I am not gonna change! Episode 1

I am not gonna change…
Epi 1:

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@New Delhi College of Engineering and Technology (Private college)

Its nearly December, and every student in the final year is preparing for the leavers assembly to make their very last moment the best. And this year it is gonna be a play about a teacher and a student.

Auditions are going on all over the college. Gauri, Anika and Soumya also gathers courage to audition.

“Soumya, don’t worry you could play this role, you are eligible, you are so fit, but the problem is I am not fit, I am not eligible. Wish I wasn’t fat” Mumbles Soumya to herself.

“Somu, I know you could do it, don’t worry” Says Gauri.

“Don’t worry we will be with you, coz even we are auditioning, wanna hear a joke” Says Anika in a cheerful voice.

“Go on then” Says Soumya in a low voice.

“Why is 8 afraid of 7?” Questions Anika.

“I don’t know” Replies Gauri and Soumya.

“Because, 7, eight (ate) 9” Answes Anika.

“Hahaha, very not funny” Says Gauri.

The girls head to the auditioning room. They join the queue. Time passes, people enter and exits. And now its Soumya’s turn. Soumya faces the judge and starts speaking the dialogues from the play.

“S-Sir, I-I am gl-la-ad that you are helping me educate but my parents can’t afford the fees next month although you made the price lower” Speaks Soumya.

The judges write down how well she perfomed. And Soumya leaves.

“How well did you perform?” Questions Gauri.

Before Soumya could answer, one of the bullies from the college speaks up.

“How can a fat cow do well, and I am sure that the judges are gonna give you 0.0000 marks, and you Gaur, a tomboy, people will think that a transgender is at the stage, if you wanna perform then dress like a “female” and I completely forgot abt you Anika, the wanna who speaks rubbish and tells the worst jokes ever, man this is a leavers assembly play not a comedy show!” Says Brianna in a offensive way.

“Oye, Miss what is your name, ya Biryani, before you tell us our differences, look at yourself and how ugly you are, firstly you wear so much foundation and blush too hide your dark skin, why can’t just be proud of your dark skin. Secondly you can’t eat desi food and thirdly you can’t tell the best jokes. So shut your shitty mouth, understand” Replies Anika.

“My name is not Biryani, it is BRI-A-NNA, understand, oh I forgot, a duffer like you can’t understand, I don’t know what you are doing here in a PRIVATE COLLEGE.” Says Brianna.

Soumya cries and tries her best to hide her tears and she runs away. Gauri and Anika goes after Soumya.

@Oberoi Mansion
The three brothers are sitting in a “bro meeting” abt their marriage. They decide that they are going to get married at the same time as their business is suffering loss. They look at the pictures of some girls who belongs to a rich family. They play a game, where they have to pick out a picture of any bride with their eyes closed.

First Shivaay picks one out and waites. Then Om picks out and waites, then Rudra. They finally open their eyes. They look on the back of the photo to see their names.

“Anika, so Anika is gonna be my bride” Says Shivaay.

“Gauri, is gonna be my bride, looks like she is a tomboy” Says Om.

“Soumya??? Is gonna be my bride, OMG, she is sooo fat, can I see you guys’ soon to be brides.

They swap the pictures between themselves.

“You guys’ brides are alright, but my bride is so fat, a body builder’s wife is a fat cow, wow. Shivaay bhaiyya you are lucky, your bride looks pretty decent” Says Rudra in a decent voice.

“I am sensing that, my soon to be bride has also got a problem” Says Shivaay.

“But no matter what, our brides have to be like whatever we want, they have to CHANGE!” Says the brothers together.

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