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Part: 18
Bhatia Hospital
Doctor “he Got serious head injury we don’t know what to say at this time but we can just assure you he is not in danger but this injury may affect his brain a lot…Pray to GOD that it doesn’t make him mentally unstable” he walked away
On stage…
Annika was waiting for shivaay to come so she could start singing the song she has prepared for him but her heart was not feeling right and her heartbeat was raising with each passing minute…his switched off cell was making it more hard for her to stay calm…she was trying her best to not think bad but she was failing miserably…tears were rolling down her cheeks and she was just wiping them immediately…slowly…slowly her all strength drained out and she stepped off from stage excusing…all her fans were disappointed but hostess calmed them down

Annika “why am I not feeling good at all…why it feels as if he’s in some danger…why his cell is off?” she cried leaning on the wall outside the washroom…the idea of calling khanna came in her mind…

On call
Annika “bhai where are you? Do you know where shivaay is? I’m calling him from past half an hour but he isn’t reachable do you know where he is?”

Khanna didn’t respond her and just voice of him sniffing was coming…

Annika “bhai please say something I’m already not feeling anything GOOD please do say something… just tell me he is fine” she sobbed

Khanna “annika” he sniffed

Annika “bhai where you are?”

Khanna “I’m in hospital with sir” he sniffed

Annika “what? In which hospital and why? Tell me the name I’m coming” she shouted

Khanna “No! you aren’t coming before your performance…sir is fine you just give the performance and then come to Bhatia hospital…Promise me you won’t come without giving the performance…it’s sir’s wish” he smiled in between his sobs…

Annika “bhai I’m coming right after the performance I can’t deny his wish no way” she too smiled in-between her sobs and disconnected the call and walked back to stage wiping her tears which were falling non-stop…

Ik mera yaara
Ik ohdi yaari
Yehi ardaas hai meri
{Scene of their water fights flashed in-front of her eyes}
Wohi mera sach hai
Wohi meri zid bhi

Dil vich saans hai meri
{Their fights of yesterday and patch-up scene flashed in her mind}
Roothe nu manauna aunda nahi ve
Kadi vi na roothna tu mujhse
Aapan bas sikheya yaari nibhana
Jab se judi hai jaan tujhse o yaara mere
Khair mangdi main teri
Rabba se yaara
Khair mangdi main teri
{she started crying}

Yaar bin jeena sikha de
O Rabba mere
Mehar mangdi main teri
Khair mangdi main teri
Rabba se yaara
Khair mangdi main teri
Yaara ve… yaara ve… (tenu bulave)
Yaara ve… (tenu bulave, mann mera)
Yaara ve… (kyun na aave…)
Ho… yaari da ehsaas hamesha
dil vich zinda rahega

Tere warga yaar kahin na
mujhko aur milega
Bhoole se bhi koi bhul hui ho toh
Yaara ve use bhula ke tu
Ik waari gale lag jaane dena

Ik waari gale lag jaane de yaara mujhe
Mehar mandi main teri… yaara ve…
Khair mangdi main teri
Rabba se yaara
Khair mangdi main teri
Everyone started clapping for the intense performance of her…

Annika “thank you everyone for your love but I need to go now my someone very dear to me is admitted in hospital and I want to go their I’ll surely meet you again but now I need to go this performance was his wish otherwise I would’ve left the party please allow me!” she spoked in mic crying …
Crowd “GO…Get well soon to him”

She left the party thanking them…
Bhatia Hospital
Annika reached huffing at reception

Annika “Excuse me please can you tell me in which ward is shivaay singh oberoi?” she gasped

Nurse “we can’t give you any detail about him we have strict orders about not giving anyone his details” she refused

Annika “listen to me i want to meet him now only give me the damn details” she shouted

Nurse “behave miss! By shouting you’ll get nothing but just refusal…”

Annika “see I’m his fiancée give me the details” she calmed down

Nurse “how can we even believe when you’ve no engagement ring? And how come you don’t know his ward sorry we can’t trust anyone”

Annika “you” she moved in desk and twisted her hand “I said I’m his fiancée and I need not to prove it give me the damn details” she twisted her hand while shouting

Khanna “annika, what you’re doing” he entered the scene

Annika “bhai” she ran to him “she wasn’t telling me where shivaay is sorry please take me to him” she cried

Khanna “you could’ve called me…come now… sorry sister” he walked to the ICU with her…

Annika “what happened to shivaay bhai why there’s so much police outside his ward and why he is in ICU” she held his shoulder…

Khanna “someone attacked him in parking lot of party…I reached on time otherwise they may have killed him” he breathed out

Annika “who?” she whispered “I want to meet him” she turned to the Door

Constable “you can’t meet him”

Annika “who the hell you’re to stop me? do you know who I am?”

Doctor “whoever, you’re fiancée friend matters nothing…You can’t meet him”

Annika “well you can’t stop mrs. . shivaay singh oberoi from meeting his husband…mr Malhotra” she said in attitude and walked in without having another word

Doctor “how come she his wife he’s not married”

Khanna “he is” he smiled
Annika stood beside shivaay tears rolling down her cheeks and she bent little to caress his cheeks
Annika “shivaay” she whispered while caressing his cheeks
Shivaay “annika” he slowly opened his eyes and looked at her blurry figure
Annika “shivaay…how all this happened?” she sat down on stool
Shivaay “I don’t know” he hardly whispered

Annika “you know how scared I got? Why would you care I told you to wait for me there on table only but nah you had to wait outside the washroom and then look what you’ve done to yourself” she said sternly but her voice cracked in-between
Shivaay “yeah if I wouldn’t had come then who would’ve gave you courage to face daksh? And see I’m fine I didn’t die annika” he chuckled

Annika “shivaay” she hugged him by kneeling as he was laying and he reciprocated
Shivaay “Ouch. You, fatso you pressed my arm…” he whined
Annika “sorry…tell me who did this?”
Shivaay “I seriously don’t know…I was just coming toward the park and Boom someone started hitting me…” he smiled

Annika “how could you do that? How can you even smile in pain shivaay?” she narrowed her eyes…
Shivaay “what else should I do pain can’t be heal soon na” he made puppy face
Annika “where it is paining?” she smiled
Shivaay “here” he forwarded his banded hand
Annika held his hand firmly and leaned and placed a kiss on it while shivaay smiled and kept on looking at her
Shivaay “here too” he forwarded the other hand too
She smiled and kissed on it too and he then pointed on his shoulder “here it is paining a lot”
She smilingly just stood up and leaning on to his shoulder placed two kisses on his shoulder
Annika “or kahi? {anywhere else?}”

Shivaay “yeah they punched hard on my soft cheeks annika…they’re paining more than anything” he made a puppy face
Annika “you…” she smiled and shyly kissed on his both cheeks
Shivaay “actually…” he was cut in mid

Annika “let me do it” she firmly held his face between her hands and lifting it little up-ward leaned toward his fore-head and placed a kiss on his fore-head…she smiled while he got little emotional…
Shivaay “here too” hiding a smirk he pointed on his lips “see they punched on it too
Annika “really?” she smiled shyly and looked into his eyes
Shivaay “yeah really don’t you believe me?” he looked into her eyes

Annika “are you sure” she leaned toward his face looking in his eyes
Shivaay “yeah, yeah I’m so sure” he stammered still lost in her eyes…
Annika “Okay” looking into his eyes she pecked on his lips and ran out of the ward while he just kept on blushing and rubbing his lips “it ain’t any dream yay” he did short finger bhangra…

Annika “Bhai I’m going to meet Commissioner…You stay with him and don’t go out from his ward not even for a second…” she said in Lady SSO avatar and walked off flipping her hair…
Khanna “waah from crying cat she became wild cat? Well good it is…I’ll rest little” he chuckled and went in the ward

Shivaay “khanna yaar paani hi pila de woh tou bhaag hi gayi {khanna dude give me some water she tou just ran away}” he rolled his eyes
Khanna “I’m sure you did something that’s why she came out running that too blushing” he raised his eye brows
Shivaay “yeah I hugged her and French kissed her with my broken body idiot”
Khanna “hawww sir kitne besharam ho gaye hai aap {you became so shameless}” he widened his eyes cupping his mouth

Shivaay “shut-up idiot you don’t have a simple humor…give me water and where she went?”
Khanna “your lady why should I know where she is…you should know” he looked away
Shivaay “nakhre? Na bata huh! {Tantrums? Ok don’t tell}” he rolled his eyes
Khanna “here is your water…now sleep and let me sleep too”
Shivaay “yeah actually…Thank-you khanna”
Khanna “why now?”

Shivaay “you know why…I know it’s you because of whom annika and I are togather…otherwise I would’ve left her and she wouldn’t have stopped…every love story needs some support of a cupid who can be anyone and for us you’re our cupid thanks dude” he held his hand and pulled him in a hug
Khanna “You know you’re not only sir for me but more than that…you’re like a brother to me and my only family and after you comes annika and if I’ll not do something for the betterment of my family then should I do it for neighbors?” he reciprocated7
Shivaay “not bad idea” he chuckled and khanna got apart

Khanna “you can never change jokes on the wrong moments…” he walked out of the ward
Shivaay “weird…”
Khanna “doctor shivaay is conscious I want you to shift him now to the ward of his”
Doctor “okay mr khanna we will do it now…”
Khanna “just send some staff I’ll take him by myself, I can’t trust anyone…”
Doctor “okay”

Annika reached the Commissioner office in jeans and T-shirt (as she was wearing saree) and constable’s took her to the room of commissioner
Commissioner “yes? Who are you and why you’re here?”
Annika “Mrs. Shivaay singh oberoi” she breathed out as she lied
Commissioner “why you’re standing, come sit here” he made her sit on a chair “how can I help you?”
Annika “you’re asking as if you’ve so many ways to help me? let me remind you that you don’t have any other way then giving me the name of the person who attacked my shivaay”
Commissioner “Mrs.oberoi we have those men with us who attacked him but as khanna has shot them they’re still not conscious…as soon as they get conscious we will let you know the name of the person who hired them…”

Annika “I have no time to sit ideally and wait for them to get conscious…I want them here in 10 minutes…and I want you to double the security in hospital for shivaay”
Commissioner “but…” he was cut in mid
Annika “no ifs and buts… I want it right now…otherwise you don’t know me what I can do did you get it?” she crossed her legs
Commissioner “as you say…” he walked to his landline and ordered them as per her wish… “mam you can now go I’ll deal it now”
Annika “haha excuse me? who said you’re going to deal with them? I called them here so I’m gonna deal in my own way” she stood up and walked to the window “otherwise I’ve other ways to do it…now you can go and rest”

Commissioner “no mrs. oberoi I’m not tired I’ll stay here…”
Annika “okay till you don’t interfere”
Just then she got call from shivaay…
Annika “at least you can excuse me for some time” she looked at commissioner and he walked out
Annika “shivaay who gave you cell?”
Shivaay “that’s not a big deal…btw where you are?”

Annika “actually party hostess wanted to meet me that’s why I came to meet her only”
Shivaay “okay you started to lie to me too?”
Annika “what do you mean?” she bit her tongue
Shivaay “I mean…” he was cut in mid by annika as commissioner entered
Annika “shivaay wait I’ll call you back! TC” she disconnected the call
Commissioner “they’re here… but still not conscious”
Annika “I’ll make them conscious bring one here and yeah send a constable too” she rolled up her sleeves

Khanna “sir, do you know how doctor let her come in the ICU?” he asked dramatically
Shivaay “No I mean how would I know? Firstly, I was inside and secondly unconscious dude…” he rolled his eyes
Khanna “oh yeah…then let me tell you how she came let’s Go to Flashback” he acted like focusing camera on scene by his hands as camera and scene as ceiling
Shivaay “idiot tell me stop the overacting”

Khanna “you won’t believe what I saw…I went to reception area to make a call and saw her torturing receptionist nurse by twisting her hand as she wasn’t giving her the details of you…and once again she called herself as your fiancée…”
Shivaay “hey you, stop lying okay? I know she can’t do crazy lover kinda things never ever” he chuckled
Khanna “listen first” he rolled his eyes

Shivaay “okay carry on” he too rolled his eyes
Khanna “then I brought her here and she wanted to meet you but constable didn’t allow and said that doctor said it and then she confronted doctor who said no-one is allowed not even Fiancée…then she said you can’t stop mrs. Shivaay singh oberoi his wife… and stormed in” he laughed while shivaay just kept on widening his eyes

Shivaay “did she really called herself as my wife? I mean did she said she is my wife? My wife khanna?” he smiles broadly while repeating the word MY WIFE and tapping on his chest
Khanna “that is not complete now she went to meet commissioner and her attitude is changed completely I can see the lady version of few months ago wala shivaay in her” he shooked his head
Shivaay “haha aww she must be looking cool in that isn’t it? Mrs. Shivaay singh oberoi wow it sounds so awesome…khanna you were right she’ll be only mine…My wife…” he blushed
Khanna “oh billu! Stop blushing” he laughed and he looked down
Shivaay “shut up…I want to meet her now only call her again”

Khanna “she isn’t picking…well why you’re so excited everything is clear now it’s so clear you’re going to be couple soon and many already know you as a couple only…”
Shivaay “confession is still left khanna…as you know I won’t do that first and she need to say it first and always it gets spoiled…Nothing is clear till we confess…”
Khanna “confession ain’t any big thing sir you can do that after marriage too…”

Shivaay “No! confession is really needed step to marriage is confession only…I won’t be able to come out of promise zone before confession and she too needs it for one or another reason. So it’s really needed I really need it at least before I die…” he chuckled weakly saying it placing his hand on his chest

Khanna “why you’re saying so?”
Shivaay “you know just before being attacked I got annika’s reports and I got to know she’s having hole in her heart” he paused “she knew it but never told me khanna…I don’t want her to die before accomplishing her dream completely” his eyes started to well up “Mallika said she has only a month left… I don’t want her to die so I’ve decided to give her a heart which will be of mine khanna, and in this you’ll help me”

Khanna “are you nuts? I mean how can you even think so? You know she loves you and without you once again she’ll be heartbroken, I’m against it” he stood up
Shivaay “I’m not asking I’m telling you and ordering you khanna…and who said I’ll not be with her? My heart will be with her only and in this way I’ll always be with her…”
Khanna “No I don’t want to do it, if listening these kind of orders is my duty I’m resigning now only…Only you’re my family how can I let you die…I can’t see you dying not even her…we can arrange another heart too…please!” he turned away
Shivaay “one Month and who’ll give her heart none…please khanna…in one week or in 2-3 days she’l
l propose me I’m sure…and after that her secret operation will be held in London so be ready”

To Be Continued…

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    Can’t wait for next epsiode… daksh’s reaction seeing anika’s dabbang avatar?. We are truly twinsies ??… our thoughts are so alike. So glad ur problem is solved… ur khidkitod replies are back ?. Take care dear and love u loads ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤.

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      yeah we the true TWINSIES…❤️️
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