think he was winning that Swara herself lead to Sucide then he can easily kill me and sanskar… But Swara is just waiting for two things… Omkar Malik location.. How he is alive. …and who were helping him.. In giving Swara drugs.. That’s it..
Arnav and Arjun was now red in anger..
Arjun – and Ragini you didn’t tell me.. Why!!!
Laksh – because Swara don’t wanted you.. Arnav or Sanskar to again bear her past.. Like eight months before.. She was not going to involve Ragini but at last she did …
Just then Arjun gets the call.
On phone..
Arjun – what Aarohi??
Aarohi – I have to tell you about Swara..
Arjun calmly – we are coming to mansion. …
Call ended..
Arjun – I think we all have to talk.. And about Swara..
Arnav- Sanskar will handle.. We can’t handle her anymore..
Arjun – I agree..
Swara open her eyes.. Blink.. Look at her surrounding.. A luxurious and lavish bedroom.. Classy and Richie taste like she want.. But wait where is she… Thinking about last time .muttered -….”freak… That Kundra ..brought me here.. And that jerk is missing I have to move out from here… (just then she feels some metal cold on her hand) shocked would be understatment..Sanskar has make her wear handcuffs like criminal.. Her anger was now something she didn’t care.. She wanted to free herself.. Now..
Hearing footsteps she look at door.. She shouted – Kundra.. Where the hell are you.. Jerk.. Just once show me your face… You rascal!!!!
On the other side Sanskar was busy in phone call when he listens her shouting he smirks.. Cutting the call he moved inside the bedroom..
– sleep well! Said lovingly looking her anger face.. She was looking cute and s*xy in anger
– where the hell I am… And this handcuff just take them out Now..
He laughed but she mesmerized in his laugh then she look at him he was shirtless.. He was in just pants.. His chest are broad like welcoming her.. There is no man can look this sinful hot….but why the hell thinking all.. She looked at his eyes which are meschivous and twinkling and that smirk.. He got it that she was staring him shamelessly.. She was embarrassed in her life first time ….she never did this.. f**k..!!! She never come close to any men like this just Arjun who was her bestie and her brother.. Otherwise she just relate them with bussiness but this man..he is the only she thinks in all these.. Just his eyes and she knows that he knows what was going on in her mind he can read her like open book just like her…
Sanskar was now totally amused seeing Swara red face but this time embarrassing.. He knows very well that she never make herself embarrassed.. Hell she is thinking about all this.. She is uncomfortable.. He have to distract her..
Sanskar – so sleepy MALIK.. Want to eat something..
Swara come back to sense and shouted – listen you jerk.. I have to go back.. If your that creepy memories are back then you should know.. Omkar Malik is not dead.. And..
Before she could say he place his index finger on her lips and said “”you know Miss Malik.. You are human and a beautiful woman.. Who can go any extents for her love once but you need a break.. As like me.. And about that Omkar Malik.. So don’t worry many people are there to take care of ”
She is silent. She is just feeling his finger.. Which is caressing her lips she didn’t thinking about any problem just wanted to feel like this… Like always.. Lost in his eyes.. In his touch… Wait.. What the hell is wrong with you Swara Malik.. You are not made for all this bullshit.. She jerks off his fingers.. From her lips..
Swara- listen you Kundra.. I know what I have to do in my life.. And now just free from this handcuff I have to leave..
Sanskar smile.. Knowing what was happening with her …
Sanskar – well no.. We are in holiday.. For one week.. No phone family.. No enemy…no outside world… Just relax.. And if you want we can do anything…said lastly with smirk..
Swara look at him angrily.. He was now getting on her nerves.. Didn’t understanding the situation but she knows her way.. Pushing him aside she moved out of room this house was just like her taste.. Everything is screaming about her taste.. She loved it but now.. This is not the time to think about it she moved downstairs and there was entrance door.. But when she opened it.. Her anger… Her shock.. Her face colorless.. And then she shouted “it is damm forest!!!! “.everywhere trees just trees human beings she bet that they are not in Mumbai but where the hell they are… She don’t have mobile…and only one is there that bastard Kundra…
– so Miss genius MALIK like the holiday spot..
Swara turned and looked at him seriously – listen Kundra just give back my mobile.. And I am damm serious stop all this nothing will change.. I am not that type of woman who love all this.. I have many things to do.. And don’t play with me …
He didn’t say anything just moved from there leaving her again in anger.. She saw him going in open kitchen.. And doing something she follows him back.. And then the scene take her breath away its like a s*xy man is cooking.. Damm.. He was too much.. But this scene was offered her only.. Or many he is the playboy.. But why the hell I am thinking all this..
– you are the only one who came here.. With me.. Otherwise I always come alone.. So I think you are now hungry..
Swara was happy listening this.. But why.. She don’t care if he comes with another woman.. But then a voice came from her stomach making both of them look at each other.. One with again embarrassed and another one with smile…
Swara admit – I am hungry.. (after a long time a normal reply)
Sanskar comes to her and hold waist.. She shout at him struggle but in next second she was sitting on kitchen slab.. And he was in front of her.. Close.. She is liking his warmth.. This closeness..
Sanskar ordered – just sit here.. I am making pasta for both of us..saying he turned to again start the cooking..
She was astonished.. How easily she listen but this time only for hunger.. She looked at him carefully.. Like he was shooting for cookery show.. And now she is enjoying.. Presenting hot and s*xy chef Kundra.. Well now he is cutting tomatoes in perfect slices like he is professional.. His every move was just like five star hotel chef… She has saw many professional chef when she was in that swaragini palace for three.. She mainly be in kitchen and she loved that she always get to taste new dishes and what not… She met many chef who came there from country only to cook for And this is something she have good memory of that he’ll..
Sanskar look at her she is lost but this time something else she is smiling.. Her eyes has spark.. And then that smile vanished to sadness.. But what happened..
He ask – so your dadii also cook like this..! He wanted to talk to her wanted to say everything to him.. Just once trust him.. But he knows she gets many betrayal that she scared of trust…
Swara look down – no she never cook… It’s just.. Swaragini palace.. I was always in kitchen there and like you they were also chop the vegetables or cook like this way they were professional..
He smiles a little he knows what that palace is for her.. A hell.. Where she lost her innocence..
She don’t want to talk about it so she said – I am hungry.. Kundra if your hot cooking show is over th-

She stopped.. Hell.. What she said HOT… Show.. She looked at him who was grinning listening her compliment… She was again embarrassed..

He said smiling – HOT… Well I didn’t know MALIK.. You think I am hot..tell me what else you think..
She was now angry on herself.. By spiting out everything.. Where the hell her control is gone..
He knows she was now totally uncomfortable so he didn’t say anything he silently made pasta and give her.. She look at him… He gets it what she wanted to know..
– there is no onion in this pasta.. I know you have allergy..
She was shocked.. How on the earth he knows this which no one knows not even dadii.. Only her one personal cook know this..
He took the foke and taking pasta he started eating.. There only.. But she was statue .
Sanskar said teasingly – if you want I can feed you..
Swara come to sence and said – not in your wildest dreams..
He smiled and said – but MALIK how you will eat with handcuffs.. You forgotten..
She is now hell angry on him.. For doing this to her.. She was hungry too much.. She didn’t know how much time is passed without her food. ..hardly she ate apple last time..
He placed his plate aside and comes close to her.. Taking her plate from her hand.
– I don’t need your help!!! Said angrily..
He didn’t say anything for sometime then taking one spoon he placed it on her lips she didn’t open her mouth.. Nor he removed the spoon.. Five minutes passed.. But both are stubborn.. Again her stomach sounds this time voice was easily audible.. He knows her nature..
Sanskar – I know you became thorn from Rose.. It’s been years no body feed you and this is something you now don’t want.. But your hands are not free and I am not going to free it.. So silently open your mouth.. He ordered again this time his voice was dominated..
She opens her mouth silently.. Didn’t argue.. She don’t know why.. But she don’t wanted to argue.. She is tired.. He feed her.. But he don’t want this look on her.. Like she is giving up..
Sanskar said casually – I was in Sydney bussiness school….
Swara look at him not expecting this information.. She knows it but she didn’t thought he will tell her.. She wanted to listen..
Swara – oh..I was also in that school..
Sanskar – I know.. And don’t give me fake surprise you know it.. Already..
Swara – yes.. You were the only stalker who always come behind me..
Sanskar – until you safety reach your apartment ….
She didn’t say anything now she just ate.. Silently situations was awkward because in all these years she never talk like this with anyone.. She have dream to talk to him …but that dream was gone by time and now she is not believing she is here infront of him.. Talking about his stalking.. Eating by his hand.. In this unknown place and he is… He is shirtless… Yes he looks terrible his manly aroma is attractive.. His thick hair.. She wanted to touch it.. For once.. His lips.. She wanted to feel..his manly chest.. She wanted kiss it.. She knows from many years she dreams about him.. Desire him.. Which was always in her heart.. In her mind.. But she hided it from anyone..
He knows she again lost in her thoughts but now he was looking at her face silently.. Her beautiful curly hair.. He has touched it.. It was soft.. Her eyes.. He can never be tired looking in them…it is deep filled with mystery.. Empiteness.. Like him.. Her..nose.. He wanted to kiss it.. He likes it when her nose become red in anger.. And her luspesious lips.. He touched it.. It was so soft.. He wanted to feel it.. Wanted to know how it will be.. On his lips.. She was looking beautiful in this yellow miniskirt.. He knows she don’t like this dress but still she is looking amazing.. And her bare legs are only snatching his last control.. On his desire..

Scene shift of Gadodia mansion..
Khushi tell all the things that they doubt on Raichand.. Arnav was shocked.. Where Arjun was now getting all this and planning of Swara.. Laksh and Ragini were angry about it.. And Aarohi didn’t say anything.. Knowing that Swara is back..
Arjun – so all this was planned..
Arnav angrily – but how could Raichand can do this..
Arjun – well Now I know what Swara was doing.. It was all planned by Swara.. From the day of accident.. After knowing Ragini that she is her own sister.. Swara planned to distract Omkar Malik from Ragini.. As he think Ragini don’t know about her identity.. So he targeted Swara.. And Raichand they were getting fall in business that time.. They were happy getting Arnav back But they have nothing to do with Swara.. But as Omkar Malik have told them about Malik industrial.. So the greed work.. They show up fake emotions infront of us.. Infront of Arnav.. To get control on her life…and if I am not wrong then Arymaan was the one who was giving drugs to her.. And all the attack happened when RAICHAND were around her.. But Swara was not less than them…she show a good drama.. And she succeed in fooling them.. And now she would have get enough proof against Raichand.. And Omkar Malik.. So she came to India to make arrest Omkar Malik.. And about RAICHAND.. She was going back to London after this.. To show them hell.. But now.. As we have expected Sanskar had kidnapped Swara.. And now his memory is back.. He knows everything about Omkar Malik.. Well played..

Ragini, Laksh, Arnav, Aarohi and Khushi was looking at him dumbstruck..

Arjun smirk – Well I am lawyer.. And for me to understand Swara Malik is not too much deal.. And if Now Swara Malik.. Is kidnapped by Sanskar.. He is not going to leave her because he is more stubborn than her.. And now Sanskar will handling this Omkar Malik and Raichand.. In his way.. So I think we should relax …

Arnav – What the!! But Sanskar how…??

Aarohi – I am thinking same.. How he will do when he is himself is not here..
Laksh – I agree with Arjun.. Sanskar is more stubborn than Swara and knowing that Omkar Malik was torchering her he will not leave anyone.. And especially when he is possessive about Swara from years..

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