It’s not revenge it’s love swasan season 2 (payback time) Epi 1


Street of Mumbai… A tall handsome man wearing a blue sweatshirt and Trouser walking on streets in midnight looking at stars in a deep thinking.. Just then one blue sport car come infront of him..
“What!! ” said Man to the car owner infront of him…
Car open Sanskar comes out wearing a a white T-shirt and blue jeans with his devilish smile
Sanskar walk to him – Why don’t you understand you are mad you should not be here Dr Laksh said with a frown and irritated voice!!
Laksh signed and said – What you want Sanskar!!
Sanskar – I don’t want anything from you I have my ATM cards so don’t worry about me.. I am just here to see your insane activeity my step brother..
Laksh – look Sanskar stay away from me and just go wherever you want…
Sanskar – What is here in this street that you always will be here and stare at the stars.. Just go and sit inside your Mom had call me to take you to Roshani di home…!! It’s her sister in law birthday..!!
Laksh nodded and sit back to the car.. Sanskar look at the street.. And think ” Ranibagh Mumbai street one of biggest street of Mumbai before six years there was bomb blasts in which many people died and after that day Laksh always roam here whenever he get upset strange!! ”
Sanskar get back to his car..
Sanskar – pull up seat belt doc (Laksh) because we gonna fly with my sport car!!
Laksh – don’t you da-…(but his word struck in his throat as sanskar already started his car in full speed)
Laksh screaming -aaaahhhhhhhhh!!!!
Sanskar was laughing and next Moment speed up more…

Scene shift of Maheshwaris Mansion which is looking a new Bride afterall it’s Princess Ragini birthday party..
Ragini walk down to the hall in beautiful pink gown offcource design by Aarohi..
Ragini look at every one and smile..
Roshani comes to her – so Ragini here is your birthday gift from me..!!
Ragini look at her – but Bhabhi what’s the need..
Roshani gives her a locket – it’s my precious locket and I want you wear this.. And I am your best friend so I can give anything to you!!
Ragini smile and take it..

Aadarsh – Dad why are you so much worried Roshani have look everything for party!!
Dp sternly – that’s why I am worried your wife is going to do something..!!
Aarohi turned and looked at them – I don’t know uncle Why are you so much annoy with Roshani??
Dp – just like you and Ragini.. I never ask reason so!!
Aarohi completed his sentence – so better I stay out of that matters yeah yeah!!
Aadarsh – offo only Mom can handle you both!!
Annapurna comes there – Now what happened??
Aadarsh – again that annoying game ..
Ap – Ragini has come so my dear husband go and receive her..
Dp signed and walk to his beautiful daughter..

Roshani and RAGINI look at Dp..
Dp smile – you are looking so gorgeous!!
Ragini – thanks Dad..
Roshani pouted – what about me Dad..
Dp – go ask Aadarsh…
Roshani – but duggu I want you tell me.. Said in irritating tone
Dp – don’t you dare to say “duggu ”
Roshani smile meschivously – OK then Prasad!! What’s say..
Dp shook his head and said – I think Ragini we should move..
Ragini laugh at her Dad condition and Bhabhi meschivously

Shekhar walk to the Roshani..
Roshani hugs him – hey Dad..
Shekhar hugs her back..
Shekhar – so how’s my doll??
Roshani – I am fine with duggu?!! I mean dad..
Shekhar laugh – Roshani you know he hate this name…!! And you always annoy him!!
Roshani – because I love him dad.. Dp dad is the person whom I love more than anyone even Aadarsh…
Shekhar – I know and he is irritated by your pranks…
Roshani – so what!! I love it..
Sharmistha comes there..
Sharmistha – Roshani you should behave yourself he is your husband father!! Not your friend..
Roshani – noway Mom he is My buddy and age doesn’t matter… So please.. And where are my brothers??
Sharmistha – your Sanskar has gone to pick up Laksh from hospital!!
Shekhar – I am coming.. Said and left from there..
Roshani – Mom Sanskar..
Sharmistha – don’t Roshani just come we should meet everyone I don’t want to waste time on your brother Sanskar…
Roshani shook her head and moves towards Ragini..

Ragini look at Aarohi..
Aarohi – what?
Ragini – why you make strings of gown so tightly…
Aarohi smile meschivously – oh so Model Ragini can’t even manage one gown!!
Ragini fumes in anger in low tone – listen you designer it is My birthday why you are hell bent to destroy my day!!
Aarohi – OK then I will make it lose on one condition Ragini!!
Ragini – what it is??
Aarohi – you will feed first bite of cake to me..
Ragini was fuming in anger but she knows… Whether she will die in this beautiful dress or go and change in any worst dress which will spoil her party media was also there and this dress was damm good…
Ragini – fine!!
Aarohi – deal?
Ragini – deal!!

Sanskar was finally stopped the car infront of Maheshwaris Mansion..
Laksh has fainted already because of fear of fast car…
Sanskar smile and poured cold water on his face.. Laksh opens his with jerk!!
Laksh – you dog!!!
Sanskar – you can call me handsome dog.. Who bite beautiful ladies..
Laksh wipe his face and said – what the blo*dy hell why you bring directly here even I am not ready and you wet my sweat shirt!! Said in anger..
Sanskar – stop it you complain cat !! In back seat there is your black suit change it in guest room and yaa Now just get out of my car!!
Laksh take the suit and said – but I don’t have any black suit??
Sanskar smile – it’s your step brother your Mom has hobby of charity so she given me but I don’t like charity…
Laksh signed – you are not coming!!
Sanskar place his on back of his head and said – I don’t dad and your Mom be ashamed of me… And yaa Doc after this party bring Ragini, Aarohi, Roshani di and Aadarsh to hell club I will be there… Now just get lost..
Laksh – OK and left the car immediately walk inside the mansion but stopped at the door and turn behind but car was already vanished…
Laksh walk to the outhouse of mansion and change his clothes…

Scene shift of Lucknow…
A man was looking at the biggest emperor of Lucknow “Sheshmahal” which was a a Malik emperor…
Guard look at the man and walk to him..
Guard – you want anything??
Man – nothing just looking at the palace!!
Guard – oh yeah this is beautiful.. But who are you.. I am a guard but also a old man who can say looking at your face that you are not here to look at this place!!
Man laugh and said – Well I am here to get this place..
Guard look at him angry – Who the hell are you!! You know this place belongs to Malik family..
Man look at the old man – Arnav Singh Raizada… ASR and shashi Chacha for you I can introduce myself as Arnav Malik..
Guard Shashi Gupta taken aback..

{Arnav Singh Raizada.. ASR Asia biggest fashion house AR industry sole owner lives alone after fourteen years came back to India for completing some unfinished work ( this character is also added) }

Guard look at him moist eyes – Arnav baba…
ASR smile – how are you uncle!!
Guard smile – I am fine beta.. How is Devyani ji??
ASR smile vanished… – she is no more..
Guard look down..
ASR – take care shashi uncle…
Guard smile and nodded..
Arnav walk back to his BMW.. And drive back to hotel..

Arnav look at the bonfire.. And think about past..
Flash back before one month..
Devyani raizada was taking her last breathe.. Arnav was sitting beside him they were in New York best hospital…
Arnav was in tears..
Arnav – Nani please don’t go only you are for me.. I will again become orphan.. Please!!
Devyani raizada smile – Arnav beta I don’t want to leave you but my time had come.. I wanted to tell you something..
Arnav – Nani please don’t talk so much..
Nani – no.. I have to say this.. You and I came here far away from Lucknow.. Before fourteen years you were just twelve years old.. You don’t know the truth.. Your dad and my daughter had done the love marriage against your dada ji… And because of that your dada never accept my daughter in five years and your dadii also left him in that five years but when he came to know that he is cancer patients he called your dad and your dadii after one month he left the world your uncle Omkar Malik and your dad hate each other and in that hatred your uncle killed your dad and mom.. And makes your dadii locked in side store room.. And throw you out but I had taken you from there.. But after seven years your dadii email came to me that your uncle and auntie has Sucide with gun.. And she wanted you to come to her that she was alone but I rejected because I thought you will leave that time you had started taking care of bussiness and on the other hand Malik industrial was falling on stalks shares.. And she wanted you.. But I became selfish.. Now I can’t make you separate from your dadii.. I want you go back to her go back to your palace Sheshmahal…
Arnav- Nani we both will go… But please don’t leave Nani..
Nani – I love you beta and I love Swara also.. With that she closes her eyes forever..
Arnav was shaking her but nothing happened…
………………flashback ends…….
Arnav eyes were teary.. -I love you Nani.. And look I came back.. As per your wish but dadii is not here sheamahal is locked..
Arnav call his pa Aman Mathur..
Arnav- you got any news where are they??
Aman stammered -ASR Woh..
Arnav angrily – don’t stammered dammit!!
Aman – ASR.. I got the information that your dadii Anuradha Malik is none other than the CEO of Malik construction Asia’s no 1 company and Europe biggest industrialist no 1 ..lives in Venice.. With Swara Malik but I can’t found anything about her… Said in one go…
Arnav shocked state -What the!
Aman -ASR you never said that your dadii is one of the world’s richest woman…
Arnav – listen Aman ready my private jet for Venice now and cut the call …
Arnav look at photo frame. …
Arnav – I am coming back dadii.. I am sorry…

Credit to: Aryna

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