It’s not revenge it’s love swasan season 2 (payback time) episode 29


Sanskar was standing in his farmhouse room in deep thought but was disturbed by his mobile calling.. He look at caller ID.. “PRIVATE NUMBER “….
On phone..
Sanskar – who is it??
A laughing sounds heard from other side..
Sanskar frown – Who the hell you are laughing!!!
“Sanskar Kundra I am your past and future.. Your death ”
Sanskar said angrily – Done…!!
“Omkar Malik.. Your parents killer.. .”
Sanskar stiffened..
Omkar Malik laugh – got shocked.. Well yes.. I am your parents murderer…and your too.. If my idiot daughter didn’t came between… But…I listen from my source you are memory loss.. Haa….what’s your bad luck.. Now you can’t even get to know everything about you.. Which you had known past twenty years… And after I will kill you.. Well… If you want to see your New mom and dad.. Safe.. Who are now in hotel green. .so silently moved out of your farmhouse and sit into the white van without any smartness… In five minutes ”
Call ended..
Sanskar look at the mobile..closing his eyes in anger..
Arjun was looking at the note which Arnav have given.. Yes ASR came to India in afternoon and now he is sitting in Gadodia mansion for dinner opposites to Arjun ….
Arjun said angrily – acting!!!
Arnav nodded..
Arjun – once I get Swara Malik then I will show you real acting!! For making us hell out of it.. And now she is elope!!
Arnav said straight way – is you get something??
Arjun smirk – someone related to MALIK is involved.. In it..
Arnav – but everyone in Malik family is no more just Swara.. And..
Arjun – and her twin sister.. But.. Whom???
Arnav – it must be that twin sister is wanted to kill Swara. Or want MALIK empire.. (just then Arnav shocked) “SHEESHMAHAL ”
Arjun seems to thinking about all this…
Just then Khushi enter inside the mansion saying loudly “Aarohi please give me black coffee without sugar… I have an headache and… (words erased in her mouth after seeing ASR ….Arnav.. After eight months his eyes.. Her breathe stopped… Her body become numb she was not at all looking here and there.. Just him)
Arnav think “this woman didn’t change a bit.. Same attitude same dressing up… Same her eyes are telling me her Empiteness But something is new her face is looking pale.. Her glow is gone.. What the! Why the hell she is looking this much exhausted and from where she had come back in this time..)
Arjun who was looking at both said – Arnav.. I have to do some phone calls.. Until Khushi can give you company..
Before Khushi could say anything Arjun was gone leaving them both alone..
Khushi composes herself.. And said -hello Mr Raichand..
Arnav look at her surprise by the tone..
Khushi – I am sorry.. I should have given you company but I have some work.. So excuse me..
Saying this Khushi walk away from Arnav but in next second she was between dining table and Arnav..
Khushi open her eyes – please leave me..
Arnav smirk – never..
Khushi was shocked.. Hearding him -Arnav.. What are you saying?
Arnav tease -What did you listen baby??
Khushi stammered -baby??
Arnav comes close to her and whisper – take care of yourself baby because soon I will be taking care of your..
Saying this Arnav walk away leaving dumbfounded Khushi..

Aarohi who came there after some time see Khushi standing at one place statue walk to her -hey Khushi you OK?
Khushi comes to sense -huh!
Aarohi -you are OK?
Khushi -yeah..
Khushi left the place..
Aarohi confused -What happened to her??
Laksh – it’s good that Sanskar didn’t get to much pressure otherwise..
Ragini angrily -but how Sanskar get to know about Swara..
Laksh – calm down Ragini.. Some clients have said her name nothing else.. And he said he is fine..
Ragini nodded and then look at the surrounding.. They were standing at seashore of Mumbai ocean..
Ragini – Laksh we missed that Arvind Mukherjee..
Laksh – don’t worry I have told this to Swara..
Ragini -you know where is she..??
Laksh -no.. But definitely not in London.. Let’s leave it’s been two hours we are here after looking for Sanskar.. You should be tired..
Ragini hold his hand and said -I don’t want to leave
Laksh -but Ragini..
Ragini look at him and said -I don’t want to leave you… I am sorry.. But please you are beat husband anybody can have.. But I got you.. Please don’t leave me..
Laksh was taken aback by her confession.. But just hugged her tightly -hey princess.. I will never leave you… And you know whatever you want I will always be with you..
Ragini hug him back saying – when all will be over.. I am missing my sister…
international airport Mumbai..
Swara Malik walk out of airport with her bag.. And cover with scarf sliding out her mobile she call Laksh..
On phone
Swara -Laksh.. Where is Kundra..
Laksh and Ragini who have kept the phone in speaker were surprised by her sudden question..
Ragini -Swara.. Sanskar is in farmhouse..
Swara – you both are with him..
Laksh -no.. We have leave him alone before two hours what happened?
Swara -f**k!! Laksh and Ragini just go back to farmhouse and tell me he is there or not… Now said angrily…
Laksh – OK..
Call ended..
Swara – you Kundra… If you really got kidnapped… Then Omkar Malik is gone.. It’s my promise but now..
Her eyes fall on SUV.. With one driver..
She moves towards him.. And ask -for Shona RAICHAND..
Driver -yea mam..
Swara -just give me the car keys and go ….
Without giving driver a second Swara grabbed car keys and zoomed off the in car within a second..
Driver look at all these with shocked eyes.. Then he gets the call..
Driver – Arjun sir.. Shona madam has gone with car..
Arjun laugh slightly – you go from there….
Ending the call..
Arjun – Arnav.. Swara Malik landed and grabbing the car keys from my driver she moved out from there..
Arnav smile – Now I am confirm Swara Malik is back.. But how you know that she would be Coming this time..
Arjun smirk – simple.. I have tapped her mobile only to get to know that she is coming.. And now she knows about it..
Arnav – but where she is gone..
Arjun – let’s see I have fix location device.. In that car..
Arnav – what we waiting for let’s move out..
Arjun nodded and they both left the mansion…
………………………………scene shift of Kundra farmhouse..

Swara comes to farmhouse in half an hour.. There was raining outside too much.. Her face was drawn to anger as Laksh and Ragini didn’t inform her anything about Sanskar.. She came out of car.. Heavy rain fall drench her totally she walk in just to stopped at the track death with shocked state looking at scene her face was colorless..
Twenty men’s were lying dead as one black van was blasted.. Laksh and Ragini was standing aside…

Sanskar Kundra was standing in middle of dead bodies his gaze was on Swara.. His eyes was hard despite of any emotion his jaw hardened …he has tightened his fist of one hand and other hand was holding gun.. His arms were bleeding continously… His face was showing rage of anger… Furry.. He didn’t say anything..

Laksh look at them and hold RAGINI hand moved towards Swara car…. Key was already in car.. Making sit Ragini in passenger side.. He silently sit driving seat and zoomed off the car from there in next second… Ragini didn’t protest.. Against Laksh..

They both left.. Leaving two soul who was standing in front of each other…

Swara look at Sanskar bleeding arms… She was sheivering to death looking at him..
Sanskar walk to her with predicatator move..
Swara gulped her fear.. She was fearing… Yes Swara Malik was fearing to death looking at the man… Her fist clenched tightly.
Sanskar was standing infront of her.. Without breaking his eyes from her eyes…..
Swara close her eyes.. And not getting her voice… She again open her eyes she look at him who was still fearing her from his dark eyes..
Sanskar whisper ” I WANT YOU SWARA ” (his tone was filled with desire of many years.. Frustration.. Anger.. Fear…)
Swara didn’t react just gazing in his eyes deeply..
Rain was continously falling on them… Sanskar bent and lift her in his arms without any warning.. Swara come to sence..
Swara angrily shouting -leave me!!!
Sanskar give deaf ears of her shouting.. She was punching him on his shoulder.. Broad chest… Swinging her legs in air.. Struggling in his arms.. But nothing was effecting Sanskar..
In next minute Swara was inside the car.. She was trying hard to get free but all gone in vain..
Sanskar zoomed off his car from..farmhouse.. Darkness was spreading.. Rain was not stopping..
Swara angrily – listen you jerk just stopped this car… Otherwise I will jump..
Sanskar look amused then smirk – car is lock Miss Malik..
Swara take out her mobile but in next second it was in sanskar hand..
Swara – you bastard give me my Mobile back!!!
Sanskar switched off her mobile and speed up the car..
Swara shouted – slow down the speed you Kundra!!!!
Sanskar didn’t say anything and speed up more.. In next minute Swara passed out.. With fear..
Sanskar look at her.. Slow down the speed….
Laksh was looking at Tyre of car which gone puncher and next car will be coming in one hour.. Ragini was just staring outside of window….
Just then another came beside them.. Laksh and Ragini was surprised by entry of ASR and Arjun..
Ragini comes outside ..of car..
Ragini – ASR??
Arnav – yeah.. What you both are doing with Swara car!!
Laksh and Ragini look at each other..
Arjun goes towards the car and take device from driveing seat..
Laksh – What!!! Arjun you were located US..
Arjun – not you it’s for Swara.. Where is she??
Ragini – from when you started thinking about her!!
Arnav – and who are you saying all this.. She is nothing to you!!
Ragini said in anger – my real sister.. My twin sister ASR!!
Arjun and Arnav shocked listening this..
Laksh – Ragini..!!!!
Ragini – no Laksh I am frustrated with both of them..
Arjun – you are her real sister..
Ragini – YES..
Arnav – where is Swara!!!
Laksh – with Sanskar..
Arjun -WHAT!!! He remembers..
Ragini – from look.. It’s yes.. And some men’s try to kidnap Sanskar but they are now dead..
Arnav said in anger – where are they both!!!!
Laksh – farmhouse..
Arjun – let’s move then…
Aarohi – KHUSHI are you OK!!
Khushi – Aarohi HE is changed..
Aarohi – who?
Khushi – Arnav..
Aarohi shocked – What!!!
Khushi – don’t know what’s wrong with him..
Aarohi – Khushi I want to ask you something..
Khushi look at her with confusion..
Aarohi – you love him..
Khushi confess – yes.. But he hates me..
Aarohi smile – just be confident and tell your feelings then whatever happens.. You have to respect his decision Khushi.. Just like me and Arjun..
Khushi nodded..
Aarohi – you get anything information about RAICHAND..
Khushi – yeah.. We both know.. Whatever we are doing only will create new problems for Arnav.. And Swara..
Aarohi – no Khushi what we know.. Is something will make Arnav and Swara safe.. And one more thing Sanskar memory is back..
Khushi shocked – Whatt!!! When..
Aarohi – he have call me before one hour.. And ask me everything about RAICHAND.. And I have told him Raichand are with Omkar Malik.. And he said he is going somewhere.. That’s it..
Khushi – Aarohi we should tell everything to Arjun and Arnav.. We can’t hide all this with them and what if Arjun still trust Swara.. His bestie..
Aarohi – I am thinking same let’s wait.. For them..
Khushi nodded..
As the night in Gadodia mansion was still long…


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