you are not just my love. you are my life. episode 7


Swaragini, Qubool Hai

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Sanam comes and knocks on Ahil’s room.. Ahil says come in while holding files on his hand… as he looks up, he was surprised to see that it was Sanam.
Ahil: Sanam!
Sanam: I came to ask you to sign because we need your signature to go on with the deal.
Ahil: I didn’t said your name to ask you why you came because you can come here anytime, you don’t have to knock..after all you are mine.
Sanam: ohhh wait… what???
Ahil: yeah… you are mine…. Friend!
Ahil laughs while Sanam makes cute face.
Ahil gets off from his chair and walks around Sanam… he rest his head on Sanam’s shoulder while Sanam lightly smiles.
Ahil: you are really special! I don’t know why but every time I see you, my heart skips a beat.. My brother always say this line but today I get the true meaning of it… I can feel it… is it love or??
Sanam: what are you saying Ahil… are you out of your mind? I think you have gone mad
Ahil: yes! I have gone mad! I got crazy in your love.

Swara goes to radio station and says: good morning Mumbai!! Today, the question is: would you sacrifice anything for your love? Because if you don’t sacrifice than it’s not true love.. Am I right?
A guy calls and says: no.. I won’t sacrifice anything, but if my wife don’t then I will leave her.
Another guy calls: love is fake anyways so I don’t care.
A girl calls: I won’t sacrifice anything. Who in the world would do that? I’d rather find another guy and elope with him if I have to do all these sacrifice and stuff.
Many more calls and Swara gets tired of listening all those stuff. Swara thinks: don’t know what happen to this world.. There again! She gets another call.
Swara: yes?
Guy: I’m sorry, but I disagree with the question you asked about sacrifice.. If I fall in love then, I of course will do anything for her, but love always doesn’t mean sacrificing. You need to learn how to compromise to be in a healthy relationship. Even if I have to die for her than I would die smiling, but why to think about future… I would enjoy every moment living with her so I can die with a smile on my face. I don’t want her to sacrifice anything for me, all I want is love and trust from her. Even if she gets the thought in her mind that she have to sacrifice everything for me then I will love her unconditionally that she will get those kind of thoughts out of her mind. Thank you.
Swara gets on to thinking: may I know your name? What a great thinking you have..i wish every men in this world would be like you.
Guy: thank you and once again sorry. I don’t want to reveal my name…he ends call.

Swara immediately calls shlok.
Shlok: why did you call at this time?
Swara: ohh! I see how it is.. You don’t want to talk to me?
Shlok: its nothing like that. It’s just that you never call me at this time so I asked.
Swara: by the way, I know that it was you who was answering the question on radio. Am I right?
Shlok: I don’t know. Are you right?

Sanam: Ahil sir…
Ahil looks at her angrily
Sanam: why you giving me that look? I called you sir.
Ahil: exactly, don’t call me sir… I’m just Ahil.
Sanam: ok Ahil… actually.. I don’t know
Ahil: relax! I was just messing around with you.. Who would like a girl with a face that matches with monkey??? (Laughs) Sanam pats him on his chest and hugs him.

Question of the day: who was that guy who answered Swara’s question? Was Ahil really joking around with Sanam?

Credit to: guess. who am I?

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  1. very very nice ..that guy is sanskar or I in swaras language shlok …n sahil part was also very nice

  2. Awsm…..

  3. Yeah he was sanskaar and I think swati is swara

  4. sanskriti ( die hard fan of swasan )

    Di it was awsm superb incredible story swara’s question were answered by sanky aka shlok and I think ahil with be joking or may not be joking with sanam I m not confirmed anyways story was a hit luv u loads ?

  5. Omg i loved it no ahil was not joking he was in love with her and also pls play tunes after love moments like sahil’s junoon plays or swara and shankar ‘s tune plays and love you you are awesome! Pls asap update soon!

    1. guess. who am I?

      Thanks sarah and i will surely note down the points….

  6. Hah wow sahil n swasan is soo cute..dat guy who answered is sanky n i dont think aahil wuz jokin?

    1. guess. who am I?

      Thank you Sanju…

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