It’s not revenge it’s love swasan season 2 ( payback time) episode 27


India.. CHENNAI.. Transport bussiness
Arjun look at person who was sitting opposite of me.. The same lorry driver who crash the car of Arnav before eight months.. He is shivering to death.. Where Arjun smirk looking at his trembling…

Arjun – so.. Mr Ayyer.. Will you explain me..

Ayyer was gulped his fear as his was just on gun which is target by this Man..

Arjun – I have already lost ten minutes.. Not more than.. I wanted.. Again I am asking who ask you to crash the car before eight months on Mumbai highway..

Ayyer swatting furiously.. -one madam ji ask.. Her…name ANNAPURNA..

Arjun shook his head and ask again – her partner?? Don’t fool me otherwise you don’t know my gunshots is very damm good !!

Ayyer – no sir.. Only one that gives me order said stammer..

Arjun finally grabbed his collar and put the gun on his forhead said dangerously – speak up you bastard… Who was another person… Who ask you to wait there after accident also… As you had followed Arnav to the hospital… Say it!!! Otherwise you are dead… Name say it!!!!

Ayyer said in one breath -..MALIK …one man who addressed himself as MALIK order me after phone call of ANNAPURNA madam.. He said me he will give double money even if I followed them… And tell him where they are…

Arjun frozen on the spot… Whisper “MALIK “..but who??

Ayyer pleading – please sir leave me… I will never do this.. Please..

Arjun turned but stop and said officer ..

Two police officer came from behind grabbing Ayyer dragged him with them..

Arjun – from right months I am finding this bastard.. Through lorry number.. After last he thinks I will leave not in his wildest dreams.. But “MALIK “..Now who is this new born MALIK developed… And this is sure that this new MALIK is that monster!!.. Said angrily..

Just then he was about to move when his mobile beep..
Message “…Sir.. MALIK industrial stock is too much loss.. We tried to contact Swara Mam but she didn’t like always… And bank has given the warning for closing the company…. Mr Dixit ”

Arjun angrily gritting teeth and said -hell Swara… Even you are not looking for your…let alone you have stand this MALIK industrial.. And now.. Sanskar is destroying it… As rival company eighter if he get his memory back then he will make sure about your company.. Let it be once you comeback.. I will see..

Armaan was sitting infront of Sanskar Kundra for finalise the deal of AR industry..

Sanskar – as finally this deal will bring great relationship between AR and KGM industry.. And we will be great to sponsor AR fashion shows…
Armaan nodded – we are also…happy for this deal and we will make sure your company investment.. Will be profitable…

Sanskar – oh I am sure..
Armaan – for signing the ASR will come after one day.. And after that fashion show location will be finalized.. Now I should leave..

Sanskar thought ..”he is singer Shona brother.. I think I should ask him about her ”

Sanskar – Mr RAICHAND why don’t you join me on lunch..
Armaan look him startling – but..
Sanskar – I think we can have lunch and also know about each other well..
Armaan look him doubtful but knowing he is Arnav friend .he agreed to have lunch with him..
Armaan – Well.. Let’s leave to have lunch..
Sanskar smile in his head finally to get know about Shona..
Laksh – Nothing improves in his health Dad.. He is still stressing his brain and for that we have to show Sanskar a best Nuerosurgen..

Shekhar – so what’s the problem.. In it Laksh .you are Doctor you know better than me..
Laksh – dad actually in London there’s one of the best Nuerosurgen Dr Arymaan RAICHAND..

Listening the name everyone’s eyes look Laksh with surprise..

Ragini – but Laksh.. They will help us.. I mean Arymaan is RAICHAND.. So..

Aarohi – I think if it’s important for Sanskar we shouldn’t think about too much..
Khushi didn’t say anything.. As she knows she is going to face ASR soon so what she suggest here.. Where fate is planning for Sanskar and Swara..

Sharmistha – Laksh just make the appointment with Arymaan.. You all can’t bring your elephant ego between my son health.. Saying this she walk away from living room where everyone is shock to listen what Sharmistha is saying knowing everything..

Laksh – I think Mom is.. Right I making appointment for Sanskar soon..

Aarohi look at Khushi who pale and too much quiet but the reason she knows Ar fashion show… And ASR!!

Khushi say slowly – I have meeting.. I should leave.. Saying this she left from there..

Laksh was feeling frustated with all these happenings. And no one is at fault.. But he knows Sanskar is in pain… But didn’t showing anything.. Just waking up and run for office like machine… He have to do something.. Soon..
Ragini and Aarohi just look at retreating figure of Khushi..who just disturbed by .ASR… Coming news…
Nandini Raichand is setting dinner for her family with her daughter in laws…where others side Yash Raichand is talking with Arnav about going to India.. And Arymaan is looking at some files..

“just move aside you f**k ”

All look at entrance with broken heart.. That again their Shona come with bottles of shampine in one hand and cigarettes in other..

Shona in drunk voice said (two maids were standing infront of her to support her) – I.. I said… Right.. I.. Don’t… Want… Support of you two …

Saanchi comes to her and signal maids to go..
Saanchi – Shona.. Your are OK come they have gone..

Shona say fearing – Saanchi bhab.. That monster killed me… He killed me bhab..

Arnav and Arymaan rush to their little sister who again got into panic attacks..

Arymaan hug her -ssshhh Shona no body can kill you… We are here right..
Shona nodded negatively – no he will kill…. He will… I know him.. He wanted to kill me… (sobbing uncontrollably)… But…just show me death… And then again leave me to live like this…. Bhai… I don’t want to this Bhai please

Nandini was in tears.. Her daughter was not like this.. Fear was the last she knows and now… Misha put her hand on her mom shoulder while her own was in tears.

Arnav hold Shona hand and dragged her with him…

Arymaan shout – Arnav Arnav listen to me… She is not in her state of mind…

But Arnav was already left with Shona..

Yash – let it be Arymaan… Arnav will make her sleep… If that for only three hours… Said hopeless father whose daughter was afraid to death…

Arnav make her laid on bed..

Shona just look at him and said – Bhai..

Arnav was shocked listening Bhai after eight months.. She just called him Arnie… Not Bhai..
Arnav sit beside her.. His eyes was moist.. He nodded..
Shona – if I have not gone to India first place for finding out truth dadii didn’t have left me… I and dadii would have living in Venice like before that monster shouldn’t come into my life…
Arnav was numb listening Swara Malik tone again.. But now he was seeing regret in her face…
Arnav -…Who is Monster?…. Whisper in anger..
Shona closed her eyes and fall into her sleep..
Again like every she didn’t say anything about that monster to him…
Arnav started going from there when he heard which made him more than shocked..
Shona still closing her eyes -I am ready to come to India…
Arnav look at her with small smile.. – thanks Swara and left the room..
Shona open her eyes slide out her mobile.. Look at the message “tsk tsk Swara Malik going to India… So go with your brother..ASR.. But one thing..your first step in India and the last breathe of Sanskar Kundra….. -Murderer ”

Shona stood up and walk to door locking the room like always.. She opens her bag and all laptops, microchips, location distator…
Shona – Swara Malik can never can never afraid.. But you have done a big mistake this time the so called murderer.. By sending me message without any idea thinking I am now fear afraid… Now just see how I will find out and finish your this game with my style..

Just then she gets the call…
Swara -“how is he? Ragini ”
Ragini – last night he got again headache listening your song.. But he got some flashes of your faces…
Swara – OK… I am coming to India in two days.. With Arnav bhai..
Ragini – whatt!!! But what about that so called murderer…
Swara – Ragini …I have found out the area from where he is attacking on me
Ragini – how are you??
Swara laugh painfully – how you think Ragini.. I and you both are feeling disgusted knowing that who is murderer..
Ragini – I miss you sis..
Swara didn’t say anything..
Ragini – you know I just wanted to see you…hug you
Swara – and I wanted to know my sister happiness.. OK now listen make sure Mr Kundra didn’t go anywhere before I come back to India..
Ragini – fine..but I wanted to know one thing how that murderer comes to know about your “yes ” coming to India?
Swara smirk – well… When I was singing you see in musical instruments time I was speaking with myself and that time and in my dress that murderer have d
Fitted microphone.. To listen..
Ragini shocking – you are SWARA MALIK!!!
Swara smirk – I know… Now I am sending you address of some area in Mumbai just go and check out about one person ” Arvind Mukherjee ”
Ragini – I am not going to ask… I will find out!!
Swara – OK..
Call ended..

Swara – tsk tsk… So called murderer you are simply over confidence… That I will use as my confidence… Because Swara Malik will never lose!!!

Credit to: Aryna

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