you are not just my love. you are my life. episode 2


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The scene begins with two guys coming out of the car. They were so damn hot, that every girls would die for them.
A girl who was wearing short black dress comes to them and says: wow. Hotties… date me please
The first guy: excuse me? Does it look like I’m blind to you? I mean, your body is s*xy, but you are not cute. Just because you wear revealing cloth doesn’t mean that every guys will follow you. I don’t follow girls, girls follow me because I’m Ahil. Ahil Maheshwari…
The 2nd guy: please stop Ahil. I’m so sorry for his behavior… the girl fumes in anger and walks away.
Ahil: that’s good that she left. She thinks that she is the prettiest girl In the whole world. And bhai… don’t tell me to stop the nonsense because I’m not Sanskar Maheshwari, a devdas, who falls in love with a girl who he hasn’t even ever seen.
Sanskar: you are impossible…oh yea..remember yesterday, you had promised me and mom that you will go to office.
Ahil: but know that I don’t want to’s so boring there
Sanskar: you had promised.
Ahil: you sure know how to make me do things…you always make me promise because you know that I would never break a promise given to you.

Office: Sanam comes rushing in the office.
Security (Tina): mam. Please..wait out here. Sir would be calling you in any seconds.
Ahil comes in the office with hands in his pocket, smiling…he touches a intern on the way… Sanam gets disgusted by the way he acts.. Ahil passes by Sanam, but then backwards few steps.
Ahil: wow! Behenji type huh? But I like it… how much do you want for one night?
Sanam fumes and slaps Ahil… Ahil gets shocked and touches his face… Sanam says: Mr. Whatever your name is. Today I have an job interview and I don’t want you to ruin it so you better be in your limits. Sanam leaves while Ahil is still holding his face in shock.

Swara is rushing back to home when she dashes Into a guy and it’s none other than our Sanskar.
Sanskar: I’m really sorry… I didn’t mean to bump into you.
Swara: oo Mr. I know guys like you pretty well so don’t even try on me… Swara leaves
Sanskar thinks: how mean was this girl? I just hope that the girl I love won’t be like her! It was my first time meeting her but why does it feel like I’ve met her before??? Strange.. Just then he gets a call and it was saved as babyy on his phone.
Sanskar: hello my princess. How are you?
Girl: don’t call me princess… I’m Swati
Sanskar: woah… my princess is telling me to call her with her real name!!! There is definitely something wrong.
Swati: I’m so pissed. Guys are really very stupid

Sanskar: even though I’m a guy myself, I agree with you! Guys are stupid at times.
Swati: whatever, stop calling me.. I’m going to hang up
Sanskar: ok but it wasn’t me who called you. You were the one who was calling me.. Swati gets even more mad and ends call. Sanskar smiles

Sanam is finally called in by her boss after waiting for a long time. As she gets in, she saw a huge chair in where her boss was sitting facing the wall, so she doesn’t she his face. Sanam says: sir! May I come in?.. As he turns around, she was shocked.

Question of the day: who is Swati? Why was Sanskar calling her princess and saved her name in his contact as babyy? Why did Sanam got shocked seing her boss?

Credit to: guess. who am I?

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  1. nice…..

    1. guess. who am I?

      Thank you Shan..

  2. wow amazing ahil sanam ki love hate story n swati may b is swara …but really it was very nice

    1. guess. who am I?

      Thank you Tanu..

    1. guess. who am I?

      Thank you Abdul…

  3. Sanskriti ( die hard fan of swasan )

    It was just fantastic awsm and superb I think sanam’s boss is ahil and swathi may be sanskar’s gf or sister anyways it was nice…… upload soon and pls reveal ur name soon

    1. guess. who am I?

      Thank you Sanskriti and I have submitted the next episode..

    1. guess. who am I?

      Thanks charming….

  4. Sanjana (Sanju)

    Vrry nice☺☺

    1. guess. who am I?

      Thank you Sanjana…

    1. guess. who am I?

      Thank you Alia…

  5. sanam boss may be ahil & swati must be swara

    1. guess. who am I?

      Thank you Anjani

  6. I don’t who you are mrs/mr who am i guess me??? but i like your ff

    1. guess. who am I?

      I’m a girl Sarah..thanks for commenting.

      1. Haha so pls tell me who are you mrs guess who am i??? i think you are zuha or sunerhi or nusz or kriya or priya or sanam or you know fatarajo or i don’t know?? next time if i ever wanna make another ff i will do the same? My name will guess me if you do you are awesome anyways really nice ff

    2. guess. who am I?

      Lol?? I’m none of the people who you mentioned above, and thanks again for commenting.. I will soon reveal who i am.

  7. The boss will be aahil….interview will be fun to read…..

    1. guess. who am I?

      Thank you Jenisha…

    1. guess. who am I?

      Thank you Ruhi..

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