Not part of the plan ( Ishqbaaz, shivika ff) Part-5

Hola!!! I am happy you all enjoyed last chapter. I wanted to inform that I will be including more Shivika moments but they won’t realise their love very soon as that will destroy their characters. We all know they both are epitome of ego.


I shift around in my sleep and tightly cuddle billu ji.

Wait billu ji as in Bhagad billa aka SSO aka kanchi ankein wali.

Oh God!!! I asked him to not come near me and I am so much close to him.

My words and actions are polarised. I jerk up from the bed waking him up.

“ouch” I wince in pain. This is all because of billu ji. I fell down from bed yesterday.

Even my fault was there.
I didn’t even give him the blanket. I slowly pick up the blanket and cover him up. My hands suddenly brushes past his face.

He has fever!! I place my hand on his forehead checking his fever.

“what are you doing”? he asked in an annoyed tone.

” billu ji, you have fever” I inform while limbing towards him.

“what happened to your leg” ? he asked.

“Remember falling off the bed”? I say in mocking tone.

He slowly stands up and says.” Sh*t! I sprained my leg. ” .

“even you fell of the bed” I remind him.

“I have an important meeting today” Billu ji says.

“you have fever. You aren’t going for work.” I order.

” I will take my medicine’s ” he says walking towards the cupboard.

He tries to open the drawer but finds it locked.

“where is the key”? he asks me. I take out the key from my pocket and spin it on my fingers.

” give it to me” he says stretching out his arms.

“Nope, I won’t allow you to take unnecessary medicines” I order.

“Who are you to order me”? Billu ji asks.
” Who are you to neglect my words”? I ask with confidence.
“if you don’t know, I am Shivaay Singh Oberoi” he proclaims.

“And I am Anika Shivaay Singh Oberoi” I say making him surprised.

“You are using my own surname against me” he asks.

“well now its also mine ” I say.
“well,you got it from me” he says.
“well,you got it from your dad”I argue back.

” What the hell guys” Omru asks.

” shut up” we both say simultaneously.

“give that to me” he commands and starts limping behind me.

“Give it to me” he says looking irritated. I stand behind Omru and deny him.

“you are businessman, Mr. Shivaay Singh Oberoi not a chemist” I say.

“you clearly know I can’t afford to get sick for even a day” Shivaay says keeping on chasing me in circles around Omru.

You think by eating a full medical shop, you will be cured? Then no rich people would die” I say while panting.

I stop due to exhaustion. Billu ji smirks in victory and walks towards me getting ready to snatch the key.

The inner Einstein in me gave me in a idea.
I put the key in my pocket and open my hands wide.

“Go on take it. I grant you permission” I say indicating my pant pocket.

Shivaay looks flustered and he remarks ” disgusting. Pervert”. He walks into the washroom and Omru and I burst out laughing.

” Anika di, you are the best” Rudra says.

“why are you guys limbing? ” om asks.

“leg sprained” I say.

“what happened yesterday that made both of you sprain your leg” Rudra teases receiving a fake slap.

“you monkey faced dumbo, we fell from the bed while fighting for the blanket” I inform making Rudra pout.

I take the key and open the draw and takes out the medicine box.

” I am going to take out the necessary medicines” as I finish saying billu ji snatches it from me.

“Give it back” I command with a stern face.

“nope. I am going for work” he says opening the box.

Suddenly Om snatches the box making billu ji scowl. “Even you are teaming up with her Om” Billu ji complains.

“Shivaay, you are sick. You should take rest” Om advises sternly.

“but I have a meeting to attend” billu ji reasons.

” I very well know that you can attend the meeting from home” Om says making Shivaay agree reluctantly.

Om and Rudra advice’s Shivaay to take rest and walks away.

I freshen up and says to Billu ji
” I will get you some hot soup” .

He agrees without arguing further. I walk downstairs and reach the kitchen. My leg pain was decelerating.

I make some hot soup.

“Good morning Anika” I heard dadi.

” good morning” I say hugging her.

“why are you preparing soup in so early” she asked.

“Billu ji has a slight fever” I say.

“oh my mata!! My billu has fever. Come Tia beta, let’s go see Shivaay. He will be better when he see’s you” pinky aunty says and snatches the soup from my hands and gives it to Tia.

“wai ..” they walk away before I could complete.

I didn’t add salt! Well, they had to walk away before listening to me.

I grab another bowl of soup and add salt and stir it.

Shivaay’s POV

I sit on the bed and covered myself in the blanket. I was waiting for Anika’s special hot soup.

Moms voice surprises me “oh my mata, my sons is sicks”.

” Shivaay baby are you fine? Have this soup, you’ll feel better. ” tia says and extends the spoon full of soup.

I slowly take the spoon and bowl from her hand making mom glare in disapproval.
As I taste a spoon of soup I spit it out.

“what is this” I ask in annoyance.

Anika’s POV

“Billu ji, I hadn’t yet added salt. Here I have a new bowl of soup” I say and rush towards him.

I sit next to him and offers a spoon of soup. ” I don’t want” billu ji chides.

“why”? I ask hearing pinky aunty and tia chuckle.

” It tasted very bad” he says childishly.

” You are calling my soup ‘bad'” I ask feeding him the soup.
“yes. it tasted like hot water” he says unknowingly drinking the soup.

” who makes soups like these”he questioned.

“well, I do” I say making him finish the soup.
” I don’t ” he says with an attitude.
“it doesn’t seem so” I say indicating the empty bowl.
I was expecting him to flush with embarrassment but surprisingly he chuckles and says ” I can’t believe that I just drank that”.

We both stare at each other in silence and burst out laughing.

” Did something happen to you billu ji” I ask in surprise seeing his unusually cool behaviour.

” Other than drinking a dangerous soup, nah” he replies making me chuckle.

Billu ji isn’t that bad.

“stop calling me billu” he says in an annoyed tone.

“Billu! Billu!Billu! Billu” I chant.

“Shut up Panika” he roars in annoyance.

I take back my words.

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