you are not just my love. you are my life. episode 5


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The scene begins with Swara and Sanskar in a coffee shop.
Sanskar: hold on.. I need to go to washroom… Swara says ok… after a while Swara is looking at her nails when suddenly Sanskar comes from behind and puts his hand on Swara’s shoulder saying: cockroach! Cockroach! Cockroach!.. Swara jumps up, screaming and hugs Sanskar tightly ( funny tune plays). They realized their position and looks at each other awkwardly ( sanam re plays in the bg)
Swara: so Mr. What do you want?
Sanskar says: Sanskar.
Swara rolls her eyes: whatever your name is… Sanskar gets mad and gets on to leave when Swara holds his hand and ask: oh my gosh! All rich people have ego problems. What did I do now?
Sanskar: first of all, you slapped and if that wasn’t enough, you punctured my car’s tire and forced me to come in here with you. Despite all this, you are asking me what you did? And why are you keep following me?
Swara: Sanskar! I have said sorry thousand times for slapping you and I punctured your car because I wanted to make up for the mistake I did. How can you even think that I’m trying to hit on you!
Sanskar: I don’t think. I know that you are obsessed to me because everywhere I go, you always appear there. Wait… are you stalking me or something like that?
Swara snaps her finger on his face and says: who in the world would like a ugly face like you? That person would be Dumbo.
Sanskar: well then I guess you are that dummy.
Swara: I have a boyfriend.
Sanskar: exactly, I also have a girlfriend so get away from me… both of them look into each others eyes angrily and walk opposite direction.

Sanam gets out god’s idol and prays.. She then gets out her food and starts eating while everyone stare at her… Ahil is noticing all this from the window (it’s a glass window and his cabin is right in front of Sanam, but Sanam can’t see nor hear him because it’s only one sided). Finally lunch time ends and Sanam gets back to work, but wait… how is she going to type ? She broke her computer right? Nope! How can it happen though? She hasn’t done anything. She again hits the delete button and everything keeps on going and everything gets deleted. Ohh yea, remember she had put her gulab jamun on the keyboard while eating?
Sanam looks at Ahil’s cabin and says to herself: oh no. What did I do? If that khadus finds out that, I broke the keyboard then he will kill me alive!! Ummm… what the…, ! Of course he will kill me alive because, if I was dead than how would he kill… sanam, you have gone mad… Starts biting her nail….
Ahil thinks: what’s wrong with her? Did she just called me khadus? Middle class problems.
Ahil calls the peon and says: get the new keyboard and put it on the new interns computer… wait wait wait.. Hold on! I will go and put it on…
Peon: but sir.. I can do it..
Ahil: I’m the boss not you… now leave…
Sanam is trying to fix the keyboard when Ahil comes from behind and holds her from the back… Sanam freezes and after a while says: sorry! It wasn’t my mistake. Ahil looks at her and sits next to he to fix the keyboard… Ahil’s face comes in front of Sanam’s. They share an eyelock (junoon plays..).
Ahil moves his nose weirdly and says: what’s the smell?
Sanam: actually, it’s the oil I put on my hair, did you liked it? I know it smells really good, I will bring some for you tomorrow so you can put on also… see how long my hair is.
Ahil looks at her and says: don’t ever wear it again
The screens freezes on Sanskar, Ahil, Swara and Sanam’s angry face.

Question of the day: am I dragging the story? How was the episode?

Credit to: guess. who am I?

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    1. guess. who am I?

      Thank you Sarah…

  1. sanskriti ( die hard fan of swasan )

    Di epi was amazing loved sahil and swasan parts and di ur not dragging this part it is superb upload soon

    1. guess. who am I?

      Thanks alot Sanskriti and i already submit episode 6 so it will soon get uploaded…

    2. guess. who am I?

      How old are you dear…?

      1. Sanskriti ( die hard fan of swasan )

        I m 13 yes old di

  2. It’s so goooooood

    1. guess. who am I?

      Thank you Fatarajo…

  3. Haha a nice one…nope no dragging dear?

    1. guess. who am I?

      Thank u Sanju…

    1. guess. who am I?

      Thank you Ruhi…

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