I am not your kaala teeka anymore. {.Intro.}

Hei guyz i am not thinking to make kali guari kaala teeka. I am new here and i have really liked kaala teeka. So i thought to write a FF on this show. My FF will start when manjri will die and vishwa will go to jail and guari will go with her aunty and uncle. Kali start to do jobs and then after success she went to London. And is happy with her life. Kali have changed her name and its kavya. So lets start the FF. And guyz do comment. Hope u all will like it.????❤❤

The FF begins with.
A girl standing and her back is shown she is talking to someone and say no i cant come.
She take a turn and its shown that its kali aka kavya.
Kali. I cant come.
Man. But the company need u and they also want to meet u.
Kali. So cancel the deal.
Man. We can’t do it. It will be a big loss for us.
Kali. Ok great then i will come..
She cut the call.
Kali. Now i have to go back to India.
Great then i will leave then. Will take my private plane and will come back after deal. That’s it.
She goes out and take her car and leave.
She reach the airpot and take the plane and leave.✈✈✈✈✈✈.
After some hours she reached her destiny and leave for the office.

Malik company.
A big car come and our beautiful kali comeout from the car. People welcome her and she goes in.
Kali. When is the meeting.
PA. After 15 Mins.
Kali. Ok tell then i am in my office.
PA. Ok madam.
Kali. Ok.
She leaves to the office and watch outside and feel the place..
Kali. I am missing u manji maa.
A tear drop from her eye.
Then suddenly someone come from the back and say.
Boy. Kavya Malik.
She take a turn to see the person.
Boy. Hei its yug singh.
Kali. Kavya malik.
Yug. Oh nice name.
Kali. Let start the meeting.
After meeting.
Yug. We will do the deal but..
Kali. But.
Yug. You have to be in India so that we can telm our plan to u.
Kali. What???. But my stuff is here.
Yug. No we can’t trust them sorry. If you want the contrect then.
Kalk thinks for sometime and say OK.
Yug. Ok i will meet u tommorow and we will start the work.
Kali. Ok. Which time.
Yug. 08:00 PM.
Kali. So late.
Yug. U have to compromise with it. Ok then bye.
Kali. Oh ok then bye.
He leaves and she leave also.

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  1. It was nice yaar especially kali charecter was nice

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