She was not like others (Shot-4) SwaSan by Soumya

The next day when i reach college I was very sad and full of guilt. I didn’t knew what she will think of me or maybe she can end out friendship. Oh god !! Why I have done this.

My chain of thoughts broke when i saw SwaLak sitting and chatting. She was looking so beautiful as always.

When i went to her to apologize for yesterday she was normal, she just wish me good morning as we both do the same everyday i wished her back. It was like she didn’t remember anything of yesterday night. Ohh yeah how can i forget she was not like others.

After some time she went out because of some work now i was alone with Laksh and i was at my best chance to ask him about Swara.

I told him everything about the night. He was very shocked. He asked me “what did she replied?”
“She just slapped me”
Lucky started laughing like a mad. I gave him dead glares so he stopped.
I asked him why he stopped me to propose her at night, I think he knew it that she will do something like that.

Laksh-I want to tell you something about Swara’s PAST.

Mentioning Swara’s PAST he makes me worried.

He continued…
“Her parents had love marraige. They loved each other a lot since their college life. So they decided to marry each other but their parents were not ready as her dad was marwari and mom was bengali but Swara’s nani supported them so finally they get married but Swara’s grandparents never accepted them. They used to live separately. After some months Swara was born. When her father got to know that her mother gave birth to a girl. He leaved from the hospital even without seeing Swara’s face. And he never came back. Her mother waited for him for 10 years but still he didn’t came. Her mother became mentally unstable. Swara did her studies by scholarship as she was very good at studies. And even my parents help her sometimes as she didn’t take anyone’s help. We are neighbours from childhood her mother and my mother were very good friends. From that time she doesnot believe in LOVE.

I was feeling very bad for her and even my respect for her increased. She is very strong girl. But i have to make her beleive in LOVE.


I hope you all will like it do comment?? and if you are in whattpad tell your id is soumyavk

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    So she hate Love.
    Awesome chappy Bhootni.

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