It’s not revenge it’s love swasan season 2 ( payback time) episode 16


Mumbai, Shantivan
Nurse – Mam your medicine..
Anuradha Malik who was looking at Swara photo in her mobile.. Said roughly – I don’t want!
Nurse gulped in fear and stammered – Mam it’s ASR order.
Finally she turned and take medicine..
Anuradha Malik – listen don’t you dare to disturb me!!!
Nurse just ran away from there..
Anuradha Malik to herself touching at Swara photo -please beta come back nothing is there just darkness.. In past I have lost my children but now I don’t have any strengths to loose you or Arnav.. Don’t Swara beta.. Your dadii had just left with you and Arnav.. Please come back to me please.. (closing eyes) I know you are determined like your Mom mother and that’s why I sent Arnav there for you.. When truth will come out next moment you hate me beyond anything you hate everyone.. Even yourself..
Laksh who came there to check dadii was shocked listening all this.. And the fear on dadii face was something he never saw.. He left from there..

Swara was going towards next portion of Sheshmahal the portion …this portion was only for royals other than no one was aloud..
Devi (older maid) who was passing from there stopped at the track seeing Swara..

Devi – Shezadi you want something..??
Swara look at her then said – just come with me..
Devi was in terror but gulping her fears she moved with Swara..
They both were walking moving in that portion..
Swara – so tell from when you are working here..
Devi – Shezadi I am working here last sixty years..
Swara -hmm.. Sixty years.. Good… Now go from here..
Devi- Shezadi you dont want to listen your family..
Swara – from you ..No I don’t want to listen about my from that woman who was that much loyal not for Malik but for Rajput!!!
Devi was taken aback her face was showing only fear..
Swara look straight in to her eyes and said – I know you are here for Mrs Meera Singh Rajput but now she’s deadth so don’t you dare to do anything now..
Swara look at her -I want every damm keys of Sheshmahal so just give me Now!!!
Devi shivering give the master key of Sheshmahal…
Swara – and now just get the hell out of here!!
Devi started going but stopped and turned – Shezadi you are totally like your mother.. I only knows that everyone hate your mother and you… And Rajput wanted you only this I know..
Swara nodded and walk away..
Devi – Shezadi I wish you come to know about your mother..
Saying this she left from there..
Swara started looking at another corridors.. Thinking..
Flashback two months back
In Venice.. Malik industry.
Swara was preparing the deal when her pa came there… With courier..
Swara – What!!
Pa – Mam one Man came from Jaipur India.. Said to give you this courier..
Swara – Jaipur??.. And Mr Dixit you are not any kid whoever said or give anything you will directly to me..
Mr Dixit – Mam.. Actually that man who brought this courier after giving me… Attend Sucide and dead..
Swara starlted hearing this. Then said – give this courier and see whatever that man have in his pocket brings to me from cop and I want each details of that person!!
Mr Dixit nodded and left the cabin..
Swara look at the courier… Opening it there was letter with a ring… A royal ring.. She opened the letter and numb.. The letter was written with blood..
[ Swara Malik you don’t know me but I know everything about you.. From your birth to your this Malik empire.. You must not forget that when Anuradha Malik was in coma you were 10years..that time you got the 20crores in your account that was of me.. I was so happy that I throw money on Malik family like I threw on beggars.. And after that your hard work and brain that you build Malik industrial.. But now I wanted you to return the loan.. Because I know Malik like you are very egotist…So.. I don’t want money in return.. I want you Swara Malik to find out about your real mother.. That’s it.. Only this you can..if you wanted to know me then listen I am your Dadaji king Chandra Shekhar Malik mistress.. Kalahari who is now dead.. “‘
Swara was numb.. Then her eyes fall on picture…which was of lady who is dead.. Behind it written Kalahari..
Flashback ends…….
Swara look around her just then she felt someone presence..
Sanskar was looking at lost Swara..
Sanskar – listen.. About last night..
Swara – forget it…
Sanskar – I can’t….you wanted to know right why I am here I told you reason now you say..
Swara – that was my mistake to push you and get that vase on my head.. Otherwise today I don’t have to see your face!!
Sanskar look at her with hurtful eyes.. And then anger grabbed her arms in one swift pin her on wall.. And said in anger tone -listen Miss Malik don’t you dare to say anything about that part of your life where I get my angel.. I don’t care what you are now but I know one that I am here because of that angel.. Which is in you behind the mask of devil!!
They both were that much closer to each other.. But didn’t realize it…
Where Sanskar was fuming in anger and Swara was just looking into his eyes..
Sanskar said angrily – I will be here with you until you leave from here.. I am your shadow so just accept it!!! Saying this he left her and gone from there.
Swara was looking at him.. Then at her palm where his shirt button was there..
Arjun was in garden but stopped looking at Arnav who was doing gardening..
Arjun – so ASR is also professional Gardner..
Arnav look at him then ignored..
Arjun – I thought royal like you will be handleing Talwar.. But here Nawab sahab is holding water can…
Arnav – so what!! It’s my passion and I don’t want your comment…
Arjun – yeah.. And Now tell me about your parents..
Arnav stopped at his work and look at him with anger..
Arjun -I am just curious you know…
Sanskar who came there with anger mood.. Said -stop it Arjun..
Arjun smirk – looking like you got something good from your angel.. And ASR could you say it….
Arnav – I don’t remember their names they were always out of town and Omkar Malik and Raina Malik only take care of mine.. And maximum time I was in boarding so I just hate them even Nani never talked about them.. And I don’t give damm to them…
Sanskar – even I never got the information about another Yuvaraj and his wife.. Just listen about them. …..
Arjun -So you don’t know about your parents.. Great…. I must say Sammie was right no body knows “history of Malik ‘”
Sanskar frown listening all this and said – Can we leave from here otherwise Miss Malik will make our business at zero!!!
Arnav – I know.. But she’s like we three categories..
Arjun just then gets the message.. And smirk.. – looking like nobody is going anywhere for this week….
Arnav and Sanskar -Why?
Arjun – ASR.. Where is your mobile.. Because you are going to get a good shock.. As Swara has announced the media that Ar next fashion show will be here in LUCKHNOW SHESHMAHAL.. After five days..
Arnav shouted angrily – What the f**k!!!! It’s not any rubbish event this is very important event for AR fashion house..dammit Swara..
Sanskar was now pissed off – where the hell Aman is!!
Arjun – so you also didn’t look your mobile well as great news is that Kundra industrial will be sponsoring this event..
Sanskar – but when I signed the papers!!!
Arjun – ask your angel.. Guys..

“Hey ASR “said Ragini… Excited..
Arjun, Arnav and Sanskar turned to only get surprised or should say shocked and then anger.. Seeing uninvited guest..

Ragini, Laksh, Aarohi and Khushi was there… With smile..

Arjun angry ask – Laksh What are you doing here!!!
Arnav – and Dr Laksh who is looking for dadii!!!

Sanskar smirk and said -Hii Khushi..
Khushi smile more grinning and said – hello Sanskar bhaiya!!
Sanskar smile vanished and said angrily -Who the hell have invited you all!!
Aarohi -Sanskar… Miss asked us to come..
“Shezadi… Some guest has came “said old butler..
Swara – just make sure they are comfortable …
Butler started going..
Swara – stop..
Butler stopped at the track and turned..
Swara – from where the royal family children delivery happened..
Butler – Shezadi.. All people say that one woman name Kalahari were called whenever there was any queen delivered a baby..
Swara was now in anger and said under her breath -she is dead dammit!!
Butler – but with her one women also comes.. Her name was Pooja…
Swara – do you know where I can meet her..
Butler – yes Shehzadi.. She lives in village but I don’t know clearly that village comes between Satarangpur and Aurangpur… What was that name… Yes… Sitarapur…
Swara – OK.. You go..
Butler nodded and left from there..
Swara – Sitarapur…. Let’s see what I get to know there…
Swara look at the corridor where she was standing…she didn’t gone inside the portion..
Living area.. All were settled there some in anger some in guilt some in aww looking the place
Laksh smile looking at Swara..
Laksh – Hey finally..
Swara- hello.. Dr Laksh..
Laksh – well for inviting..
Swara shook her head and look at servants – make sure nobody is uncomfortable..
Arnav shouted – all servants out!!!
All servants left from there in scared..
Arnav looking at Khushi said -I think you are also just a secretary so out Now!!
Khushi gulped in fear started leaving..
Swara – Khushi is here as a guest so stop your ill manner Mr Raizada!! And Khushi don’t you dare to move..
Khushi nodded silently..
Arnav barked in extreme anger – So Miss Malik would like to share who you are to announce in media about fashion show!! Because if you don’t consider me as your brother then you don’t have any right to take decesion of my company.. And about your guest then you should realize that Sheshmahal is not your anymore… So I will decide who will be here and who not Miss Swara Malik!!!
And then another outburst
Arjun in angrily- well until I know you were not related with Maheshwari then how on the earth you were become there friends!! Stop your mind Swara I know what are you trying to do bringing her (Aarohi) in front of me but let me clear you one thing she’s nothing to me Now!!

And least not last
Sanskar said in mocking tone – Who the hell when you started taking decesion of Kundra industrial… I respect that doesn’t mean you interfere in my company!! Miss Malik.. It will be better don’t cross the line..

Laksh, Ragini, Khushi and Aarohi was now looking at the scene with dumbfounded expression..
Swara calmly take call.. And left from there without any effort of explanation..
ASR- What the!! How dare she moved from here!! (turning to Khushi) I know orphans like you now after trapping Swara in your talk you are again trying to harm Me or Swara.. But this time I will be there and you!! Just count your last days saying this he left from there..
Where as Arjun also left angry..
Sanskar who was looking at them.. Then turned to Laksh – how is MRs Malik??
Laksh – fine.. How are you!! Said in Stern voice..
Sanskar smile – like always my ex brother saying this he left from there..
Ragini – What was that!!
Laksh – three Angry Birds which will be handle by all of us in these days.. Let’s move guys..
Laksh and Ragini left from there..
Aarohi and Khushi was there..
Aarohi said in broken voice -he hate me..
Khushi – atleast he once love you but here I only have hatred of Arnav.. But we are not going to fail..
Aarohi smile -yeah after we are Maheshwari sisters..
Khushi -well yeah let’s move..
In lawn area
Swara on call..
Man – Mam we got address of that doctor who treated the child whom tripped in pond in shimla in Malik son Arnav Malik birthday party but mam that doctor is saying that child was dead.. Because of her lung full in water.. And then they burn her according to rituals of Raichand..
Swara – so who was the child…
Swara whisper -SVITRA…..
Mam – after their daughter dead Raichand left the India and settled in London.. With their other two son Aaryan and Armaan Raichand.. As you ask for details so Aryan Raichand is cardiologist in London with her wife Misha Raichand who is helping her father in law bussiness and Aryan Raichand is also bussiness man with his wife Sanchi Raichand.. Nandini Raichand is house wife.. But..
Swara – but what?
Man – Mam we got to know that they are finding someone in India from past many years after leaving India.. Her Name is Raina Malik..
Swara was shocked – for what!!
Man – Mam they file case against her that she kill their daughter.. But because of Omkar Malik your father they didn’t get to know about Raina Malik… But after knowing truth that your Mom is dead they stopped finding her…
Swara – OK.. Now listen you just move from shimla to Mumbai and didn’t say anything about this got it..
Man – yes Mam…
Call ended..
Swara hanging the call walk towards her room thinking why I am feeling bad that SVITRA is no more why my heart is paining why listening those people name I am feeling that they are too much close ?!! Why!!! Why!!!! Who I am!!… Oh why I am breathing heavily.. Oh shit I was running.. And my cheeks there is water.. No it can’t be possible… How could I crying… I am crying ..these tears… But why?!!!! “stopping infront of portrait corridors Swara look at her portrait.. But her tears were not stopping….her eyes was red her palm was sweating..
Swara look at the potrait said -Why I am crying!!! Why!!!Who I am… Who is My Mom who!!!! Why I wanted to just cry after knowing SVITRA is dead but why I don’t know her but now I am just crying.. Why!!!
Falling on her knees in front of potrait..she just crying only crying…
On the other side Sanskar who was coming to the portrait corridor talking on phone with smile stopped at track his breath was stopped …”she is crying “only this was Coming in his mind he ran towards Swara.. Bending in front of her he cupped her face -What.. Happened.. Angel .. What.. Wrong..
Swara look at him with crying eyes.. Said in broken voice – I don’t know.. Just I wanted to cry.. I wanted to cry…
Sanskar who was shocked looking at Swara Malik this side.. Which was a broken angel.. He can’t take it.. Just then he forgot he was talking on phone..
He heard voice “Sanskar.. What happened.. Hello.. Sanskar beta hello.. ”
Sanskar come back to sense taking the call -Nandini Maa.. Nothing I will call you later.. Call ended
Swara look at him said in whisper -Nandini..
Sanskar -Nandini Raichand….
Swara stopped crying after listening the voice of the ladies which was not less than a soothing her pain..
Sanskar -please tell me what happened to you…
Swara wiping her tears said -nothing.. I am OK
Sanskar -are you sure..
Swara nodded Standing up… She looked at him for a second then asked -how you know Raichand…??
Sanskar said smiling -Raichand are my family actually they are related with my mom.. My mom treats Mr Yash Raichand as his brother…after mom dad death they asked me to live with them but I denied… I wanted to search you (said teasing) but I was always with their contacts. know love them more than my own parents… Yash dad, Nandini mom, Aaryan bhai, Armaan bro, Bhabhi.. ‘s…Now I think after making sure you back to Venice I will go and live with them in London…
Swara who was listening his every words was smiling…
Sanskar look at her smile and said – woo I didn’t know Swara Malik is also smiled… In all these talks..
Swara who smiling.. Composed herself and said -stop your nonsense Mr Kundra and yeah I forgot about that.. You were asking about not interfere in your company than listen your company has make deal with our Malik industrial in which we can take any event and sponsor it and your company will follow it.. So next time look at your voice when you talk to me… Saying this she left from there..
Sanskar look at her disbelief -What girl she’s.. Before some minutes she was sounding like normal people and now back to Swara Malik… But wait a second my blo*dy manager didn’t tell me this clause… I have to fire that jerk…

Credit to: Aryna

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