Hey guys firstly I would like to welcome all your joota chappals and sorry sorry sorry sorry for being late for 13 days !! My schools got started and all the cycle tests and homework impression jamana hota hai na?? I promised to be regular but I broke it and due to some wrong errors the title appeared as episode 3 but it’s the 6th one Sorry for errors and making you all wait for 13 days


Recap:Everyone was excited for putting up the stalls but Sonakshi twisted her ankle

Dev:Ms Bose don’t worry you take care of yourself.
Sona:I wanted to put them Mr Dixit
Dev:don’t worry everything will be ready
Sona: food???
Dev: I said don’t worry
Dev:trust me
Sona:I do
Dev: leave it on me
Sona:ouch. How will I go to bed

Dev picked her up in his arms and carefully put her on the bed

Dev’s POV
Yeh kitchen se bedroom tak ka safar tha toh chota but tha bohot memorable. Kaash ghar thoda aur bada hota

Sona’s POV
Yeh ho kya raha hai. I felt like heaven in his arms. I can afford 10 more wounds like this for Mr Dixit. What is this??
(Inhe kya batayein kya hua hai)
POV ends……….

Next day Sona manages to come down and is amazed to see the stall fully put up and here comes aur hero

Dev:so how is it Miss khargosh
Sona:awesome Mr obodro
Dev:ab bhi obodro
Sona:ab bhi khargosh. Ab bas evening ka intezaar

Evening the fete is set up and devakshi’s pav bhaji is being loved by the people

Dev: see Miss Bose people love our work
Sona: yes our work

Just then Nikki arrives

Nikki:wow devakshi you have done a great job

Dev’s POV
Wow great job Nikki maza hi aa gaya isse kehte hai Behan aaj ise iska favourite phone dilaunga??????

Sona’s POV
Sounds great Nikki awesome DEVAKSHI???uff he’s making me mad

The organizers come on the stage with the mic and announce about the party on the following day

Sona:Ab mai iss toote pair ke saath kaise jaaungi party me??
Dev: You won’t come
Sona: how will I ??
Dev: I won’t come too
Nikki:mai yahi hu
Nikki rocked devakshi shocked

The night
Dev beta you have fallen for a girl a girl you meet at the grocery store a girl you fought with a girl who fought with you and you don’t even know what she thinks about you. Ma likes her but what about SONAKSHI how will I know about her feelings God bless me.

Someone was listening to Dev from outside

Dev:who is it
Person:Iss duniya m do tarah ke log hote hai ek Jo apni feelings ko prakat karte hai aur dusre DEV DIXIT
Person is our jatin dev’s bff
Jatin:kismat ke lekhe kisne dekhe
Kaun jaane zindagi me kya ho
Saath chalte chalte raahe juda ho
Dev:breakup ho gaya kya tera??
Jatin:Tere liye gaa raha hu
Dev:kyu bro?
Jatin:paraya kar diya..
Vaise yeh SONAKSHI kaun hai??
Dev:sun liya
Jatin:koi shaq
Dev:jab sun liya toh pooch kyu raha hai
Jatin:Ma ke sanskaar!!?
Dev: oh sanskaari help me
Jatin:I know what you want Devrath Dixit
Dev: then help me please
Jatin: haath Mila. Let’s get ready for mission Sona BHABHI ?

PRECAP: Jatin befriends Sona. Step 1 of mission Sona BHABHI

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  1. Richa144

    So Mr Dixit realised his feelings.. Good

  2. AditiB

    Dil garden garden ho gya… yaar buss unlogon ka divorce mat krana kabhi bhi…mai already uss dukkhh me nadiyaan baha chuki hoon aur nhi bahana behna….Thank you for a united DevAkshi

    1. Harshita1407

      Aap chinta mat karo kyunki uss nadi m mai bhi doob chuki hu

  3. Sgatik

    Mission sona bhabhi. Exciting. Post next soon

  4. V.V.harshita

    ….awesome Dev realised his feelings…post soon dear

  5. Darshana

    Phle toh i am angry with u..itna late koi hota hai kya???..but chal iss bar maff kiya…episode toh ??????..tha
    ma ke sanskar wala dialogue???
    post soon iss bar don’t get late!?

    1. Harshita1407

      Sorry pakka iss baar late nahi

  6. Aarti32

    It was awesome..I’m reading it for d first time I guess!!
    Congratulations for your 10 CGPA.. which standard r u in??

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      Thank you and now I am in 10th

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        Oh..So dis was your result of 9th standard..Mere to badi mushkil se 8.8 aye the??

  7. Riti1107

    Joote chappal marne ka irada to tha but then episode itna awesome tha ki …. Ki… Jao maaf kia
    Tum bhi kya yaad rakhogi
    Jatin me Ritwik ka bhoot ghus gaya
    Do tarah ke log????
    Mission Sona Bhabhi interesting

  8. Akshita

    Wowww the episode was awesome
    loved the nikki part?❤
    post soon
    lots of love ??

  9. ShrutiP

    Lovely episode Harshitha…
    And Congo for 10 GPA
    Love you..
    Post soon…???

  10. Manya

    Dev babu hum bhi aapko DEVAKSHI bulate hai humein toh kabhi phone nhi diya???
    Post soon
    Love u??

  11. Rekhadhir

    Nice episode
    Post soon

  12. Awesome episode

  13. Priya12

    I m sry for late cmt dr..
    It was amazing dr…
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