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Part: 20 (B)
Annika and Mallika both were admitted in the hospital where Malika’s condition was very critical due the shot on heart side and annika was no less her heart wasn’t responding well and it was just sinking…

Khanna “Doctor I don’t know how you’ll do this but I want you to save them both otherwise I myself don’t know what I’ll do with you and your hospital…

Doctor “Listen man! I can understand your emotions and all but it is not in our hands we are doing our best but they both are critical and aren’t responding to our treatment the way they should and what you’re saying is a threatening so mind your words and excuse me…” saying so he went in OT and khanna collapsed on floor it was then when he got a call “He’s not responding…He’s very critical” the Caller said and the Call disconnected

Khanna “Why the hell this happens with us only? Happiness just sat down in our life’s and you didn’t like it…you never let us stay happy…there’s a limit of tests too…why don’t you just let us stay in peace and happiness for some time…since childhood each one of us is suffering and you’re still cruel to us…why?” he silently yelled crying… “This all happened because of daksh and I’ll not leave him never ever…” he stood up and rushed out of hospital

Mallika was being operated but her condition wasn’t improving…she got shifted to ICU and on the other hand annika was not responding…she was just losing her beats with each passing second

Nurse “Doc, her heartbeat is going flat…Mrs. Oberoi isn’t responding”

Doc “Make her conscious tap on her cheeks…she should wake otherwise…” he stopped and they tapped on her cheeks “Wake up mrs. Oberoi” but she didn’t respond and soon the lines went flat “CPR” shouted the doc and they started giving her CPR…

Annika’s Mind
“Shivaay and she was hugging eachother in the valley of flowers…Foggy Weather and light music…she wasn’t letting him go but he was trying his best to get apart…
“Shivaay don’t leave me…” she was shouting but he wasn’t replying but just getting apart from her…Soon he was successful and he ran away from her and she collapsed on floor and screamed his name ‘Shivaaayyyy’”

And she woke up shouting his name which wasn’t less than any miracle for the doctor and his team who were treating her…as she was declared dead a moment ago…

Doctor “Miracle…” he calmed her down while she just went numb after seeing herself in hospital…and checking her and giving her injections doctor left the ward

Annika “Shivaay…” she started sobbing burying her face in the pillow “Why I couldn’t hold him for more minutes…why he fell I should’ve fell the bullet was for me…not for him…it’s all your fault GOD…you never loved me…you’ve always been cruel to me…you never let me stay happy…you never ever let the happiness stay in my life…always ready to snatch it…why you give it when you’ve to snatch it?” she silent sobbed… and soon dozed off under the effect of sedatives…

Police Station
Khanna “what do you mean by he wasn’t there? I called you that he is there not conscious and you are saying he wasn’t there” he shouted

Inspector “Sir we went there but he wasn’t there we checked whole place…we’ve evidences but not the culprit” he replied trembling

Khanna “Hell with your Evidenced…I told you to go there at the moment only but your lazy piece of…” he paused “I don’t know anything…get me him or be ready to face the wrath of oberoi’s…” he warned raising his finger and stormed out of the PS…

Khanna reached and got to know about the things happened in his absence and rushed to annika’s ward where she was sleeping…

Khanna “Don’t worry annika…I’ll not leave him so easily…I’ll make everything fine…Just don’t cry like this” he caressed her hair and sat staring her tear stained face while crying…
After sometime she moved and opened her eyes just to see her brother crying…and soon sat up on her place

Annika “Bhai…don’t cry…I know nothing can happen to my shivaay…I know he’s alive” she held his hand and assured him while he nodded “Because if he would’ve died I wouldn’t have been alive till now…I just…” she sniffed and started crying…though she was assuring him with a perfect fact but she herself wasn’t satisfied as her hear wasn’t giving the full assurance…where she was consoling him there she herself break down and started crying vigorously…khanna stood up and she hugged him “Bhai…tell me he’s okay…why aren’t you saying anything…Please say something…say me he’s okay…he’s fine perfect…that all was just his prank…” she sobbed khanna caressed her hair
Khanna “Annika…I don’t know anything…but I know one thing only, if you are feeling he isn’t dead…then he’s not…but I’ll not give you fake hopes or assurance that he is fine as he’s not with us yet…police is searching for him…you need to act strong and pray for him…crying will not let anything go good…but prays will…I know, you’ve no more trust on GOD…but we can’t take risk of losing him by not trusting GOD for the last time…Maybe our last trust saves him…Please…stay strong and pray for him to get fine…” he cupped her face and she looked at him “Get Fine?” she asked being shocked as he was talking about search not treatment “I mean gets fine along with get find” he stammered and wiped off her tears

Annika “Okay…where is daksh? I want to meet him now!” she stepped off the bed…

Khanna “We’ve no idea…he is in manali only but where, we don’t know…his cellphone is with police…but he isn’t found in manali…God knows where he vanished…well we’ll find him soon…You take Rest I’ll be back soon…some formalities…” he patted her shoulder and turned to go and remembered about Mallika “Annika…Actually Mallika is in ICU…Take care of her too she saved you form daksh…” he walked out and annika sat thinking…

Annika “My heart is saying shivaay is fine…so I’ll not let this belief break easily…and I know where daksh is so I’ll just do everything by myself…And Mallika? How come she here? How she saved me…I need to talk with her…” she slowly walked out and reached near ICU where a constable was standing… “You can’t go in…she is not conscious yet…” constable stopped her and she sat down on bench…soon a nurse approached her “Mrs. Oberoi…what you’re doing here? Are you fine? Do you want something?” she asked “Yeah take me back to ward” she said in low tone and nurse helped her in reaching the ward and she sat on bed “Please bring some water for me…” she said and nurse left to get the water…

As soon as nurse left annika immediately stepped off the bed and started searching the medicine trolley and picking up an injection and a liquid bottle along with a banded she hid by the side of door and as nurse returned she attacked on her from back and covered her mouth with the banded and she fell un-conscious on floor and then she injected her anesthesia and changing her clothes with hers she left the ward covering her face with mask and entered medicine room…from where she collected few things and walked out of the hospital (let me remind you all that annika was a nurse too…so don’t get confused…and she covered her face and dressed as nurse just to enter the medical room)

Another Hospital
Khanna was roaming in the corridor of that when a doctor approached him with a file in his hand “Mr khanna you need to inform patient’s family…we aren’t sure about him surviving so let’s just say it, he may die” as soon as doctor uttered those 3 words khanna held his collar “Don’t you dare! I want him alive at any cost…anything happens to him you’ll be dead then” he warned and left the collar while doctor just walked away…
Annika entered her Room and changed dress “I’m coming mr daksh Khurrana…be ready to see the wrath of annika Rathod…you’ll regret of your birth…” she opened a drawer and took out a pistol and walked out of the room and taking car drove off to a place…

Doctor called khanna “Mr. Khanna Mallika is conscious and out of danger…”
Khanna “How’s annika…?”
Doc “She’s fine as she’s sleeping…”
Khanna “Fine…I’m coming” he disconnected the call…

A Bungalow

A pizza delivery girl knocked on the door of the bungalow her face was half covered with cap and rest she was wearing a driving mask and was holding a pizza box…none opened the door so she again knocked and now a tall man opened the door “Yes?”

Girl “Sir your Pizza”
Man “Excuse me! I haven’t ordered the one…”
Girl “I don’t know about who ordered it…but we had order so I’m here to deliver it…”
Man “With which name?”
Girl “D…” she was stopped by him…
Man “I think you’re not a blind person…you can clearly see it’s Vikram Rana written on the name plate… not dikram”
Girl “Sir…maybe someone else from your family has ordered it…it’s not compulsory every order will be on your name only…It’s ordered by daksh Khurrana…”
Vikram “Just wait here I’ll ask him first…” he left closing the door but the girl didn’t let the door close as she placed her foot in between…she entered and locked the door and followed vikram till basement…where he met daksh who was half conscious in the effect of alcohol…as soon as she saw him she injected something to vikram from behind and he fell un-conscious…daksh wasn’t in his senses so she easily injected him and then tied up both to chairs…girl is none other than annika…


After leaving the hotel she went to the same place where shivaay and she was having dinner and ordered a pizza…and when the delivery girl arrived she made her un-conscious and got in her getup and reached the bungalow…
*flashback Ends*


Khanna reached there and went to meet Mallika…

Khanna “How’s you now?”
Mallika “I’m perfectly Fine khanna…where is annika and what about shivaay?” her voice slowed while taking the name of shivaay

Khanna “Annika is fine and sleeping and shivaay is….” *Convo Muted*

Mallika “I want to meet annika I need to tell her something…” she sighed

Khanna “Sure…but tell me one thing…how you came there…and why?”

Mallika “I didn’t come there by myself…daksh brought me…he said he want me to meet someone who is seriously ill…and only I can save him…I agreed being a doctor it was my duty but reaching here he kidnapped me…and brought me there…when I was half conscious he said he is going to kill me and annika togather but hearing it I fainted due to the chloroform, and when I got conscious I was at that place in car I guess he forgot to tie me up…and hearing the gun shot I ran and then shivaay fell off and annika was going to fall but I saved and duh? I got shot…” she laughed little…

Khanna “You shouldn’t have believed someone like daksh…he is monster…he can never love someone…” he patted on her shoulder…

Mallika “Lesson learnt…” she smiled and laid “I want to tell annika I’ve found a heart for her…we need to travel to London soon…” she closed her eyes “It’s paining please send the doctor khanna ji…”

Khanna walked out all smiling…and sent doctor in…and walked to the ward of annika…

On entering there, he sensed something wrong and went to check her seeing the nurse he panicked and ran out of the ward but got a call before he could accuse the security of annika being kidnapped…

Annika “Bhai… I’m in hotel…don’t panic please…I want to stay with shivaay for some time” and she disconnected the call and switched off her mobile
Annika was sitting on the table and daksh and vikram were tied up on chairs and chairs were placed right in-front of her…she threw water on them and they got conscious…

Vikram “Are you mad girl? Why you’ve tied us and who you are?” he shouted

Annika “Mr Vikram rana…calm the heck down and stop shouting as it is pain to my ears and the more it’ll pain the more you’ve to suffer” she placed her finger on her lip and closing half eyes she looked at him “Ssshhhh”

Vikram “Okay…just tell me why you’ve kidnapped us?” he asked calmly

Annika “I don’t know you…but I know him…I’ll not do anything to you but only if you’ll stay quite…” she chuckled

Vikram “But why you are here?” he was curious to know

Annika “haven’t you told him daksh that why you are hiding here?” she looked at him and he just kept on shooking his head “what he told you vikram?” she raised her eye-brows with a smirk

Vikram “Firstly he’s not hiding it’s just that he wanted to be alone as he had a break-up…” he was cut in mid

Annika “Awww…and you believed? Common don’t you watch TV? He is hiding from police…He killed shivaay singh oberoi” she screamed

Vikram jaw drops and widening his eyes he looked at daksh

Daksh “Shut up bi*ch I didn’t kill him you’ve killed him…all happened because of you” he shrieked

Vikram “You shutup blo*dy Ba*tard…you fu*king lied to me? how dare you” he yelled at him

Daksh “Shutup…I didn’t lie I just had a breakup with shivaay…he died…he died in-front of me” he yelled back

Annika “Shut-up you both…He is not with me and reason is you daksh” she jumped off the table and walked to him holding him by his hair she made him look at her “You’ll regret being born…” she jerked off his hair and walked to vikram “if you want to live then stay quiet” she glared him and he gulped “So mr Khurrana how would you like to die?” she roamed around him

Daksh “don’t you even think of doing anything to me…I’ll destroy you…” he smirked “I’ve those tapes still with me”

Annika “do you really think that you’re in a condition to threaten me?” she laughed… “You damn piece of Sh*t” she slapped him hard

Daksh “You Bi*ch” he shouted and she slapped him again…

Annika “Now I’m just slapping you…later I’ll not slap but…” she came and stood in-front of him “You used me…I was okay…I knew you used me…but I never said anything…I never uttered a single word…you knew I loved shivaay from long back…but you still trapped me…we girls are idiot gets trapped easily in sugar coated talks of bastards like you…I forgot shivaay loving you…I accepted you…I loved you daksh… I did whatever you said and what you did…ruined my life…” he voice cracked with her eye’s turning red due to anger and control of tears “Since childhood I suffered…after the death of my parents I never got close to anyone…I was just 20 when I heard about shivaay…The famous businessman…I used to read about him but never dared to see his any picture…you knew all this…I loved him…you knew it…I longed for him you knew it…” she sat on floor crossing her legs and hugging them “Shivaay my shivaay” she shouted “mere saare Khuwab tumne tory khud ko shivaay ki jaga lane ki koshish ki “You broke off all my dreams…you tried placing yourself in place of shivaay}” she pointed finger toward him

Daksh “It’s not the truth…you fuc*ng cheated me…” he shrieked

Annika “Did I spent time with others? Did I went with others leaving you? Did I ignored you? Did I lied to you?” she laughed “No! but you did…everything…and you even used me…you freaking killed my child…you raped me…you…” she paused and closed her eyes “Maar dala” she shouted placing her hand on her tummy “Tumne sabko maar dala” she sobbed screaming… “Mmm…ee…rrr…eee” she stammered “Ssss…” she hitched a breath “Maar diya” she shouted on the verge of tears “Shivaay…” she captured her lower lip in her teeth’s and took a deep breath as tears rolled down from her cheeks and then she wiped them off and dropping her head little to right she looked at daksh and passed a smile… “Be Ready” she sniffed and stood up…
Vikram was feeling pity on annika…listening to all she said he was having tears…the words were enough but her condition was increasing the intensity and he couldn’t stop himself from crying…

Annika “So did you know how much it pained me when your blo*dy rapist friend’s Ra*ed me? No! how would you know? You were not the one getting raped…” she laughed sarcastically

Daksh “Leave me…” he shouted

Annika “Shutup…now soon your shouting’s will turn into screaming and crying…” she laughed and opened a bag she brought with her

Vikram “I won’t be able to see all this…” he stammered

Annika “You’ve to see after all you’re also a man…you should know what’ll happen if you hurt someone and you’ll not dare to do this…” she turned to daksh holding a candle she pushed his chair and he fell down then she started pouring hot wax of candle on his feet’s while he was just screaming…soon she stopped as his feet’s got covered with wax “Oh baby it’s paining?” she leaned toward him and lifted back his chair and placed it properly “Let me clean it…” she smiled and took out a scalpel from the bag and sat on floor “Let’s just remove it…it must be paining…I think they are burnt” she chuckled and starting cutting off the wax layers and soon he screamed out of pain “Aaaaahhhh…annikaaaaa…leave me…” he screamed as she wasn’t just cutting the layers but his skin too she was giving him the cuts she used to give herself his feet’s were bleeding and were now covered with several cuts and he was just screaming not able to do anything he started crying… “Let me go…” he gasped “what’s the hurry…you’ve to payback for everything you did with me…my child…my shivaay” she sniffed and standing walked toward the one of the hanging bulb and holding it by wire she broke it on his head and it started bleeding… once again he screamed out of pain “annika leave me…it’s paining a lot…” he shrieked “No! not more than the pain you’ve given me” she passed a cheeky smile and looked at the wires of broken bulb “No don’t do this I’ll die…” he shouted getting what she is up to bu she just smiled and moved near him and slightly cutting his all veins she went out of basement and returned with salt and red chili powder and sprinkled it on his wounds and he screamed in pain “Please annika leave me…I’m sorry…please, please…let me go…please…I beg you” he pleaded and she laughed “really now you learnt to say sorry. But, baby it’s too late” she smirked and picking up the wire she tied it near his arm on chair and attached it with his arm and he started getting electric shock and seeing all the torchers vikram was sweating…her work was done she moved to vikram “What say?” she laughed “Leave him annika…he got his punishment let’s just hand him to police” he said just then shivaay’s words ringed in her ears “Daksh get your punishment and then we’ll be one again” hearing it she ran to him and removed the wires he was on the verge of fainting but, annika threw water on him and he again started pleading for his life… “I was idiot to kill you in this way…what if you don’t die? And then again come between us? No! I will not let this happen” she shooked her head which scared daksh and shocked vikram and soon she pulled out the gun from bag and aimed it on daksh “I hate you…you’ve to die daksh” she fired on point blank range on his head and he was dead on the moment… after shooting him she sat on floor folding her knees and hugging them she looked at his dead face and started laughing hysterically…and then suddenly started crying… “Shivaay kaha ho aajao ab tou {shivaay where are you? At least come now}” she shouted weeping

Vikram “Annika…please leave me…I will not tell anyone…” he said in low tone and she looked up at him wiping her tears “Bury him” she stood up and untied him and then they both buried him in the backyard of bungalow…

Annika “Now?” she looked at him “Nothing happened he deserved this” he stammered “Hope so you’ll not tell this to anyone…I don’t want this to be revealed as I don’t want him to given the respect of end rituals” she sniffed “Whatever may the reason, I’ll not reveal it to anyone” he god promised and she left the place and went back to hospital where khanna was standing outside only seeing her coming toward hospital with blood stained face and hands he ran to her and dragged her to the side

Khanna “Where was you? And what’s this? Why you’re in blood?” he shooked her

Annika “Daksh…I finished him…he’ll never ever interfere in our family” she smiled and looked at khanna

Khanna “what do you mean by you finished him? Where he was and what you did with him?” he clutched her by her arms and shooking her looked into her eyes which were no less than any blood red eyes

Annika “I killed him bhai…he destroyed me and I just finished him off…I killed him” she laughed

Khanna was shocked hearing it and leaving her with a jerk he slapped her hard on her face and she looked at him with shock…and started crying

Annika “B…b..ha…i you slapped me?” she stammered hitching a breath

Khanna “Are you out of your mind? Shivaay did so much to help you reach the position as a best singer to become a public figure…but you are running after running it? None will ever accept a murderer singer annika” he shouted

Annika “Nahi ban ’na mujhe koi singer…nahi jeeni aisi zindagi jaha mein apne shivaay ke qatil ko khule aam phirne du bhai…nahi jeena aisa ban kar…usne mere shivaay ko meri ankho ke same maar dala {I don’t want to become any singer…I don’t want to live this life where I’ve to let the killer of shivaay roam openly…I don’t want to live being this…he killed my shivaay infront of my eyes}” she fell on her crying

“Annika…now it’s no more your dream or wish to become singer or be a singer but it’s mine…you’ve to be mine annika…I don’t want anyone to call you a criminal…” hearing it annika and khanna looked back

To Be Continued…

Precap: Conclusion…

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    Anika, mallika and shivay in critical condition. Khanna is the only there to take care of them… full pressure on him. He can’t even cry openly as he needs to be strong for them and he needs to get tht daksh punished as well. On one side his boss cum brother… and thn on the other side anika who’s like his sister only and the next side there’s mallika who risked her life for anika. All he can do right now is pray to god to set everythin fine and as usual yell at doctors for losing hope. I felt so sad for khanna… he lost his family members before only and now when he has got the best family…. God’s plannin to take them away as well. He had to run between two hospitals and even police station… srsly man police in india have become so useless these days… lets the criminals go scot free and punish the innocent. Khanna saw a ray of hope… it gave him the assurance tht everythin would be fine now… anika was alright ?… he was relieved to see his sister fine.
    Anika cried herself to sleep reminiscing abt their proposal and shivay gettin shot and falling down… and cursed herself for letting go of his hand ?.Khanna cryin thinkin abt the happy moments of shivika and thn daksh ruining their best moment. He felt bad tht his sister had to face so much in life just caz of tht daksh. Anika gave assurance to khanna and herself tht shivay’s fine and he would come to them soon… since she’s alive and fine nthn would happen to shivay…. though somewhere in the corner of her heart she felt tht she was givin herself false hopes. Anika was shocked to knw tht mallika was critical and tht she had saved her…. she was agitated on knwin tht daksh escaped once again. She tried to meet mallika to check on her but the inspector stopped her.
    Anika made a plan of killing daksh for all the troubles he caused to her shivay… she forgave him for all the things he had done to her but he attacked her shivay two times and she couldn’t forgive him for tht ever. She sleathily kept the nurse in her place and went off to put her plan into action. She decided to end his game once and for all… so tht he could never hurt her shivay again. She reached the house of vikram in the pretext of a pizza girl and injected medicine into daksh and vikram. Vikram was clueless abt the happenings and he bursted upon daksh when he came to kne tht he killed shivay and lied to him abt it. Daksh was tied up to a chair but still he had tht akad… he blamed anika for cheating him and sleeping with others… he blamed her for killing shivay and for all the prblms. But this time anika didn’t stay quite… she raised her voice and expressed her anguish… her pain… her sufferings she had faced caz of him. He emotionally blackmailed her into sleeping with him with the promise tht they would get married soon… he made his friends ra*e her… he made the video of tht and blackmailed her so tht she would never open her mouth… he aborted her baby even though she never tried to claim it as his…. he wiped off all her dreams and changed her into a lifeless soul….. he did so much with her and she never uttered a word against him or say anything but now he shot shivay and tht was it… he crossed the limit. Vikram felt sad for anika hearing abt the pain she has gone through… though his full support and sympathy was towards her but he couldn’t see daksh being tortured… nobody would be able to.
    Anika strted torturing him… she slapped him for doing so bad with her and killing her baby… she burnt his feet ? and thn cut his skin off… she electrocuted him reminiscing all the tortures he had inflicted on her and for pushing shivay towards death. She was gonna leave him aftr tht but she didn’t want him to come back in her life again and again and turn it upside down. She shot him on his forehead and he died on the spot. Vikram was shit scared seein this side of anika but he didn’t utter a word as he knew she had faced a lot in her life caz of daksh… along with him she buried him in the backyard as he didn’t deserve to be sent off with a prpr funeral. She was satisfied with his end but somewhere or the other in her heart she knew shivay would be very hurt by this action of hers.
    Khanna was happy to see mallika fine… she narrated her stry of how she reached there and saved anika and ended up getting shot. Khanna asked her never to trust so easily on someone like daksh ever again as he’s very cunning and she’s very naive. He was shocked to see some nurse in place of anika and was gonna take the hospital upon his head when anika called him and informed tht she’s fine. He was shocked to see her entering with blood on her face and clothes… he was scared tht she did somethin stupid. He angrily questioned her abt her whereabouts and the blood whereas she was happy and content with her doings. He was super shocked when she calmly said tht she killed daksh and slapped her angrily and reprimanded her for doing smthn so bad… for ruining all of shivay’s efforts of making her a well known famous singer… for turning into a criminal. Anika was shocked to see her brother slapping her and justified her action… she didn’t want to become famous or a singer… if she didn’t have shivay by her side she doesn’t want anything… she killed daksh so tht he could never come between her and shivay ever again. Shivay sayin tht he never wanted her hands to be blood stained and he wanted to fulfill her dreams and not become a criminal…. anika was shocked to hear shivay’s voice.
    Anika is right in her place… he deserved all of tht for the things he had done with her and for killin an innocent soul before being born in the world only. Shivay is right in his place… the daksh tht died today was his best friend daksh who turned into an animal.
    I knw u would never disappoint ur readers… i have full trust in u ?. Take care dear and love u loads ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤.

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