It’s not revenge it’s love swasan season 2 ( payback time) episode 17



Arjun – What the hell Swara.. First you invite Aarohi here and then asked me to accompany you in this dirty market wearing these cheap Kurta pizama..
Swara irritating – shut the hell up Arjun.. You are lawyer so you know that how to make people blurt out truth.. That’s why you came with me and about cheap clothes I have wear this long skirt and top with duppta is something which I can’t wear in my wildest dreams..
Sanskar who was listening their conversation was now annoyed – will you keep quiet..
Arjun – Now can any one tell why sanskar is here..
Swara -I didn’t give him invite Mr Kundra is..
Sanskar smile – uninvited guest.. You are right Miss Malik..!! And I have already told you I will be there where ever you go!!
Swara look at him with anger where as Arjun smirk looking Swara anger and sanskar teasing..
Three of them were in ancient market of LUCKHNOW… In local clothes so that no body can identify them..
Swara look around and then spotted shop..
Swara – come..

Arjun – where..???
Sanskar look at the direction reading the shop name aloud – “famous Calligraphy of LUCKHNOW “…but why we were going there??
Swara look straight at shop -for find something let’s go..

Moving inside the shop three of them look at one old man in 80s…wearing glasses doing a calligraphy..
Arjun whisper – what we will find here??
Sanskar whisper – exactly look around.. Just one old-timey person is wasting time..
Swara look at them with angered but then taking out something from her bag handed to Arjun.. And asked – you have to ask this man about this letter.. Very carefully… Just use your lawyer mind!!
Arjun looks at letter.. And then nodded moved towards the old person..
Sanskar- What letter was that??
Swara – well it was from Kalahari.. Dadaji mistress….
Sanskar clench his fist tightly and whisper – I can’t believe that bastard have mistress also..
Swara look at him and whisper – because of this letter I came to know about that I am not Raina Malik real daughter.. Let’s move to Arjun..

Arjun (in Hindi) -Radhe Radhe.. (greeted)
Old man – ji namste.. (reciprocate his greet)
Arjun- Dada sahab can you tell me about this letter calligraphy..
Old man take the letter and read it and look at Arjun with shocked.. Said hesistatly -no no I don’t know anything.. Go from go go..
Arjun calm down him – listen.. I want to know about this letter calligraphy is this luckhnowi or Jaipur…. It is about my auntie…she was mistress of that Chandra shekhar Malik… I hate that Malik!! And now if I get to know about this letter.. I will always prey for you…
Old man said in sadly- but this letter means Shezadi Swara Malik is not Malik!!
Arjun – yes..but I want to know another thing that who write this letter.. I mean it’s calligraphy..
Old man – but here the name is already mentioned “Kalahari ”
Arjun was now pissed off looking straight in his eyes ask – I want to know about calligraphy.. Which calligraphy is this!! Said in threatening tone
Old man gulped stammered – LUCKHNOW calligraphy..

Swara who was listening was shocked and ask – you are sure..
Old man – yes beti… I know about LUCKHNOW calligraphy from fifty years… I can identify it very easily..
Arjun who get idea what Swara was trying to do ask – how many calligraphers are there in LUCKHNOW.. Who knows this perfect calligraphy!!
Old man – only two people can write this perfect callegraphy even I can’t right.. One person died ten years before and another person lived in Sitarapur…
Sanskar -name.. Give both persons name..
Old man -died person name was Ruksar… And another who lived in Sitarapur name is pooja..
Swara who heard was now totally shocked.. -OK thanks..
They are going out..

Old man – stop beta..
They turned and looked at him..
Arjun – What happened??
Old man – I want to tell you something.. Before six months one girl like your age (pointing to Swara) came to me asking for learning calligraphy like this written in letter.. And asking about Malik family…
Swara came forward -What did you tell?
Old man – I told her that Malik family is secretive and till now no one saw Shezadi Swara Malik and also another son and wife of Chandra shekhar Malik.. Only Omkar Malik and Raina Malik always seen sometimes Anuradha Malik.. But they never show their childrens…but everyone respect the Malik family because of Raina Malik heart.. Because she give job to poor woman.. But there was terror of Omkar Malik.. And Chandra shekhar Malik.. As the woman who goes inside the palace never came back….
Swara nodded ..
Sanskar asked – can you tell me anything about that girl….
Old man – yes I can never forget her face.. Because of her today I am living happily with my wife.. She give three lakhs rupees.. Because we give her shelter and food for two days she saw our living and when she gone she left these money for us…
Arjun thinks and asked – her name…
Old man – something like music.. Like Swara.. I mean…
Swara said in whisper -Ragini..
Old man said happily -yes RAGINI..

Sanskar and Arjun was shocked…
Arjun angry – let’s move..
Swara said Arjun – can you give something to this old man.. I don’t have now..
Sanskar – I have.. Looking at old man.. You are like our grandparents can you accept this ring..
Old man look at diamond ring -but.. How can I…
Swara smile – take it.. And do a favor open a teaching school of LUCKHNOW calligraphy…
Arjun – and make sure LUCKHNOW new youth know about this…
Old man smile and take it…
Three of them left…
Arjun and Sanskar was in anger listening name of Ragini….
Swara – you both want then you both can go back to palace..
Arjun in disbelief – why not!! Just shut up.. And why you didn’t tell me about this letter..
Sanskar – where are you going now!!
Swara – where all mistresses of LUCKHNOW kept.. Name as “kotha ”
Arjun and Sanskar shocking -Whatt!!!
Swara – before you both starts your knowledge I know about it.. But now I have to go there..
” and I will let you go right “said ASR looking at them angrily…
Swara, Sanskar and Arjun was surprised a little.. But composes themselves..

Swara look at Arnav from top to bottom wearing white kurta and jeans.. Like Sanskar..
Swara- so you are following us!!
Arnav comes to her and said gritted teeth – How dare you to come here without asking me!!
Swara said in same anger – I don’t owe any explanation to you Mr Raizada…
Arjun and Sanskar look at each other and signed..
Arjun moved towards Swara where as sanskar to ASR..
Arjun – Sammie this is not time for arguing and if Arnav announced that you are Swara Malik in media then you can never found about your identity!!

On the other side..
Sanskar – try to understand ASR… If you argue with her then she never come back with you we all know how stubborn she is… Whatever it is.. Just let her do ..infact it is good for us that she is involved all of us then there will be no harm..
Arnav and Swara nodded listening both the brothers.. And look at each other…
Arnav – tell me why you wanted to go that butch type of place..
Swara – to find about Kalahari!! Dadaji mistress.. Arjun explain him and whoever wanted to come with can come no restrictions saying this she stopped one rickshaw and hopped on it where as sanskar also settled beside her.. And signal Arjun to come with Asr..
Arjun nodded and look at Arnav -don’t worry her temper is like this only..
Arnav- well I am not worried because sanskar is with but whatever they both are also not in good terms..let’s move..
In a way..
Sanskar – Ragini.. But what is it with her.. Said to himself..
Swara take out the letter.and look at it keenly..
Swara – take out microphone..
Sanskar look at her shocked -What!!
Swara smirk -I know.. Oh sorry I and Arjun both know that you have give that ring with settled microphone in it…. Well I was asking Arjun to give money to that person not diamond ring.. No body will give that.. And Arjun and I know how much you are kind!!!
Sanskar laugh – I must say Miss Malik.. You and lawyer are mastermind.. OK (taking out his mobile.. He connect it with that microphone..)

Swara – connect it with my mobile too..(sanskar take her mobile and connect just then he gets Arjun message which was same connect it with his.. So he three of them mobile..)
Sanskar – Now whatever that old man will talk we can listen..
Swara nodded and then do something in her mobile..
Sanskar look at her amusement -hey this is video of that shop.. Wait a second you fitted camera in shop.. Woo..
Swara smile devilishly -well I am also use of all this things that’s why I asked Arjun to talk with that old man.. And you were busy in questioning me and my hands were busy to get good location for camera…
Sanskar shook his head -you are great Miss Malik.. But why you did this??
Swara – I can ask you same Mr Kundra!!
Sanskar – handsup I give up.. I will get my answer sometimes later..
Swara – that’s great..

Arnav – Why Ragini.. Is in all this involves..
Arjun – I am thinking same.. Ragini.. Is upto.. Something whatever she is doing.. It will be great she stopped otherwise she will see Arjun gadodia..
Just then Arnav gets call of Aman.. After listening other side.. He cut the call..
Arnav – you are right she is upto something.. As some time before when you told me about Ragini visiting here in LUCKHNOW.. I messaged Aman to get me the details of her visiting in LUCKHNOW.. Look what I get to know she visits here many times.. And mostly in weekend.. And now also she have shoot in Paris.. Which is very important for her career.. But she is here in Sheshmahal Lucknow enjoying vacation with Laksh.. Strange.. Too much Strange.. These Maheshwari sisters are getting on my nerves..
Arjun nodded..


Ragini was moving towards ancient portion (where earlier Swara gonna) looking around.. Silently.. Just then some one tap her shoulder …she stopped and turned.. ‘Khushi ‘
Ragini – you scared me!!
Khushi – but what are you doing in this portion no one allOwed..then you??
Ragini said casually -so what!! We are not no one and Khushi you should know this that Maheshwari are old friends of Malik..
Khushi – Why are you talking like this Ragini!!

Ragini said angrily – listen Khushi.. I want to clear something for you.. I forgive but that doesn’t mean our relationship is like before.. Well our relationship was never like sisters we both know it and never will be.. So stop interrupting me OK..
Khushi who was silently listening all this said in same anger – don’t forget Ragini.. That you are not any friends of Swara who invited us here.. So stop going anywhere which is not allowed and about our relationship ….then listen I am also not interested to be your sister it is all because of mom and dad nothing else.. So to hell with your relationship!! And now move from here.. Said in threatening tone.. And left …
Ragini – whatever..
Aarohi was silent spectator of this fight.. Then looking at her stomach said in mind – these two will never change.. But Aarohi Khurana you have to get out of here as soon as your work is done.. Before anyone doubt on you…
Laksh was Terrance looking at LUCKHNOW city.. Evening… Just then he gets the call of Sharmistha..
Laksh – hey Mom..
Sharmistha smile – how are you.. ??
Laksh – good..
Sharmistha – I get to know from your dad Arjun is back.. And about Sanskar..bussiness.. It’s was undigested..
Laksh laugh -for me too Mom..
Sharmistha – and.. Also you and Ragini.. Are back..
Laksh hesistatly – well don’t know..
Sharmistha signed – Laksh… Khushi is also there right..
Laksh – yeah..
Sharmistha – and now the most important thing Aarohi is pregnant.. What is about that.. I get to know from Ap..
Laksh – she was raped by some goons in Jaipur village..

Sharmistha – oh.. And she wanted to bring that child in this world.. Strong woman..
Laksh – well yes strong woman..
Sharmistha -What about Arjun and Aarohi.. They are back or not..
Laksh – he hates her..
Sharmishta- he always love her.. He will be broken.. I know Sanskar is there with him.. Will make sure that he is OK.. But I want you to try ask Arjun to give chance to Aarohi..
Laksh surprise – Mom you are appreciating Sanskar..
Sharmistha – you don’t about our relationship.. Sanskar and I are different.. He will never treat me as mom and I not son.. But we both know each other by heart.. How much we love each other.. That’s why he daily message me “ex mom eat your blood pressure meds “and I ” great son eat your food on time ”
Laksh laugh – you both are made for each other mom but I am just surprised by god that
Why he didn’t make sanskar your real son!!
Sharmistha said wipe her one tear -Who says he is not my son.. He is more my real son.. And whatever it is.. From four of you.. Sanskar is the only one who always make sure I am OK.. Like Arjun did for your dad.. And you.. For sanskar.. And Arjun.. And about Roshani she was always for her Dp dad..
Laksh – yeah.. So any new trip?
Sharmistha – No.. Because when you three are back I am going to marry you three.. Whom you three wanted..
Laksh shocked -What.. Mom but why??
Sharmistha – because.. I am pissed off with u three and I want you three settled.. Down.. ASAP… So come back..

Laksh giving up – OK mom..
Sharmistha was about to cut the call but then she asked – Laksh.. Is Swara Malik is also with you all??
Laksh surprise by his Mom question about Swara..
Laksh – yes Mom.. Why you asking about her?
Sharmistha smile – because she’s golden heart.. Just listen one thing Laksh.. I want one promise from you..
Laksh -What??
Sharmistha – first promise!!
Laksh – OK promise..
Sharmistha – whatever comes….in your life.. If there is any point you have to help Swara Malik you will do it.. I want my son to help that golden heart girl who is so selfless that can give her blood to safe one old woman when she herself was in pool of blood..
Laksh shocking – Whatt!!!
Sharmistha – just do that for me bye..
Laksh – bye mom..
Call ended..
Laksh – Swara Malik you are exceptions person.. Who made my mom.. That mom who never appreciate us or said anything about her four kids achievements was damm worshipping you.. Making me promise.. Like crazy.. But what your dadii has said that day.. I think I will be there for you.. Swara..
Swara, Sanskar, Arjun and Arnav was at the corner of pr*stitutes women colony..
Swara – is that holi??
Sanskar look at her in disbelief – you are gone case Miss Malik tommorow is holi but for Lucknow choti holi.. Is like..
Swara – is like bigger than badi holi because this day ….married woman do some preyer for her husband.. I know..
Arjun – so What’s the plan..

Arnav – it’s easy.. Looking at the scene of this colony every one is busy in their colors playing.. We can go through the side doors and find “Alkabai”..who sent mistress to royals.. Said angrily last line..
Swara said – it’s not that easy..
Arjun – well yes looking at scene we can see many men’s with their guns in the hand who are here to make sure no pr*stitute runaways …
Sanskar – but we go… Well how about we make all of them to aside…I mean turn to main stage.. And another two of us will move inside to get to meet with that Alkabai…
Swara smirk – I get it how we are going to get inside..
Three of them look at her in confusion..

Swara – a dance performance…
Arnav angrily -you are not going to do this!!!
Arjun -Swara it’s pr*stitute area and dance no way..
Sanskar – just try to go there I will make sure you next land in SHESHMAHAL!!
Swara said smirking – not me!! You three… Men’s.. Go and dance if not then I will carry on with this cheap dance.. Saying this she was about to go inside but stopped by Arjun..
Arjun – no.. We are going.. But what about you..
Swara- don’t forget I know how to shoot and I have my gun…. So go..
Three of them look at each other.. And shook their heads in disbelief..

And moved inside.. Where as Swara look around to find way for moving inside…
Sanskar signal Arjun to moved towards bar.. Where as he goes to some pr*stitutes.. And Arnav covered his face in pink holi color and look at guards.. Moved to him…
Sanskar gives his charming smile to the one of pr*stitutes and whisper in her ear ” I will give you enjoyment and money just seduce them too much “said winking her.. That’s it pr*stitutes women moved to the guards and other men’s where as Arjun shouted -Today I am happy that my wife is dead so in this happiness I want rum…

Bar boy – how much bottle sir??
Arjun took out one thousand bundle notes and throw infront of bar boy -ALL!!! To all my friends (all guards and other men’s) for my happiness…
Everyone cheers.. And shouted in happiness.. Where as pr*stitutes women started..their work… But guards were just pushing them.. And Arnav was not getting anyway to moved inside he look at Swara who at one corner in dark waiting for their move.. Irritating.. He goes towards to centre stage.. Arjun, Sanskar look at him in surprise.. Where as Swara smirk.. Knowing his brother move..
Arnav holds one pr*stitute woman from her waist shouted -it’s holi!!! Celebration Woh bina naach gane ke!! (celebration without dance and music)
Arjun -and rum!!!
Sanskar join them -along with these beautiful girls..

Dil Cheez Tujhe Dedi Lyrics
Background sounds started all woman come to stage.. And dance make circle around three of them..
Arnav sings making one of woman swings -Dil le dooba dooba mujhko arabic aankhon mein
Then Sanskar takes two woman by their sides moving -Aaj loota loota mujhko farebi baaton ne (x2)
Guards started moving towards them for enjoying.. Swara gets chance and moved inside taking last glance of three of them smirking..
Arjun caress one woman cheeks -Khamkha saa seene mein
Pyaar ke mahine mein
Ek hi ishaare pe dil cheez tujhe dedi
Three of them comes aside taking woman’s dancing…

Dedi dedi de cheez ye dedi
Dedi dedi dil cheez tujhe dedi
Dedi haan dedi de cheez ye dedi
Dedi, dedi dil cheez tujhe dedi
Arjun whisper – Arnav Swara is inside..
Arnav nodded…and continue taking another pulling her from her petite waist kissing her on cheeks- Mashallah tarif-e-mash’allah
Badi kambakht hai tu
Habibi mast hai tu
Sanskar who saw Swara on upper building takes sign in relief then his eyes fall one guard who was about to go upstairs he pulled one woman infront of that woman started singing -Wallah wallah adaayein wallah wallah
Badi hi sakht hai tu
Habibi mast hai tu
Swara look around more than ten rooms were there but vacant.. She was peeping in each room just then she was going upstairs when she saw sanskar holding one woman in arms with smile.. She clench her fist tightly but then brushing her thoughts moved upstairs..
Arjun taking glass of rum pour on one of pr*stitutes.. Making everyone to do the same same and continue -Baar baar jo dekha do dafaa naa socha
Ek hi ishaare pe dil cheez tujhe de di
All man’s and woman were now drunk dancing.. Kissing.. Out of mind and all guards…
Dedi dedi de cheez ye dedi
Dedi dedi dil cheez tujhe dedi
Dedi haan dedi de cheez ye dedi
Dedi dedi dil cheez tujhe dedi
Sanskar signed Arnav that he is going upstairs.. Arnav nodded taking another woman sings –
Zarra zarra kahe ye zarra zarra
Teri gustakh aankhen
Kare bebaak baatein

Arjun looks at sanskar who moved inside the huts type building of pr*stitutes.. He was about to go when one pr*stitute snake her arms around his neck he smiled and started taking her in his arms and continue -Parda parda hata le parda parda
Husan ke chand dekhe
Kayi armaan leke
Rubaru jo tu aayi
Dhadkan na sambhal payi
Ek hi ishaare pe
Dil cheez tujhe de di
Lastly Arjun and Arnav signed and moved inside the building leaving all drunk people…
Dedi dedi de cheez ye dedi
Dedi dedi dil cheez tujhe dedi
Dedi haan dedi de cheez ye dedi
Dedi dedi dil cheez tujhe dedi
Swara finally stepped inside the correct room..
Alkabai who was doing her hair a old woman in 70s looking her reflection in mirror arrogantly where one 16year girl was doing her nail polish…
Swara look at her in anger Said- looking beyond beautiful mistress…
Alkabai stopped at track listening the voice and turned only to froze in her place.. Looking at Swara.. Her face become white in fear..

Swara looking at girl – if you want life then moved out Now!!
Girl scarily run from there.. Leaving both of them alone..
Swara smirk -So.. President of mistress can I borrow some minutes of your..
Alkabai in shocked – you are alive how could it possible after thirty years.. You were dead I saw you.. I myself dig your grave in SHESHMAHAL.. Then..
Swara look at her shocked listening her wording.. But composes herself and ask -say it clearly.. (in Stern voice)
Sanskar, Arnav and Arjun also came there in next second running breathing heavily..


Credit to: Aryna

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