you are not just my love. you are my life. episode 6


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Swara and Sanam reach home at the same time.
Sumi: finally, you guys came home… How was the day today, Sanam?
Swara: you didn’t ask me…
Sumi: I don’t have to because I already know everything… you go to radio station to say good morning to everyone and talk few words about love … don’t know where you go after that!!
Nani: I know! She probably goes to meet her boyfriend.
Sanam: yes I agree… she seems lost this days… who is it? Tell me…
Swara: di! Stop teasing me
Swara goes and pulls nani’s cheeks saying: you are so cute, my young nani but I don’t have any boyfriend…
Sanam: nani! Why are you so interested in talking about boyfriends?

Nani smiles: even I had a boyfriend in you guys age.
Sanam and Swara burst into laughing and say in unison: anybody would fall in love with our nani because she is so cute…
Nani: yes.. Guys used to follow me… I was so hot…
Sanam: Swara! Did you see that ? Nani is blushing… they give high five to each other..
Sumi: ma! What are you teaching to kids?
Nani: what’s wrong with it? Let them enjoy life and even you had boyfriend when u were their age… I mean! Sumi!
Nani gets tensed and Sumi gets sad and walks away while Sanam is teary eyes… Swara looks on.

Maheshwari household.
Its silence and everyone is on the dinning table…Tick! Tick! The clock is moving… it was 7:59pm… DP (durgaparsad) looks at his watch and says start eating now right after the clock hits 8 button… everyone starts to eat.
Ahil: ma… guess what ????

Everyone stare at him and Dilshad gives fake smile murmuring:
what are u doing Ahil??
DP looks at Ahil and Ahil says: sorry… ok fine. I won’t talk…ok? Please! Don’t give me that look. Sanskar looks at Ahil and wants to laugh but controls himself seeing DP’s angry face… DP walks away after finishing his food… everyone stare and each other and gives high five..
Utara: finally, dad left… now we can have fun.

Sanskar: I know right.. This Ahil couldn’t even control to talk about his nonsense.
Ahil: that’s why I’m Ahil. Different than everyone else.
Dilshad: what did you wanted to say.
Ahil: actually, I got mad at Sanskar bhai for forcing me to join office, but now I enjoy it… I love going to office everyday.. Sanskar bhai, you don’t have to worry about anything, you can roam around and be relaxed… I’m there to handle things.
Dilshad: finally, my son got matured.

Sanskar: he always was, he just acts to be immature so that he can get away with things easily…ahil laughs.

Swara gets a phone call and goes out to talk in the terrace. Beep! Beep! Sanam’s phone buzzes. As she looked up on the screen, she was surprised… it was from Ahil.
Sanam thinks: should I answer him or not?? After all, he dropped me today in front of everyone and didn’t even apologize so why should? Whatever it is, he is my boss so I should.
As she opens her messages, she was shocked to see what ahil had wrote. Ahil had texted her saying: I’m really sorry. I didn’t mean to drop you… will you please forgive me.
Sanam replied: it’s ok…you are my boss so…
Ahil: will you be my friend?
Sanam: am dreaming or what?
Ahil: you are not dreaming madam… it’s real life..
Sanam feels eembarrassed
Ahil out of nowhere says: I love you
Sanam (shocked): what?

Ahail: yes… I love you as a friend…
Sanam gets relieved and says: thank god… I love you too.
Ahil gets shocked: what????
Sanam sends laughing emoji: yes! I love you too…. As a friend???

Swara is on the phone.
Swara: Shlok… I really miss you
Shlok: why are you calling me with my name princess? I like it when you call me baby .
Swara: ok baba… I will call you Baby… my baby… happy?
Shlok: you know what? I really want to see your beautiful face.. When I listen to your voice everyday, I can feel the emotion… I love you.
Swara kisses the phone and says: I love you too…

Shlok: I wish that kiss was given to me on my cheeks…
Swara: our love is special.. Don’t know why but I don’t want to video chat with you… I want to meet you in real life for the first time, then run up to and give you a tight hug..
Shlok: I want to feel the emotion… The emotion that would be like when you hug me tight… that moment will be the best moment of my life… nothing is important for me more than you.
Swara smiles…

Shlok: anyways my princess, go to sleep now! Its getting dark, plus you have to wake up early in the morning… goodnight princess.
Swara: goodnight baby…

Sanskar’s room
Sanskar thinks: ohh god!! Don’t know why? I love Swati.. I hope to see her soon..

Question of the day: is Swara-Shlok, Sanskar-Swati love real or is it just an attraction? Do you think Ahil started to fall for Sanam?

Credit to: guess. who am I?

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  1. very very nice especially sanhil part was aweosme kash ye SB ek hi show me hote

    1. guess. who am I?

      Thanks Tanu.. Even i wish they come as a brother in a new show because Sanskar deserves much better show than Swaragini…

  2. sanskriti ( die hard fan of swasan )

    Aswm di just mind blowing swasan and sahil part is just fantastic di I think swara-shlok and sanskar- Swati love is just attraction and yes indeed ahil started to fall for sanam but why sumi became sad and sanam teared eye pls clear this doubt anyways luv u di tc ?

    1. guess. who am I?

      I love you2…I will reveal the truth about Sumi soon… And thanks for commenting always Sanskriti…

  3. i think shlok s sanky nd swati s swara…..its awesome

    1. guess. who am I?

      Keep reading to find out… Thank you Shan..

  4. […] Link to previous episode: episode 6 […]

  5. […] Link to previous episode: episode 6 […]

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