It’s not revenge it’s love swasan season 2 ( payback time) episode 21

All elders are gone to their house.. Leaving Arjun ,Laksh, Sanskar, Khushi, Aarohi and Ragini.. To take care of Swara
Aarohi was taking glass of water in kitchen when she felt dizzy.. She clutch kitchen slab.. Sanskar who was passing from there look at her and run towards her… Taking her in his embrace…
Sanskar worried – Aarohi.. Aarohi (patting her cheeks).. Open your eyes.. He sprinkled some water droplets on her face… She slowly open eyes.. Murmur – Sanskar.. Voh…
Sanskar – shh.. Come.. You need rest.. (Just then he saw wounds in her foot.. )how this happened!!
Aarohi said in half concsous.. – ..actually I kept my foot on broken glass in morning mistakely….
Sanskar angry – careless.. Just shut up.. I don’t think you should walk wound is too much deep.. Come.. (he carry her in his arms) let’s go to room then I will call Laksh..
Aarohi protest -no it’s OK.. I am fine..
Sanskar angry -will you shut up!!
Aarohi immediately closed her mouth knowing his anger..
Sanskar takes her to the guest room Arjun who was on call look all this and clench his fist in anger “I will call you later “cutting the call he march towards the guest room…
Sanskar make her laid on bed and bent down to look at her wound… Touching it carefully..
Aarohi – Sanskar stop panicking.. It’s small cut..
Sanskar shook his head “unbelievable “started the wound just then his eyes fall on front mirror and he smiled naughty think” so my sweet lawyer is hiding behind door with jealous face… Not bad Sanskar Kundra you can’t lose this chance to make Arjun Gadodia.. A perfect foolish jealous guy.. And in all that this idiot will definitely don’t dare to escape from Aarohi side one minute.. “thinking all these Sanskar smirk…
Sanskar said in flirting Voice – Aarohi you should take care baby… You know n how much I was scare.. Saying this he sit beside her and caress her cheeks lovingly.. Aarohi was shocked looking at Sanskar behavior…
Aarohi stammered – what..!!!
Arjun was fuming.. In anger greething his teeth he said under his breath ” I have to take care of this jerk… Firstly.. How dare he… I don’t know what’s wrong with Laksh and Sanskar they both are not getting any girl so they both just behind my Aarohi!!! ”

Inside …
Sanskar -sshh.. Just listen me (taking her hand in his) you know you are most beautiful woman in my world.. I never get chance to say this Aarohi Because I thought you are meant for Arjun but now.. I know you both are moved on.. Aarohi give me one chance to proof myself.. I will take care of this child.. As mine I will treat you as princess.. I know you don’t love me.. And I don’t have any problem.. Please …just one chance… I… I.. Lo….
Arjun shouted – enough!!!!
Aarohi who was already shocked listening all this from Sanskar and now looking at Arjun…
Sanskar hide his laugh.. And said in surprise – Arjun.. What happened…???
Arjun said angrily – I will tell you what happened later… Aarohi.. You should marry me in two weeks.. I will talk to elders and dare to protest against it.. FINAL…
Aarohi was now dumbfounded.. Looking at Arjun… Sanskar can’t control more and started laughing… For surprise Khushi also join who was hiding in washroom come out…
Arjun angry – what’s wrong with you two!!! And Khushi?
Khushi laugh – you know what lawyer… Sanskar will get Oscar in flirting.. Seriously you thought he was going to propose Aarohi…
Arjun was now embarrassed… Sanskar was smirking.. But in all these Aarohi was now angry..
Arjun – Aarohi… I was just..
Aarohi angry – how dare you!! SANSKAR KUNDRA!!!
All look at her wide eyes…

Sanskar gulped his laugh immediately.. – Aarohi…
Aarohi angry – you jerk badtameez….get out of this room with your crime partners now!!!!
Sanskar and Khushi look at each other then at Aarohi with open mouth… ..
Aarohi shouted -OUT!!!!
Sanskar and Khushi silently moved out but stopped and turned…
Sanskar teasing – if you want my brother alone Miss Khurana you should just ask it.. Not to spend your energy in shouting.. Saying this he moved leaving a blush Aarohi and smirking Arjun..
Arjun moved towards her and sit beside.. – I am sorry.. I again misunderstood you…
Aarohi smile – I should be sorry for not trusting you that time.. And now I get it what will happen if any one accusing you.. I am really sorry..
Arjun – but I am serious about marriage you have to marry me.. In two weeks… I can’t lose you now..
Aarohi hesistatly – but this baby..
Arjun – do you trust me?
Aarohi – Yes..
Arjun – then just be ready to become my wife..
Aarohi – but you don’t even say that..
Arjun smirk – I will not whenever I say you..something wrong happened with us it’s better I just you are my trust.. Nothing else..
Aarohi – I love you too.. Saying this she hugs him tightly..
Outside the door..
Khushi saved the video.. And turned to look at sanskar smiling..
Khushi – they both are made for each other..
Sanskar -true.. But what about you and ASR.. You love him right…
Khushi – I don’t know..
Sanskar – Say.. Otherwise someone as snatche your Arnav ji… Saying this he walk from there leaving Khushi in thinking..
Ragini come out to balcony.. And call Annapurna…
On phone..
Ap – Ragini everything is fine there and Swara..
Ragini – Who is Kalahari?
Ap shocked.-. Don’t know why..
Ragini – who is Kalahari mom!!
Ap gulped – Me..
Ragini – where is another daughter of SARASWATI Malik!!
Ap – SVITRA is dead..
Ragini – I am not talking about SVITRA who was first child of SARASWATI Malik…..who died in pond.. Tell me about twin sister of Swara..
Ap – she is.. She is..
Ragini – where is she!!!
Ap whisper- she is with Swara Malik..
Ragini was understatement of shocked – What the hell mom Swara don’t even know about all this before some days and you are saying Swara has kept her twin sister.. How on the earth this possible!!!

Ap said broken voice – it is true Ragini.. And Swara knew about her twin sister from the very first day I don’t know how but.. When I talk to Anuradha ji in her last moment.. She told me this.. She herself don’t know about all this.. She came to yesterday… When one parcel came to her…
Ragini was shocked.. Listening all this her head was totally confused and only person can give her answer “SWARA MALIK “….
Ragini – Mom just know one thing what ever you told me just forgot it.. Don’t even try to say this dad or anyone please!!
Ap – OK beta but what you are going to do??
Ragini – I have to talk to someone!! Saying this she cut the call..
Ragini to herself -“What u are upto Swara Malik…. All are puzzled are same..
On the other side of Maheshwari mansion..
Annapurna Maheshwari was laughing evil.. Looking at the phone and then her husband who is silently sitting at the couch “DEAD “…
Annapurna dialing the number “-listen I am sending you one voice recordings… This news should be on International News.. Just do it… ”
Call ended..
Ap laugh evilly…- Swara Swara Swara.. After all… I get you…Now you are trapped.. Very hard.. (looking at Dp dead body) see because of you I killed my loyal husband… I even wanted to kill your dadii but her fate she dead by heart attack.. And now see… Your own TWIN SISTER RAGINI is asking about herself.. I would have killed that RAGINI. ..but fate… This Durga Prasad Maheshwari has saved her and now.. No one can save any one….. One by one I will kill all of you then my son Aadarsh Maheshwari will be sole owner of Maheshwaris, Gadodias, and MALIK empire… Yes MALIK empire.. After I was Mistress of Omkar Malik and Chandra shekhar Malik… But that SARASWATI Malik… Always become stone in front of my success but not anymore… I will destroy everything… Everything I will get my revenge back its payback time Swara Malik…
(guys don’t be confused.. SARASWATI Malik has given birth to three girls… Elder girl who was dead SVITRA Malik and second were twins.. Sister Swara and Ragini… Kalahari who is now known as Annapurna Maheshwari… Is real evil who have done crime.. In past …she wanted to kill both baby girl but police has saw her with both baby and taken twins from her and send both babies to orphanage there Nandini Raichand adopted both the babies… But when she was invited in SHESHMAHAL… Fate again played a game swara was left behind SHESHMAHAL.. Where as Ap who was in same party get alerted looking ragini in Nandini arms so she made plans and taken Ragini from her replacing someone else baby.. But when she was about to Ragini.. Dp come there searching in his wife and saw her with a angel… And asked her to take the saying she will half owner of maheshwaris property…Nandini Raichand was having SVITRA already but she was lost after missing of both twin sister and after many years in Arnav birthday they loss SVITRA also.. And then it was dig in past)

Laksh was going to Ragini room but stopped after hearding Ragini and Annapurna he also get restless and confused… And he thought to discuss this with Sanskar. ….and he walk away…

Sanskar was working in laptop when he heard knock he look up to find Laksh there… He gesture him to come inside…
Laksh said in tense voice..- today let’s don’t fight..
Sanskar heard something wrong in his voice so he just nodded .
Arjun who came there to punch Sanskar stopped at the track listening tense voice of Laksh and he silently walk inside and sit beside Sanskar on couch..
Laksh look at his both brother with tense face and said – is Swara can ever betrayed us??
Arjun said in strong voice – no..
Laksh – then Annapurna Maheshwari??
Both Sanskar and Arjun was speechless by his questions..
Laksh – tell me guys who can betray us Swara Malik or Annapurna Maheshwari..
Sanskar said in tension – What happened Laksh….??
Laksh look at then ….then narrate them about Ragini and Ap.. Conversation…
Arjun and sanskar were shocked looking at Laksh…
.. In Arnav car..
Arnav – so now please be relax…
Swara – bhai.. I am OK now..
Arnav – fine..
Just then Swara gets the video… And a voice call..on the other Arnav gets Aman call so he started talking.. Where Swara put on earphones and watch video…and listen the voice call.. Ending it silently put it out.. Then she call someone and ended the call she look outside..
Arnav – you know Ar fashion show is going to happen in next week… And this time I wanted to introduce you and me… As new.. Raichand.. It was also dad and mom demands..
Swara was just silence.. Hearding all..
Arnav – And I am thinking to shift London with you …we will be happy with mom and dad what’s say??
Swara whisper – yes..

Just then one lorry was coming infront of them with speed..
Arnav was looking at Swara but Swara look at front.. Shouting – bhai watch out!!!!
Arnav also look at front triad to turn aside.. But lorry driver was not giving them second and in no time.. He pushed the car with high speed and car fall up side down on road… Lorry driver check out the car and see fuel coming out so he took the phone – madam work is done..
On the other Annapurna Maheshwari laugh – you will get your money!! Move away from them.. Call ended
Lorry driver zoom off from there in no time..
Few minutes passed.. Arnav open his eyes heavily.. And then look around he was in horror. …Swara was bleeding her whole body is CRASh with car front mirror…
Arnav immediately moved out from car taking her in his arms.. Screaming – Shona Shona!!! Open your eyes.. Shona..
His mobile started ringing.. He comes to sense he pull out the mobile..
On phone..
Yash Raichand – Arnav we are going..
Arnav panicking – Dad.. Dad shona.. Accident.. Dad.. Please help me.. Dad…
Yash Raichand was shocked listening his son sobbing..
Yash Raichand – where you Arnav!!!
Arnav stammered – dad.. Mumbai highway.. Dad please come fast she is not opening her eyes.. Dad…

After half an hour..
Arnav Raichand open his eyes and screamed – SHONAAA!!!!!
Nandini Raichand hugged her son – relax Arnav… our shona is fine.. Relax my son..
Arnav sob in his Mom embrace – mom my shona.. Mom where is she I want to see her…
Nandini take him to the ICU room where Arymaan was treating Swara with best doctors in Raichand private hospitals…
Armaan look at Arnav and hugged him – nothing will happen to Shona… Nothing don’t worry.. I know she is fighter..
Misha and Saanchi was pacify their mother in law.. Nandini Raichand.. Where as Armaan was with his baby brother Arnav.. Hoping for good… Yash Raichand was in vulnerable state looking at his precious son Arnav breaking down and his daughter who he was always craving for.. In ICU… He just praying god.. Nothing just his daughter safety..
Sanskar – Laksh what are you talking.. I mean Ap auntie.. I know she is the only person “Kalahari ” but now it.. And then how can she say that Swara has hidden the truth.. About her twin sister alive to us..
Laksh – I don’t know Sanskar but whatever I listen I told you two..
Arjun think and said – We should wait for Swara.. And Arnav..
Both nodded and left from there..
Sanskar who was feeling restless.. Continously thinking about Swara.. Stopped Arjun and said – Arjun don’t you think Annapurna Maheshwari is being too much sweet for Swara.. And Anuradha Malik..
Arjun looks at him and said – What you thought.. I missed it.. No.. But I don’t want Laksh to be more difficult with Ragini.. And about Annapurna Maheshwari.. I am also thinking that.. Because I was the person who knows Swara mostly whereabouts then her.. And about dadii.. She never live with Swara they were too much distance.. So how it possible that dadii get to know that Swara is hiding her twin sister.. It is immposible… And in all that Annapurna Maheshwari is same person “Kalahari ” Because whom Swara stepped in past!! Just Arjun and Sanskar at each other.. Being a biggest fool ignoring the fact!!
Sanskar whisper in frustration -‘f**k “…and look at Arjun said – We are fool.. That ignored the fact that Swara got letter of Sucide Kalahari!! And here we are getting to know that Kalahari is Ap… Then it was..
Arjun complete his unfinished word- PLAN…. Everything was planned.. Swara receive letter to getting knowing about her reality.. And dadii heart attack was just accident which made successful to break down Swara completely… And now making everyone against her.. And the person is..
Sanskar said indisbelief-…ANNAPURNA MAHESHWARI!!!!…

A flower vase broken making clear that someone presence was also there who heard everything…
Sanskar and Arjun turned only to face broken Ragini..and her face clearly was telling them she learned that truth of her Mom…


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