It’s not revenge it’s love swasan season 2 ( payback time) episode 19


Sanskar made Arnav to come out of car.. Arnav eyes fall on the Sheshmahal the palace….
Sanskar thought that Arnav could react something but nothing happened..
Swara and Arjun also came there…
Arjun looks at two of them and said – We are leaving tomorrow.. If you both wanted we can leave now.. By car route.. Swara what you want.. Just say it..
Swara didn’t say anything without reacting anything she moved inside the palace…
Arjun was now scared to death looking this form of her …he never saw her like this never..
Sanskar – Arnav.. Let’s move inside..
Arnav silently moved with Sanskar… And Arjun
Arnav started moving forward..
Arjun – they are not reacting..
Sanskar – they can’t be like they have to react shout show anger something’s… But not this…. First we have to tell everyone not to say anything to both of them let’s move fast..
Arjun nodded and moved fast with Sanskar…
Khushi was pacing here and there waiting for Swara.. Looking at the entrance she was glad that finally Swara was there.. She moved towards her..

Khushi – Swara..
Swara didn’t say anything just moving inside..
Khushi was walking along with her – Swara.. I wanted to tell you about Ragini she was gone to another portion of this palace..
Swara didn’t react didn’t say anything.. Just walking lifeless..
Khushi hold her hand stopping her – Swara I am talking to you what happened…
Swara look at her for a second jerking off her hands started walking again..
Khushi was shocked with this attitude of Swara and more shocked looking at her face which was showing nothing her eyes are blank.. No expression are there.. But she followed her..
Arnav was walking inside with Arjun and sanskar… Who were continuously trying to make react Arnav.. But nothing was there…
Sanskar was in horror.. He stopped Arnav and said – Your mother name is Nandini Raichand..
Arnav look at him with shocked expression.. Accusing eyes..
Arjun – What the blo*dy hell Sanskar… !!!said angrily..
Sanskar opening his mobile showed up one photo..
Arnav eyes fall on it only to taken aback.. Arjun was speechless.. By this new revelation… Which was beyond shocked..
Sanskar closing his eyes said – it is truth you are not any brother of Swara.. Nor any son of SARASWATI Malik… Your family is in London.. I came here to talk to you.. When in all these I saw you going in depression I can’t stopped myself.. It was a plan where you were exchanged in hospital as SARASWATI Malik has given birth to three girls.. And her first child was dead.. Her dilivery happened in LUCKHNOW as well that time Nandini Raichand was also given birth twins brother at same hospital.. But Chandra Shekhar Malik has bribed the nurse to exchanging any baby.. And it happened to you.. You are Arnav Raichand.. You have twin brother Armaan Raichand…
Arnav angrily punched Sanskar shouted at top of the voice – What the f**k are you talking about!!! Are you lost it if it is your joke then you bastard get the hell out of here!!!!
Swara who came there look at everything but didn’t react.. Just throw one file on glass table.. Goes from there..

Arnav look at Swara and then file…
Arjun taking the file.. Become stiffened.. He just silently give that file to Arnav and whisper – He is right.. And walk away from there..
Sanskar was hell shocked listening this from Arjun and knowing that Swara knows it..
Arnav open the file with shivering hand.. And sanskar moved beside him.. Both look at file spellbound… That file contains every damm information every damm proof that Arnav Malik is actually Arnav Raichand..!!! Along with DNA report of Yash Raichand and Arnav Malik..!!! And all the collective photos..and the cover page was written “Happy Birthday Arnav bhai “…
Sanskar whisper in broken voice – she knew it..
Arnav sit with thud on sofa.. Everything was a big dark dream in his life… In which he was never related.. Never.. He was never belong here.. Never.. He was not any raizada not any Malik.. He was not any son of pr*stitutes not any illegitimate child.. He was right.. He have his mother, father, sibblings..then his eyes fall on cover page again “Happy Birthday Arnav bhai ” she knew it… She knows that from yesterday that I was nothing of her… She get to know I was not her brother.. Nor any Malik.. Nothing just a stranger.. And now she gave me this file only to get relief that he is legally right.. He didn’t have to disgust himself.. Not for a second…

Sanskar look at Arnav and can easily said looking at his expression that he accepting the fact.. In mind – my work is completed now.. Arnav gets to know who he is.. For what.. I have to come here.. I have never proved him.. But she has done this… In some time.. She is Angel.. But now I am looking a broken angel.. ”
Sanskar – Arnav.. Nandini Maa wanted to talk to you.. Said pleading..
Arnav look at him and nodded..

Arjun moved inside the study room.. Looking Swara who was silently sitting at leather chair reading one file where as Khushi was shocked looking at Swara blank expression nothing was there..
Arjun – Swara..
Arjun – Swara when you came to know that Arnav was not your brother.. He is Raichand..
Khushi was hell shocked by this peice of information…
Khushi – What are you saying Arjun???
Arjun Now acknowledge Khushi and said – booked two tickets for Mumbai immediately Khushi and then tell Mr Dixit to make ready our private jet for Venice.. Till Tommorow…
Khushi – but what happened!!
Arjun shouted- to hell with your concern go and do it otherwise I will ask Maya!!!
Khushi was now shocked by listening his shout and said – OK.. And moved from there dialing traveling agent number..
Arjun – Swara.. We are leaving in some from then from this country… You don’t have to think about all this anymore.. Give the shit to all these past.. Swara you are not the person who lived in past…!!! If you wanted just shout or cry or burnt this palace but please say something… Please I beg you !!!
Swara give him the file which she was reading and throw the pen infront of him…
Arjun looks at the file and read to his disbelief – Swara is resigning the from Malik industrial.. And everything related to Malik.. And giving every power of eternity to Anuradha Malik.. And Aarohi Khurana.. Who carying child of dead Ashutosh Malik (son of Omkar Malik and his mistress) and wife of Ashutosh Malik..Sheetal Malik.. As their dead bodies were found in Jaipur village.. And their Aarohi became sarrogate mother… Of it..
Arjun – f**k!!! Why the hell you didn’t tell me!!!! And Aarohi.. She was not raped… She’s carying Malik heir!! But Swara you are resigning you can’t do this!!! Swara think for once..
Swara walk out from there.. When someone hold her hand she turned to find Aarohi in tears who have listened everything – I am sorry.. I should have told you.. Sheetal was my great friend and..
Before she could say Swara jerks off her hands and walk away..
Arjun who came there look at Aarohi who was going to faint he catch her before she hit the ground patting her cheeks – Aarohi.. Aarohi dammit open your eyes Aarohi…
Carying her in her arms he take her to her room…

Ragini was taking her luggage when she listens Arjun shouting she comes out to witness that Arnav is not Malik.. He is Raichand.. And then knowing another fact after listening from study room that Aarohi is sarrogate mother… And then she saw Swara moving lifelessly to the garden.. And now Ragini know that it’s time to speak up the truth to Swara…
Moving out towards Swara… She reached garden..
Ragini – Swara..
Swara stopped listening her and turned.. With nothing expression..
Ragini gulped hard and said – Kalahari.. Is.. Is the person whom you know… That she is..
Laksh who came said aloud – Your dear Mom Mrs Annapurna Maheshwari right!!!
Ragini just nodded in shocked..
Swara don’t react.. Just settle in swing…
Ragini and Laksh look at her.. Laksh who gets to know everything from Sanskar and Arnav talking.. And getting photos of Annarpurna where everywhere written Kalahari and that diary of Kalahari.. Where he get to know whole truth of.. Annapurna.. Look at Swara with tears streaming in his cheeks.. Were not stopping..

Ragini know something beyond digest happened reading Annapurna diary is half truth.. But looking at Swara she can easily say that she knows whole truth.. She knows that now nothing can happen.. Nothing..

Arnav comes there look at Swara with hurtful eyes.. His lips was shivering.. He knows that Swara make him throw out of everything.. But looking at her he was cursing his fate not to be her real brother.. That he could bear this pain and after knowing what Khushi told him about Aarohi preganacy he was shocked.. Thinking Swara guts…
Khushi came there with tears knowing everything about Swara.. As she herself was not digesting the truth.. This was something god couldn’t have done with Swara.. She was not for all this.. No.. God shouldn’t have cruel she knows very well how she was pride with her name and identity and this..

Arjun comes with Aarohi..look at breaking Swara.. Silently.. Didn’t know what to say.. He have nothing just wanted to cursed for making swara coming here.. It was something he shouldn’t have done than his Sammie would have been smirking or smiling at his antics.. But he lost her.. He knows it very well..

Aarohi look at Swara shocked knowing whole truth she was just tearing because this was abnormal.. And knowing all this can make anyone lost.. And Now Swara is lost.. And she knows nothing repaired her wounds..

Sanskar walk to their look at everyone teary eyes..and his own eyes was in tears.. But he silently moved towards Swara breaking his leg he sit infront of her.. And just looking at her eyes..
Swara look at him.. Then look around.. Lastly taking her phone.. She dialled one number..
On phone..
Anuradha Malik was beyond happy looking Swara calling her..
Anuradha Malik – hello Swara beta how are you.. Please come back beta I will promise…we will leave this now.. Please beta Swara Swara ….
Swara took a deep breath and ask in low voice – What was favourite flower of SARASWATI Malik.. Your daughter..
Realization hitted Anuradha Malik with shock.. And she knows everything is finished.. Nothing can be like before.. And she accepted it..
Anuradha Malik utter- Rose..
Swara – I will make sure your daughter named prayer would be there Tommorow in this Sheshmahal from the hand of your great grandchildren mother Aarohi Khurana.. And all the will are now on your name and her… Thank you for all this giving food and shelter and for that I have didn’t taking one penny of Malik industrial or anything.. And about this name Malik.. I will never use it in my lifetime.. Thank you for everything MRs Malik..!! Thank you for this life will make me heartless devil.. Thank you..
Anuradha Malik was standing listening her Swara who was not shedding tears or mocking or angry… Nothing she was nothing.. And she knows that she will never look at her eyes in her whole life.. – please don’t do this to yourself.. You can’t..
Swara laugh painfully said in dangerous tone – SWARA WHO SWARA I AM NOT ANY SWARA MALIK I AM ILLEGITIMATE CHILD.. THE blo*dy f**k BLOOD OF YOUR SON AND DAUGHTER …I AM IMPURE.. I AM THAT DARKSIDE OF YOUR THIS ROYAL MALIK FAMILY.. WHO JUST MADE FOR BLEEDING FOR THIS FAMILY… I WAS MADE BY AGAINST THE GOD.. That my origin is on wrong base I was a f**k lust for your blo*dy son, a nameless sacrifice for your so called pure daughter.. And SERVANT FOR WHO LOST EVERYTHING You know what it would have better I have died that day from your blo*dy son.. You gave birth to a monster who… Used his own sister and like mother India pushed your daughter against the nature how could you!!!! YOU KNOW WHAT I AM NOT THAT MUCH DESTROYED BECAUSE I WAS THE PERSON WHO SHOT YOUR blo*dy SON… I WAS THE PERSON WHO KILLED YOUR b*t*h DAUGHTER IN LAW.. YOU WERE SHATTERED FOR THEIR DEATH THEN LISTEN I was that person who shot them and make a scene of Sucide I killed them with these hands I thought I have done wrong but that time I have only one reason but now I have millions of reasons to kill your MALIK family… I DISGUSTED am the creation of wrong intentions….that I am the production of the matting of two wrong souls………..said in just broken voice but no tears came in her eyes nor anger just a broken voice… A shattered soul…
Other side was silence.. Nothing voice came… Swara throw her mobile breaking into millions of pieces..

Everyone was looking dumbfounded..shocked tears were in every eyes.. Listening all this..
Swara look at sanskar who was infront of her.. Swara moved him aside and moved towards the garden roses and fall on her knees touching the roses.. Whisper – I wish I could ever give you your place in my life …which never going to happen I am a symbol of destruction of nature… I killed your murderer SARASWATI Malik but I will never think about you not anymore.. I will not live as your daughter nor that monster.. I wish I could have killed my soul my body can burn my blood which is bis*xual… (holding the thorns of roses in her hands which were bleeding continously ) I wish for you your mother would not be everything… But for me.. Never I hate these relationships.. You made me hate.. Saying this venom words she stood up look at everyone eyes.. Only to feel sympathy and disgusting for herself.. Where everyone just hurted by seeing her like this…
Arjun gets the call when ended his voice was mere a whisper – dadii is no more…
Swara look at Arjun and said – do the funeral rituals.. She always thought you as grandson..said painfully..
Arjun looks down and ask in hurting voice – just see her once it was her last.. She wanted to get her rituals completed by you and Arnav..
Arnav was shocked listening all this.. – I will.. Do last rituals of MRs Malik…
Swara walk away even didn’t bother to say anything.. But stopped by sanskar..
Sanskar said in broken painful voice – just for her last wish.. She is no more.. Just for her soul piece..
Swara said painly – so.. (jerking off his hand) she left from there..
Sanskar whisper in tears – You can’t be heartless.. No.. I will never let this happen..
Khushi wiping her tears – I make arrangements for cars.. We have to leave now and Swara..
Sanskar – I will bring her..
Arjun and everyone agrees..


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Credit to: Aryna

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