Not part of the plan ( Ishqbaaz, shivika ff) Part 2

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Roop’s POV

” I don’t get it. Why would we kidnap this girl for blackmailing Shivaay” Gayathri asks raising her hands in annoyance and curiosity.

“You don’t know this girls value” Roop’s says with a smirk pointing at Anika laying unconscious on the floor.

” You know I stayed at Oberios for a few days before they threw Mr out. One thing I can say clearly is that after his family, the only person Shivaay cares for is this Anika” Roop’s says with a serious look.

” if you are right then this is the key to all our problems ” Gayathri says with a smirk.

Shivaay’s POV

How can I be so irresponsible? If I made sure she was alright more early then the matter wouldn’t have gone out of our hands.

“Shivaay” I hear a stern voice, which breaks my thoughts.

” yes” I say with a flustered face.

” How many times did I call your name. Where are you lost? We have reached her house” Om exclaims.

” I… leave it. let’s go inside” I say getting out of the car and rushing towards the door. I ring the calling bell, which gets opened in an instant revealing a crying Sahil.

Rudra and Om comes and stands next to Sahil.

Sahil let’s us inside and asks while sobbing ” will my di be okay” ?

Om and Rudra sits on their knees and Om says ” don’t worry Sahil. Your di will be back home soon.”

” yes Sahil. Don’t worry. Bhaiyaa will obviously find her. After all Anika di is his personal water tank ” Rudra says and starts laughing at his on joke.

Shivaay and Om glared at Rudra and hisses ” Shut up Rudra”.

Rudra keeps mum and pouts, again earning a glare.
“Sahil, can you tell me the last time your di called you”? Shivaay asks.

” She called me in the afternoon. Exactly at 1:15″ he says checking his phone

“okay. My meeting was from 1:00 to 1:30. This means she went missing between 1:15 to 1:30. I will get all the CCTV camera’s checked” I say and call up the authorities.

” Damn it! There wasn’t any camera’s outside ” I exclaim after hanging up.

Suddenly I get a call from the unknown number.

This has got to be the typical cliche call from the kidnapper’.

I picked up the call to hear a familiar voice ” I know you are expecting this call Mr. Shivaay Singh Oberoi.”

“Gayathri” I guess.

” Yes. Its me Gayathri. So let’s not beat around the bush. I want something small in return for your dearest friend Anika.” Gayathri says chuckling.

” what is it” I say directly wanting to get to the topic.

“Its nothing much. I just want your brothers small art gallery.”she says.

” what in the living world! That’s my brothers hard work your asking for” I roar in anger.

“its your choice Mr. Shivaay” she says and hangs up.

I quickly explain her demand.

” Shivaay, my hard work isn’t greater than a life” Om says.

” What are you saying Om? Don’t even think that I am going to give up all your hard work so easily”
I say with anguish.

“But Anika” he says rising from the ground.
” I will deal with that. Don’t worry Sahil, just like your Om bhaiya said your di will be back home soon” I say ruffling Sahil hair with a smile.

I turn around to see Om and Rudra with open mouths.

“What”? I ask eying them suspiciously.

” You just talked sweetly to a person other than your family ” they say in a monotonous voice.

“The arrogant, insensitive, rude,narrow minded SSO is behaving in a civilised manner. Today crows will fly upside down” Rudra says.

“Hello, you are talking about your brother not a road side goon” I say angrily.

” Sorry” Rudra says pouting.

” On a serious note, Om you take Sahil along with you guys. I will take care of every thing else” I say with a serious face.

“You are sure that you will be fine all by yourself”? Om asks

I nod and they finally drive away.

I will find you Anika and I will not let Om’s hard work go so fast.
I inform the police in a hurry.
I ask the authorities to trace up the last call but it finally ended in vain.

I guess I have to go to the police station and talk to them directly.

As I was about to exit Anika’ house compound I hear a lady talking.

I peek in through the window to see Anika’s bus on the phone whispering ” SSO just left”.

This means she surely knows where Anika is.

I walk into the house and confront her bus.

“where is Anika” I ask

” don’t say you don’t know because I just heard your whole conversation. If you don’t say, you know what will happen” I say flashing my phone with ‘100’ dialled.

” I don’t know where she is. That’s the truth. A lady came up to me and offered me money and told me to keep her updated about where Anika went and is” she confesses.

” call her now ” I order.
She agrees in fear and calls her up.

“hello” I hear another familiar voice as it is in speaker mode

“Any new updates” the lady on the other side asked.

“Mam I.. I accidentally called you” she said panicking.

” I know you must be scared. its okay. I will trace the call but I am taking this phone” I say

I immediately get the number traced. As I was about to save the number on to my phone, so that I don’t misplace it somehow, I notice that the number has already been saved.

it was saved under Roop’s Aunty’s name.
She is the one along with Gayathri. I can’t believe this.

I set aside my shock and start driving towards the location the authorities had traced.

“This is some kind of forest. Well obviously it has to be a silent and isolated place” I speak to myself.

I spot an old warehouse, I make sure that I don’t make any sound . I slowly enter to see Gayathri and Roop aunty discussing something.

Anika’s POV

I slowly open my eyes as I get attacked by bright light. Slowly my eyes flutters and I finally manage to adjust to the lighting.
Suddenly I feel excruciating pain on my head. I involuntarily catch my head and wince in pain.

” where am I ” I mumble to myself.
I look around to see Gayathri and…..Roop aunty.

I can’t remember anything properly. I was waiting for billu ji’s meeting to get over then… then someone dragged me off and. . hit me on my head. Does this mean Gayathri and Roop aunty is behind all this?

I try to get up but suddenly Roop rushes towards me. ” you are not moving an inch” she says walking towards me.

I struggle to stand up and Roop raises her hand to slap me.

Before she could slap me I hear a familiar voice ” don’t even think about touching her “.

I follow the voice and see Billu ji walking in.

” billu ji” I whisper.


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