It’s not revenge it’s love swasan season 2 ( payback time) episode 20


Gadodias, Maheshwaris,even Raichand family also there ,all Malik office staff….every famous personality was there 100of News reports media was out of the gate of Shantivan reporting every detail of Anuradha Malik death… Heart attack… And waiting for Swara Malik.. Everyone was just curious to only to see Swara Malik who never came in front of Media.. Nothing can anyone know.. No photos… But now this moment everyone was waiting youngest bussiness tycoon Swara Malik… For her one glimpse…
Just then three black SUV cars arrived which was surrounded by media.. Peeping from window.. Blocking the way taking photos and asking for Swara Malik…
Arjun gesture all bodyguard to clear it immediately..

Kaisi khala yeh
Dil mein basi hai
Ab toh khatayein
Fitrat hi si hai

Arnav, Arjun come inside after taking care of media.. Look at the lifeless body of Anuradha Malik… Arnav with shivering moved towards her.. But stopped.. Not getting any strength to face this tears was continously coming he felt familiar hands on his shoulder.. Turning to find his Nandini Raichand, Mom.. Who was in tears plead him to go.. Arnav nodded and moved towards her and kneel down infront of her.. Look at his once dadii face whispers “I am sorry I can’t fulfill your promise.. “cried bitterly..

Main hi woh
Jo rehmat se gira

Aye khuda..
Gir gaya
Gir gaya
Main jo tujhse door hua
Loot gaya
Loot gaya..

Arjun just starring at the old woman who he love once more than his own parents who was his mentor.. Who was more than his real dadii.. Tears were not stopping.. He turned to compose himself but he failed whatever she did with Swara… Inspite he can’t hate her.. He look at his Mom (Sharmistha) who shook her head in positive to let out all this tears he hugged her tightly.. Crying continously..

Aye khuda..
Gir gaya
Gir gaya
Main jo tujhse door hua
Loot gaya
Loot gaya..

Khushi just ran to Anuradha Malik foot and keeping her head she cried.. She cried her heart out… Just crying.. Her one more love one left her.. Forever.. Why!!! She again felt orphan..

Kaisi khala yeh
Dil mein basi hai
Ab toh khatayein
Fitrat hi si hai

Laksh wiping his tears continously looking at the strong woman who have capacity to survive… Left her life in shame.. He can never understand her state but he was the one who witnessed her broken form cravings for her granddaughter… Preying to god.. To make her soul in piece…

Main hi woh
Jo rehmat se gira

Aye khuda..
Gir gaya
Gir gaya
Main jo tujhse door hua
Loot gaya
Loot gaya..

Ragini support Aarohi moving inside to witness.. The most saddest part of this life… Finding the Anuradha Malik dead… Lying lifeless on floor cover in white sheet.. She never talks to her but know one thing she was someone who close to her mom (Annapurna)… She let out tears which she was holding from past hours…

Aye khuda………a…..
Aye khuda………a…..

Itni khatayein
Tu lekar chala hai
Daulat hi jaise
Tera ab khuda
Har pal bitaaye
Tu jaise hawa hai
Gunaah ke saaye
Mein chalta raha

Aarohi look at Arjun who was silently shattered.. She moved towards him and held his hand.. Arjun just turned and hugged her tightly sobbing…continously.. Aarohi touch her womb and then see Anuradha Malik.. Let out her tears…

Samandar sa behkar
Tu chalta hi gaya
Ter marzi puri ki
Tune han har dafaa
Tu hi tera
Mujrim bandayaa

Ragini moved towards Khushi held her hand and wiping her tears hugged her sister.. Knowing her pain of leaving someone… Trying to make her accept the truth…

Aye khuda…
Gir gaya
Gir gaya..

Armaan twin brother of Arnav look at his brother breaking state runs towards him and hugged him tightly… Arnav let out scream… Holding tightly..

Main jo tujhse door hua
Loot gaya
Loot gaya..

Dp and Shekhar look at each other seeing their children this volournable state.. Yash Raichand comes to them and panditji asked to start funeral rituals. …..everyone look at him..
Laksh – Swara is coming in some time ….wait for sometime…
Panditji nodded..
Ragini tried to call sanskar.. But no response… She looked at Laksh.. Signed.. Laksh nodded and tried to call Swara but nothing happened…

Kyun judtaa
Is jahan se tu
Ik din yeh
Guzar hi jayega
Kitna bhi samet le yahan
Muthi se phisal hi jayega (Aa..aa..)

A car came in full speed.. All media surrounded Hoping for Swara Malik.. But just surprised only to see Sanskar Kundra.. Only… Sanskar pushing all of them moved inside… All look at him…
Ragini – Swara?
Sanskar whisper – she is coming.. By her own..
Sanskar moved towards Anuradha Malik kneeling down infront of her he touched her foot and walk away from there he was hurt because of this lady today his Angel was broken.. He can never forgive her… Never.. He just looking towards entrance as Swara car was behind him coming… She didn’t say anything just chose to be alone for journey..

Har shaksh hai dhool se bhara
Aur phir usme hi jaa mila
Yeh haqiqat hai tu jaan le
Kyun sach se mooh hai pherta (Aaa………..)

Arnav was somewhat composing himself.. Looked at Khushi who is crying bitterly in RAGINI arms he moved towards her and take her in his arms and whisper to be strong for Swara.. Please..
Khushi look at him nodded wiping her tears.. Stood up..
Arjun also wiped his tears just waiting for his best friend..

Chahe jo bhi
Hasrat poori kar le
Rukegi na fitrat
Yeh samajh le
Mit jayegi teri hasti
One hour is passed but their was no signed of Swara everyone was trying her phone.. But it was unreachable …
Panditji – it is not good to hold for death rituals.. For more time…
Sharmistha – panditji it was her last wish that her granddaughter would see her..
Ap said in tears – please panditji..
Panditji – but..
Arjun said in anger – don’t you understand!!!
Shekhar – Arjun please…

Bar na payega
Yeh dil bandayaa
Aye khuda..
Gir gaya
Gir gaya
Main jo tujhse door hua
Loot gaya
Loot gaya..

Arnav was now hell worried for Swara as well as Sanskar and Khushi… Arjun was trying that driver number but it was unreachable…

Gar tu soche tu hai gira
Mere haath ko thaam
Uth zara
Tere dil ke dar pe hoon khada
Mujhko apna le tu zara (Aa..aa..)

A white Mercedes Benz came in front of gate of Shantivan.. But surrounded by media.. Aman who looked at the car shouted at bodyguard to control media in that time police also came there… SWara Malik came out of car… Look at Shantivan taking out her black goggles with arrogance.. She turned to look at media… Signal Aman to snatch their camera as no photos of her be out… And Aman made sure of.. Media didn’t dare to shout against it just looking at this Arrogant, dominant and Angered attitude wearing a bussiness formal white outfits.. Every mouth was shut… Swara just walk in side the mansion with full tight security of police and her bodyguard…
Tu kahe tu hai saaye se girha
Teri rahon ka main noor hoon
Tere gunaah ko khud pe le liya
Meri nazaron mein bekasoor tu (Aaa………)

Everyone look at Swara with shock seeing her attire and gesture looking like she is going to any bussiness meeting.. But no body said anything.. Swara look at Anuradha Malik then walk to panditji said in dangerous threatening- start rituals in next second..
Panditji was shocked listening her voice one fear came inside.. He shivering goes towards Anuradha Malik dead body and start rituals with another ten pandits….
Swara look at all this but didn’t react nor look at anyone her eyes was just on Anuradha Malik face…
Arjun comes to her said in disbelief – is you hate Dadi this much that you will not even touch her..!!!
Swara look at him and said in same rage – go head and do.. I didn’t stop you.. And then again look at Anuradha Malik..
Arjun looks at Swara Malik.. A heartless devil.. Which was reflecting more ruthless and heartless.. No emotion no feelings and he get it one thing he losted his best friend with dadii… That’s why dadii left them she knew that Swara Malik is no more that Swara who love everyone but didn’t show… Take care of everything.. But now this woman is nothing less than heartless woman who even don’t think about her dadii last wish..

Aisa koi manzar
Tu dikh la de
Mujhe koi
Shaksh se mila de
Aisa koi dile se
Tu sunwa de
Ke zakham koi (Ke zakham koi)
Use na mila (Use na mila)

Arnav look at Swara.. But didn’t say anything.. Because he get it one thing Swara Malik is completely broken… Who will not shed any tears in front of us…
Panditji – Now we have to take her body for burning.. In wood (according to Hindu rituals)..
Swara said in rage – So do it immediately ……
Panditji gulped – you wanted to touch her feet it will make her sole in peace and it was her last wish… According to everyone..
Swara said in anger – Any problem.. I don’t care about her soul.. If it rooted in hell or this world.. Don’t waste my time do the rituals…
Panditji nodded silently in fear.. Asking – four boys have to carry her corner wood on which she laid…
Arjun, Arnav, Sanskar and Laksh came forward immediately..
Panditji – hold the four corners..
Taking the hold of each corner they started taking it slowly when Swara just walk to them holding Rose… She put on Anuradha Malik feet and said slowly – from your daughter SARASWATI Malik grave this flower I had kept in your feet.. You know you were not worth of it for this flower also but for your daughter you were everthing and I also have to settle score from your taking care of me… Said in anger and walk away out side of the mansion… Leaving shocked and shattered everyone… A silence spread all over the the mansion..
Aye khuda..
Gir gaya
Gir gaya…

Suddenly raining stared… Everyone ask theboys to hold Anuradha Malik body… Coming out of mansion every one walk behind the four boys where as all panditji are in front… Swara was no where to seen…..

Main jo tujhse door hua
Loot gaya
Loot gaya..

After burning the body Arnav.. All eyes were moist… Teary.. Looking at Anuradha Malik body becoming into ashes…

Swara Malik who was very far standing looking at her dadii last rituals… Now she knows that she left alone.. If her dadii would be alive also she didn’t look at her face.. But now she knows her dadii is more stubborn after all this she make me to crave for her said in whisper angrily – you again punished me dadii.. When it was your turn.. To come after me you left me forever.. But whatever you did.. I will never forgive because where your body is burning.. Becoming ashes… Here your made this Swara Malik… Is also finished.. You killed me dadii… But see I didn’t cry.. Because for tears I should have that heart and feelings which I left it when I get to know who I am… Make your soul in peace dadii saying this she moved inside her car and zoomed past from there..
Everybody returned back to shantivan..
No body says a word…
Just then Swara Malik walk inside the mansion talking on her cell phone in casually without any emotion… Moving towards the study room stopped and turned to look at spellbound faces of everyone.. And said – I WANT ALL PERSON WHO ARE RELATED WITH MALIK COMPANY IN STUDY ROOM.. NOW!
giving a last deadly glance walk inside..
Arnav, Arjun, Sanskar, Aarohi and Khushi moved inside the study room… Where as Ragini didn’t think to annoy Swara.. She was not related with Malik company.. So she takes care of elders by asking servants for dinner and water.

Arjun – What is wrong with you Swara Malik… Whatever you did today…was out of could you.. She was your dadii.. I know whatever happens she was wrong.. But now she was no more why the hell you kept your ego and make a joke of her funeral… Answer me dammit!! Shouted angrily gritting teeth..

Swara didn’t react nor say anything.. Just then she look at Sanskar gaze.. Which was fixed on her…
Swara – I would like to ask everyone to be settled.. I am just taking your ten minutes..

Khushi – Swara listen.. Just forget everything.. Nothing is left now.. Please dadii is no more.. Please be the way you are…

Swara ignoring her words.. – Miss Khurana..
Aarohi look at her.. With shock listening her surname inspite of her name…
Swara – These are the legal papers of Malik empire.. Which was made by late Anuradha Malik.. Is now on the name of your unborn child.. And if something happens to child then all properties will be go in trust….whose trustie will be Mr Arnav.. Raichand.. (hesistatly).. It’s copy of will.. And orginal will is with Maya.. Mr Gadodia secretary… (looking at Sanskar) from now on deals will be handle by Miss Khurana.. So now you are CEO of Malik industrial Miss Khurana congratulations…
Every one was now in peak of anger.. Too much anger on this behavior of Swara which was getting on thier nerves..
Arnav patience was too much bad he came in to his ASR mood in too much anger ..moving towards Swara he said greething his teeth with dangerous voice – done! Or any drama is remaining.. (his was now red.. Grabbing her wrist) come with me…
Swara didn’t protest.. Arnav pulled her out side of study room.. Harshly giving deaf ears of Khushi and Aarohi speaking.. Where as Sanskar and Arjun look at each other conveying the message of volcano eruption soon.. Laksh look at Arnav who was holding Swara hand and pulling out of mansion he moves towards them but stopped by Ragini..
Ragini said loudly – let them go.. Swara needs ASR..
Everyone gets one thing that lioness only be handle by his brother lion behavior… So no one dare to stop them…
ASR was driving his Ashton Merton (car) in full speed.. Swara was holding the handle but didn’t say anything looking at front… He changed the gear and drive more more fast… Car was roaming in outskirts of Mumbai highway… Which was like dessert area no one was there only they both… After driving this car as aeroplane he stopped applying break harshly making car sounds screech.. Look at Swara who was Sweating…with close eyes clutching his hand tightly.. Breathing heavily he knows his little sister only have one fear from childhood… The Swara Malik… A lioness …in front of her no one can stand.. Who can change any body life in few seconds have fear a biggest fear of her life… That is speeding.. Car.. She likes speed.. But not with car… Only with bikes, chopper, horse riding, boating anything but not with car.. And today not Arnav but ASR has again alarm her fear not to scare her but to get any emotion… He is not going to allow her be like emotionsless…no way… She have to scare, cry, scream, shout show her anger… Dominant.. But not to be like heartless devil.. Never …….
Swara shivering.. Open her eyes slowly.. She was terribly scared.. She look at her Arnav bhai.. And clutch his hand more tightly… Said in shivering voice – bhai.. (started sobing) Arnav bhai.. Woh… I (sob)… I was….scared…. (crying terribly) I.. Thought.. Like.. All.. You also.. Left.. Me.. Because.. I.. Am not..
That’s it Arnav pulled her little sister in his arms tightly securing from all this loneliness, Empiteness and fear of left alone… Whatever it is… He is not going to leave her.. At any cost she is his world everything and important… Very important from anyone… Else… And he promised today his little sister will not be alone anymore…
Arnav carsing her hair.. Whispering – sshh.. Who said I will leave my shona my princess.. Your Arnav bhai is always there for you…always.. You have family.. Your Arnav bhai.. Your best friend Arjun..devil… Your that doctor friend Laksh….your most irritating secretary Khushi..Maheshwari.. Your New friends Aarohi and Ragini.. Dp uncle, shekhar uncle, Yash dad.. Who adores you as daughter… You have three mom.. Ap auntie.. Sharmistha auntie and Nandini mom… And at last (Swara broke the hug look at him) Your ever ready Rival and shadow.. Who think you as angel and devil.. Sanskar Kundra.. Who said you are alone… You have this much people and I think you should increase the list after all you have two more big brothers Arymaan and Armaan bhai.. And two beautiful Bhabhi.. Misha and Saanchi Bhabhi.. So my Shona you have this much people.. Now what you want…said teasing..
Swara look at her brother lovingly and said- I am hungry.. Can we go home… Said in her arrogant voice..
Arnav smile and said – Swara Malik is back on action..
Swara said teasingly – looking someone is changing.. With a special company Khushi Maheshwari…
Arnav look at her with wide eyes and said – Swara Malik one more word and you will get your another car ride!!!5
Swara shouted -nooooooo !!!!


Guys that was song and I am not ending this story because I know you all love it alot and about silent readers… Wait one day you all silent readers will soon going to comment

Credit to: Aryna

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