It’s not revenge it’s love swasan season 2 ( payback time) episode 18



Ragini asked Butler – where is Swara..??
Butler – Shezadi is gone somewhere.. Don’t know but yes gone with Arjun sir and Sanskar sir…
Ragini – and ASR..
Butler – he also gone somewhere..
Ragini – OK go…
Butler from there..
Ragini clench her fist tightly – where they all have gone let it be.. But I have to finish that work as case as Soon as possible…just then she gets the call which made her scared to hell
Looking around she gone to kichten.. She take out orange juice and mix something.. After mixing completely..muttered – when this Swara will come..
Laksh who was looking all this and heard her muttering moved inside and grabbed the bottle which Ragini was holding.. Ragini was shocked looking at Laksh..
Laksh read the bottle cover “poison “..said in disbelief.. His anger was in high peak…
Laksh grabbing her shoulder -WHAT IS IT RAGINI !!! ….WHY THE HELL YOU ARE TRYING TO KILL SWARA!!!
Ragini was now understatement of shocked.. Said in stammer – no no no laksh..I was not.. It was just.. I was…
Laksh said in threatening Voice – for whom this juice was..
Ragini said in fear – for me..
Laksh – Whatt!!!!
Ragini nodded in fear and said – I was about to Sucide infront of Swara so that she didn’t say anything.. To anyone..
Laksh look at her in confusion and anger – say it clearly Ragini!!!
Ragini look down – I am trying to find out about one woman Kalahari…. But when I came here I get to know she is related with Malik.. So I tried to find about malik..even I gone to many villages.. But I couldn’t find about her this time I was about to visit Sitarapur… When in evening I got phone call of the uncle who told some people came asking about me.. In his calligraphy shop.. I got scared because they were showing one letter related Swara Malik. And I can easily guess that Swara is now came to know about me.. Asking about their families..
Laksh look at her shocked listening her every words.. He just asked – Why!!
Ragini said with tears -I wanted to know about Kalahari.. That’s it.. And I can’t tell you anything else…
Laksh pushed her and said – You know what RAGINI MAHESHWARI… I can never trust you.. Never in our relationship their can be love, attraction,pateince but one thing will always be lack “TRUST ” it’s damm over..

Aarohi smile looking at sonography video in laptop.. When she heard knock.. She looked up to find Khushi standing there..
Aarohi – come..
Khushi moved inside and said straightly looking in her eyes – Whom child is in your womb Aarohi Khurana!!!
Aarohi was shocked listening all this from Khushi..
Khushi said angrily – don’t you dare to say a single lie.. And just truth I know about your drama of rape… You bribe that woman constable to said lied in front of Arjun.. Just say it otherwise..
Aarohi – I am sarrogate mother..
Khushi was in shocked state -What!!!! Whom..
Aarohi – I can’t tell you please.. Don’t tell it to anyone..
Khushi – you know what Aarohi in our family there is no words of trust.. Anymore.. Saying this she walked out leaving shattering Aarohi

Khushi think – What now I do.. Arnav is not listening me, Aarohi is sarrogate mother and Ragini is in her strange behavior and Swara she’s too much tensed I have to ask her..


Sanskar, Arnav and Arjun looks at Alkabai in confusion.. Where as Swara was in anger..
Swara – speak up dammit!!!
Alkabai taken aback -how are you alive!!! I was the one who checked that you are dead.. Then.. How it possible??
Sanskar was now pissed off coming forward said angrily – last time you said that you dig her or whatever then I promise that you will be on this spot alive!!!
Alkabai gulped..
Swara – Tell me whom you are talking about!!
Alkabai – “SARASWATI ”
Listening the Swara heart was beating fast….
Arnav – who SARASWATI?
Alkabai – SARASWATI Malik daughter of Chandra shekhar Malik and Anuradha Malik.. Yuvrani of Malik emperor..
Swara was understatement of shocked as the others..
Arjun in disbelief -What the hell are you talking.. Anuradha Malik has two son.. One was Omkar Malik and another they hided!!
Alkabai – no.. There was no son.. Only Omkar Malik was the only son of Chandra shekhar Malik.. It was lie.. Another child of Anuradha Malik was SARASWATI Malik.. A girl..
Arnav was dumbfounded listening the biggest truth of his life.. – then who was Ratna Raizada..??
Alkabai – Ratna Raizada.. She was a pr*stitute.. Who was send to SHESHMAHAL for enjoyment the king and Yuvaraj and their friends…her mom Devyani raizada had throw her out of the house many years before because her son Manohar raizada told about Ratna coming this place.. For money..
Arnav slammed on the floor.. Swara was holding Sanskar hand tightly….
Arjun – tell us about Raina Malik daughter..
Alkabai – No.. Raina Malik has no daughter.. She can never become mom.. And this truth was came to know by all family members after one year but because Raina Malik having fifty percent of Rajput property… They never dare to say anything to her…

Arnav in broken voice – then what about Arnav Malik..
Alkabai said in horror.. – Arnav Malik was son of SARASWATI Malik.. And then after three years SARASWATI given birth to a girl child.. But I don’t know what happened.. Omkar Malik ordered me to come in midnight one day and asked to dig the grave of dead SARASWATI Malik in the garden.. Of Sheshmahal..
Swara was now frozen..whereas Arnav stood up.. Both of their eyes was blank.. Swara loses the hold of sanskar move a step back.. Sanskar look at her..
Arjun wiping the tears asked – Whom SARASWATI Malik had marry…
Alkabai was now shevering.. Looking at their faces whispering – I don’t know…
Swara said slowly – Lia.. Lier.. Shouted at her top of the voice -LIAR POOJA!!!!! Her eyes was red her face was colorless her hand was clenched in tight fist… Fuming in anger in frustration..
Alkabai said slowly – O. M. K. A. R. M. A. L. I. K….
Arnav and Swara look at her shocked…Sanskar and Arjun was taken aback in disbelief listening the name…
Sanskar grabbed her arms shaking tightly shouting -Are you lost it!!!! What are you saying!!!! Just say truth. You know what are you saying!!! Listen you butch just say whom SARASWATI Malik had married..!!! Say it !!!!
Alkabai eyes was tears – I said the truth.. It was planned.. First SARASWATI Malik was send to Sitarapur.. Village so that nobody came to know about her…. She was back in SHESHMAHAL when she was 14years old.. She was always locked in her room.. In order of Chandra shekhar Malik and Omkar Malik.. They don’t like her.. Never.. Anuradha Malik was always a pawn of her husband.. But Raina Malik was not …but she herself tortured SARASWATI at hell because she was beutiful in her small age.. SARASWATI was not like other girls.. She always compared with boys… She known for horse riding, sword art, swimming.. Painting and most importantly singing and classical dancing she was talented …know everything about ancient royal family.. A perfect queen.. But she had just one weakness her endless love for Anuradha Malik.. I still can’t believe that woman who send her own daughter to her brother just for heir… SARASWATI Malik was disgust …she was torchered to hell.. Even she sent to this place a pure soul she was.. Whenever she would get pregnant were sent to Sitarapur village.. To my sister Kalahari who worship her like goddess… I was myself take care of her.. Every girl here always take care of her she was like that only.. She never saw as disgust…after giving birth to girl child she get to know that her brother and father are planning to kill that child but she was fighter.. She hided that girl child somewhere.. But can’t hide herself.. From that monster Omkar Malik… I just came to know by Kalahari That they taken SARASWATI.. From the village and next night I just saw a dead body of pure soul.. In pool of blood.. (looking at her both hands) from this hand I dig her that monster said that SARASWATI was impure like us who should be dig by me, a pr*stitute.. But I know SARASWATI Malik was a pure soul.. Who taken birth in that hell…but no body knows about the girl..

SWARA AND ARNAV LOOK AT EACH OTHER FOR SECOND…. Then broke a content of next second…
Swara was blank her body was not reacting nor her face..
Arnav didn’t said a word he was looking at blank.. Nothing..
Arjun was in tears looking at his best friend and her brother..
Sanskar was looking at his broken angel who was not reacting then his friend…who was just looking down…
Sanskar gathering his voice – where is Kalahari.. Said in broken voice in tears..
Alkabai wiping her tears – she’s missing from the time when SARASWATI Malik was dead..
Arjun uttered – thanks..
Sanskar whisper slowly – we should leave..
Arjun hold Swara hand she didn’t protest nor say anything.. Where as sanskar grabbed Arnav hand who was just looking down..
They four move from that place immediately… Sanskar call two cars….
Swara look at the cars in numb.. Arjun made her sit inside the car.. Where as sanskar made sit Arnav inanother car.. Both look at each other ..
Sanskar – try to make her react..
Arjun – you too..
Sanskar nodded.. And move inside the car and settled beside Arnav.. Who was silently shattered looking blank..
Swara was numb looking out of window nor she blinking nor she having tears …..just then her phone rings …she didn’t care to take or should say she didn’t listen…
Arjun take her phone..

On phone..
Arjun – who is..
Man – excuse me sir can you give phone Swara mam …
Arjun look at Swara who was silent..
Arjun – she is busy…
Man – sir it is very important news..
Arjun – wait I am putting it on speaker..
Man – actually Mam asked me to find about Sitarapur village from where royal children were given birth… There I found about a woman named SARASWATI… Who given birth three children.. First one was boy child.. And after three years another child’s were twins sister.. After giving birth twins some people came there from royal.. Malik family and taken SARASWATI… But didn’t find twins and people tell them that there were only one girl child.. The woman who taken twins were named was Kalahari.. Then both girl child was thrown in orphanage of Delhi and from there Kalahari was missing.. No body saw her then.. But both twins were adopted by Raichand family.. But when they gone in SHESHMAHAL.. There they missed one girl child they tried to find her even police also came but nothing happened then Raichand return back to Mumbai.. And after some years in shimla they loss that another girl… That’s it Mam..
Arjun – OK fine..
Call ended..

Arjun looks at Swara in suppose of some action but nothing happened she was just looking outside in her numb state… Arjun sent the same recording to sanskar and ask him to play before Arnav… After sanskar message back that he was just looking down just silence…
Soon they reached Sheshmahal..

Guys please comment as your comments are again low.. And for this I have to finish this story soon..

Credit to: Aryna

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