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@ night
Sanam and Swara are in their room (they share room). Swara gets the pillow and holds it remembering the time when she had yelled at Sanskar and even slapped him. Sanam tangles her hair and thinks “he might be flirt, but I don’t think he is bad at heart, I probably shouldn’t of had slapped Ahil sir” both of them at the same time says: I should say sorry! Both turn and look at each other opening their eyes wide.
Swara: you want to say sorry to someone?
Sanam: yes. I did a mistake so I will.
Swara: even I did a mistake but I don’t want to say sorry.
Sanam: keep your ego aside for some time. If you do a mistake then you should definitely say sorry.
Swara hugs Sanam and says: di… I feel bad. Sanam says: I don’t know what you did and I won’t ask you either but there is no reason to feel bad because you have realized your mistake. So say sorry to that person. Swara: even you say sorry to whoever that person is. Both of them smile and go to sleep.

Sanskar is staring at the moon from the terrace remembering the time when Swara had slapped him… ouch!!! Sanskar puts his hand on his face.. Ahil comes from behind and gets shocked seeing Sanskar.. Sanskar notices him and ask: arey! Ahil!! Why is you cheeks so red? Ahil: ohhh actually bhai… this girl slapped me so hard! It still hurts.
Sanskar makes faces: that’s not flirt with so many girls so..
Ahil: yes bhai.. I flirt with so many girls but none of them had ever slapped me… wait… by the way, why is your cheeks red?
Sanskar laughs off: I also got slapped by a girl.
Ahil gets shocked and says: bhai.. You should call the ambulance.. I’m about to get a heart attack
Sanskar pats him and says: dramebaaz.
Ahil: but seriously bhai.. Why did a girl slapped you? You are such a gentlemen… I’m so happy that you finally tried on a girl… after all you are my bro.
Sanskar: she had a misunderstanding… she thought I was teasing a girl, but I wasn’t…
Ahil: I’m not surprised.. I knew that you would not even look at a girl…after all, you are a devdas
Sanskar gives him a look and Ahil runs off being scared while Sanskar smiles.

It’s morning… Swara encounters Sanskar talking on the phone. Swara thinks: this is the right time! I should apologize to him… Swara is about to go but then stops midway and thinks: what’s wrong with you Swara? You slapped him and you think he will even bother to look at me?? I will have to do something… Swara see’s his car and smirks.

Sanam comes in running to the office and boom! She bumps into someone but doesn’t bother to say sorry and keeps on going. A voice from behind comes: you are working in a big company yet you don’t know how to say sorry.. Sanam stops and as she looks back.. It was Ahil standing there… Sanam puts her hand on her head and thinks: ohh god!! What did I do!! I should of had looked who I bumped into.. Now he is going to give me lecture… don’t do this, don’t do that. Blah… blah… blah…

Swara punctures Sanskar’s car and gets up wiping off the mud from her hand. Sanskar comes and see’s his car punctured. Sanskar sees swara and says: did you do that?
Swara: ha. Toh?
Sanskar: I don’t like jokes.
Swara: I don’t like you…wait what? Why was I saying Kajol’s dialogue from kkkg? I mean to say, I like you
Sanskar: haha. So funny!
Swara: thanku thanku
Sanskar: it was so funny that I forget to laugh.
Swara makes faces.

Sanam: I’m really sorry Ahil… Ahil looks her .. Sanam: Ahil… sir! Sanam looks at him being scared and gets on to going, but slips on the way, but Ahil comes on nick of the time and held her… they share an eye lock (, junoon tere ishq ka plays in the bg) Ahil says: now, do I have to teach you to walk properly also? He drops her on the floor and walks away… Sanam stares at him angrily…

Question of the day: how was today’s episode? And should I make Ahil Sanskar and Swara Sanam fight with each other??

Credit to: guess. who am I?

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  1. Ong this is so so nice and funny sanam’s blah blah? And the scene sahil scene i loved that?

    1. guess. who am I?

      Thanks Sarah…

  2. Not at all.No fight, plz.BTW nice chap.

    1. guess. who am I?

      Thank you Abdul…

  3. wow I just love sanskar ahil talks …it’s awesome n continue their nok jhok

    1. guess. who am I?

      Thank you Tanu for commenting…

  4. Hahahahahahahaha nice guess who am I love Sahil n swasan well I don’t read much of Swaragini ff but I must say they are too good I read some even though I watch this show rarely . And please don’t make ahil sanky fight or sanam Swara fight but do make swasan Sahil fight lol u will do a great job rest is ur wish 😛

    1. guess. who am I?

      Thank you Fatarajo and i will surely note down the things to make it better.

  5. Haha really nice!! SAHIL?Wonderffull… even ahil sanky n sanam swara…nice scenes between siblings??

    1. guess. who am I?

      Thank you Sanju..

  6. Sanskriti ( die hard fan of swasan )

    It was just awsm di loved today’s epi lol very funny when sanam was getting scared ?very rude ahil u shouldn’t have push sanam ?swasan part was superb and no ways nope pls don’t make them fight pls pls I beg u ????

    1. Sanskriti ( die hard fan of swasan )

      Pls give link of yesterday’s epi

    2. guess. who am I?

      Ok dear. I won’t make them fight and lol. I’m so sorry. I actually forget to put the link. Don’t know what i was thinking…

  7. guess. who am I?

    Thanks Tara…

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