It’s not revenge it’s love swasan season 2 ( payback time) episode 26


London.. Raichand hospital
ASR and Arymaan was about to enter in ICU when Arnav get call he looked at mobile “ARJUN calling “he excuse himself..
Arymaan enter inside… Armaan was already there sitting beside Shona holding her hand..
Arymaan -when you came? Settle beside him..
Armaan eyes was moist -bhai when you and Arnav was talking I thought to see her before going to India..
Arymaan heard his voice broke voice reflection of pain.. – We are with her..
Armaan – bhai… Look at her face.. It’s just reflect fear.. These much fear.. She fear to talk to a new person.. She fear if she get alone.. She fear to laugh….she fear to smile.. She fear to lose US.. She fear to see dream.. She fear to sleep… This much fear… I am feeling shattered … know Bhai I listen so much about Swara Malik.. Her strong voice.. Her arrogance.. Her nature.. Her personality…a woman who …got a hold of Europe and Asia maximum market… A best bussiness woman… Lioness… She was called as lioness… Of business who was pillor of that MALIK family… But here this woman who is now Shona RAICHAND was nothing as Swara Malik.. She knows everything about her.. Her whole life.. Her attitude her nature.. But nothing she brought.. She just cry.. Broken… Fear.. Fake smile.. And bubble only so that we don’t worry about her… I can’t believe who is that bastard…who killed Swara Malik… And brought this Shona RAICHAND… Who!!!! (anger was shown in his each words.. A brother was failed)
Arymaan clutch his brother hand and assure him.. While he himself was crying inside..
On phone..
Arnav – any information?
Arjun – No.. Nothing..
Arnav said in give up – then what!!
Arjun understand his feelings where he was suffering.. He ask -How is she??
Arnav said painly – same screaming shouting begging.. For death..
Arjun whisper – he will pay for it.. (a pure revenge was reflecting in his voice)
Arnav said determined – He will!!! We are coming in India.. Two days..
Arjun – where are you living??
Arjun – No.. You and Swara should live in Gadodia mansion..
Arnav – but..
Arjun – listen Arnav.. That bastard can harm her.. In anyway we have to careful…and in my house.. She will be safe.. As like in Raichand mansion… But not alone..
Arnav finally think deeply because more than Shona nothing is important for him.. -fine.. Just inform your family..
Arjun – sound good…
Call ended..
Arjun wipe his alone tears.. Thinking about Swara condition.. But finally she is back…
Arnav moved inside the ICU.. Look at Shona and his both brother in sadness..
Shona open her eyes slowly.. Look at her brother vulnerable position..
Arymaan help her to sit where Armaan made her pillow..
Arnav cares her face – How are you feeling now??
Shona said looking down slowly – I am sorry.. Arnie.. Because of me you all again suffered..
Arymaan hit her head slowly and said – Who said we were suffering.. We are your brothers.. Who can go to any extents for your.. Hapinness.
Armaan -Shona what happened in green room..??? Said in damm serious tone..
Arnav and Arymaan know that Armaan just wanted to see her reaction.. Like any anger but..
Shona said in stammer.. Afraid – no no Bhai.. I was just fainted.. I didn’t take my medicine.. That’s it (looking at her fingers.. Shivering in fear)
Arnav clench his fist tightly in anger and walk away from that ICU he was enough of it… He just wished for once she become Swara Malik who don’t give damm to anyone and how torcher she can give her enemies… But this girl is not inch of Swara Malik…!!!!

Armaan – Shona you rest Now OK..
Shona said hessistatly – bhai.. Can.. I go.. Please.. I mean concert..
Arymaan and Armaan know her addiction towards these concerts.. From which she take out her whole suffocating…
Armaan – I will arrange car.. And talk with show manager..
Shona smile -thank you bhai thank you so much..
Arnav heard all the things but didn’t say… And move beside Shona..

Arnav -Shona we have to go somewhere…
Shona look up immediately -where bhai??
Arymaan sign and said – India.. Shona…
Shona stiffened her place shivering to death.. Nodding negative..
Arnav know her reaction whenever he talk about India.. So he uses his ASR mind and said – Shona… After two weeks Mom and Dad anniversary is there.. And Mom wanted to celebrate there but she cancelled it because of you.. Think about it..
Shona look at her brother but didn’t say anything..
Armaan walk inside – Shona car had came..
Shona slowly move out room – Armaan bhai..
Armaan – Saanchi is there in car with Misha Bhabhi..
Shona nodded and silently goes from escorted by two nurses..
Arnav – Not this time Shona.. You are going to India with me…
Armaan – I am going to airport …
Arymaan- I come with you.. And Arnav..
Arnav – I am going to concert I have to be with her… Take care bhai..
Armaan -you too..
Arjun was sitting in one restaurant waiting for someone just then his eyes fall on TV….
“A big news for our Shona RAICHAND fans….Today which concert was going to cancel was now…. On….. Yes you heard it right in next 15min. Rockstar Shona is going to perform for her fans… So don’t move out from TV”

Arjun shook his head and said -which girl hated to listen song was now become rockstar… And if I am right then Swara Malik you are taking Music as your support of living… But soon.. You will live like lioness with this music and your confidence… Just once you come back to India I will don’t lose one stone to change your this new shield… Because lioness can’t wear dear nature for so much time… Once lioness is always lioness… But you sing well showing your pain… And I am sure this time my family each member WOULD in front of TV.. Just like me… Said with smirk… Looking at TV..
Ragini look at everyone in living area.. Sitting silently..
Laksh come back to home said – she is performing again….after what happened “unbelievable “thinking angrily…
TV was on… Shekhar just walk to study room knowing well how much he will lose his tears after listening That broken voice..
Sharmistha smile sheepily and increase volume… Knowing her family that everyone wanted to know about her.. And listen her voice see her… Her husband gone into study room.. Only not to shed tears in front of us… Ragini just walk to Laksh taking his bag giving him water glass.. Where as Khushi was busy in laptop.. But her eyes was glue on TV… Aarohi was talking on phone but her whole attention was on TV… Sharmistha smile at their antics and just prayed to get everything alright again…
Sanskar opened his eyes listening the news …his ears was listening the sound of TV.. He walk out of room to living area and stand infront of TV… Everyone look at Sanskar…
Sanskar – Mom can you increase the volume… Your know n Shona is my favorite… And Khushi work can be done after some time… Laksh Ragini you both are what doing come sit.. And Aarohi you are such talkative woman… Come.. Where is dad!!!!…
Shekhar listening his son come out of room and silently moved towards her wife who was giving him meschivously smile… Where as Laksh, Ragini,aarohi,khushi silently settled in living area… Sanskar smile at his family and sit beside Khushi… And increase the volume..
Nandini and Yash Raichand are again broke listening their Princess again hurt but knowing her stubborn on concerts they sit infront of TV… To watch her performance… Knowing lastly they just cry nothing else…
Arnav… Look at his sister who was now walking to stage where he was standing corner of stage and his Bhabhi are sitting infront of stage VIP seat… To support her..

SHONA look at everyone.. All eyes are on her but she just walk to the center of stage a spot light fell on her… She closed her eyes and held Mike with both hands think about her life from start to this stage…

Lamhein Lyrics – Anmol Malik

Shona – Tera chehra teri aankhen
Saanson mein mere chupke
Leta hai tu saanse

Think about her childhood memories… Where she never get love of her Mom and Dad she only spent it in dark room.. She send to Swaragini palace where she got beaten by Rajput… She never got to eat anything she live only on one meal she was just six years old.. And that time she saw him… Sanskar… Who tried to save her from them who even wanted to take her fate on him… And that moment she felt connection with him.. But before she could say.. She was gone.. And last thinking she lost that protector
Pas jo tha door hai kyun
Itne hum majboor hai kyun
Kyu hai nahi mere naseeb mein
Dhundhe jisse shaamein meri shaamein
Laun kahan se woh lamhe

When she returns back to Sheshmahal after three years from that hell by begging of dadii from dad she was again lock in dark room but that time she just think paint him… Like she painted always painted his face but she never get success but one day when again she gets beaten by Mom (Raina Malik).. And that time her hand were injured but with that pain she draw his eyes… Then his face.
She wanted to meet him see him.. But then she thought is like others he also hate me.. She then gets to know that his parents were killed by dad (Omkar Malik) and he even ordered to kill ….something which she never thought in wild dreams her protector …will be no more.. Who gave me hope to fight back to stand for yourself.. Will be killed by Omkar Malik and Raina Malik… This was it she didn’t thought for once.. Not about Arnav bhai …not about dadii.. Nothing… Just saw the gun in study room and knowing how to shoot because in that hell where she lives three were taught her to shoot.. To innocent creatures.. She shooted Omkar Malik and Raina Malik….didn’t thought. Not felt suffocate.. Nothing regrets.. Only his was in my mind.. In my heart.. Completely.. I put that gun in Omkar Malik hand and move out ….but that time I promise myself that I will never go in his life.. For thank you also… Because my fate will.. Kill him..

Lamhein lamhein
Lamhein lamhein
Lamhein lamhein
Laun kaha se woh lamhe

Then I did hard work after separate ways from Arnav bhai.. I missed him I felt alone after dadii gone into coma.. I suffered but then pushed my self only thinking about his face.. His eyes.. And I did it.. From nowhere I got 20crores …I just tell to manager of the company deal with all it and ask him to teach.. What I have to do my age was not at all to get hold of business but I know that bussiness was in my blood and I can do it.. And I had done.. Whenever I got any problem I just remembered his face…his eyes.. After five years when dadii come back to coma she saw a new Swara Malik who is more strong and stubborn she didn’t ask me anything nor I tell her.. She send me to study bussiness saying she will look after it.. I reluctant agreed and gone to Sydney school .. Of business but also getting daily updates of company.. And there I found that someone was stalking on me.. It was like always.. And when once I turn I caught his glimpse… His eyes… And I know it… It is he.. My protector.. I was happy too much.. I wanted to see him talk to him but my promise came to me and I just walk out.. But he became my shadow.. And I know it.. But didn’t try to look at him or ask him… Not even tried to get his name.. After two years I gone to Boston.. Harward university for complete my MBA and their again I found him stalking me.. He stalk me.. Never he come nor I go to him.. And it gone like always and last after three years I gone back to Venice.. Where dadii settled the bussiness.. I involved in it.. Didn’t thought about him.. But in my sleep only his eyes hunted me.. So much.. I never caught hold of mine.. I never talk about this but somewhere he was becoming my possession.. And I can never stop it and after so many years I got to know about Arnav bhai.. And some one who is planning to kill him and on the other side my real mother.. And the letter.. I decided I gone to India.. Where I met him…

Kause kause wo din
Shabnam shabnam si raatein
Jitna main bhulun tujhko
Yaad aaye teri baatein

This time face to face.. Yes I saw him that day in AR office… First I didn’t recognize him and that fight happen I slapped him.. He mock on me.. But at night …when I close my eyes his face was there… His eyes… His face everything… I opened my eyes with jerk.. I froze at my place.. I saw him.. And that I felt like going to him.. But what I will say.. And what he will think..and my promise.. I just close my determination that he is nothing to me.. And I did it… He came to me next day.. Threaten me.. Did everything so just I go from India.. But I don’t care.. Because I know that he was my protector..and when he is around me nothing will happen.. And like I said he came with me Lucknow when everyone was against me… And when he confessed that he knows me from twenty years.. I just didn’t dare to move my eyes from his face I was shocked.. He acknowledged me.. He himself thought as shadow of mine…he said he will protect me.. And I was happy.. Somewhere too much.. And his talk.. His gaze everything I saw only possession like I have on him…

Neend mein taare sone nahi
Kya thhe hum kya hone nahi
Yaadon ke sab sheeshe kyu toote
Jaane kahan chhute kahan chhute
Jaane kahan chhute lamhe
When I get to know about me I was shattered too much anger on me on my birth.. All control was gone.. I wanted to cry.. Dadii leave me.. I felt alone.. That time when Arnav bhai and I was coming back to Shantivan.. I wanted to go to him. I wanted to hug.. Him cry.. And tell him about my pain. Everything but then.. At that moment I got that video of ANNAPURNA MAHESHWARI… In which she was killing Dp uncle brutly… That was CCTV camera footage which send by one of servants.. Who knows me.. And then I got Voice mail of one man who changes my life completely . Which I opened and after listening it my whole world crashed into pieces… Then I call a special person to take care of everything.. Because on that moment I thought to go away because now time is over.. But fate was playing another game… That accident.changes everything… My life….Swara Malik… Changes….the strong stubborn hot headed.. Carefree.. Bold.. And take care of her loved ones was changed into this Shona RAICHAND…..

Lamhein lamhein
Lamhein lamhein
Lamhein lamhein
Jaane kahan chhute lamhe

I am missing myself but I can’t be that I wanted to be that Swara Malik again but I can’t I loss my soul.. And this fear.. Screaming inside me.. I am not more than a afraid woman who just know to shiver looking at new person.. Who don’t have guts to be alone.. That Swara Malik.. Whom Sanskar has made me was destroyed… I am destroyed my soul killed by….. By that monster who didn’t lose one chance to don’t make forget that I have to fear from life and waiting for death.. A death can be so much peasceful I didn’t know but now.. I wanted to die.. Just die but before that I want to see him my protector last time..

Khali khali raste
Puchhe kadmon se mere
Kehte kahan hai woh
Jo sang chalta tha tere

Yes I have to go to India but if that monster cones to know then he will again… Torcher me.. He will….no you have to see him last time.. Because after that I will finish this life forever.. Free myself from this torcher from that monster.. Yes I have to do this.. I have to go…

Lautke aaye phir woh pal
Jo ginti hu pal pal har din
Tehere hain palko pe abhi aansun
Le aa kahi se tu, kahi se tu

Closing eyes I have to see him.. Like I always see him he is far away from me.. But I can feel he is still knows about me.. Like a protector.. He is My protector… SANSKAR… (opening her eyes she finished the song with new energy.. With new hope…with new determination of seeing her protector)

Lamhein lamhein
Lamhein lamhein
Lamhein lamhein
Jaane kahan chhute lamhe..(2x)

When she finished the song she didn’t heard thousands of applause… Clapping… Hooting.. Shouting her name… She just feeling him… Like always she did… And then turned away.. Without glancing at once of thousands of people who were just calling her…

Sanskar didn’t miss it… Something was new in her.. Her eyes when she opened at last.. Was like calling him… Screaming for him.. Wanting him just like his.. But how could it possible.. She never know him.. Then how ca think like that.. But like always her eyes was showing unknown fear to him.. He wanted to ask her.. But.. No.. Why the hell.. I just can’t taken my from her… She is just singer… How many times I have to remind myself… Then why the hell I am so sick about.. Oh god my head ( taking his hand he pressed his forhead tightly) he spoke aloud…- What the hell is happening to me!!!!
Laksh, Ragini, Aarohi and Khushi look at him startling they wiped their tears.. Knowing the effect of the song… Like they can’t imagine her pain.. But now they know Sanskar is again fighting with his life most important memories. …..about Swara Malik!!!
….. ……….

Credit to: Aryna

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