Not part of the plan ( Ishqbaaz, shivika ff) Part-3

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Let the drama begin. *drum roll*

Shivaay’s POV

“billu ji” I heard her soft voice.

Somehow those most irritating words soothed me beyond relief just like the feeling of snuggling on to the blanket on a rainy morning.

“Shivaay! How?… ” Gayathri seemed flabbergasted.
Roop had a snappish expression which was soon replaced by a fake sad face with tears falling.

“Shivaay beta, this lady kidnapped me too” she said carrying on with her crocodile tears.

“Don’t even waste your time. I traced this location through your phone after getting to know your truth” I say walking further towards them.

Her initial shock gets displaced by a smirk.

“So you have figured it out. So fast!! Impressive!” she exclaims.

“So you want it the hard way or are you gonna leave her” I asked standing next to them.

“billu ji!!Look out” Anika says pointing behind me. I instantly duck in reflex to a goon behind me. I crouched to the floor making the goon hit Gayathri.

“You idiot” Gayathri wailed making Roop fall to the ground in surprise.

In this small gap, I hit the goon and grab Anika’s hand and run outside.

We rushed towards the car and I start driving. As we drive off the hidden tension inside me slowly condensed.

I slowly stopped the car and asked ” y..your okay right?”
As I was waiting for her reply she shockingly hugged me.

Saying that I am flustered is an understatement.

An unknown emotion in me drives me to reciprocate the hug.

“Your okay right”? I ask still hugging her.

She slowly breaks the hug and nods creating an awkward silence.
” I guess we should inform Om” I say lightening the mood.

“fhat the wuck” I shout in anger.

“what happened”? Anika asked with a concerned tone.

” My phone just got hanged” I say in an angry tone.

“Don’t worry billu ji. Why worry when Anika is here. I have my phone.” she says making me roll my eyes.

“Now you should understand the importance of small phones” Anika asks dramatically.

“ya ya” I say with an annoyed expression.

She dials the number and points towards her phone and gives a self praising look.

Suddenly her face flushes in embarrassment.

“What” I ask curiously.
“balance is over” she says refusing to keep eye contact.
“now I understand the real meaning of small phones” I say sarcastically.

I decide to drive home to reach earlier. I try to start the car but fail.

“This has to happen now” I exclaim with an exasperated sigh.

Anika’s POV

A series of unfortunate events occurred.

Our phones are dead, the car isn’t working and now we are inside a small warehouse in a small village. For the icing on the top, its raining.

” Shit its so cold” billu ji says hugging himself.

Shivaay’s POV

” This is what you rich people should understand. Inside your big houses, you all don’t even know when its raining but for people like me there are hundreds of issues to handle.” she says with many of emotions running
through her face.

I give a slight smile and we spent hours in meaningful silences. It never felt good in such silences. After all its once in a blue moon that you get to see a silent Anika.

Anika’s POV
I look at billu ji to see him sleeping in silence. I walk up to him and sit on my knees.

I know you look limitlessly cute but I am limitlessly hungry too.

” billu ji” I tap his shoulder. He stirred in his sleep and faces the other side.

I sit down in defeat and try to fight my hunger with sleep.

After all his cuteness did defeat my hunger.

I slowly slip into deep slumber.

Shivaay’s POV

The morning rays woke me up with a cold wind. I snuggle closely into my blanket. Its such a comfortable blanket expect that it has a head, long hair and a pair hands wrapped around me. I open my eyes in surprise to see Anika with her hands wrapped around me.

I slowly tap her calling out ” Anika! wake up”.

She slowly opens her eyes battling with the light. She looks directly at me then suddenly jumps after realising our position.

Awkwardness was blowing in the air.

” I should go get a mechanic” I exclaim breaking the silence.

As I was about to open the door Anika pulled me back with a jerk making me thrust both of us backward. I pull away with anger and as I am about to shout, she closes my mouth with her hands.

“billu ji!!can’t you hear whispers from outside” Anika says making me try to hear intently.

I hear silent whispers from outside. I slowly open the window to peak .

“What the hell” I whisper yell.

“kya hua billu ji” Anika asks.

The whole village is outside along with some media.

Suddenly we heard the media people trying to talk in a small voice

“It has been alleged that one. the most eligible bachelor and business tycoon Mr. Shivaay Singh Oberoi has been spotted by some villagers yesterday night. He is reported to be with a girl in this warehouse, who is suspected to be Ms.Anika, his wedding planner. What is Mr. Shivaay Singh Oberoi doing here?What about his fiance Ms. Tia Kapoor?” they speak.

Anika’s POV

What will we do? Oh my God

“We have to go out ” Shivaay says pinching his nose bridge.

I peaked out to see Om and Rudra outside trying to clear all the misconceptions but they ended in vain.

“Anika” Shivaay looks at me with a serious yet tensed expression.

“we have to go out. I don’t want Om and Rudra to get more involved in this” I say confidently.

“you know the consequences of this decision. Right?” Shivaay asks coming and stand next to me.

I nod positively.
Shivaay slowly opens the door and gets mobbed with all the paparazzi.

I walk outside earning a few gasps and Shivaay gets bombarded with questions.

“I will answer all questions but let the lady pass. She had a traumatic day” Shivaay says and Rudra and Om takes me to the car.

I have to be strong.

“Anika di! Are you alright” Rudra asks with concern in a tender voice.
.I nod with a fake smile.
“I know this situation isn’t easy. You don’t need act strong in front of us. No girl can be fine with a situation that you are facing.” Om says.

A few tears fall rebelling against my protests. I instantly wipe my tears and says ” Om, I am not just any girl. Not all girls have lost their parents. Not all girls have a painful past. Not all girls have to fight with life everyday. I am strong enough to handle this situation “.

Suddenly the door of the car opens and billu ji sits down closing the door.

” What happened bhaiyaa”? Rudra asks.

“You know the media. Always jumping to conclusions.” Shivaay says as the car starts running .

” I wanna go home ” I declare earning the trio’s attention.

” but how will you stay alone ” Om asks.

I want some time alone .

” even Sahil is at our house” Rudra says.

” I just want to go home” I say adamantly.

“bhaiyaa!! Tell Anika di to come” Rudra pleads.

“She needs some time alone” Shivaay says reading my mind.

Om and Rudra finally agree and we reach my house.
I walk home alone with many thoughts running in my head.
I knew that I was receiving many judgemental glances and glares and even a few curses.

I suddenly notice a group of media running towards me. Within seconds they surround me and starts their rapid fire.
I started loosing my strength.
I tried to remain strong.
” What the hell is going on here”? I hear billu ji’s voice.

“I had already told she had a difficult day. I don’t know why there is a need for a media in this form. Media should help people not disturb them. ” Shivaay completes and pulls me along.

“What will we do now”? I ask in a broken and defeated voice.

” we..we are getting married ” he stutters.

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