you are not just my love. you are my life. episode 9


Qubool hai, Swaragini

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*Sorry for late update, Actually I had went to Hawaii to visit my cousins so I couldn’t post the episode…*

The scene begins with a guy holding the goons hand.. Swara says tum (you) and hugs him.. It is revealed that it was Sanskar who came to rescue her… Sanskar hesitantly hugs her back and caresses her hair saying: don’t worry Swara.. now I’m here nah? I will save you from these people… Sanskar walks forward like the way Kali (Sharukh khan) walks in DILWALE… Sanskar then puts both his hands in his pocket and stares at the goons like a boss… there are 4 guys and they stare at Sanskar.. Sanskar then goes near them and all of a sudden makes a crying face pleasing with both his hands…
Sanskar: please… don’t do anything to me… I don’t even know that girl so let me go…
Swara gives a shocking expression and looks at Sanskar angrily…
One of the guys say: how dare you stop us????another guy stares him and Sanskar starts running being scared… Swara also runs following Sanskar…
Swara (while running) says: wow… you were acting like a hero and now see what happen ..
Sanskar: why are you following me?? You want to kill me with you also..
Swara: you are such a coward
Sanskar: stop talking and start to run faster or else they will catch you.
Swara: I can’t run.. can’t you see I’m wearing high heels… Sanskar forwards his hands an they run together holding hands (yeh fitoor mera plays…) after a while they see an old house and go in there to hide… the goons leave not seeing them anywhere… the guard comes and locks the door oblivious to the fact that Swasan are in there…

Isolated place
Sanam comes down the car wearing beautiful reddish kind of saree with black lines in between. Her hair starts blowing by the wind and her big earrings are shown… as she looks forward.. she sees an aisle beautiful decorated with flowers… her eyes turn different directions in confusion… she sees a note written saying “go straight” she walks on top of the flowers and soon red roses start showering on her… finally she reaches her destination…there Ahil was standing in front of her with 2 chairs and a table… Ahil was wearing black blazer and was looking damn handsome… Ahil soon pulls the chair and ask Sanam to sit. Sanam smiles and takes a seat.
Sanam: what’s all this?
Ahil smiles
Sanam snaps her finger: hello! I’m asking you a question here…
Ahil gets off his seat and forwards his hand asking sanam for dance.. Sanam denies at first then later agrees . They start dancing romantically (bol na halke halke plays..)

After a while, Ahil starts to get down on his knee while Sanam looks on being boggled.
Ahil: I have been wanting to say this since forever but I didn’t know how to tell you or I didn’t had courage… actually, I think I fell in love with you… I know that I’m a prince, no doubt, but will you please be my princess? (Junoon plays..)
Sanam: looks on shocked and says: nahi! (No)

Question of the day: how will Swara and Sanskar get out from the old house? Why did Sanam said no to Ahil?

Credit to: guess. who am I?

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  1. What oh c’mon?? why did sanam said no? Hmmmm interesting pls update asap i. Wanted to seee whts gonna happen next? Love you?? pls update soon!

  2. Ohhmyy y did sanam say no 2 aahil?waiting 4 de nextt episode??

  3. interesting yaar…asusual awesome…

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