you are not just my love. you are my life. episode 3


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The scene begins with Sanam’s shocked face seeing her boss.
Sanam: tummmmm????
Ahil: tum nahi ap! I’m your boss so have respect.
Sanam tries to get out but Ahil closes the door with a remote on his hand.. Sanam is boggled and thinks how is that possible? Ahil says: Ms. Khanna! Even if you sit down and think about it for your entire life then you wont understand. Now you might be wondering how I knew what you were thinking right? Sanam: no! No! No. Actually… Ahil: actually what? Sanam doesn’t say anything being scared and sits down for an interview. Ahil tells Sanam to sign on a paper.. Sanam says: but why? Ahil: formalities… Sanam signs on it without reading.

Swara is still walking on the road all alone… her best friend (Sanjana) calls Swara from behind holding sandals on her hand but Swara doesn’t hear her.. A car stops in front of Sanjana and it was Sanskar. Sanskar says: excuse me? Sanjana still doesn’t hear him so he honks his car twice… and says: sorry, looks like you are having difficulties walking, so come sit down, I will drop you.
Sanjana: ohh actually… Sanskar gets out from the car.
Sanskar: don’t hesitate. I’m Sanskar and you?
Sanjana: actually, my name is Sanjana but you can call me Sanju.
Sanskar: ok Sanju… Swara comes and slaps him hard. Sanskar gets shocked and says: what the hell did I do now?
Swara: ohh really? You are asking what you did? I saw you honking and teasing Sanju… Sanju tries to tell the truth to Swara but it goes in vain… Swara says: I knew that you were cheap when I first saw you… don’t you feel ashamed to tease a girl? How would you feel if someone teases your sister? Sanskar gets mad and yells: stop your nonsense and I wasn’t teasing her… if you care so much about your friend then why didn’t you see that Sanju’s sandal is broken and she was walking on road bare foot. Swara looks at her… Sanju says: yes Swara! He was just asking if I needed scolded him for no reason! Swara feels embarrassed and looks down..before she could say anything, Sanskar leaves from the place.

Sanam: what’s wrong with you Mr.Maheshwari??? I have been listening to your nonsense for past 2 hours!!
Ahil: I’m your boss so you have to listen to me.
Sanam: I don’t care…if I have to work under you then I’d rather be jobless…I will find many other jobs… Sanam gets up to go, but Ahil says: stop it Sanam! You have signed a contract and you can’t leave the job before 3 months. Sanam reminisces the time when she had signed.. Tears flows down from her eyes, but Ahil holds it… Ahil: I hate tears sanam: and I hate you. Ahil: but I love you! Sanam gets shocked while Ahil laughs… sanam: everything is joke for rich people like you… you guy’s don’t care about anyone’s emotion… Ahil looks on.

Isolated place
Sanskar parks his car near the hill and thinks: I hope I never see her again… he calls Swati…
Swati: hello Babyy
Sanskar: Swati!!! You had told me that guys are stupid but even girls are. Girls are even more stupid.
Swati: so you went to the hill again right? What’s wrong my baby?
Sanskar: I was just trying to help a girl but her friend misunderstood me and yelled.. is it my fault that I wanted to help someone.
Swati: that’s strange because same kind of incident happened to me but anyways… she probably didn’t had intentions to hurt you… she probably couldn’t think anything at that time.
Sanskar: what ever it is… he ends call.
Swati gets into thinking…

Question of the day: who will fall in love first? Ahil with sanam or sanam with ahil? Or Sanskar with Swara or Swara with Sanskar?

Credit to: guess. who am I?

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  1. wow i think ahil will fall for sanam n here sanskar already loves swati who i think is swara

    1. guess. who am I?

      Thank you Tanu.. Keep on reading to find out.

  2. Sanskriti ( die hard fan of swasan )

    It was awsm di I think ahil will fall for sanam and swara will for for sanskar anyways upload soon

    1. guess. who am I?

      Thank you Sanskriti and I will try to upload it as soon as possible…

  3. swati is swara ri8??

    1. guess. who am I?

      I don’t know Niti??

  4. V.nice chapter.Plz ahil and sanskar pehle pyar mein parne chaiye.

    1. guess. who am I?

      Thank you Abdul…

  5. nice….ahil fall for sanam

    1. guess. who am I?

      Thank you Shan…

    1. guess. who am I?

      Thank you Sarah…

  6. ahil will fall for sanam …I just love them n swara is swati as I think …

    1. guess. who am I?

      Thank you Tanu…

  7. Swara is swati??means sanskar has already fallen in love

    1. guess. who am I?

      Thank you Pia…

  8. Sanjana (Sanju)

    Heyy!!! Thanx 4 adding me in the episode???haha swasan scenes?n even sahil.. i hate tears?n i love you?haha luvved de episode??

    1. guess. who am I?

      Thank you Sanju… And I couldn’t think of any other names for Swara’s best friend so yea…

  9. Now would pls tell ?who are you mrs guess who am i???? bcz iam really exited to know you are iam just loving your ff? I hate tears and i love you sanam funniest scene???

    1. guess. who am I?

      I will soon tell you who i am. and I’m happy to know that you are loving my ff.

    1. guess. who am I?

      You will soon find out Sarah…

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