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Part: 21
Hearing those lines annika and khanna looked back and their eyes widened with the shock…
It was no less than any shock for annika to see shivaay standing right in-front of her eyes whom police was searching…whom many people were assuming to be dead…

Annika’s POV

“I was shocked…shocked to the core seeing him in-front of me that too alive…my heart never accepted that he is dead or he could even die but I wasn’t even sure about it…seeing him is no less than any shock or dream…believing it is little hard for me…bhai didn’t informed me of him being found…first time I don’t want to touch him or go near him…what if it’s some dream…what if he disappears as I touch him? These thoughts were raising my heart beats…I was falling weak on my knees…tears were blurring my gaze…I wanted him to run to me and catch before I fall but he was stood still on his place…him not moving was another clue what if it’s really just a dream…no-one is moving how can I even think it’s reality? I was going to shout gathering my leftover courage when bhai ran to him calling his name and hugged him…it was then when I realized it’s not some dream but reality…my shivaay is alive…he is fine standing right in-front of me…”

POV Ends…

Annika’s thoughts were not ending she was just thinking and thinking…shivaay was just looking at her, as expected by him she didn’t came to him…

Shivaay “Bas dekhti hi raho gi? ao gi nahi kya? {Will you just keep on staring? Won’t you hug me?}” he got apart from khanna and stumbling started walking toward her

Annika was numb she wasn’t reacting at all now…all she was doing shedding tears and trembling…

Shivaay “I ain’t any ghost annika…I’m shivaay…your shivaay” he neared her and held her by her shoulders while she just looked into his bluish orbs which were turning green

Annika “S…s…s…h…hh…ii…v…aa…yyy…” she hitched a breath and moved her hand toward his face and placed it on his right cheek

Shivaay “Yeah annika…Shivaay…your shivaay” he pulled her near him holding her shoulders

Annika “S…s…s…h…hh…ii…v…aa…yyy, shivaay” she trailed her hands on his faces and sniffing she cupped his face “You’re alive” she hugged him and broke down in his arms as he reciprocated sobbing loudly

Shivaay “Annika…stop crying…please, see I’m fine perfectly fine…nothing happened to me…see…look at me” he patted her back and sobbing went silent…

Annika “I knew it…you can’t die… I just knew it…” she tightens the hug

Shivaay “Ofcourse…I had to be alive to live with you…your love saved me annika” he looked at her getting apart

Annika “Just the way your love saved me…” she smiled weakly

Shivaay “Hmm…Where was you? I so needed you but you weren’t there?” he looked into her eyes

Annika “I just…Btw how this happened? How you are saved and found?” she jumped in happiness diverting the topic

Shivaay “Don’t you know? Khanna…” he turned to him “Did you hid it?” he raised his eyebrows

Khanna “Yeah…she herself wasn’t in condition…and above all doctor were not sure of you making it…& I didn’t wanted to give any fake hopes, so I just said you’re not found yet…but see when you were fine I came to tell but she wasn’t here and you know why she wasn’t here…she was busy killing daksh…” he came near them and glared annika completing the sentence…

Shivaay “Annika…” he turned to her and held her hand and walked in hospital in her ward…adjusting on bed he turned his face toward her “You know the thing you’ve done is a crime…though he himself was a criminal but you shouldn’t have done this…I will not be able to bear it annika when people will call you a criminal and murderer…I want you to be best example for all but not in this way…I don’t want to see you in this avatar no way…I wanted a bold annika not a killer one…why you’re doing it? I know he deserves this and you’ve full right to punish him the way you want as you are the victim of his torchers…But, just punishment not murdering him…” he held her hand and looked into her hazel tear covered orbs

Annika “Shivaay I know…it’s not right to kill anyone…and I didn’t kill anyone for myself…I can never…I would’ve forgiven them if they hadn’t touched you or hurt you…You know I can bear every-thing every single torcher but I can never bear anyone hurting you…no way! And those man’s hurted you…they throbbed you…they tried killing you…! and daksh, he literally killed you… for you…for public…for law I may be wrong but whatever I did is right for me… I’ve not a single %guilt shivaay…I killed him as he killed you…” she sniffed caressing his face

Shivaay “But I’m alive…” he just looked on “At that time you weren’t…” she dropped her head closing her eyes “I love you shivaay” she sniffed “I love you too annika” he pulled her in a hug…

Shivaay’s POV

“What kind of situation is this God? Why you did it? Why? she is right on her own point but I’m not wrong too whatever she did is wrong in my POV…
I want to cry…though he was bad…mean and all…but he was my childhood friend with whom I spent most of my life…Since childhood he was my greatest support…he did a lot for me…but his one mistake ruined everything…but now I need to do last favor on him…I can’t let him be the way annika may had left him after killing…I need to do his last rituals…” he closed his eyes and a lone tear escaped from his eye…

Annika “Shivaay…promise me you won’t leave me ever again like this? Promise me you will not play any stunts like this again?” she forwarded her pinky fingers “Pinky promise me!” she breathed out

Shivaay “Pinky Promise annika” he entangled his pinky finger with hers and passing smile to eachother they hugged eachother…

Khanna “I’m here too…” he rolled his eyes

Mallika “Me too…” she entered with nurse who left after making her sit

Shivika Togather “Thank-you Mallika” they both smiled after saying and Mallika too smiled

Mallika “Why?”

Annika “For saving me…”

Shivaay “Same goes here…thanks for saving my life, my annika…if anything would’ve happened to her I would’ve died too…” he intertwined his hand with hers

Mallika “Awww… you got your partner…what about me…am I gonna stay single forever” she made puppy face cupping her face

Khanna “What you think about me?” he smirked raising his eye-brows

Mallika…shivika “Shut-up Khanna” and then laughed out loud…

Khanna “There was logic” he rolled his eyes

Mallika “Khair leave it…annika your donor is ready in London…we need to go before tomorrow’s night” she smiled

Shivaay “We will leave today only…medical visa will be obtained easily. isn’t it?”

Mallika “Yes…it’s good if we leave today only” she smiled

Khanna “Uhm- if by chance you people are forgetting then let me remind you both (Shivaay and Mallika) need bed rest for a week…you were shot guys” he rolled his eyes

Annika “Yes…bhai is right.” She agreed

Shivaay “Common we ain’t gonna die” he shrugged his shoulders and got a slap on them by annika “Shut-up” she narrowed her eyes

Mallika “But donor is ready…I mean they will not wait for us and may give it to someone else…and it’s very hard to find other soon…” she dropped her face

Shivaay “We’re going today only…No more arguments…shivaay singh oberoi never listens to ‘No’” he flicked his hair with his fingers

Annika jaw dropped and Mallika giggled “Typical Shivaay Singh Oberoi”
Khanna “Welcome Back SSO” he smiled

Annika “But…” she was cut in mid “Didn’t you heard? No more argument! What I said is final” he looked away and annika looked on…

Mallika “Btw how you were saved? Who saved you?” she crossed her arms

Khanna “Actually…when I reached there shivaay was already fell down and daksh was about to shoot annika and you were holding her…I struggled to snatch and it hit you…but then I made him un-conscious and when I looked down I saw shivaay laying in the trap of net which was laid to save people…as that cliff wasn’t so far from the other cliff but it was deep and before there happened few accidents so they had laid net traps so that if by chance someone falls down they doesn’t die… and then police helped us and he was admitted to hospital…” he smiled

Shivaay “If mine accident was first ever accident on the cliff then I would’ve died for sure…” he shivered

Annika “Shut-up shivaay…” she growled

Mallika “Urgh…Please apply for the Vise Mr. oberoi…” she narrowed her eyes

Shivaay “Yeah…” he asked for mobile from khanna and made few calls “It’s done…we will be going in 3 hours…in my Private Jet” he smiled

Mallika “Fantastic…so everything gonna be fine soon” she smiled broadly

Khanna “None thinks about me…why don’t you get settle with me Mallika” he made puppy face

Mallika “Uh…” She looked at him “Awww…so cute” she smiled “Acha…!” she nodded and turned to shivaay and annika “What about daksh? Is he arrested?” she rubbed her lips

Annika “He is dead…i…” shivaay stopped her “I killed him…” he completed

Mallika “Nice Cover-up buddy” she smiled “I know annika did…need not to lie…but it’s cute how you took that on yourself…You’re really changed” she made cute faces…

Shivaay “Annika…Where is his body?” he asked in low tone

Annika “Where it deserved to be” she calmly replied

Shivaay “Please…tell me, I want to meet him for the last time” his voice cracked she looked at him astonished and seeing few tears she turned her face and breathed out “In the backyard of Vikram Rana’s Bungalow” she fidgets her fingers…as soon as she told he got up from bed and turned to go when annika held his hand

Annika “I’m coming with you” she too stood up “No! you’re not…you need to rest tomorrow is your operation…Please…stay back” he made her sit and placing a kiss on her fore-head he walked out slowly

Mallika “I think I too should rest…” she too slowly walked out…

Khanna “Don’t do anything now…if you want to ask me I’ll help” he walked out while annika went into thoughts “have I done right by killing him?” that thought finally entered in her head

Shivaay arrived there with a driver and walked to the door and knocked on the door

Vikram “Shivaay…” he Widened his eyes

Shivaay “Where is daksh? I know you know where she buried him…please help me…” he folded his hands which shooked vikram and holding his hands he spoke “Don’t say please…come” he took him to backyard and started digging on a place and soon he stopped “Please go” he signed vikram and he quietly went back in his house

Shivaay with trembling hands cleared the mud from his face and hitched a breath seeing his face he then slowly took him out of the grave and placed his head in his lap and a tear rolled down his cheek and fell on his face…
Shivaay trailed his fingers on his arm and feet cuts and again hitched for a breath “Daksh…” he caressed his face and started cleaning the rest of mud from his face and stopped suddenly…

Apne Roothein, Paraye Roothein…
Yaar Roothein na…

Flash Back (Both 7 Years Old) ~Daksh was sitting on a bench with face fully covered with mud…shivaay came to him “Daksh I didn’t mean to” shivaay made puppy face “Yeah you didn’t but you did what you shouldn’t” he turned his face “Please…now” shivaay said and daksh looked at him and shivaay smeared a hand full of mud on his own face “See I did it to myself too” shivaay said in a cute manner and daksh smiled and walked to him “I love you bhai” he started cleaning his face and then shivaay started cleaning his face~

Present ~ He hugged him and shouted his name loudly and cried thinking about why this happened…

Khuwab tootein, Waade tootein
Dill yeh tootein naa…

Flash-Back (Both 8 Years Old) ~ Daksh “Yaal…Mallika said I’m not interested she broke my heart” he cried hugging shivaay while shivaay giggled “Yeah she proposed me” he teased him and then they chased eachother and end up tickling eachother…

Present ~ He held his face in his hand “Kyu ban gaya tu aisa…kya waade kiye the tune…or kya kardia? Tu bhool gaya hum dono ne kya kya karna tha mill kar {Why you became like this…what you promised and what you’ve done? You forgot what we had to do togather?}” he cried talking to him

Roothe tou khuda bhi Roothe saath choote na…

Flash-Back (Both 8 Years Old) ~ Daksh “Please maan jao” “No” Shivaay walked away “Please I’m sorry I’ll not do anything like this again” he laid in his way and folded his hands… “No!” he again turned away “I can’t see you not talking to me” daksh cried and started hitting his head on wall shivaay ran to him and hugged him “Bhai…don’t do this…I was kidding” he wiped his tears “Don’t do this again not even in kidding…I can’t see you angry with me…” he wiped his tears and they hugged eachother…

Present ~ “Why you didn’t listen to me? why you shot me…” he sobbed tying the handkerchief on his head “It must be paining” he hitched a breath and placed his forehead on his and sobbed…

O Allah Warriyan
O Main to Harriyan
O Tooti Yaariyan Mila de oye…
O Allah Warriyan
O Main to Harriyan
O Tooti Yaariyan Mila de oye…

Flash-Back (10 Years Old Both) ~ Daksh was crying in the corner of his room when shivaay entered “What happened? Why you’re crying?” he wiped off his tears “Mamma again burnt my hand” he cried shivaay boiled in anger and applying ointment on his hand walked out of the room and entered kitchen and filling a cup full of hot water he placed it in stand and when daksh’s mother picked one cup the one with hot water fell on her as he attached thread and then he ran away with daksh…and they laughed rolling on the ground of park…

Present ~ I can’t do it now… he hitched a breath again and cried when someone placed a hand on his shoulder…he turned to see Mallika standing “Mallika…I’m helpless…one side love…one side friendship…” he sniffed

Mallika “Stop crying shivaay…” she wiped off his tears… and shifted to the other side of daksh’s body and caressed daksh’s Face… “What had to happen is happened…” she sniffed as tears rolled down her cheeks “Do you remember when sid punched you what he did to him?” she chuckled in between crying

Shivaay “haha…he added jamalghota in his juice” he too chuckled

Mallika “And when Moti Gang sat on our seats he applied glue on their seats and…”

Shivaay “and again added jamalghota in their juices…haha do you remember what mess they created in class then…ewww” he chuckled and looked down and soon the laugh turned into silent sobs…

Mallika “and when in 10th boys teased me and you broke your hand what he did…”

Shivaay “He broke the leg of ajay and broke the arm of Neil…and…”

Mallika “He slapped ridzi for accusing you for misbehaving with her as it was a lie…”

Shivaay “And he left dogs behind kartik for snatching your books and dupatta…”

Mallika “yeah and then those dogs bit him so much that he had to get 50 injections…” she chuckled and he too

Shivaay “And how can we forget that practical day when by mistake the chemical fell on my hand and…”

Mallika “And on my foot by sir…and he broke the glass of his cars and added…”

Shivaay “Jamalghota in his tea…he loved jamalghota” he laughed

Mallika “That was our daksh who never thought of hurting anyone…he just lived for us and we for him…but the one died wasn’t our daksh…he was some monster…” she looked down

Shivaay “I wanted to know…why he changed so much…” he caressed his face

Mallika “Let it be shivaay” she sniffed

Shivaay “Do you remember how he always wanted that hug…without that hug his day never started…Mallika…he is dead…I want that hug I want to give it to him as the end of this day” he sobbed hugging daksh”

Mallika “East or West Billu gang is the best” she sniffed and picked up daksh from one side while shivaay from other side “East or West Billu Gang is the best” he said and joined forehead’s

Mallika-Shivaay “East or West Billu gang is the best” the shouted with cracking voice and group hugged

Flash-Back ~ Daksh with wide arms standing in a corner and on another corner shivaay and on other corner Mallika Soon the moved widening their arms and coming near they placed their arms on eachothers shoulder and joining fore-head jumped
Daksh “East or west”
Mallika “Billu Gang is the best”
Shivaay “East or west billu gang is the…
Mallika and daksh “Best” and laughing they group hugged eachother and raised their slogan togather “East or west Billu Gang is the best”
And soon they placed his dead-body in car and drove off…

“See he isn’t telling you it doesn’t mean he is happy with what you did…before you and me…they were his jeene ki wajah” khanna said and annika dropped her head

Annika “I never meant to hurt shivaay in this way…I just…” she paused

Khanna “I just wanted to let you know what shivaay is going through now…I’m not accusing…just don’t do something more which will hurt him and you know he’ll not even tell you as he doesn’t want to lose you…” he patted on his shoulder and went to car and she followed him and then they followed their car…

Shivaay took him to Grave-Yard and buried him there with all the rituals…and mourning for his death for about half an hour near his grave he went back to hotel with Mallika…

Khanna “Sir, chopper is ready…let’s leave”

Mallika “Halloo? Chopper? We ain’t gonna go in chopper to London shivaay” she widened her eyes

Annika “Shivaay…I’m not going to travel in a chopper…it will be scary!” she shooked her head…

Shivaay “Excuse me guys? Is there mental scribbled on my fore-head? Or maybe idiot?” he glared both

Mallika “What?”

Shivaay “We are going to airport by chopper not to London idiot ladies…it’s said right “Girls don’t own a thing called brain” you both proved it” he chuckled

Annika and Mallika “Shut-up you billu!” and the turned their faces

Khanna “Damn! Now I’m not gonna wait more…want to come or should I go alone?” he rolled his eyes

Shivaay “Let’s leave khanna I ain’t gonna manaofy them…Huh!” he stomping his feet’s walked out

While the duo looked on…
This is it ishquies, part 21 of this SS…
Sorry guys kaan pakar kar! I’m really sorry for a week delay but I didn’t do it deliberately i got no time to write and then no time to post and when time no net…when I got time and net to post I tried finishing my House work as soon as possible and in hurry I just ended up burning my feet’s with boiling water! And again it became the reason of delay…so please forgive me! I’ll be regular from now own…Hope se! please maaf kar dena guys…I’m sorry…
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    Anika was in a state of shock and disbelief seeing shivay infrnt of her… she was too scared to move towards him as if it’s a dream it would vanish and she wouldn’t be able to bear it. She wanted to go towards him and hug him tightly but was scared tht he would vanish. She was happy to knw tht it wasn’t a dream and her shivay is alive when khanna hugged him. Shivay knew anika’s reaction frm before hand and went towards her… anika slowly puts her hand on his cheek and was happy to see him infrnt of her… she caressed his face still in the shock and hugged him tightly and cried in his embrace… shd thought tht she had lost him forever and was happy to get him back. Shivay calmed her down…. khanna told him abt anika killing daksh and he was shocked while anika stood calmly. Shivay didn’t reprimand her for her act as he knew tht she was right in her place aftr all tht he had done to her but he felt it wrong as he never wanted his friend to die like tht. Instead shivay told her tht he doesn’t want people to call her a criminal and wants her to be a role model for the people… he wanted a bold anika who would fight for her rights and not let injustice happen but not a murderous anika. She told him abt daksh’s whereabouts when he asked her and she wanted to go with him but he resisted. Shivay thanked mallika for saving his life which resides in anika ?… mallika adored them and questioned who would be her partner now and khanna sayin how abt him ??????…. tht cracked me up… and the famous dialogue set for rudy went to khanna “shut up khanna”. It was so nice to see shivay taking the blame of killing daksh but mallika was able to catch his lie. Khanna tells them how the net trap saved shivay. Mallika gives them the good news abt finding a donor for anika… shivay was soo happy… anika was also very happy tht she would be able to stay with shivay now. Anika got to see a small glimpse of the great shivay singh oberoi and was shocked… for mallika and khanna it wasn’t something new but they had missed seeing him like this. Finally the thought struck anika’s mind whether killing daksh was a right decision or not. Khanna explained anika not to hurt shivay anymore… though he never said it to her but he’s hurt by her actions but he would never tell her… he asks her to think of shivay before doing anything now and not hurt him knowingly or unknowingly. Anika was teary eyed listening to his words and was sad tht because of her once again shivay was hurt… though she never meant to hurt him… she only wanted daksh to be punished for hurting shivay and for him to go away frm their lives as he has done enough damage to her life.
    Shivay was kinda broken with anika killing daksh but he had an idea of her state of mind at tht time which caused her to take such a step. He was shocked seeing the dead body of daksh ?… he cried and wept hugging his body, caressing his wounds. He remembered all their childhood moments… how they used to pacify each other… and be with each other always… support each other and care for each other during bad times. How daksh couldn’t bear his anger and annoyance… how he hurt daksh’s mother for hurting him. Their bond was soooo beautiful and strong… daksh why did u change man… wht did u turn into ?…. u were such a caring friend and now wht have u become. Shivay hugged him and cried loudly not beinv able to bear the sorrow ??. Mallika joined him aftr sometime… and supported shivay and consoled him… she was also sad for daksh’s death even aftr wht he had done to her. They both remembered the times daksh stood up for them against others… be it teachers or gangs or random students…. he took the revenge frm all of them for hurting his friends. The daksh who couldn’t hear a single word against his friends or bear tht they were in pain because of someone… died long back… dunno how. He used to mix jamalgota as a revenge always… he took revenge as well as got entertainment for free ?. “East or west billu gang is the best”… Shivay and mallika chanted their slogan for the last time holding daksh together. They buried him with full rites and rituals and head off to their chopper.
    Khanna and anika were already waiting for them there… mallika and anika were shocked tht they were gonna go to london by chopper… and shivay shook his forehead saying tht girls are actually dumb and both of them retorted back ?. They didn’t budge frm their places at all. Shivanna went and sat on their seats.
    For the first time… i actually felt bad fod daksh. He was such a good friend who would do anything for them and would hurt the people who would even give a scratch to them. Somewhere down the years… something happened tht changed him and he was no more their daksh… he turned into an animal now.
    I loved this episode a lot… some tears flowed down reading abt daksh and shivay’s bond. Take care dear and love u loads ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤.

  18. Barbieannie

    You made my day❣️❣️❣️ I’ve nothing more to say❣️❣️❣️❣️❣️❣️❣️
    Sorry for making you change your statements *Wink* *Smile*
    You too Tc and loads of love back to you❣️❣️❣️❣️❣️❣️❣️❣️❣️❣️❣️❣️❣️❣️❣️❣️❣️❣️❣️❣️❣️

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