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Part: 17
Shivaay “I’m ready are you ready annika?” he walked up to her room and knocked on the door
Annika “yeah just a minute…” she was struggling to tie the dori (lace) of her blouse
Shivaay “annika you said minute and it’s been 5 minutes, will you come now or next birth?” he rolled his eyes losing patience
Annika “umm…shivaay I need some help but I don’t want you to look at me can you do this?” she was shooking her head behind the closed door
Shivaay “well I’m not a magician to help you closing my eyes…can you tell me the problem?” he joked
Annika “uhh- I’m not able to tie the lace of my blouse…I wore it after a long very long time” she was rolling her eyes…
Shivaay “okay open the door I’ll help with eyes away” he stood straight in-front of the door his face turned to back side…
Annika “yeah opening…” she opened it and chuckled seeing him
Shivaay “can I come in?” he rolled his eyes in disbelief…
Annika “yeah…”
He reached near the dressing table where she was standing…and she helped him getting the hold of lace…and shivaay looked at her
Annika “haww shivaay” she turned to him
Shivaay “haww annika… what’s there to hide? You’ve worn your clothes and the things you’re trying to hide is visible even after tying isn’t it?” he chuckled and she facepalmed
Annika “idiot I was gonna get ready completely and then wanted you to see me” she looked away and turned to mirror again
Shivaay moved near her and held the lace of her blouse and starting tying it…his hands were touching her bare back which was giving shivers to her and him also…he successfully hid it but she shut her eyes tightly and her lips parted seeing his effect on her he smiled and ran his cold fingers on her warm back and she clenched her pallu tightly…he was enjoying teasing her and she was enjoying his touch…soon his gaze fell on her jewelry she had placed on table and a smirk got plastered on his face…
Shivaay “annika it’s done” he made her sit on the stool
Annika opened her eyes and blushed little…
Annika “yeah…Thankyou”
Shivaay “what’s the hurry to thank me? I mean you girls take so much time in getting ready let me help you in getting ready…” he smirked hiding from her gaze but she was busy in blushing and just nodded
Soon shivaay picked up her earrings from the table and started wearing her that and touched her earlobes she shivered little and he then picked her pendant and leaned little from back to her shoulder and made her wear the pendant while lightly blowing on her neck his lips touched her neck as he leaned down “shivaay” she whispered out of proximity…on which he just smiled now he picked up the ‘Waist Belt’ and smirked looking at her and sat behind her slightly touched her bare waist and she shivered again and clenching her saree she parted her lips again “Annika” he whispered in her ear and she nodded and he smiled “You’re so Beautiful” he blew on her face and she just nodded “I don’t want to lose you never ever…” his hands touched her navel in the process of tying the belt and she moaned a little “Shivaay” he bit his tongue and moved back… “annika” he blew on her face again “yeah?” she smiled closing her eyes
Shivaay “You’re ready and we are late again…” he shouted and she jerked opening her eyes…
Annika “idiot I’m here only stop shouting…Go I’m coming” she breathed out
Shivaay “yeah…actually I wanted to say…I’ve a strong effect on you isn’t it?” he smirked while moving out
Annika “leave” she threw cushion on him and blushed
Daksh “I don’t know about the person…I just want him beaten till death did you got it? Find and beat the hell outta that person” he ordered someone on call
POC “But how you’re so sure that someone manipulated her?”
Daksh “isn’t it obvious? Till yesterday evening she was fine and suddenly she changed…I may be busy and will not pick the call so do the work need not to update me of every minute…”
POC “okay we will…”
Daksh “Good money will be with you after the completion of work…”
And he disconnected the call…
Daksh “I’m 100% sure some enemy manipulated Mallika…let it be my man’s will take the revenge let’s now focus on annika and shivaay…shivaay let it be too… I can’t do anything to him I love him… but annika I need to do something…” he thought and drove off…
~After Sometime~
Annika and shivaay both hands in hands walked inside a park where the party was held…Whole the park was beautifully decorated…party was held for the success of annika and shivaay was invited too with her and as a businessman too…
Hostess “Welcome miss Rathod and Mr. oberoi” she handed them flowers
Annika “thankyou”
And then they both walked toward the table which was reserved for them…sitting on their place they started chitchatting… a person entered the park in hoodie and walked to the table of shivika and sat on the side by table…
Annika “shivaay are you ready for the surprise?”
Shivaay “More than you can even think…” he winked and she smiled
Annika “I don’t know how to react now I mean I never thought this could ever happen…dreams are meant to be crushed …he used to say this” she smiled weakly
Shivaay “dreams are meant to be completed not crushed so forget about daksh and let’s focus on your party song” he smiled holding her hand
Annika “yeah I know why you’re so eager about song mr. Bagadh billa” she smirked and he smiled
Shivaay “why shouldn’t i? I mean first time you’re going to give me the surprise so why shouldn’t I be eager?” he winked
Annika “yeah in sometime I need to go to stage, so let me get fresh I need to go to washroom…” she rolled her eyes and stood up
Shivaay “wait, I’ll wait outside the washroom let me accompany you” he held her hand
Annika “umm it’ll look awkward but stay in a quite distance okay?” she pouted
Shivaay “okay” he followed her and the hoodie man also followed them…Annika went in and as decided shivaay stayed in a quite distance from the washroom…soon annika stepped out and hoodie man held her hand and dragged her away shivaay was shocked seeing this and followed them quietly as annika didn’t shouted so he thought it maybe someone whom she knows and the person took her at the backside of park where cars were parked…
Annika “daksh, what the hell is wrong with you? Why you dragged me like this?” she freed herself and he removed her hoodie while shivaay stood still in shock
Daksh “I wanted to have a talk so did this I’m sorry for this” he held her hand and she jerked it off
Annika “sorry? Well! You should be sorry for dragging Annika Rathod” she moved back and shivaay smiled seeing it
Daksh “stop being so angry bird annika…I know I’ve done a lot of mistakes in my life but that doesn’t mean I’m not a good guy annika… I was idiot to do that all” he moved near her and she stood still…while shivaay closed his fist
Annika “what you’re trying to say, say it clearly I really don’t like riddles…” she glanced shivaay passing a smile and looked at daksh again with serious face…
Daksh “okay” he held her by her shoulders “I love you annika…I want a chance please give me a chance everyone deserves it, why not i? please!” he hugged her and she didn’t reciprocate… shivaay started moving to him when annika signed him not to come as she’ll handle this…shivaay passed a smile and moved back when he got some call “Mallika” and showing her the mobile he walked away…
Annika “I love you hahaha really mr daksh Khurrana” she pushed him and he looked at her in shock…
Daksh “what is wrong with you annika…only you wanted this na? how could you push me?” he faked tears
Annika “why can’t i? and by the way who told you I want this?” she laughed
Daksh “fever of success has got on your head, you’re forgetting we were going to get married…and you are also forgetting we love eachother…” he pulled her toward himself…
Annika “really meri jaan? Love and with you?” she encircled her arms around his neck
Daksh “yeah, you love me” he encircled his arms around her waist…
Annika “okay! What is love?”
Daksh “love is life”
Annika “that’s for others, what it is for you? Did you forgot what you did with me? one night stand? Do you remember?” she trailed her fingers on his face
Daksh “I’m sorry but my love was true love can never be fake it’s love…” he was cut in mid
Annika “Libaas tan se utaar dena, kisi ko bahoon ka haar dena, phir uske jazobo ko maar dena…agar mohabbat yehi hai jaana tou maaf karna mujhe nahi hai {Removing dresses off from body, giving someone the garland of your embrace, the killing off their wishes…if love is this then forgive me I don’t love you}” she moved back and he shockingly looked onto her face

Daksh “what you’re saying annika!” he moved near her

Annika “Gunnah karne ka soch lena, haseen puriyan daboch lena, phir unki ankhein hi noch lena agar mohabbat yehi ha jaana tou maaf karna mujhe nahi hai {To thought of doing sin, catching the Beautiful angels and then pulling of their eyes is love then forgive me I don’t love you}” she pushed him
Daksh “listen to me” he held her hand

Annika “Kisi ko lafzoo ka jaal dena, kisi ko jazbon ki dhal dena phir uski izaat uchaal dena agar mohabbat yehi hai jaana tou maaf karna mujhe nahi hai {Trapping someone in the trap of your sweet talks, giving someone the shield of feelings then ruining their respect is love then forgive me I don’t love you}” she jerked off his hand

Daksh “annika it was just a mistake…” he smiled holding her hands
Annika “andheri nagrio mein chalte jana, haseen kaliyan masalte jana… aur apni fitrat par muskurana…agar mohabbat yehi hai jana tou maaf karna mujhe nahi hai {walking in the dark streets stomping the lovely petals and then smiling on yourself is love then forgive me I don’t love you}” she freed her hand again

Daksh “annika are you even listening me”
Annika “Saja raha Raha Hai Har EK Diwana, Khyal-e-husan-o -Jamal Jana, Khyal Kia Hain Hawas Ka Tana?” she walked away

Daksh “what do you think of yourself annika? I didn’t say anything it doesn’t mean I’ll not do anything…you insulted me rejected my proposal! See what I do now I will not let you love anyone” he walked away in anger thinking this…

~Parking Lot~
Shivaay was sitting in his car reading the reports of annika with tears rolling down his cheeks “Mallika is it true? Maybe some mistake?” he sniffed
Mallika “shivaay I double checked it and the results are same twice…Not a single % change…I’m sorry but it’s the truth only…” she said in low tone
Shivaay “bye Mallika!” he disconnected the call and stepped out of the car looking at his mobile…
Shivaay “annika how could you do this with me? why you hid such a big thing from me…I never thought you’ll hide this big truth from me…why?” he silently yelled walking lifelessly toward the party…
When suddenly someone hit a rod on his head from back and he fell down on floor…and then they started beating him with rod…he was laying in the pool of blood… and was losing his consciousness…he didn’t even fight back thinking of the reports but those heartless man’s still kept on beating him and again a rod hit on his head “Annika” he screamed…

Annika was standing on stage waiting for him holding a mic when she felt as if he called her “Shivaay” she screamed and tears rolled down her cheeks…

Khanna came to the area and found man’s beating shivaay…being shocked he immediately took out his gun and fired at them and they all fell on ground “Sir” he ran to him and picked him up blood was oozing out from many parts and he was un-conscious…Placing him on the back seat of car he was going to call annika but stopped “khanna you know even if I die one day I’ll be happy that annika reached highest peaks of success…each party is a step toward her success as a singer” shivaay’s words ringed in his mind which he just said few hours ago “no I can’t inform her right now” khanna drove off to hospital…

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    Shivay hurt seeing anika’s report and aftr hearin mallika’s words he became heartbroken ??. He was hurt tht anika didn’t bother to tell him such a big truth and hid it frm him till now… he walked towards the venue lifelessly as he didn’t want anika to worry tht he wasn’t present there. Daksh’s goons come and attack shivay and tht poor guy was so engrossed with anika’s reports and mallika’s words ringing in his head tht he couldn’t bother abt anythin else ??. And those goons bet him up mercilessly and would have continued if khanna had not come there… khanna was shocked seeing shivay in this state… and he took him to the hospital and didn’t inform anika as shivay never wanted to be a hurdle in anika’s dream.
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