It’s not revenge it’s love swasan (it’s not surprised it’s shock) Episode 3

Venice present
Arjun -Maya cancelled my all appointment of today and make my private jet ready for New York fastly….
Maya -okay sir…
Arjun -I am coming Sammie (with smile)

Scene shift to New York City

It’s bike race is going to start. Wow man it’s looking so cool and there are thousands of people came to see New York largest bike event and around 400bikers had participated and betting is also going on the biker so………….
Arjun -to himself, I came at right time other I had losses the opportunity to make dollars…
Man (he is making bet on biker whom the people want)……….. Arjun goes to him..
Arjun – which bike number of biker Sammie..
Man -bike no. 20…how much dollar you bet
Arjun -1lakh dollar (actually it was very big event so many rich people have come)
Man -hey you had made biggest bet of the evening….. Are you sure..
Arjun -absolutely because I am the best and I will won it…

After some time bike race start it was full of thrill and action every one eyes were on the bikes….. One man was informing the moves of bikers and which bike is taken the first place
Arjun -where are you Sammie….
Man (who was informing) -guys the had turn bike no. 20 is coming so fast as the biker has taken the position no. Five now the bikes are trapping bike no. 20 as in fear of losing in first position is taking by biker hanry (he was all time winner of this event every year) oh god what just happened Bike no. 20 have just break the trap it’s is in the air now it’s on the land it was so much dangerous now the bike no. 20 have get place of second position now it’s near Henry…… As we can see they are at finish line in5minutes but…………. What was it bike number 20had crossed the Henry bike…………. And we got our winner of this year bike largest event bike no. 20 ..!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Arjun -I knew that she don’t like to losing “congrats Sammie “(to himself)

Man (informing the details) -please welcome the winner of the evening
………all gets shocked when biker removed helmet on the stage… It’s
None other than Swara Malik……… Then any one tap her shoulder she got scared….
Swara -why you always shocked me….. Arjun
Arjun -surprise Sammie (as arjun called Swara as Sammie)
Swara-it’s not surprised it’s shocked Arjun..
Arjun -Sammie I think more than you they are in shocked …….by smiling
Man -you are women and you beat all the best biker of the world I can’t believe it…..
Henry came their and said -heads off to you and yes you are the best biker
Man -here our chief guest came……… Chairman of worlds no. Bike company……
Chairman -you deserve this prize of 10lakh dollar s and what’s your name….??
Swara- myself Swara Malik. Friends call me Sammie.. Giving wink to arjun.. ?
Chairman gave the prize money to Swara..
Every one claps for her and started shouting “”Sammie Sammie you are best “”………..
Swara-to herself :I am so happy today it’s was that I made it true dad I had told you n that one day this trophy will be in your shelf…. I wish that you and mom also with me in this beautiful moment..
Arjun see Swara and understand that what she is thinking and said by keeping his on her shoulder :where ever uncle and aunty is today they are seeing you and blessing you for your success…. (in serious way)
Swara -thanks arjun….
Arjun -Now let’s leave..
Swara -yaa yaa…. Please
Arjun -hold on I have take something from someone and he goes to the Man (who was doing betting business)…… Arjun -Hey now just give me my money my 4lakh dollars….
Man -ya ya just take it I am not going anywhere here it is your money…
Arjun -thanks. Man….. ?
Man -how you know that this girl is going to win tonight….
Arjun -as she is a international biker and she has won in every country from last 1year and as usual I ‘ll always make money and you know what she hates losing specially in bike race….. He goes from there with his meschevious smiling face as he got again…..
Man -what the girl and the boy they are………!!!!!!!!!!

Arjun comes back to Swara.. And said -let’s go..
Swara – Now this time how much money you made it…… With a teasing smile……
Arjun – just 4 lakh dollars…. Suddenly how you know that I have Played bet on you….. Sammie…
Swara- I know because your face always look like this when you get your bet money……. ?
Arjun -but how?????
Swara- when you got money you smile mesheiviously……. Ha ha ha and she is laughing nonstop…….
Arjun -okay just stop it and yaa I just wanna tell you that you are going to better punishment this time as dadi have told me….. Ha ha..
Swara- oh god now what will I do ….arjun my handsome please save me from dadii please arjun pleaaaaaasssse!!!!!!!
Arjun – just don’t apply buttering on me.. I will do something let’s leave from we have to reach Venice by tomorrow morning!..

Precap – raglak dhammaka and sanskar ‘s freind come….. Every one saying “”she is so hot and s..y “….

Sorry guys for the last episode I didn’t made Swara come…… And thank you for your support and comments..

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