Hi i am kunj sarna this is start of my profession as a doctor i love my job nd very exited to see patient making recovery so much early but one day my life change when i saw her lying infront of me LIFELESS my feet froze on the ground she infront of me my love nd my bestfriend TWINKLE who is not aware of any feeling of mine but i have to save her at any cost she meet with an accident she was passing the road when a bus hit her she fot several head nd spinal injuries No one has any hope that will recover they all are hopeless but my heart say that…


nd i am here dressing her after dressing we shifted her to ICU my heart is broken but i stay strong every senior said that she has nothing left she will die for sure they are hopeless thats why they ask me to shift her to normal ward but fight for her bcuz i saw her moving her lil finger nd i think that ALL IS NOT LOST they give me a chance but one day i got orders to go mumbai for higher trainings i don’t wanted to go but my an another frnd take her responesbility i have flight next i am going for 3 longgg months i do my packing with half heartedly nd reach airport but my mind is occupied by her thoughts i reach mumbai their my training start there is not a single that kunj not missed his twi but wht to do any how 3 months passed my flight landed in amritsar i just rushed to hospital as i enter in his room her bed is occupied by someone else my feet froze on ground i do not have strength to ask WHAT HAPPENED i am just standing when i feel a pat on my shoulder somehow i turn nd some one hug me as tight as he/she can after sometime i broke the hug nd look at the her yeah there she is all fit my happiness new no bound she hug me again but she tell something in my ear

t: i love u Kunj sarna

wait did i heared it correctly she broke the hug nd noddes her head cutely

yeah i tell him how much i love him he was shocked but after some time come to reality nd i am in air lifted by him bcuz he is so much happy finally he say I LOVE U TOO twi nd after 1 year we got married

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  1. Twinj2000

    That is so cute ????
    Loved it ❤️❤️
    Keep posting
    Waiting ??

  2. Fenil

    loved it

  3. Presha

    Iska part 1 kaha h
    Tune apna os 2 baar post kia h
    Love u
    Post soon

  4. Amazing os

  5. wow so cute !
    luved it
    keep writing
    keep smiling

  6. Ananya_DSK

    Short and way too sweeeet!! How adorable is that!!
    You portrayed it so beautifully..

  7. cute os dear fantastic
    luv u dear

  8. Cute
    Would have been better if u made it long

  9. Fantastic os dear
    Loved it
    Keep writing

  10. Marrie


  11. Awsm…. I Luvd it yr… And got it also that from where u took the story ????….
    Luv u…

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