It’s not revenge it’s love swasan season 2 ( payback time) episode 25



“Don’t think too much Mr Mehta.. Your company will be having Best Deals with KGM CONSTRUCTION… Said KHUSHI MAHESHWARI with confidence convincing this Arrogant prick old man..
Mehta think about all the matter and said ” I will tell you tommorow.. That I have to sold my property or not “saying this he left the cabin.
Khushi shook her head in helpless and hold her headache…she is tired, exhausted and getting sleepless nights just then she saw a deal papers from London company… ARNAV RAICHAND… She knows what coming for her.. Again after this many months….but still she didn’t show it to anyone she wanted to see him… to him.. Listen his heart beat… But all she knows he hates her…..too much.. And she.. She is just angry on ASR.. That’s it.. But she misses him.. Alot.. And now after eight months she is going to see him again.. He is coming to India.. I just once wanted to see him.. Hug him tightly.. Before he again leave me.. And after that I can live my life with his memory in which he hates me and I. ….I don’t know…..her trance thoughts was broken by knock..

Arjun enter inside the cabin with a file… Looking at Khushi he can easily say.. That what is matter but he ignored it and tell -“this Mehta property papers… Now our company can build mall there..
Khushi stunned.. But she composed herself and ask – How… I mean before some time he was not any interest and now???
Arjun smirk and said -“start the work Khushi… Saying this he left..
Khushi was now shocked… “smirk.. The smirk on his face… After so many months… But why?? ”
Arjun smirk looking around sliding out his mobile he call
On phone..

Arjun – Maya… Just take the flight and land to India..
Maya who listen her boss voice after eight months.. From Venice.. Is hell shocked…
Maya – I mean.. Boss you are OK??
Arjun say in one go “Swara Malik ”
That’s it.. Maya know her boss.. And his mysterious nature.. This was same man who didn’t talk about Swara mam in all these months was now just ordered her to come to India.. And the matter is “Swara Malik “…
Maya – fine boss ……and good to see you back..
Arjun said – I know…
Call ended..
Arjun.. Moved out of KGM CONSTRUCTION… Thinks… About all these months.. How he ignored any topic related with Swara…
….before six months..

Sharmistha smile – Arjun.. Now you are going to marry.. You are going to invite your..
Arjun said angrily – Mom I ask everyone to not say or ask about her.. She is nothing to me.. To us..

…………before four months….
Laksh – it’s alright I guess.. I mean you are getting best lawyer award.. And you are not happy..
Arjun said sadly – I am fine Laksh I have my wife my family..
Laksh painfully – I miss her too..
Arjun look him surprise – I thought you also hate..
Laksh – never Arjun because no body can hate.. Not atleast you.. You are angry with her.. And I. sad…
Arjun – I miss her too..
…..before one month..
Aarohi was painfully look at photos in her mobile..
Arjun walk to her.. And sit beside her..

Aarohi – it’s birthday of ASR.. You know Arjun how I and Ragini annoyed him on his birthday.. And today we can’t wish him… Now I am angry with them.. I am tired with this anger. ….I wanted to see ASR.. Swara… Please I know you are angry with them but…
Arjun just hugged her tightly ..but didn’t say anything..
…. ….before one week…..
On breakfast table..

Sanskar look at everyone and said – I want to tell that our company is going to deal with AR industry.. As they were going to launch fashion show in Mumbai.. And we are sponsoring them..
All are unbelievable… .
Arjun look at destiny playing again.. Again one fashion show.. Again.. Sanskar is sponsoring them.. Again.. They both are coming to India…
Arjun – fine Sanskar.. When they are coming..
Sanskar said casually – after ten days…. OK I am going.. I have one meeting.. And Khushi come on construction site after two hours.. Saying this he left..
Laksh – he forgot everything…
Ragini – yeah… He forget everything about HER… About him.. About everything… Who was going to think in their wild dream that Sanskar forgotten Swara Malik..
Arjun said angrily – I ask you guys don’t raise her topic and about sanskar it’s good that his memory loss.. And about her… It’s Shona RAICHAND…. Ragini …and left from there…
Flash back ends…
Arjun close his eyes… Just then he gets the message…
” again.. This time in green room… Drugs were mixed in her make up powders… And she get in again…. ASR ”
Arjun clench his fist tightly in anger bang it on car door… To himself -” again… Who you are bl**dy bastard… Once I get the hold of your neck.. Then you will never forget who is ARJUN Gadodia… No one is allowed to harm his Sammie and.. This insane man. Is again …and again drugged her..harm her shot her… Lock her in dark room… Torcher her… And I can’t get that motherf**ker…hold.. Eight months… All these eight months I just pretend to hate My Sammie… Only for to get you.. But this bastard is too smart.. And now according to plan. Arnav is getting Sammie again India.. And thinking about this… He just wish that bastard come to his hold..”getting inside the he drove somewhere..
At the same time in London..
Raichand hospital..

ASR was pacing corridor like mad man again he failed to secure her. Again.. He heard her screaming, shouting.. But helplessly he just close his eyes and sit on bench with “thud”…
Inside the ICU. ….
“No No please leave me.. No.. I beg you.. I want to die.. Please please just kill me… No no please don’t do this again.. I begged you.. Why are you doing this… No… Nooooooo….. Aaaaaaaahhhhhhhhh.. “screaming with her whole energy Shona RAICHAND fainted… With the seduction… And the four nurses leave her hand and ankle..
Arymaan was in tears looking his Shona.. Listening her screaming was his daily life.. He felt that his doctor study is nothing which can cure his shona.. He failed to be brother .he give her injection and moved out… With broken voice and teary eyes.. He sat beside his brother..
Arnav look down and said slowly – I failed.. Bhai I failed to be her brother.. To protect her.. Listening her painful screams and begging for death is something I never thought.. I am scared Bhai.. That she is losing hope for living.. She is broken down completely.. Nothing is left in her…
Arymaan said painly – not only Arnav we all failed to protect our princess… What you think we are sleeping peacefully.. No.. We are spending sleepless nights knowing that our princess never sleep more than three hours.. You know Arnav.. We didn’t get problems from her screaming and shouting she work over time and return back home with holding one bottle of wine.. Just to ease her pain… It’s hurting Arnav .

Arnav – bhai.. Armaan bhai has gone to India for settling deal with Sanskar company. .I know you all will be angry.. But I don’t want any of you to come to India..
Arymaan – Arnav!!
Arnav – bhai.. Listen not atleast two weeks.. After that you all come …..I know if that murderer came to know that she is going to India then he will come after her… And there I will met with Arjun to get rid of these person….but bhai you have to take care of mom and dad.. You know n they are so much broken by seeing Shona in this state.. And knowing that one man wanted to kill her torcher.. Anyhow.. They will be more broken.. I am taking her India after two days..
Arymaan – What about them… Gadodias?
Arnav – I don’t care.. Bhai… I just only knows that Arjun matters to me and Shona… And about Sanskar …he is suffering from memory loss..
Arymaan – Fine then.. But Arnav only two weeks.. Then I will be beside my Shona and you..
Arnav nodded and hugged his brother tightly…
Nurse came there… -“Sir.. Miss Raichand is getting back her concisous..
Arymaan nodded and said – just free her… And I will be there..
Nurse listening him left from there
Arnav – Bhai…now she get concsous she will never talks about what happened… And in all that she will be more afraid..
Arymaan – I know… Let’s take her from here..
Sanskar was now hell exhausted by work and lying on his king sized bed closing his eyes.. Just then he started getting flashes of her.. Like always…..but he get used to it… He opened his eyes and switch on the TV… Only to get another news..

“Again a attack on shona raichand…in this attack she was about to get shot but her bodyguard come infront of her… its 9th attack on our rockstar and shona fans are showing anger on police.. but asr has managed… to control them…byt we are waiting outside of raichand hospital to get one glimpse of rockstar shona raichand …..reporting live Mark from xxx channel.. ”
Sanskar clench his fist tightly in anger.. His eyes was red he whispered “again… Who the bl**dy f**k is doing all these… I don’t why but I just wanted to see …make her comfortable that she is alright but.. Why???…. Who is she to me… She is just a singer…. And I like her singing that’s it… But I know I desire for her… But she is not mine…..and I am just her fan… “thinking all this.. He closed his eyes to get sleep but then opened his eyes and take out his mobile.. He call..
On phone..

Sanskar – listen I want every damm information about all these attacks against Shona RAICHAND.. Just get it… In every show.. I want every detail of attack.. In three hours.. Saying this he cuts the call..

Sanskar whisper – whatever it is attraction …desire… Or what.. I just wanted you to be safe… I don’t know why.. But I will never get any peaceful sleep if you are not safe.. Whenever you get hurt or shot..that day I just be restless.. If the solution is to get safe you… Then I am On.. Now SANSKAR will be make sure that you are safe… Like SHADOW…

Credit to: Aryna

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    That much ever it is too far to be appreciated….sooooooooooooooo good

    1. And my beforehand apologies….
      Sorry but am indeed going on a BREAK from TU and I will not be able to comment here…..
      Dunno u expect my comment or not but I always love to comment here?and that’s the reason I am informing about my absence…

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  7. Sumeeta

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