Not part of the plan ( Ishqbaaz, shivika ff) Part-9

Recap: Shivaay and Anika to go the party. Tia is envious seeing Shivaay with Anika. Tia takes her revenge by locking Anika in the washroom. Shivaay finds her and she finds solace in him. She requests not to create a scene for Tia’s wrong doings.

Anika’s POV

Being a girl is an honour rather than a disgrace. It was never part of my ethics to consider this fact as a disadvantage. I never had married Shivaay thinking how it would create an impact me as I am a girl. I married him because his name was getting defamed just like mine. At the same intensity me, a girl is affect. To an outsider, I married Shivaay to save my respect and name but no one knew I married to protect both of our respect.

I married him due to the compulsion of this judgemental society. I am happy that its Shivaay that I got married to .Even though he looks arrogant, he is really sweet.

I wake hearing Shivaay’s angry voice.

” This is your last chance, Tia!! ” Shivaay’s voice ricochets.

I walk towards the hall after freshening up in a jiffy. I see Tia who had been giving out fake crocodile tears. Pinky aunty was
consoling Tia.

” I am going for work. I can’t handle all these early in the morning ” he says walking away.

“shi…” I call out but he had already exited the hall.

” what happened “? I ask Om.

” Shivaay scolded Tia for locking you up in the washroom ” Om says.

I told him not to create a scene.

Tia looked genuinely upset ” I am sorry Tia…. Early in the morning, your mood got spoiled. I had told him to leave this matter” I say trying to calm her down.

” Stop Anika! Don’t you see how messed up the situation has gotten. Its only because of you. If you weren’t here, I would have been happy. Pinky aunty would have been happy. With time even Omru would have been happy” Tia says accusing me.

” You maybe right! With time we all would have been happy but not Shivaay ” Om says and Rudra nods.

“Seriously?!! Shivaay can never be happy with this low standard girl. She does not even have the value of garbage” Tia says as tears flow down my cheeks.

” Tia!!! You are talking about this house’s bahu. Its a favour from our behalf, that we are letting you stay here. You have no right to talk to her like that” dadi roars with anger.

“No mom!!You all feel that Tia shouldn’t stay here as Shivaay will never love her. Even Anika stays here. Shivaay does love her either. If Tia is leaving this house, then Even Anika should leave. Shivaay will never love a low class girl like Anika” Pinky aunty says. Teats flowed continuously as I knew that all her words were somehow true.

” What is all this drama Pinky” Papa asked. It made me happy to recall that Shakti uncle transformed into Papa as he had accepted me.

“I did not say anything wrong. Ever since this girl has entered our lives, all we receive is bad luck from the universe” Tia says.

“Enough Tia!!!You are crossing your limit” I heard a roar of anger.

Shivaay’s POV

Everyone seemed startled not at my suddenly re-entry but the anger in my voice. They hadn’t seen this infuriated version of me.

There is a limit to everything.

Everything except to my anger now.

Anika walks away to the room wiping her tears.

” I ..I ” I stutter trying to handle the anger threatening to break out.

“Shivaay. Control your anger. Anika is really upset. Go meet her” Om says calmly.

I nod and my anger oozes away thinking about her.

I walk into the room to see her sitting by the window .As I walked in, she stood up wiped her tears.

“I thought you had gone to the office” she says faking a smile.

“Just don’t pretend to be happy in front of me. I know you are hurt. All because of me” I say guiltily.

“Yes, I am hurt but not because. It was my hearts choice to love you. I can never force you to love me and nor will I force you” she says.

“I know…but” I say while thinking deeply.

“No Shivaay!! You don’t have to apologise or feel guilty”

” Anika… its not that I don’t….”I try to speak.

She interrupts me and keeps on saying how it isn’t my fault. Also how her decision was her sole choice.

“God!!!Anika! How much do you speak? Shut up and let me speak” I ask with a frustrated expression.

“I am sorry. I didn’t want you to feel guilty on seeing me. I told you that loving you….”

Oh God how do I shut her up .

I close her mouth and say”Oh my God I love you”.

Wait! I was planning on the words ‘Shut up’ somehow my mouth deceived me into saying ‘I love you’.

I should regret that but I just don’t. As soon as the words slipped out of my mouth, my confidence builder up. Somehow I am feeling like I drank ten red bulls at a go.

“You heard it right, I love you” I say boldly uncovering her mouth.

The shocked expression on her face changes to a slight unpleasant smile.

She walks towards the pool and I follow her feeling intrigued at her reaction and silence.

“Anika” I try to say loudly but its ends up as a whisper. I press my lips together waiting for her to respond.

She turns around and feigned a smile ” Shivaay I always and still yearn to hear those words but not out of compulsion. I don’t want to hear your ‘I love you’ out of guilt”

Why do girls always have to over think? I said I love you, because I do. I finally found the courage and then suddenly she has to over think.

“So you think I am sympathising on you” I ask moving towards her.
Each step I take towards her, makes her take a step backward.
As she places her step backward for the fifth time, she falls into the pool.

Panic that arises washes away as I see her resurfacing the water within seconds. I cup my mouth to refrain from laughing.

“Are you laughing at me” she asked while panting.

“I think I am” I confess making her pout.

I offer my hand and take it back instantly. Her face changes from confusion to surprise and back to confusion.

“I will help you up, only if you promise to not pull me down” I say guessing her mischievous plans.
She again pouts and nods in agreement. I pull her up making her wrap her hands around me.

“Anika, what I said before wasn’t due to sympathy or guilt. I meant what I said” I say sincerely.
She smiles brightly and her expression changes to a smirk “what did you say before”?.

She smiled faking innocence in her tone.

” t.s..I.I .l..umm why are teasing me. I am just a beginner in this” I say.

“As if I have taken a PhD in love” Anika says sarcastically.
Anika hugs me tightly and says ” Thanks for making this the best day of my life”.

“The best days are yet to come and I am sorry for making you wait. I just needed time to accept it” I say.

” Sometimes, time makes the truth sweeter” she says.

Indeed, it does.
The fact that I love her was the truth and with time, it grew stronger.

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  16. Is this the end??? …Noo yaar …..! If possible pls continue it… It’s just awesome

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