Not part of the plan ( Ishqbaaz, shivika ff) Part-8


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Recap- Anika realised her feelings for Shivaay and keeps taunting him and showering him with cheesy ‘I love you’s’. Shivaay gets flustered and angry on himself for not controlling himself.

Shivaay’s conditions can be clearly understood from the chorus of the song I hate you I love you.

Let’s go to the update…

Anika’s POV

I am having so much fun. Shivaay is the cutest person on Earth.

If I had heard my own words before a month I would have flipped and laughed for a whole day.

I am too lazy to wake up from the bed as its a rare opportunity, when I can sleep in Shivaay’s arms. He is cuddling on to me and he looks so gullible that I can eat him up.

Control your hormones Anika

“Shivaay baby” I hear a squeaky voice. Well isn’t it obvious it is Tia. She pushes open the door and I pretend to be asleep.

How can she be so mannerless.

I pretend to wake up and I squirm in my bed. Tia is flaring with jealousy. As I was about to make my dramatic wake up, Shivaay pulled me back and snugged on to me.

Well isn’t that adding to the fun.
Fun to see Tia jealous and its obviously fun to have him so close.

Why the hell am I behaving like a hormonal teenager?

Tia stomps her leg and rushes outside. I know Tia is hurt. She must have immensely loved him. He is so ‘loveable’. I manage to slip out from his grip and I freshen up.
I return from the washroom to see him up on the bed.

“Good morning” I wish him and he replies “good morning”.

” Can we come in” we hear Omru call from outside the room.

“I open the half closed door and let them in.
” Good morning Bhaiya. Good morning Anika bhabhi ” the wished in a monotonous tone.

“Good morning” we both greet them.

“Whats going on” Shivaay asked.

“Nothing bhaiya. Just a typical, uneventful, drudging and boring day” Rudra says.

“Somebody is excited for today” I said sarcastically.

“well even I have nothing to do today” Shivaay and I say at the same time earning a chuckle from Om and Rudra.

“Your mistaken Mr. Shivaay. You have missed an important event. Don’t you have a business party to attend?” Om says formally.

“Oh God!!How can I forget this.” Shivaay exclaims scolding himself.

“Can I also come”? I ask displaying the most cutest pout I could manage.

Shivaay sighs and agrees making me jump in excitement. Om and Rudra walk away laughing at my excitement.

I went near Shivaay and gave him a long peck on his cheeks.

” Thank you so much Shivaay. I thought today would be so boring . Especially without you” I tease him making him roll his eyes.

“Shouldn’t the guy be the one teasing the girl rather than the girl. Oh God, Why is everything the crazy in my case ” ? Shivaay asks raising his hands towards the heaven.

“That’s because I have a crazy husband. So I have to do all the guys works.” I taunt him making him chase me,threatening to hit me with a book.

” I quit” he says sitting on the bed.

“OMG!!!Could you please repeat that. I wanted to record that. Its not everyday I get to hear that” I tease making him roll his eyes in vexation.

Tia’s POV

How is this possible? How can Shivaay fall for that girl. She is so not his type.

“Pinky aunty, everything has gone out of our hands. Shivaay has fallen for Anika” I say while sobbing.

“Tia, how can you forget that there is still no proof that they love each other. Everyone knows that he doesn’t believe in love. If he does, you are the only one” pinky aunty says making me feel better.

“There is only one way to win back his love. Go to the party which Shivaay is going” she advice’s.

As I had decided to go, I got to know that Shivaay is taking Anika along.

Well I have just the plan.

Shivaay’s POV

Seeing Anika ready for the party made me a devotee of her beauty. I can’t help but see she looks like a perfect specimen of human beauty.

I hate the fact that she is looking mesmerising.
This is just making things harder for me . Control Shivaay. Control.

She walks towards me wearing the scarlet red crop top and skirt with her luscious hair flipping.

“Shivaay!! How do I look”? she asks excitedly.

” b…cool”I blurt out making her frown.

“That’s it. After dressing up so much, you compliment ‘cool’ Very good” she says sarcastically.

“But I am okay with ‘cool’. Anyways you are looking hot and I am cool, so we can maintain the temperature.” she jokes.

“Did you just indirectly call me hot” I ask with a simper.

“No!!! I directly called you hot” she says making me hit my head and say ” at least try to blush like a normal woman. God, I have an abnormal wife” I complain while laughing.

” Time’s going,Let’s go” I say.

We both reach the hall and everyone in the hall stands up.

Dadi walks towards us and says “You both are looking so good together” dadi says blessing us both. We both smile brightly.

“bhaiya, you are looking hot.” Rudra compliments and I say” thank you bro”

“Anika, you look awesome. Both are complimenting each other perfectly” Om says.

“Let’s leave” I say.

My palm was open. Somewhere I wanted to hold her hand. She suddenly entwines her hand with mine making me smile.

As we are about exit we hear a call “Shivaay baby”.

We both turn around to see Tia who was totally dressed up or should I say over dressed.

Mum was staring at me with hope and frowns seeing Anika and me together.

Maybe because Anika is looking beautiful and I am holding her hand.

” Shivaay baby, I also got invited to the party. I was thinking, if you could drop me too” she says to which we both agree on,even though we both were reluctant.

Tia jumped into the car. As I was about to enter Anika diverts my attention ” Shivaay, dadi is waving ”

I bid farewell and I see Anika already sitting next to a frowning Tia.

I grin like a Cheshire cat knowing exactly why she diverted my attention. Poor girl is jealous.

Anika’s POV

I look towards Shivaay and see him sleeping.

“Shivaay is sleeping” ? I ask myself in surprise .

“Shivaay’s health is affected only because of you. If I had married him, he would have slept and led a healthy life” tia says.

” Yes Tia, Shivaay would sleep well, if he married you because he would be so bored that he would have nothing else to do” I fire back.

Shivaay suddenly wakes up I give him some water and query about his health.

We all stop in front of a big building.

“Anika”? he asks offering his hand.

I happily accepts it and we both exit the car as the door gets opened.

We soon get mobbed by the media but soon, Shivaay’s body guards guides us inside the hall.

” Have you come here before?” I ask Shivaay and he nods positively.

“Let me introduce you to my friends and their wives” Shivaay says.

“this is Rahul Rathore and his wife Manya.”I shake my hands with them.

” I know you, I have seen you on TV” she says with a smirk.

This is a fake world here . Fake smiles,fake concern.

Shivaay smiles uncomfortably. Soon Shivaay gets indulged in a conversation with his friends. Manya had also brought in some friends and started a conversation in which I wasn’t surely a part.

Manya and her gang of friends were joined by Tia. They sure were a thick group of fake friends.

Tia seemed to have a conversation with them through her eyes.

All of a sudden I was standing alone the party hallway. Shivaay and gang were still indulged in their totally fun conversation.
I notice Tia and gang at the end of the hallway. She was eyeing me with fake sympathy for being all alone.

I would be better off without all this drama.

I manage to find a seat and sit idle.

I look at how happy Shivaay seems to me. Shivaay instantly catches me staring at him. He looks at me and eyes me with and intense gaze.

I suddenly whisper ” I love you ” making him roll his eyes. He seems to pull of an excuse. He walks towards me and sits next to me.

“why are you sitting alone”? he asked sipping his drink.

” They ditched me” I say making him look at me.

“I am sorry Anika..” He apologises and I suddenly cut him and says ” why are you saying sorry. After all I couldn’t handle all the drama anyways ” I say while I side hug him.

“sure”? he asks and I smile positively.

” Come” he says offering his hand which I gladly accept.
He takes me along with him to his gang.

After a few minutes, I excuse myself to the washroom.

Shivaay’s POV

Anika had excused herself and went to the washroom for a long time .

Where is she?

I walked towards Manya and asked “did you see Anika”?

” umm…nah.” she said making me eye her suspiciously.

Tia who was standing adjacent her says ” Shivaay baby, come let’s go have our dinner”. She starts pulling me towards area when my eyes were busy searching for Anika.

As everyone gets seated for dinner, I try to call Anika.

“Where the hell is this girl”? I mutter.

” Guys, I will be back” I excused myself and I walk to the entrance of the ladies washroom.

I unlock the door and push the door open to see Anika sitting on the floor.

“Anika”I call in a surprised tone.
She lifts her head and looks at me.

She rushes towards me and hugs me tightly.

I instantly reciprocate and stroke her hair to calm her down.

” Are you okay? Where the hell is your phone?” I ask in a high speed.

“Tia took it” I confess making him more shocked.

“I have had enough. I have to deal with Tia” I say starting to walk away.

“Shivaay! Don’t create a scene here. Let’s just go”she says holding back my hand.

I nod in agreement and we drive back home.

We both make excuses and get into the room.

Anika sits on the bed after changing.

” How can Tia go down to this level? I should confront her. Why would she do this?” I say angrily

“Because she loves you. She loves you very much and you don’t know how it feels to when your love doesn’t love you back.” she says looking into my eyes. She hit a nerve.

I knew exactly what she meant and how hurt she was.

Am I really being this much selfish?
I am hurting her for my ego.
Somewhere inside I knew that I have started to love her.
“Anika….” I whisper.
“Shivaay!! Its okay..I am totally fine. You don’t need to confront tia. Let me get some sleep” she says wiping a small drop of tear.

She lays down.

I try to distract myself by doing some work but I soon get sleepy.

I lay down beside Anika and look at her sleeping peacefully.

“I love you. Shivaay” she mutters in her sleep.

I smile brightly and soon start falling asleep saying ” me too”


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