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Part: 20 (A)
Bhatia Hospital
Shivaay’s Ward
Shivaay woke-up with his drowsy eye’s looking at ceiling…for a minute he couldn’t realize anything…

Shivaay “What I’m doing here? Why head is heavy?” he closed his eyes and turned his head to see annika on his side sleeping in un-comfortable position… “Who is she?” he widened his eyes and looked here and there “where is daksh?” he thought and closed his eyes again and opened it after sometime…

Shivaay “Annika…” he caressed her face and placed a kiss on her cheek which woke her up “Good morning annika” he hugged her

Annika “Good morning shivaay” she placed a kiss on his chest and cuddled into him “How’s you feeling now?” she looked at his face

Shivaay “Weird…well how’s you?” he held her hand

Annika “You’re sick not i… btw why you’re feeling weird? Is something hurting you?” she sat up

Shivaay “I don’t know…Let’s go home annika” he too sat up

Annika “yeah, let me talk with doctor then we can go home” she turned to go when he held her hand

Shivaay “Hey, Stop! Where are you going annika? Don’t go…please don’t leave me” he pulled her back

Annika “shivaay…mein bas doctor ke cabin mein jaa rahi mar nahi rahi jo aise bol rahy {Shivaay…I’m just going to doctor’s cabin you’re saying as if I’m dying}” she chuckled and he left her hand

Shivaay “Shutup…dare not to repeat that ever again did you get it…” he held her face in his hands and looking in her orbs said and moved back

Annika nodded and left the ward “What’s wrong with him? Why he is behaving weirdly…why he is so scared of losing me not even letting me go to nearby cabin…I think he is scared of the fact daksh may harm me…hmm…it’s fine it’s the last time he attacked us now he’ll never be able to repeat this ever again…” she thought and entered the cabin “doctor, when can we take shivaay home?” she looked up to him

Doctor “he is fine…you can take him home…but only if you can take proper care of him…no stress…no hit on head again…just happiness…otherwise…” he stopped

Annika “Say it clearly…” she stammered

Doctor “otherwise he may loss his memory due to Alzheimer’s disease…dementia, the hit’s on his head are very dangerous for him…Stress is like a food for this disease…so my advice will be this to not let him take any kind of stress…and make him say things which are making him take stress…otherwise you know what’ll happen…Now you can take him home mrs. oberoi” he handed her the reports and the papers and she walked out with his words ringing in her ear’s

“He may lose his memory” she wasn’t able to bear it…the happiness is caused by him only and if he loses his memory he’ll forget her also…she didn’t want this so she promised herself to make him the happiest person in this world… “I’ll not let that disease affect our life’s” she wiped her tears and ran to the ward of his…khanna who had heard all this was sitting in a corner crying miserably “Why this had to happen with my family only…since childhood he has longed for the love from all…now when he’s gonna get it again hurdles are on its way…memory loss and heart hole…GOD, why you do this? With them only? I’ll not let anyone affect their happiness this time…not even you…I’ll see how you separate them from eachother or separate them from their happiness…Khanna is ready to sacrifice his life for his family” he wiped off his tears and walked out of hospital…


Shivaay “What is wrong with me? why I’m not getting good vibes at all…why it feels as if something major is going to happen…but the feeling isn’t clear… is it good or something worst then the things happened till this date…” he was lost in his thoughts when annika stormed in ward and hugged him tightly “Shivaay we are going to manali” she said still in hug
Shivaay “But…” “no ifs and buts it’s going to be the best day of our life shivaay…but for that best day you need to promise me something…and swear on me” she looked at him getting apart
Shivaay “Say annika?” he cupped her face

Annika “I want to know the thing which is bothering you? Why you’re taking so much trust? Why you fainted last night what you thought?” she held his hand and a lone tear escaped from the eyes of both

“She’s having a hole in heart…one month left”
“he’s suffering from Alzheimer’s dementia…he may lose his memory”

They both thought this…

Shivaay “you literally confessed and I couldn’t handle the happiness…that’s it” he said crossing his fingers

Annika “Fine…we are leaving for manali in 2 hours…bhai will take you home I need to meet the hostess of 2nd part otherwise concert will be held and we may not go” she cupped his face and walked out giving him a hug and a kiss on his fore-head which he returned immediately…

Government Hospital

Annika entered in hospital with full tashan and walked near the 3 man’s laying on bed sleeping peacefully…
“Take them along” she told to a men and walked out wearing her shades and then she drove toward the city hospital to meet Mallika…
Annika “Mallika…I’m here to take the reports…shivaay isn’t fine…” she entered her cabin

Mallika “don’t lie annika…why you’re doing this? Why you’re hiding it from him? Don’t you know he loves you a lot? Then why you’re hurting him?” she held her by her shoulders

Annika “what do you mean?” she widened her eyes

Mallika “Shivaay knows about your heart condition annika…” she moved back

Annika “What?” she took a back and stumbled little…

Mallika “Yes annika, he knows all…each and everything which you’ve hid till date and also the things which you yourself doesn’t know…” she handed her the files “Your heart condition is not even fine at all…you’ve just one month and 2 days have passed…Why you’re doing this with him? Why don’t you just say it clearly to him? Listen to me annika” she made her sit “Shivaay is a person with many secrets buried in his heart…he never loved someone this much…he loves you and you love him…just because of a cheater don’t take his exams…the person for whom you’re ignoring shivaay isn’t worth of any relation…I guess shivaay didn’t told you yet about all what he knows…but no worries which he couldn’t do I can do” she handed her the tab with video of daksh’s confession played…

Annika was breaking down with each passing second…she knew daksh never loved her but after knowing the conspiracy played with her she wasn’t able to digest it the truth was pricking her heart but…

Annika “I’m not annika…I’m shivaay’s annika and for her this mean nothing now… for me daksh’s chapter is over now…whatever he did with me matters nothing but I’ll not leave him and you for hurting my shivaay” she wiped her tears and glared Mallika…

Mallika “are you serious? What I did with shivaay? What do you even mean?” she stood up

Annika “don’t act innocent…didn’t you send those men’s of daksh to kill shivaay” she too stood up

Mallika “you’ve gone nuts annika…why I’ll send them to kill shivaay? And for me too daksh’s chapter is over we’re not getting married now…” she said in stern voice

Annika “Don’t lie…the man himself took your name…because of you shivaay is suffering…and I’ll not leave you for hurting him” she turned away

Mallika “Show me who took my name…?”

Annika called someone and the man brought 3 men’s in cabin…

Mallika “they’re not any goon annika they are from cctv repairing center” she widened her eyes

Annika “Manav will you speak up” she held a paper pin and walked toward him

Manav “I never said she sent us…I was saying because of her we attacked that person” he cleared

Mallika “what do you mean by because of me?”

Manav “Actually daksh told us to find out who met with Mallika and manipulated her against him and then kill the person without informing him and we did as he said…”

Annika “take them out…” she shouted “Mallika I’m sorry…I was just…you know shivaay was so critical not was he is still critical due to head injury…I’m sorry…” she folded her hands…

Mallika “It’s okay…Annika not only he but you’re critical too…why don’t you get the operation done before month ends…” she held her hand “I’ll find the donor”

Annika “Is it possible? If yes…then please do it…I don’t want to leave him alone…after all this” she looked at her and Mallika hugged her “I’ll find it soon just take care you both…” annika reciprocated and then she bid bye to her and went to an old mill

Annika “Manav if you want me to leave you then call the fourth man here Rohit…” she pointed a gun on his fore-head

Manav “Okay…I’ll call him to come here…” he agreed and called rohit and asked him to come to old mill and soon he arrived…

Annika was looking toward the mill from a distance sitting in car while rohit was standing in-front of the main door of mill…and soon her held the handle and pushed the door…

Annika “1…2…3…BOOM!” the mill blasted…

After manav called rohit annika smirked and tied them to pipes and attached dynamites with them “Trust me manav I’m a liar” she laughed and started attaching dynamites to the walls of mill “You know this mill had a board placed *Stay Away mill is going to Blast in few hours…* but how you’ll know? You were blind folded…well it’s not the time to tell you everything…Whatever you’ve done till date on daksh’s saying you’re gonna pay for that…Just Pray now” she laughed

Manav “Annika please leave us…forgive us…” he pleaded

Annika “Isn’t it so soon? Well I would’ve leave you for ra*ing me but now, matter is about my shivaay and I will not let you live after whatever you’ve done with shivaay…Mine Shivaay” she looked at them and then laughed…

Manav “We will never repeat this mistake leave us please…forgive us…” he again pleased while the rest 2 were laughing under the effect of medicines given to them not knowing the situation

Annika “Ask the forgiveness from GOD! As you’re gotta go to hell…” she turned away “Now rohit will kill you as soon as he will push the door to open…these threads attached to the button’s will lift and BOOM!” she again laughed “Don’t worry soon your main partner will join you all in hell…then learn rest of the criminal activities from him” she walked away…

*Flash-Back Ends*

Annika “Have a safe journey Mr. Manav mr. Rohit…mr. akshay…mr. Adi” she drove off “Daksh let me come back from manali then I’ll see how you live”

Annika reached and was shocked seeing shivaay standing on the main door with tuffy and cats by his side “What you’re doing out here?” she crossed her arms

Shivaay “we were going to leave in 2 hours and it’s been 3 hours annika” he narrowed his eyes and crossed his arms

Annika “Not my fault…Rohit was late” she passed a cheeky smile and then face palmed realizing the spilled beans…

Shivaay “Rohit? Where was you annika? I want to know the truth only! Mine Swear to you” he immediately placed her hand on his head

Annika “Rohit…daksh’s friend bechaara Rip…” she chuckled

Shivaay “What happened? Did he hurt you again?” he looked at her rotating her and checking her face hands arms…

Annika “Calm down…I just finished their chapter…First let’s go in” she pulled him in with him…

Khanna “oh you came…shivaay see what she did…” he showed him the video of her threatening the man’s and laughing on them after being killed in blast

Shivaay “Did you killed them annika?” he held her hand

Annika “They throbbed you…they had to suffer and this was the best way” she gave full attitude look

Shivaay “Annika they were the same men isn’t it” he held her face firmly in his hands “Are you fine?” he cupped her face

Annika “Perfectly Fine…well we are late already…let’s leave for manali” she cupped his face and ran up to her room…

After Sometime she came down with her bag and they all left in car along with their pets…

(Let me skip to next day to wrap it up as I don’t have any idea about manali and Mumbai distance’s)

Next day!

Shivaay woke-up and went to washroom to get freshen up where he found a chit sticked to the mirror “Get ready wearing the dress I’ve placed in the cupboard and reach the XYZ place” he blushed reading it and opened the cupboard to find a Black high neck with a knee length blazer of light black along with a black jeans “She’s cute I love these types of dresses” he muttered and soon got ready wearing them and came out of washroom and started brushing his hair’s and again found a chit sticked to the mirror “Don’t take forever to set the hair and come fast it’s cold here I’ll freeze up” he smiled and putting up his sneakers he rushed out of the room and soon drive to the place which she had mentioned in the chit…
The place was near the hill the weather was romantic as usual and the area was beautifully decorated with fairy lights of white and yellow color and a table with 2 chairs was set-up down the shadow of a tree covered with snow…

Shivaay “Annika…where are you” he called her roaming around the place rubbing and blowing his hands

Annika “I think you forgot to wear the gloves isn’t it shivaay” she appeared from back the tree while dragging a brazier with her

Shivaay “what’s all this?” he smiled asking

Annika “as If you have no idea?” she looked at him “Btw someone is looking very hot han?” she raised her eye-brows and smiled while he blushed s little

Shivaay “Yeah that true” he smirked looking at her from top to bottom “We are wearing same clothes isn’t it?” he raised his eye-brows

Annika “from today onwards” she placed the brazier near their table and walked toward him encircled her arms around his neck “We will always be like this…same dresses or color coordinated” she then hugged him and he reciprocated

Shivaay “early morning someone is getting romantic” he tickled her around her waist

Annika “Someone is so lost that he didn’t realized it isn’t really morning but evening…” she laughed getting apart and showed him time on her cell “actually you slept whole morning…” she made puppy face

Shivaay “you gave me sleeping pills?” he narrowed his eyes

Annika “No I didn’t but khanna did” she chuckled and dragged him toward the table and made him sit on chair and sat on other khanna came with dishes and placed them on table

Khanna “She forced me to give you” he pouted and walked away

Annika “Sorry…it was needed” she winked and started serving him the food

Shivaay “you’re looking drop dead Gorgeous” he held her hand and kissed it

Annika “Same to you shivaay” she held his hand and kissed it

Shivaay “Aag laga rakhi hai itni baraf bari mein bhi tumne {you’ve lit fire even in this snowy place}” he smirked winking

Annika “I learned it from you only!” she winked back and he smiled

They started eating when annika again started the conversation…

Annika “I know you know it…and I know why you’re so stressed” she crunched the food

Shivaay “What do you mean?” he looked at her munching his bite

Annika “I know that you know it…I mean you know I’ve a hole in my heart” she sipped the water

Shivaay “yeah” he smiled and soon the truth hit him and he dropped his spoon “what?” he looked at her being shocked

Annika “Yeah and I just want to tell you that you need not to take stress about it…I’ll not leave you so soon…neither I’ll let you go…we are meant to be togather forever…and no hole of heart can change our fate…I’ll get the operation done…and we will live happily togather” she held his hand and moved her chair near him

Shivaay “Yeah good…I’m ready to be the donor” he smiled pressing her hand

Annika slapped him on his shoulder “idiot…here I’m saying I’ll live with you and you’re saying you will be the donor…Tumhare dill ka mein Acchar dalungi jab tum hi nahi ho ge?” she glared him angrily

Shivaay “Mean you are finding a donor?” he raised his eye-brows

Annika “Ofcourse…” she pinched his cheeks

Shivaay “so finally someone have learnt to live instead of dying” he pulled her toward himself and she landed on his chest and they both fell on snowy ground

Annika “yeah…” she sat up on ground and pulled him up and hugged him “Just because of you shivaay” she placed kisses in his chest and he placed kisses on her fore-head and soon the song played…
*Tere samne aa jane se
Yeh dill mera dharka hai
Yeh ghalti nahi hai teri
Kasur nazar ka hai*
~They both stood up looking at eachother and blushing little, shivaay forwarded his hand to her and she blushing…slowly placed her hand on his hand and he placed his other hand on her waist and she placed her on his shoulder and they started dancing~

*Jiss baat ka tujhko darr hai
Who karke dikha dunga*
~Shivaay swirled her and back hugging her nuzzled on her neck~

*Aise na mujhe tum dekho
Seene se laga lunga
Tumko mein chura lunga tumse
Dill mein chupa lunga*
~She looked at him shyly and he again swirled her and she landed on his chest and he just encircled his arms around her she buried her head in his chest hugging him~

*Tumse pehle, tumsa koi
Humne nahi dekha*
~He made her look at him and caressed her face while she blushed~

*Tumhe daikhte hi mar jayenge
Yeh nahi tha socha*
~She caressed his face and kissed on his cheeks~

*Bahon mein teri meri
Yeh raat guzar jaaye
Tujhme hi kahi pe meri
Subah bhi guzar jaaye*
~He embraced her in his arms and she too reciprocated and they danced hugging her head on his chest and his chin on her shoulder~

*Jis baat ka tujhko darr hai
Woh karke dikha dunga*
~He kissed on her shoulder and she kissed on his chest~

*Dill mein jaage jazbaton ko
Humne nahi roka*
~She got apart and held his face~

*Teri orh badhe kadmon ko bhi
Humne nahi toka*
~He too held her face~

*Tere saath baichaini ko bhi
Aaraam sa Milta hai
Doob ke Tujhme hi toh
Dill yeh smabhalta hai*
~She bring his face near her and looked on his lips while he stared on her lips and eyes~

*Jis baat ko tujhko darr hai
Woh karke dikha dunga*
~Their lips touched and they again hugged eachother blushing~

*Aise na mujhe tum dekho
Seene se laga lunga
Tumko mein chura lunga tumse
Dill mein chupa lunga*
~They danced hugging eachother~
Annika “Shivaay…I want to tell you something” she trailed her hands on his back while hugging him
Shivaay “hmm?” he hummed while hugging her closing his eyes

Annika “Look at me in my eyes” she got apart and held his hands

Shivaay looked in her eyes and reciprocated the looks…

Annika “You are amazing shivaay…I love You” she smiled while saying those three magical words to him and he stood numb hearing them so unexpectedly…and soon fell on ground with wide open eyes and wide open arms and legs not looking less than any star fish she smiled seeing his reaction and going on her knees she slowly came on top of her with her hands on either sides of his face and a little distance between their bodies to touch with eachother…she was on top and he was down her having no clue about upcoming thing he was just in happy wala shock zone… “shivaay” she whispered in his ear leaning down “hmm” He again hummed and looked at her widening his eyes “I said I love you” she repeated and he giving a cute blush smile looked at her face and his eyes twinkled “One more time?” me muttered and she smiled “I love you shivaay” she leaned and kissed on his lips and then placed her head on his shoulder waiting for him to embrace her…
He happily slowly lifted his arms and encircled around her and turned the position “I love you too annika” he shouted and kissed her on her fore-head and repeated “I love you too” tears of joy escaped from his eyes and fell in her eyes then she turned him and coming again on top of him “Say it again” and again placed her head on his chest “I love you too annika” he hugged her and placed a kiss on her hair and they both laid there in that position for few more minutes just repeating “I love you…I love you too” not caring of the cold as their proximity was producing heat between them and they were not feeling cold at all…soon the stood up

Shivaay “I love you” he hugged her
Annika “I love you too shivaay” she reciprocated

“I love you annika…if you can’t be mine I’ll not even let you love someone else too” a voice interrupted their moment…

Shivika “Daksh…”

Daksh “Thank-God you remember me” he laughed

Shivaay “Daksh…Go from here I don’t want to hit my bestie…Please…” he looked at him

Daksh “Shivaay…tu mera yaar tha…iss larki ne tujhe mujhse door kardia jaha tu mere bina kuch nahi karta tha waha tu ne mere bina sab kuch kardia…tu nahi janta mein tujhse kitna pyaar karta hu? Bachpan se ek tu hi mera saccha dost hai shivaay kisi larki ke liye maine tujhe kabhi nahi chora tou phir tune mujhe kyu chor dia yaar? {Shivaay you were my friend…this girl parted us…where you never did anything without me…there you did everything without me? don’t you know how much I love you? Since childhood you are my only true friend…I never left you because of any girl then why did you left me because of a girl?}” he cried

Shivaay “Daksh I never left you…I just want you to accept the crime you’ve done and then get the punishment and we’ll be one again” he said being emotional…

Daksh “Nahi shivaay…you never wanted this…you’ve already left me…you didn’t talk to me since month… I’ll not let you go away from me shivaay never ever…and if for that I have to kill someone I’ll do it…” he laughed crying

Shivaay “Listen…” he paused seeing him bringing out his pistol

Daksh “Miss Annika Rathod…you’ve to die…” he aimed it on her
Shivaay “Stop this daksh…you cannot do this…” he shouted

Annika “Let him do this shivaay…I’ll see how much low he can stoop”

Daksh “Everything is fair in love…war…and friendship” he dropped his head and pulled the trigger & the place echoed with the sound of Gun-shot

“Shivaaayyyy” annika shouted and daksh looked up all shocked

Shivaay was standing holding his left side of abdomen and blood was oozing out from that place a tear escaped from his eye and a weak smile crept on his face and then he moved little and stumbled and then fell off the cliff annika held his hand immediately and held him up not letting him fall down she laid holding his hand “Shivaay why you did this” annika shouted crying “Annika run away” he said “Leave my hand” he shouted “Shivaay no! please don’t leave the hand and I’ll save you please don’t leave the hand” she pleaded while crying daksh ran to them and forwarded his hand to shivaay “Shivaay yaar please hold it shivaay please…don’t do this…please” he pleaded

Khanna was running toward the place while from the other side Mallika was coming there whom daksh brought there to kill with annika…

Annika “Shivaay please come up…” she cried “hold his hand shivaay” she plead and shivaay forwarded his second hand to daksh and he held it and they started pulling him up standing up and he reached up and as soon as he reached falling un-conscious he stumbled and his foot slipped and he fell off the cliff…

“Shivaaayyyy” they both shout as he fell off…seeing him falling annika fainted but before she could fall Mallika held her and pulled her toward herself…daksh in anger aimed gun on annika but khanna held his hand and the bullet fired on Mallika and annika and Mallika both fell on ground…while khanna hit on daksh’s head with back of his gun and he too fell un-conscious on ground…

Khanna looked down crying and then with a little smile he cried and ran to annika and Mallika and calling someone he rushed them to hospital informing police to catch daksh…

To Be Continued…
Precap: “how this happened?” Annika jumped in happiness…
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    Anthr dhamaka ?… shivay is sufferin frm dementia ??. All those blows on his head… first the deadly accident… thn the mental turmoil with anika’s words and her behaviour tht she doesn’t love him… thn comin to knw abt anika’s disease and tht she has very less time to live which was caused more stress on his brain and emotional turmoil and thn lastly the constant blows on his head by daksh’s men…. he suffered so much just for his lady love and for making her back to the lively girl she once was. Anika was devastated on knwin abt shivay’s condition… she decided to be strong and take him away frm here to a more romantic place away frm all the stress. Khanna heard all this and broke down… on one hand his boss cum brother like friend who is sufferin frm dementia and on the other hand his boss’s future wife cum sister who has a hole in her heart ??…. he has seen both of them suffering in their lives…. both of them breakin down…. the love they have for each other. He wouldn’t let all their sacrifices and their new found happiness go down the drain… he would do anythin for them as they are his family… he would protect them frm all the dangers tht come their way. I really really liked this scene of khanna a lot.
    Anika hugged shivay tightly… she feared tht he would forget her due to his disease and she never wants it to happen. Shivay lied to her tht he was so happy when she confessed tht he couldn’t handle it… both of them were thinkin abt the other’s disease. Shivika are gonna go to manali ??.
    Anika takes the three men and heads off to the hospital mallika works in… mallika told her tht shivay knws the truth and confronted her for hiding it frm him… she asked her not to hurt shivay for a person who doesn’t even care for her a bit. Anika was shocked to knw tht shivay knws her truth… she was even more shocked and shattered to knw abt daksh’s conspiracy and tht he never loved her at all… she was just a mere doll for him, use and throw. She was hurt knowin abt it… she loved daksh even aftr everythin as she believed tht he had loved her at some point of his life but she was wrong…. he only used her. She reminded herself tht she is no more anika… now she is shivay’s anika, the courageous and fierce one who would go to any measures to secure shivay. She felt mallika was behind shivay’s accident… mallika told her tht she had nthn to do with it and didn’t even have the slightest clue abt it… she was shocked to see manav and he blurted out the truth tht it was all daksh’s plan. Anika asked forgiveness frm mallika and said tht shs was worried abt shivay’s condition tht she couldn’t think prply only… mallika asked her to get her operation done soon so tht she can live with shivay as the more she delays it the lesser time she has. Anika was happy on knwin tht she can survive and moreover spend her life with shivay… mallika assured her tht she would find a donor for her soon. Anika head off to settle the scores frm the four guys… the so called friends of daksh… his mere puppets. Wht a plan she made… she cleverly set the trap for them and made it look like due to rohit’s mistake they all died… she would have left them if they hadn’t harmed shivay even though they had rap*d her… but they had beaten shivay so much… they themselves invited death towards them. Anika has become a sherni frm a bheegi billi ??.
    Shivay waiting for anika outside the cottage as she was late and anika spilled the beans… shivay asked her to tell where she was honsetly… he was surprised seeing her video of killing those 4 basta*ds… he was worried tht she had to face her ra*ists all alone… She assured him tht she’s perfectly alright and they deserved this for hurting him. Shivika and their pets and their personal bodygaurd are off to manali ??…. wht a sweet, cute family they all make up. They should have a family photo stuck up in anika’s cottage.
    Shivay waking up to find notes stuck arnd ?… he was so happy to read the notes was even more happy seeing the clothes she had picked out for him… she knew abt his habit of takin hours setting up his hair ?. He quickly got ready and head out to the place she called him to. He was surprised on seeing her wearing the same clothes… anika saying tht they’ll always be coordinated frm now on ? how cute. Shivay surprised tht she’s romancing with him early in the mrng… onmy to realise tht he was given sleeping pills and it’s almost evening. Anika stealthily blamed it on khanna whereas hr clarified tht she forced him to do it. Bechara khanna in dono ke pyaar ke chakkar main kya kya ban gaya… bodygaurd se… servant phir cupid phirse servant aur ab waiter bhi ?.
    Anika telling shivay tht she knws tht he knws abt her illness and in the flow of the moment he said yes later realising wht she said. He assured her tht she would live for a longer time and he would give his heart away to her… he has already done tht but now he’ll do it literally. Anika told him to remove such thoughts frm his brain and tht she wants to live her life with him by her side and she would find a donor for herself. Shivay was ecstatic to knw tht she finally wants to live her life. Both of them dancing with each other happily… hugging each other… kissing and nuzzling. Anika finally said I LOVE YOU to him ??… he was sooo pleasantly surprised tht he literally fell on the ground… i loved his reaction ???… wide eyes…. he couldn’t believe his ears and thought it was a dream. Anika smiling at his antics and went atop him and told tht she loves him again… shivay couldn’t believe it and wanted to hear it again and again frm her to make sure it’s reality… anika kissed him ?????? she compensated for all the stress tht he had gone through caz of her. Shivay turned her arnd and said tht he loves her tooo…. he was happy to get out of the friendzone officially… tears of joy escaped hearing those magical words frm anika. Their proximity caused the snow to melt ?.
    Their beautiful moment was interrupted by daksh… khud toh usse khush nahi rak paya aur jab woh dil se khush hai toh dekha nahi ja raha hai. He did emotional atyachaar on shivay… though he has done a great job as a friend but he failed miserably as a human and as a man. Shivay was emotional and didn’t wanna lose daksh even aftr all the things he had done he was ready to forgive him but daksh pe nhoot sawar tha of killing anika and he fired the bullet only to be shocked to see shivay takin it. Anika was devastated tht shivay took the bullet tht was meant for her… shivay smiled slightly thinkin abt her confession and the thought of her living… he stumbled and fell off the cliff but anika held his hand on time… shivay asked her to run away… he was caring abt her even though he was near to death. She asked him to come up and not leave her and go away… she asked him to hold onto daksh’s hand for more support. Shivay finally came up but this time he fell off the cliff due to becomin unconscious. Anika fainted seeing this scene and almost fell off but was held by mallika on the right time. Daksh aimed at anika but due to khanna it got fired at mallika… he knocked daksh down and asked the police to take him into custody. Khanna looked down and smiled and took mallika and anika to the hospital.
    Wht an episode yaar !!! I loved two scenes the most… khanna breaking down on knwing shivay’s condition and anika’s state… shivika’s dance and their confession. The best scene was anika killing those 4 guys and daksh shooting shivay and mallika accidentally. Basically i loved the whole episode ??. Ur such a great writer man. U have written on almost all genres: mystery…. thriller…. horror… romance… emotional and a lil bit of comedy as well. I personally feel tht writing emotional stuff is ur best ability… am not able to put tht sentence into the right words. U show the heartbreak… the pain they go through so well… tht the readers are always left with awe with wht u have written. And esp the songs u choose… u make it fit so perdectly into each situation… it’s like ur depicting their exact emotions and inner turmoils goin inside them through the song… and the readers are able to connect to it well.
    I trust u and am 100% sure u wouldn’t let anything bad happen to them… there will be ups and downs but in the end they would be together which is wht matters. A bigg huggg to u. Take care dear and love u loads ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤. Dont blush so much ??.

  13. Just magnificent

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