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So here we are with mission SONA BHABHI step 1

Recap: Dev’s bff Jatin makes a plan to make dev and SONAKSHI devakshi

Jatin:arre haan dev voh na mujhe puchna tha ki yeh baat tere aur mere alaava aur kise pata hai
Dev:no one
Jatin: no one more person knows this
Dev:No useless jokes please.. As you say THUSS
Jatin:bro I am serious
Vicky: voh hum hain bachcha

(Vicky is a bff of Dev and Jatin coz the writer of this ff is kind to the readers she won’t introduce any villian till the actual story of devakshi starts)??
Jatin:Since Vicky also knows this I think we should include him in mission SONA BHABHI
Vicky: voh toh mai pehle se hi tha na. Kya joti paraya kar dia????
Dev:leave it now tell me the plan
Jatin:step 1 we will I mean me and Vicky will befriend Sonakshi and then slowly we will try to learn her feelings
Dev and Vicky: Flop
Jatin:Kya karein fir
Vicky: jealous karo bhabhi Ji ko
Jatin:90s ke idea kahan se laata hai
Vicky: 90s se
Dev:90s ka idea hai par kaam abhi bhi karta hai
Jatin: are you serious
Jatin:but pehle unko dekh le hum intro kar le at least pata toh ho bhabhi kaun h
Vicky: right so tomorrow morning we’ll go to her house

Next morning
Vicky and Jatin go to Sona’s flat and press the doorbell button.. Ting tong
Elena opens the door
Vicky:Elena tum
Elena: what tum?? This is my house only if you try to come out of your mechanics then I’d like to show you that here it’s written BOSE’S
(Vicky is doing mechanical engineering)
Vicky: so miss English honours we are not here to listen to your machmach we wannna meet your sister
Elena: ohh! Wait why do you wanna meet her
Vicky:shut up and call her
Elena:if you were not in my college I would have..
Vicky: kya karti tum
Jatin:ohk wait wait guys. Do you know each other
Elena:so Mr kya aap aise kisi ajnabee se baat karte ho
Jatin:sorry madam but how do you know each other
Elena and Vicky: same college
Jatin:carry on I’ll come tomorrow

Jatin leaves and they keep quarreling


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