Not part of the plan ( Ishqbaaz, shivika ff) Prologue+Part 1

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Two months ago, hearing that i , Anika helping SSO would be the joke of the year.

Falling for SSO, was never a part of my hit list.

Or was it?

The only thing I am dead sure is that getting abducted for helping him was never a part of my plan.

Part 1

It wasn’t just joy but relief, happiness and enthusiasm that seeped into me. Somewhere or the other there was a feeling of thankfulness to the most unexpected person, Anika.

I exit the conference hall with a genuine smile, after getting all the fake and genuine ‘congratulations’.

As I walk towards the lobby, I notice Om and Rudra looking at each other and sharing curious yet nervous looks. As soon as they saw me, they rushed towards me and bombarded me with questions.

“Did we get the votes? Did we crack the deal? Did they feel our proofs were genuine?… ”

” Calm down! Yes we got the majority votes” I say making Rudra and Om pull me into a hug.

While hugging them, my eyes were continuously searching for someone else.

I broke the hug and asked ” where is she?”.

” Anika told that she is waiting outside ” said Om with a mild smirk.

“We should go home and give the happy news” Rudra says pulling both me and Om towards the exit.

As we exit, Rudra asks ” Where is Anika di”. I looked around curiously. An unnamed emotion rushed into me. Was it concern?

It is concern, after all she has helped our family a lot and Rudra. Om and dadi also adores her.

Was I trying to convince myself?

“I will try to call her” Om says breaking my internal cajoling session.

Soon we all hear a phone ringing.

“its hers” I say instantly recognising her ringtone.

” you know everything about her” Rudra says making me glare at her.
Soon I find Anika’s phone on the floor.

“Maybe she left home in a hurry leaving the phone behind .

” hmm” I him with a fake smile and a unsure heart.

Oberio Mansion

” I am happy that Tej and Shakti has finally become free from all allegations ” dadi says and thanks God.

“Where is Anika?” dadi asked

“she went home” Rudra said.

“Shivaay, could you please call Anika and check if she reached home” Om asked.

I agreed and did not argue further. Before I could call her, I got engaged in another call.

After an hour, I got a call from an unknown number.

“hello. Who is this?” I ask

” Hello is this billu ji?” I heard a small little boy in a cracked voice.

This has to be Sahil. That Panika taught him all of this.

” This is Shivaay Singh Oberoi” I say correcting him.
” I want my Anika di. Is she there” he asked in a cracked voice.

“She is not here. I thought she was at home with you” I say.

“Anika di is not home” he says sobbing uncontrollably.

” D..Don’t cry. Wait, I am coming there ” I say trying to console him.

Shit! How can I be so irresponsible. Om had told me to call and check on her.

I Changed in a jiffy and grabbed my car keys and rushed outside.

“Shivaay what happened” Om asks rushing behind me along with Rudra.

“Sahil called me right now. Anika hasn’t reached home yet” I say in a hurry.

Om and Rudra get in the car and we drive off to Anika’s house.

I hope you are alright Anika.

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