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Note: I said in the beginning only the ending will be happy but the twists will be really unexpected…I know from beginning it’s a pack full of emotional drama and that’s what it supposed to be the title itself says not first love mean heart brakes and but last love mean happy love so the journey had to be emotional and heart wrenching and many revenge games so the end will be happy as promised and few ups and downs are going to happen in next part as you all panicked a lot with the precap I gave, I’m postponing the precap scene to the shot 20 and now giving you what you all have waited for so long not confession but some happy moments…and about shivaay dying or not or annika getting heart or not please stay tuned to know as everything is unexpected but I promise not to disappoint any of you…Have trust on me…
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Part: 19
Commissioner Office
As per annika’s order commissioner brought the one attacker in the office who was un-conscious and a constable entered too…attacker was on wheel-chair and a white sheet was covering his face

Annika “I know it’s your duty to be on the place to see nothing wrong happen but can you just excuse me for some time with him alone? I promise I’ll not kill him constable is here” she calmly asked commissioner who getting no other way left the office and went to camera control room to keep an eye on her…

Constable “what should I do?”

Annika “nothing much just brings a bucket full of ice or maybe just too cold water and a big wood stick strong enough to break his bones” she chuckled at the end and sat down on stool to wait for the things she asked…
“It’s the time to forget the past completely and accept my Beautiful Present with an awesome future…I’ll kill the one who attacked shivaay and then I’m gonna be his forever and he be mine forever…I don’t know what I’m doing is wrong or right…weather I’ll be able to face the one who hired them to attack shivaay…I know I’m not that strong to face anyone but I’m going to do it no matter what…a step toward something Good for my shivaay…he faced a lot because of me…now it’s my time to do something for him…though my confession is all he want but I want to do more…I’ll just clear his life’s all enemies from now own…”
Pov ends…

Constable “madam your things are here, what else I can do?”

Annika “umm remove the sheet I want to see the face of this Ba*tard…” she breathed out and constable removed the sheet from the face and annika stood up in shock and stood still…her body froze and eyes were staring the person with anger clear and a little fear…

“hey I’m daksh’s friend manav” this voice ringed in her ear’s and scene of past incident’s started flashing in-front of her eyes…her eyes started reflecting the fear more and anger was vanishing with the increase of fear…falling weak on her feet’s she stumbled losing her strength she fell on floor and covering her ears to stop the many ringing words she shouted “Noooooooooooooo” the constable was shocked seeing her and went near her and placed his hand on her shoulder “What happened Mrs.oberoi?” first she was frightened with the touch and jerked off his hand but soon she realized “Mrs.oberoi” and looked at both “constable and manav”

“What is wrong with you annika? What you thought and now what you’re doing…you need to be strong not weak…you’re not annika you’re shivaay’s annika…you’ve to be strong enough to be shivaay’s annika…shivaay isn’t weak neither his annika…you need to face the reality being strong not weak…yes!” She stood up and composing herself she nodded in no to constable
Annika “Give me the bucket of water” she held bucket and threw it on manav and he moved little getting conscious
Annika “How are you Mr. Manav” she said in attitude crossing her arms
Manav “annika…” his voice trembled and eye’s Widened
Annika “why your voice is shaking? And why do I feel as if you’re shocked seeing me? aren’t you happy to meet your friend’s to be wife? In short your bhabhi?” she raised her eye-brows
Manav “annika listen to me I did nothing it was all…” he was cut in mid
Annika “you need not to explain anything…I know it was all planned isn’t it?” she chuckled
Manav “I’m sorry” he tried getting up but he was chained so he couldn’t run away
Annika “relax mr manav I’m not gonna kill you at least not now…well you know why you’re here? You attacked shivaay I know you did it on daksh’s Order…I want to know the reason…” she leaned and holding his mouth tightly in her hand she asked
Manav “Mallika…” he stammered before closing his eyes and again he fainted…sighing she moved back and commissioner entered…
Commissioner “What he said?”
Annika “Nothing…Before telling he fainted…well you can shift them to hospital we can have a talk later too…thanks for the cooperation see you later” she smiled and walked out giving a glare to constable so he doesn’t spill the beans…

Annika “I need to inquire about daksh and Mallika now…” she thought and started toward Malika’s Hospital just then she got call

Annika “yeah bhai say is everything fine there?”

Khanna “shivaay had a nervous breakdown he is critical come soon” he sniffed and call disconnected…being shocked she drove back to hospital
Khanna “first time I lied I guess”
Shivaay “what else should we do? She wouldn’t have come here if we wouldn’t have lied…” he yawned laying on the bed

Khanna ‘yeah…but couldn’t you think of any better reason” he rolled his eyes

Annika “Yeah…I literally died shivaay” she moved near him

Shivaay “only that came in my mind…well it was good that’s why you’re here in no time” he passed a cheeky smile

Khanna “now don’t scold me it was your shivaay’s plan” he walked out to give them space…

Shivaay “You’re angry right?”

Annika “No, I’m happy you’re fine enough to play pranks on me…” she cupped his face

Shivaay “it’s night annika…I don’t want to be alone here stay with me and don’t go anywhere” he held her hands

Annika “I’m not going anywhere…will be here with you…always by your side” she caressed his hands

Khanna “I knew your romance will start…I just came to take my mobile…” he entered covering his eyes

Annika “bhai please place this couch here near the bed…”

Khanna “yeah, only this was left…I feel like maid more than bodyguard” he rolled his eyes and did what annika said and walked out…
Shivaay “where was you annika? I know you weren’t with hostess of party”
Annika “If you know what I said wasn’t true than I’m sure you know where I was, the why you’re asking” she smiled playing with his fingers
Shivaay “what happened there? Why you cried?” he trailed his fingers on her face which was tears stained
Annika “My Past haunts me shivaay…It again came in-front of me and I lost the courage to face it and these idiot tears came running” she smiled while biting her lower lip
Shivaay “then how you faced it after losing courage?” he held her hand
Annika “you are the reason I faced it…shivaay my courage” she smiling kissed his hand
Shivaay “really? I’m your courage? I thought …” he was cut in mid
Annika “there’s nothing to think…now remember this only, you’re my courage and everything” she cupped his face and he looked at her
*oh Jaanaaaaaa*
Shivaay “accha…wese aaj kal bara pyaar araha hai mujhpar kisi ko {Okay…btw now a day someone is feeling so much love for me}” he smiled making patterns on her palm
Annika “yeah…Anything bad in it?” she smiled tickling his palm
Shivaay “No, nothing bad in fact I’m loving this avatar of someone…Right?” he smirked
Annika “I was thinking to ask someone to not be so loving…I mean it’s bad I guess…” she too smirked
Shivaay “No annika, nothing bad it’s the best thing don’t made awful guesses” he freaked out
Annika “calm down mr billu I was kidding” she laughed
Shivaay “Oh okay…I thought you’re gonna leave this avatar and go back to the Sad Zone” he rolled his eyes
Annika “I’m changed…and now I’m not gonna go back to the any idiotic zone leaving you Shivaay” she whispered in his ear and placed a kiss on his cheek which was not less than any surprise for him
Shivaay “annika, why do I feel as if it’s some kind of dream and soon it’ll break” he getting sad looked at her who was smiling
Annika “Mr Bagadh billa it’s not any dream, and it’s not gonna break too so enjoy it to the fullest” she caressed his face
Shivaay “Keh kyu nahi deti ab buhut ho gaya yaar {Why don’t you say it now? It’s enough yaar}” he said helplessly

Annika “my heart is ready to say…desperate to say…not getting the right moment…nor the courage from my mind…I get lost in these thinking’s only” she smiled assuring him she’ll soon complete his desire…

*Khoya, Khoya rehta hai dill tarap ke kehta hai*

Shivaay “How come you change so much suddenly? I mean it’s difficult isn’t it?” he looked in her eyes
Annika “yes, it is difficult but if you can do it then I can do it too and it’s not a new thing shivaay…first I changed myself into a terrible person after daksh left…but now it’s just that I’m getting back into my real self for you” she intertwined her fingers with his
Shivaay “what if I leave you?” his face was reflecting the pain he was going through with a thought leaving her alone once again by becoming a donor for her
Annika “Mar jaungi ab…nahi jee paungi…Tumhare bina… {Now I’ll die…I won’t be able to live…without you}” she pressed his hand and a tear fell from her eye

*Tu hai mere jeene ki wajah…*

Shivaay “I will not let you die…” he hugged her
Annika “same here…” she reciprocated

*Oh jaanaaaaaa*

Shivaay “I don’t want to go away from you never ever” he started crying hugging her
Annika “why do I feel something is bothering you? But I promise you…I’ll never let you go away from me neither I’ll go away from you shivaay” she too cried little… “Why do I feel as if he’s going away from me still being so close to me?” she thought

*Nazdeek hai dill ke phir kyu lage milke jaise ho milo door wohh…*

Shivaay “Nothing is bothering me I just felt so” he got apart wiping his tears
Annika “yeah…even I felt…” she held his hand again after getting apart

*Jazba hai anjana*

Shivaay “how can I tell you…nothing is bothering me nor I’m feeling anything it’s the reality I know…I had to leave you, no matter what…you’ll not understand” he thought looking in her eyes
Annika “Giving fake hopes is a Sin, but I can’t see you shattered that too so soon…I had to leave you and all…it’s my fate only…I don’t want to break your heart now that’s why I lied…if I had told you…you would’ve never understood” she thought pressing his hand and looking in his eyes

*Mushkil hai Samjhana*

Shivaay “I’ve lived my whole life for myself now I want to live it for you…I want you to live it” he smiled through his tears and pressed her hand
Annika “I’ve lived my whole life with pain…I want to live it with you not for you but with you…your words are scaring me shivaay…It’s painful their meanings are painful” she placed her head on his chest

*Dard hai yeh Saari Umar ka*

Shivaay “Sorry I think I said it wrongly I meant what you said” he caressed her face
Annika “It’s Okay but don’t repeat it” she placed a kiss on his chest while enjoying the beats of his heart…

*Oh jaanaaaaaa*

Shivaay “okay now tell me what’s bothering you? I can sense it so don’t lie” he played with her hair
Annika “Nothing much…Just past incident’s” she held his hand with which he was playing with her hair
Shivaay “Accha yeh sab choro yeh batao tumhe kya, kya banana aata hai? {Okay leave this all tell me what you can make?}” he made her sit again
Annika “Billu ka Acchar” she laughed saying this and he just kept on admiring her beautiful smile
Shivaay “OMG! I mean after marriage you’ll beat me and make pickle of me?” he laughed and then shut his eyes realizing the thing he just blurted
Annika “Yeah be ready” she smiled saying so and cupped his face to bring him out of ‘oh raita phail gaya meri waja se’ zone “why you acted as if you said something wrong?” she pinched his nose and he being mesmerized by her blushing face kept on looking at her face
Shivaay “Mean you just said yes?” he shrieked holding her hand
Annika “what yes? No I said nothing like that…” she smiled holding his hand
Shivaay “Okay maybe my ears were ringing…well tell me why you’re again and again holding my hand?” he raised his eye-brows holding back her hand
Annika “I just don’t want you to go anywhere and holding on to you is the best way to stop you” she kissed his hand and held it tightly
Shivaay “Ahan okay…what about kisses?” he smirked
Annika “Ajj phir tumpe Pyaar aya hai…beyhadh or beshumar aya hai” she smiled and again kissed his hand
Shivaay “Bol do na zara dill mein jo hai chupa mein kisi se kahunga nahi” this time he kissed on her hand and she just blushed
Annika “Hum tere bin ab reh nahi sakte…” she stood up and smiled
Shivaay “Tere bina kya wajood mera…” he pulled her toward himself
Annika “Tujh se juda agar ho jayenge tou khud se hi ho jayenge juda” she sat beside him and caressed his face
Shivaay “Kyunki tum hi ho…” he leaned toward her shoulder
Annika “Ab tum hi ho…” she too leaned on his shoulder
Shivaay “Zindagi ab tum hi ho…Oo” he trailed his fingers on her back placing his head on her shoulder
Annika “Chain bhi…” she swiped down her hand on his waist and clenched his shirt
Shivaay “Mera dard bhi…” he hugged her and tears rolled down his cheeks making her shoulder wet…
Annika “Meri Ashiquee ab tum hi ho…” she too hugged him making his shoulder side shirt wet and literally she confessed…clenching tight on his shirt she hugged him tightly…and placed few kissed on his hair and then ear and then shoulder and finally on cheeks while he just kept on weeping hugging her not ready to leave her feeling all the emotions in her embrace not able to control anymore…he just wept and wept… “Shivaay…what happened” she got curious now and he still didn’t leave her “just some more time annika…” he said in his lovely baby voice and stopping weeping he just calmly hugged her followed by few kisses on her hair ear and then shoulder…he wasn’t leaving her and wasn’t even getting apart from her leaving the hug…placing his head on her shoulder he talked with heart…
Shivaay “Annika…I would’ve said it long before…but I don’t make promises to break them later…I’m just keeping my promise…I wanted you to say it first so my promise doesn’t break and today you literally said it…so I want to say it too just literally…” he chuckled shivering little… “Annika…Meri Ashiquee ab…” he fainted…
Annika “Shivaay…” she laid him and called the doctor…

Doctor “Nothing serious…he just fainted due to extra stress he took…but It can turn serious if he keeps on taking this stress…” he warned

Annika “Bhai be with him I’ll be back in an hour” she was going to leave when he held her hand…
Shivaay “Don’t go please be with me…” he muttered holding her hand…annika turned and sat beside him and caressed his face “I’m here with you only…I ain’t going anywhere shivaay” and placed a kiss on his forehead while he slept holding her hand…and rest left the ward…and soon she slid down by his side not so comfortable position but hugging him she too dozed off…enjoying their new told feelings with eachother in eachothers embrace…
To Be Continued…

Precap: is shivaay really dead…?
This time I’ll not postpone the precap…be ready with some tissues for next part…!
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Till then enjoy this lovely in-direct confession…
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