Hi guys, while I was scrolling through my FB newsfeed I came across a beautiful quote which stated, “It’s ok if you aren’t with someone, You don’t need anybody. You’re whole. You’ve universe contained within you. You’ve your stars shining inside you. It’s ok, it really is.” I don’t know what occurred to me but I was instantly reminded of Ishana and Soumya, the two beautiful, independent and simple leads of IB. Then I thought to write an OS for them. I have liked many fictional characters over years, but these two are different as I not only liked them but I loved them. My OS is truly based on them only.

So here it goes,

Oberoi Mansion was beautifully decorated, today its beauty knew no bounds, happiness dwelling in every corner, and why it wouldn’t after all it was the marriage of Rudra Singh Oberoi with Bhavya Rathore and Omkara Singh Oberoi with Gauri Sharma. The entire Oberoi family was happy, there was great hustle and bustle as the preparations were going on in full swing, and nothing could match their happiness today.

Outside Oberoi Mansion, Soumya was standing looking at the welcome board beautifully adorning the names of Rudra and Bhavya, she had tears in her eyes, which were continuously flowing from the time she had read about Rudra’s marriage in the newspaper. She was staring at the board as all her memories played a flashback in her mind, she cursed her heart who had kept all those golden moments fresh in her every corner of her soul, she remembered every single thing, from that song she sang for Shivaay, her Bade Bhaiya in the hospital, to her first day at Oberoi Mansion, how she celebrated Raksha Bandhan with Omkara, her Bade Baal Wale Bhaiya, to her last day, when she left it all, her only hope that things would change also died with the marriage announcement. She held her mangalsutra near to her heart and cried as she remembered the marriage, and how easily Rudra had termed it as the biggest mistake of his life. She had not forgotten even a single moment of those eleven months she had spent here. When Rudra himself had forgotten her, how could she expect anything from others, it seemed so easy for him to move on? She could do nothing but just shed tears at her loss.

A little away from where Soumya sat crying, Ishana was standing, tears still fresh in her eyes as they were ten months ago, ready to flow anytime, she stared at the board which proudly stated “Omkara weds Gauri”. She couldn’t take it any longer, her prannath had become someone else’s life. She was standing there cursing herself for breaking his trust, lying to him, taking advantage of his friendship and playing with his emotions. She still remembered the first time she had met Om at the café, how he had trusted her by simply looking into her eyes and what had she done, simply taken advantage of that trust. Although she had never accepted it earlier, but she loved him a lot, more than anything in this world. He was the one who understood her pain, who touched her soul, who saw the brighter side of her, who read her eyes and their innocence, who changed her to a better person and who left her on that ugly day when everything ended like a beautiful dream ends and she woke up to experience the worst nightmare, the guilt of hurting an innocent soul. She just sat down crying, knowing that now Om would never be hers, she has lost him forever.

After sometime, Soumya got up, wiped her tears and turned around to go when she saw Ishana crying. She walked up to her and placed her hand on Ishana’s shoulder, Ishana instantly looked up and saw Soumya looking at her with confusion and shock. She quickly wipes her tears and stood up.

Soumya: Why were you crying, that too sitting here?
Ishana: Nothing, just some old memories of this place came back.
Soumya: Memories of this place, but I have never seen you here before.
Ishana: Not only you, no one has seen me here but I very well no it’s each corner.
Soumya: Sorry, but I didn’t get you.
Ishana: Why are you saying sorry, it’s not your fault?
Soumya: It’s my fault only. (She remembered her marriage with Rudra and their fight over it)
Ishana: What happened, where are you lost? (Soumya looked at her) Are you fine? (Ishana asked as she saw a layer of tears in Soumya’s eyes) Did I say something wrong?

But to Ishana’s utter shock, Soumya just hugged her and started crying badly, Ishana didn’t understand what to do, however she gently caressed her hair and back. After a while Soumya composed herself. Ishana handed her water and Soumya took it.

Soumya: Sorry, but I couldn’t take it anymore.
Ishana: It’s ok. Are you feeling better now? (Soumya nodded) Sometimes having a shoulder to cry is the best luxury in the world. If you wish, you can share your problem with me, I am a good listener. (The last line reminded her of Om, she could feel tears rolling down her cheeks but she immediately wiped them)
Soumya: What should I tell you? My life got so complicated that I don’t wish to drag you also in that mess. And what good it will do, nothing will change.
Ishana: Sharing always helps, maybe your problem wouldn’t solve but you may get strength to overcome it.

Ishana smiled at Soumya who felt a genuine concern and warmth in that smile. Soumya told her everything about Rudra, how they got married and how everything ended between them.

Soumya: And that’s it, I still don’t understand what wrong I did in all this?
Ishana: You didn’t do anything wrong, maybe you both weren’t meant to be together. Destiny has its own plans which we never understand.
Soumya: Then maybe I am destined to be alone.

There was a silence as both of them were lost in their thoughts and memories. After some time, Soumya broke the silence,

Soumya: I shared my problem, now it’s your turn.
Ishana: My turn, well my story is also complicated.

Ishana told her everything about how she tried to con Om, how her truth came out and how they argued on their confrontation day.

Ishana: Only after losing him did I realize that he was everything to me. All I did was break him apart each day. How could I be so cruel, that I killed his trust?
Soumya: I know whatever you did was wrong, but your intention was not wrong. Maybe you are right, destiny has its own plans.
Ishana: So maybe even I am destined to be alone.
Soumya: You know what, sometimes I feel it is better to be alone. You don’t always need someone to complete you, you are complete within yourself.
Ishana: You are right, you can be the writer of your own story, you are your own inspiration and you are your own shining star.
Soumya: Life has taught both of us that some relations don’t last a lifetime but their memories do.
Ishana: And those memories give you all the strength that you need to face problems in life.
Soumya: I really felt much better talking to you, thank you so much Di. You are my inspiration from today, if you can smile even after facing so many problems then even I can.
Ishana: Even I felt better, see people always come in your life for a reason. Maybe we both met to give each other hope that after every sunset, there is a new sunrise.

Soumya and Ishana smiled at each other and stood there looking at Oberoi Mansion, the place that played a significant role in their lives and the place that gave them the strength to move ahead.

Sometimes walking alone that deserted road also helps, sometimes staring at the stars sitting alone on the roof also helps, sometimes playing both roles in your story also helps and sometimes being your own soul mate also helps. You don’t always need someone to complete you, you are complete within. You are not the moon that needs the shining stars as great companions, you are the rising sun that rises alone.

So guys, I hope you all like it. Please do comment.
Keep reading, commenting and SMILING!!!!

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  1. AMkideewani

    Awesome dear

    1. Prajkta

      Thanks a lot

  2. Fenil

    When ever i read Ishana and Rumya my eyes become wet.This two character leaves with so highly impact na i can’t explain.

    Youa again made me speechless.

    FB lines was really perfect for them.

    Loved it to the core.

    1. Prajkta

      I am so happy you liked it
      Thanks dost

  3. Shilpa

    Wow…it directly touched my heart…especially the last paragraph….the two wonderful unique and strong characters of IB…..I miss them…

    1. Prajkta

      Thanks Shilpa
      Even I miss them a lot

    1. Prajkta

      Thanks Shanaya

  4. Aarti32

    Such an amazing OS..everything abt Ishkara n Rumya touches my heart..but dis article had an altogether special effect on my heart!! ❣

    1. Prajkta

      Thanks a lot Aarti

  5. Fati

    Its lovely like I’m just speechless?
    Beautiful❤ Especially the last paragraph is heart touching?❤

    1. Prajkta

      Thank you so much Fati

  6. Richa19


    saumya n Ishana the most strong n underrated characters of ib! ! ??

    i loved the way u portrayed their feelings. .. . n the last para touched my heart! !! loved it soo much! !????

    1. Prajkta

      Thanks a ton Richa

  7. Ishkara rumya ???? luv them n u tooo dii

    1. Prajkta

      Thanks Mrunal

  8. Navz

    Ishana and soumya ..2 unique characters which are loved by everyone in soo less time….EVERYTIME i read anything abt them…i feel happy…and this one is really different and last paragraph u wrote…soo warm and inspirational loved it.

    1. Prajkta

      Thanks Navz
      I am glad you liked it.


    1. Prajkta

      Thanks UF dear

  10. Nikita_jai29

    It is awesome and emotional one dear…

    1. Prajkta

      Thanks Nikita a lot

  11. Ruby_MarNy

    It’s so touching, dear…. Ishana and Soumya are so unique… You portrayed well, dear… Keep it up…

    1. Thanks a lot

  12. Ishuyamjha

    i don’t know about ishana and om story as i didn’t watched it but soumya and rudra are mended to be together but whatever i don’t like ruvya pairing till now and thank u for this amazing os on the two amazing characters and sorry for late comment

    1. Thanks a lot Ishu

  13. Ankita27

    Beautiful Os… heart touching… u just nailed it dear… Thank u so much prajkata for this wonderful OS n special thanks for last paragraph u wrote… just phenomenal… love them.. ishkara.. Rumya…

    1. Ankita27

      Typing mistake prajkta.. hope u don’t mind.. n extremely sorry for late comment…

    2. Thanks Ankita for wonderful comment
      I think both Soumya and Ishana inspire us to be independent and strong.

  14. Mahi-IshKara

    Sooo sorry 4 being late. It was just extraordinary. U nailed it. Missing Ishu nd Sumo a lot. Nd u r right we don’t need anyone.

    1. Prajkta

      Was waiting for your comment
      Missing Ishu and Soumya ☹☹
      Thank you, you liked it

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