Not part of the plan ( Ishqbaaz, shivika ff) Part-4

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Recap- Shivaay saves Anika. Unfortunately yet fortunately they are forced to stay in a warehouse overnight. Media and the villagers accuse Shivika to have an affair. Anika gets humiliated and mobbed by media and other people making Shivaay take a decision of marrying Anika.


Getting married to Shivaay Singh Oberoi was not part of the plan.

I had never dreamed to get married. It was a topic I had dismissed from the days my struggles started.

It felt if I was seeing the Oberoi mansion felt like the first time. I never knew I would be standing like this, with the scarlet red vermilion and nuptial necklace.
These both were something I never knew would become part of my life.

I clutch my mungalsutra tight for assurance. Om side hugs me along with Rudra, building my confidence. I look behind to see billu ji walking towards the house, lost in thoughts.

Shivaay’s POV

Why did I ask her to get married to me? Its an established fact that I am concerned about her but I never knew it was enough for me to get married to her.

I enter the door, lost in thoughts. I certainly was not ready to face all the questions. Mom and tia will be heart broken to see the news about yesterday. I surely don’t want to see their reaction to our sudden marriage.

Everyone looks at me with a curious yet perplexed face. I could see the news channel on. My thoughts get broken due to the sudden break out in the news channel.

“Breaking News! Shivaay Singh Oberoi, one of the heir to Oberoi Oberoi industries has shockingly got married to Ms. Anika. Its rumoured to be a secret and hidden marriage”.

” This is alls fakes news” mom said in a broken voice.

Due to my internal turmoil I walk into my room.

Omkara’s POV

I along with Rudra take Anika inside. I know this isn’t Shivaay’s impulsive decision. He did the right thing. It was the only solution to this situation..

As we enter, we could hear everyone gasp seeing the mungalsutra and vermilion on Anika’s forehead.

“This is not true. My Shivaay can’t marrys this low class girl.” badi ma says panicking. I looked over to Anika who had a plain face.

” I never thought you would steal my Shivaay baby. You are totally responsible for this” Tia says pointing her fingers at Anika.

“That’s enough Tia” I raise my voice.

” No Om. This girl must have trapped my Shivaay. It was my mistake for mistaking her for a sweet girl. What else can we expect from such a girl. For good behaviour, a person needs good upbringing and nurture. What to expect from a girl who doesn’t even know who her parents are. She feel as if she is matured and independent just because she is capable to take care of her handicapped brother. That isn’t even her real brother.” Tia shouts in anger.

Tia has crossed the line. She has exceeded her limits. I could see Anika burning in anger.

Suddenly I see Shivaay standing at his rooms door with equal anger in him. Before anyone could respond Anika breaks out “Shut up Tia! I don’t care about your opinions about me. I don’t need your certificate to live in this world. Listen to me carefully, You can scream out anything about me but not about my brother. Who the hell are you to question my relationship with my brother. You call my brother handicapped? Its you who is handicapped. Handicapped at your heart. You talk bad about me and my brother just because of this vermilion and mungalsutra. I have no problem at throwing this at your feet but I respect the man who gave it to me. Ms. Tia Kapoor, you are the most insensitive person I have ever seen” Anika shouts with anguish spread all over her face.

Tia looked taken aback at Anika’s anger.

” Shivaay baby” she exclaimed in fear.

Shivaay raises his hand refraining Tia from talking further ” Tia, I think its the best that you leave. I know that its unfair to you but this is my decision. I want everyone to know that I have taken this decision wisely. Its your decision whether to accept it or not. This is my final decision ” Shivaay says and walks towards us. He grabs Anika’s hand and walks towards the room.

” if you can make a decision, then even I can. Till you accept Tia, she is going to stay here” badi ma says shocking everyone.

Shivaay ignores her words and walks away with Anika.

Anika’s POV

I sit on Shivaay’s bed. Well now its even mine. Its funny that I feel like an alien in this home which I know by heart. Shivaay walks away to the poolside and gets indulged in phone calls to lighten his own mind.

Om and Rudra walk in carrying my suitcase.
They place it on the floor and walks towards me.

” Don’t be so sad Anika di. Don’t take Badi ma’s words seriously.” Rudra says giving me a hug.

” its not her or Tia’s words that has affected me. I am not sad. I am confused. Why did billu ji marry me? Why did he start a reason to all these problems ” I ask weakly.

“he started all these small problems to end all those big problems” dadi’s voice surprises me.

I look at her doubtfully.

“Do you think the people in the society would have left you alone. They would have pestered you till death. Shivaay knows you are a strong and independent girl. He knows that you can fight your own problems but he never wanted to be the reason to your problems” dadi says with an assuring glance.

Dadi was right.
“I know Anika that Shivaay is a bit arrogant. I have faith in you and in this marriage. Everyone in this room knows that Shivaay isn’t just Stone Singh Oberoi. Deep inside he is Soft Singh Oberoi. I know all of this isn’t easy for you. Pinky is making this more harder for you. This isn’t how the house’s bahu should be treated or welcomed. I apologise on Pinky’s behalf” dadi says making me rise from the bed.

“No dadi. There isn’t anything more that I can ask from you. You accepted me. That’s all I need” I say hugging her.

“Are you hugging me or choking me to death” dadi jokes making me breaking the hug and apologise. Everyone requests me to take rest.

Dadi’s words keep recapitulating in my mind.

“He started all these small problems to end all those big problems”.

Each new day, SSO fills in a new page about him. He married me to save me.

Suddenly Sahil comes and puts an end to my mental bedlam.

” didi! Are you sad because you got married to Bhagad billa”? Sahil asks holding his crutch.

I pull him onto my lap and says ” no Sahil. I am Sad to see Pinky aunty. She isn’t a tad bit happy about this” I say.

“Please remind yourself to think about your happiness for once in a while or should I put I reminder in your phone” Billu ji’s sarcastic voice surprises me.

” I am going down for dinner. Come down fast” Shivaay says.
“Even I am coming Shivaay Bhaiyaa” Sahil says and holds Billu ji’s hands. They both walk out cracking jokes.

“When did they fall in love” I ask out loud laughing at my stupid joke.

I freshen up and walk downstairs. As I was walking towards the kitchen I heard dadi’s voice “Anika beta. Come sit down. you don’t have to do any of those works anymore. Come sit down. Let’s all have dinner” .

I reluctantly walk towards the table and suddenly Rudra sits in the vacant seat offering me a seat next to Billu ji.

“Oh my God. This new seat is so comfy. Its as soft as my skin” he says making up an excuse and admiring himself. Om chuckles at Rudra’s antics.

I sit next to Billu ji earning a glare from Pinky aunty or…ma. No I will stick with Pinky aunty or she will butcher me alive.

As I am about to start eating, Tia spills a glass of water on me.

“oh that was an accident. So sorry” tia says in a not at all regretful tone.

“its okay. I will change” I say and excuse myself.

I walk up the stairs to see my suitcase on the floor which was soaking wet.

Is this real life or some soap opera?
I chuckle at their pettiness.
I can’t go down now. They must have got some worker to do this.

I sit down on the floor with helplessness. After a few minutes billu ji comes in search of me.

“why didn’t you change and come down”? He asks.
Instantly he notices the wet clothes and sighs. ” I thought your favourite pass time was throwing water on me.” he mocks.

“I know who did this. Learn to ignore it. I will get you Priyanka’s clothes” he says.

I quickly change into the dress and go downstairs. Everyone had completed their dinner.

I awkwardly sit alone at the dining table.

” I am gonna break my diet for my Anika di” Rudra says joining me for dinner.

” I can never refuse parathas silent. says joining.

“sumo” I heard Rudra whisper. Soumya glares at him making him silent.

” Who can refuse Dadi’s tandoori chicken ” Priyanka says and Om says “You all aren’t going eat without us”.

Om pulls billu ji along.

I can fit a paratha more” dadi says.

Everyone were struggling to eat.

Such a family is enough to forget all your pain.

I slowly finish my dinner and everyone gets up in a jiffy.

“I think I should take some rest. Come Sahil, you have to sleep. You have got school tomorrow” I say.

“Who said I am sleeping with you. I am sleeping with Omru” he declares.

“you have stolen my brother” I say to Omru faking anger.

“and so have you” Rudra teases.

“Your brother can never be separated from you all” I say.

“Just like your brother can’t be stolen from you” Om completes and everyone bids goodnight.

I step into the room and Shivaay declares ” I am sleeping on the bed “.

” No! I am sleeping on the bed ” I argue.

Shivaay’s POV

“Hello this is my bed” I argue.

” You wanted to marry me”she argues back.

“you clearly know the reason why I married you” I argue again.

“nope! I am sleeping here. How about stone paper scissors?” she suggests.

I completely forget the childishness in her suggestion and agree.

“Stone,Paper scissors” Anika screams and indicates ‘stone’ by curling her fist.

I close four of my fingers leaving my thumb in the spur of the moment.

“what the hell do you call that” Anika teases.

” that is a mixture of stone and paper” I say foolishly.

Well done Shivaay! You deserve a pat on the back.

Like seriously! Who says that?

“oh yeah” Anika says sarcastically and jumps on to the bed.

“you didn’t win” I complain.

“neither did you” she says.

“okay fine. you on the right and I sleep on the left” I say placing pillows in the middle.

As I off the lights and lay down, Anika warns”don’t you dare come near me”.

“as if I want to” I say .

After fifteen minutes, Anika had kicked the pillows in three different directions and draped her hands around me hugging me tightly.

How can someone sleep like this?

I slowly make her sleep properly and pull the bed sheet over myself.
I snuggle on to the bed sheet.
As I was about to slip into sleep, Anika pulls the blanket to her side.

Angrily,I pull the blanket back. She was wide awake now.

“I want the blanket” she complains pulling it.

” This is mine” I complain and pull it on my side resulting on both of us to fall on the ground.

“oww” I wince in pain while she hisses in pain.

I manage to climb up on the bed. She raises her hand seeking help.
As I had no option, I lift her up.

“Stupid Singh Oberoi” she mutters.

“what”? I ask angrily.

” I was just saying Sweet Singh Oberoi ” she lies.

I off the light and says ” I heard you.

Within five minutes, Anika had her hand draped around me.

I am not even gonna try!

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