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Part #16
@Daksh’s House
He woke up holding his head which was spinning and standing up on his shaking feet’s from floor he landed on couch “oh my GOD why it’s paining a lot? I do drink daily why so pain today?” Thinking so he stood up and walked toward his room and getting fresh he returned to hall and sitting on couch started remembering about events took place last night but failed “hell with drinks I never felt like this before… why I’m not able to remember anything…I need to have coffee first but let’s have a look at today’s news” he thought and started searching for the remote and realized it is missing but then he went to TV and cupped his mouth “haww who broke my expensive TV?” he stomped his feet and walked to the door to get newspaper and after sometime sat on couch with a cup of coffee to read the news and his eyes widens seeing annika and shivaay’s Pic printed on the First page of paper with the Title “BEST SINGER OF THE YEAR 2017”
He was completely shocked to see annika in that position and more he was shocked to see shivaay by her side…
And soon he started remembering about things happened last night and stormed out of his apartment


Khanna was sleeping on the steps of cottage when annika came near him with her swollen face red puffy eyes and dull face…
Seeing him she was shocked as why he is sleeping here like this and not inside…
Annika shooking him: bhai what are you doing here? Why you didn’t sleep in cottage?
Khanna woke up and rubbed his eyes and was shocked seeing her condition which was the worsts state of her he had ever seen
Khanna widening his eyes: what is wrong with you? What happened?
Standing up he held her by shoulders
Khanna: where is sir?
Annika looking at sky: I don’t know
Khanna: what do you mean by you don’t know? You both were going to have dinner togather and you were going to tell him about your feelings, in short you both were togather…and I got to know you fainted at concert… just tell me what happened?
Annika: yeah we did dinner togather and then I got an important call and went there I don’t know where he is, call him and get to know where he is.
Khanna held her by shoulders: listen annika! Whole the damn night you both were missing and suddenly you appear in this state and saying you don’t know where he is, dammit tell me where shivaay is…
Annika freed herself: listen khanna ji I said I don’t know where he is go find him it’s your duty to know his whereabouts not mine so please excuse me now…
Saying so she started walking in… when khanna pulled her back holding her arm
Khanna angrily: see annika don’t force me to became khanna the bodyguard from your brother, tell me what happened last night
Annika looked at him and last night’s happenings flashes in her mind ‘how she broke his heart and walked out’
Annika pushed him: I really don’t know. Go find out where shivaay is…
Just then a car stops right in-front of the cottage and shivaay steps out of it covering his eyes from sun… Dirty Dress, messy hair, puffy swollen eyes, dried blood hands and pale face.
Khanna ran to him: what happened sir?

Shivaay smiled: Nothing I found some college friends and then we partied whole night and just finished
Annika looked at him with guilt clear in her eyes but soon she composed herself
Annika: see I told you I don’t know about him where he goes and why…
Shivaay smiled: how would you even know btw what you’ve done to yourself? Don’t you know today you’ve to attend a party go get some sleep…
Khanna held shivaay and walked in while annika too went in…
They all after getting fresh came to hall
Shivaay: annika I wanted to tell you that I’m going back to my house…
Annika shocked looked at him: but why?
Shivaay smiled: just it’s needed now…
Annika: so you are ready to leave our friendship for that?
Shivaay: I never said anything like that… I just informed you of us going back as now I’m fine.
Annika: you didn’t say but you meant that only isn’t it? And going after getting fine I wasn’t your maid to take your care whole the damn month and then you just leave like this only?
Shivaay shockingly: so you just named our friendship a boss and maid’s relation? What is wrong with you can’t you take some things positively?
Annika sarcastically: oh yeah! Now you’re seeing and pointing faults in me…and why not? After all your mission is failed you didn’t get what you wished to and need reason to leave and my flaws will be perfect isn’t it?
Shivaay in disbelief: what do you mean by mission failure and all? I wasn’t here on some mission and about what you’re talking?
Annika moved closer him and encircled her arms around his neck and blow on his face
“getting me. you failed miserably mr Bagadh billa you didn’t get me neither my body and now you need reasons to leave? Isn’t it!”
Shivaay was shocked to the core earth slipped beneath his feet’s he falls weak on his knees, the girl whom he loved other than anything in this world even after knowing how painful it’ll be loving her he still loved her ignoring her every mistakes and bearing all her tantrums he loved her selflessly and what she did just pointed at his character called him lustful? His eyes filled up with tears and taking a back he looked at her in her eyes…
Shivaay “what did you just said? You called me lustful indirectly you pointed on my character and just called our pure friendship a dirty mission of one night stand right?” his voice cracked completing the sentence…
Annika “haha these tears stop it okay! And I’m not a coward to say it indirectly, I know like daksh like shivaay you too are here for that only why didn’t you do it before why you waited for so long? Oh! You were fractured, my mistake. Why worries do it now…” she laughed as she moved closer to him
Shivaay had enough of her and his anger reached its peaks THE REAL SHIVAAY SINGH OBEROI was awake now, whom she never ever met in her whole damn life the shivaay she stayed with was of annika only but today she broke him with her ugly thinking about men’s and words…
Shivaay “shut the hell up” he slapped her on her right cheek tightly which was definitely needed to set her senses back to its right position… & pushed her to a wall and pinning her to the wall he folded her right arm behind he looked in her eyes and her hazel orbs which were having no emotions met with his greenish orbs which were reflecting the anger only

Shivaay “Miss Annika Rathod, what do you think of yourself? Who you are? Nothing! A normal girl like other thousands of girls in the world you’re also a victim of rape and fraud love that doesn’t make you sacchi savitri at all…you’ve no damn right to point your finger at me or on my character, and add friendship in it too…Pointing finger at someone is easy miss annika Rathod but you forgot the rest fingers point at you only…I never thought your thinking will be so cheap about me…I never looked at you in that sense never ever, but I think you did isn’t it? That’s the only reason you think like that? I tried helping you and fell for you but I think helping you was the only mistake I did in my damn life, who I’m is not known to you yet, the one you lived with was a ‘CHANGED SHIVAAY’ a complete opposite to the one I’m but you forced me to behave with you the way I used to behave… Ask anyone about what shivaay singh oberoi is in real you’ll regret behaving in this way with me… what is my fault annika? Tell me dammit? Why you’re not replying now? I came forward to help you to get out of your past…I requested you to become my friend… you hurted me on the very next day of our friendship… For whom? That bastard daksh? I was on death bed! Reason was you! I suffered a brain injury which affected my whole the damn coming life… reason was you… I had undergone many mental turmoil reason was you… I faced loss in business reason was you… but I never even uttered a ‘UFF” just because it was you… but what you did? You never even respected our relation of friendship… every time you get frustrated you just end up hurting me? why? Because I came forward to help you and unfortunately daksh was my friend only… You can love bastards but can never even respect A Friend… you can just point mistakes in others but can never realize mistakes in you DAKSH! I’m regretting helping you…I’m regretting falling for you I’m regretting for every single thing I lived and did which was related to you… I thought you’re mentally hurt you need time to get heal I never expected much and never even forced you for anything…I thought after getting heal you could be happy you will be able to differentiate between wrong and right you’ll realize whatever happened an year ago was not a coincidence but something plotted and planned… but now I think what I thought before was totally wrong you’re not mentally hurt anymore…you just can’t accept the fact that daksh has moved on he doesn’t give a damn about you…you’ve broke me annika I never expected this from you…I told you before only I respect girls I know what girl is and how to behave with her and lust and all isn’t my cup of tea for the girl who is my best friend… having it for wife is usual but not for someone who is just a friend not ‘WIFE’ I never looked at you in that way annika never ever…but let it be why should I explain you? What’s the need? After all it’s over now… WE ARE OVER! I can’t even imagine my life without you but can imagine myself with you without LIFE! I hope we never even met again not in this life at least! I HATE YOU! I JUST HATE YOU! OUR FRIENDSHIP IS OVER ANNIKA” last words literally died in his mouth only he couldn’t speak further his orbs finally changed into bluish again as soon as his love overtook the anger and leaving her with a jerk he moved back just to stumble and fell on floor… while annika was all numb she never knew her words can affect someone this much all she wanted to do was make him not love her but she ended up breaking him in a way none can ever mend him…she didn’t only broke his heart but broke his soul and his body too nothing was left to be broken now…Her heart was crying and his words pierced it but her eyes didn’t worked along and no tears formed… but she got some courage to spoke to shivaay from nowhere
Annika “Shivaay” she hardly uttered it and waited for his reaction which he didn’t give…
He was collapsed on floor with his head down and the sobbing was echoing in the hall of cottage, First time ever the hall echoed with the sobbing of someone else than annika… she too collapsed on floor with dried eyes and looking at him few tears started to well up in her eyes… Khanna finally made a move and neared shivaay giving him a shoulder to cry but shivaay stood up and walked in the room stumbling due to his blurry gaze…while khanna followed him and not only khanna annika’s Friends ‘HER PETS’ followed him leaving annika…
Those pets of her too understood that she did wrong?
Annika was guilty for doing this to her love… ‘HER LOVE’ she immediately ran upstairs and broke down leaning against the locked door of her room…
“I did wrong I shouldn’t have said that…I just speak whatever comes in my mind without having a second thought I never meant to break you this much shivaay I just wanted you to not love me anymore but never wanted you to hate me…I just” she bursts into fits of tears and kept on crying….

Shivaay was no less though he said he hate her but he can never do that not even in his wildest dreams he was hurt and all those things were spoken…None of the words were wrong at that time… All shivaay said was true… he did and went through a lot because of her but she couldn’t even respect him… khanna came near him and held his shoulders from back
Khanna “I know sir how much hurt you’re but she’s hurt equally… I never thought that night will turn up like this she was going to propose you then why this happened? Please stop crying and relax everything will get fine…”
Shivaay “No khanna! Nothing will get fine till she understands it…I was ready to be her friend but she hated it too? Why can’t she understand me too? She isn’t the only one suffering from all this…I know she had suffered a lot in her life and is hurt but I suffered no less I’m more hurt then her I lost my best friend who was like idol to me we both grown up togather…I’m hurt more as he used my words to hurt her…I’m no less hurt but she isn’t understanding it… she was going to propose me? I don’t think… she can never do it never ever… I trusted her more than daksh…you know why? Because her eyes say her truth… without proofs I trusted her but she never trusted me never ever not a bit…I’m tired khanna you know I never have faced something like this before but I tried my best I gave full from my side to build at least the pure and good relation of FRIENDSHIP but she never gave a little otherwise this would’ve never happened… Khanna I was wrong you was wrong we both were wrong khanna…I’m nothing more than a friend to her and can never be…Whatever we both felt seeing in her eyes was not real at all, she said isn’t it clear on her face that she doesn’t feel the same for me the way I feel for her…I was hurt and she said I’m happy…I changed myself for her I thought one day she’ll come out of daksh zone and will love me back but I was wrong she just love cheaters like daksh…She love face not soul… she think cheaters like daksh deserves her but I don’t…She broke my heart khanna… I cannot hate her but I cannot stay with her no more…” he cried…
Khanna “what’s so hurry to take this decision, I’m sure she said that all deliberately, she just don’t want you to love her” he tried consoling him

Shivaay “what you think I don’t know whatever she said was all a lie… I know but she made me believe that it is true and not breaking her heart I accepted defeat and believed but now I’m not able to overcome the fake truth and above all she did outside drama I’m done khanna…” he sniffed while tuffy licked his tears…
Khanna “sir I think you should relax for some time I’ll handle everything…”
Shivaay “No! you will not do anything. There’s nothing more left to handle only she can do it and she’ll never do it…today we’ve a party to attend and After today’s party there’s another party tomorrow after that we will go back to our house and our communication will get less… after a month we both will leave to Singapore and settle there only…I don’t want to hurt her more and I’m sure seeing me daily and remembering all the past incidents she’ll get hurt only so it’s better I go far away from here where she will never be able to see me neither hear my selfish talks…” he assured khanna and himself that he can move on! Which wasn’t the truth at all the communication gap can never stop his love for her but he was ignoring the fact…
Khanna “right! We will surely leave…” he patted his shoulder and shooking his head in disbelief left the room…
~In Annika’s Room~
Annika was laying on her bed like a lifeless soul… and tears were flowing…when khanna knocked on the door and she opened it
Khanna “I want to talk with you”
Annika “what’s there to talk now… I don’t think any talk is needed anymore…”
Khanna “why you did it all? You were going to propose him not to fight with him, what made you do that? Why you choose to kill him instead of giving him a life? Life of your love annika!” khanna breathed out
Annika “I don’t remember that I was going to propose him, I don’t know why that all happened but that just happened and past is past it can’t be changed now so nothing is wrong in it”
Khanna “do you really think whatever you did is right?” he sat beside her
Annika “umm No! I know what I’ve done is wrong…I don’t want to ruin his life… My past will be a black spot in our relationship… it isn’t small thing whom we can ignore like this I don’t want to ruin our friendship… I just don’t want to spoil his reputation…I know I’ve hurt him a lot but it’s for better at least his friendship will stay with me forever… what he thinks that I’ll let him go so easily? No! I won’t let him stay away from me I need his support but just as a friend…Even if GOD tries separating us I’ll not let that happen too!” she wiped her tears…
Khanna “you’ve a lot cooked up stories in your mind… you don’t know what shivaay singh oberoi can do and the shivaay you knew you just killed him by your silly reasons…you don’t know what you’ve done affected him a lot… he was never ever hurt so much never ever the much I’ve seen now…you need to mend everything now only as only you broke that…it’s fresh it is easy to mend now otherwise it’ll never be mended…Annika I know you’re smart enough I don’t want to tell you much now… stop thinking what people will think just do it now…and make it fine now…think about yourselves not about world or his reputation…” he left patting on her shoulder
And the very next moment she stormed in his room breaking a vase
Annika “shivaay” she shouted entering and he ran to her and they both bumped into eachother… but didn’t fell…
Shivaay “what miss Rathod?”
Annika “myself annika not any miss Rathod” he held his hand and walked toward the bed and sat on it with him
Shivaay “can you explain why you held my hand?
Annika “I’m sorry, shivaay I know what I did was wrong totally wrong I’m mad you know that I don’t know what happens to me suddenly I can never think much than cheap things you were right…I’m totally mad…I never meant to hurt you this much…I can never afford to lose your friendship…You know that and I know…whatever I did was to make you not to love me but I never thought I’ll spoil things to this extent…I never wanted you to hate me” she started crying
Shivaay wanted to console her but didn’t and waited for her to continue…
Annika “I know you love me and fell for me soon here the matter is much old than you think… I had a crush on you since years…I was longing to become mrs. Shivaay singh oberoi… I never thought of something else…I had an aim to reach and then to meet you with this desire only… but things never go according to our wish I was sidetracked… I lost the path I planned to follow and daksh did it he entered my life unexpectedly…I didn’t do friendship with him at once only as my dream laid to you only you were only my dream, though I never saw you as you said only I loved your soul not your face…I never saw you but loved you and your principles…my aim was to be a famous singer and then reach you and get what I want daksh messed up everything and then I’m not able to overcome anything and now I don’t feel to be of your level never ever…I lost the desire somewhere…I think you deserve much better girl…but I don’t want you to leave me and our friendship…Please forgive me. I’m sorry…” she sniffed and coughed while shivaay just hugged her and broke down…
Shivaay “annika forget whatever happened I know it isn’t easy but for me atleast give me a chance to fulfil your longing? I know what you think and it’s my duty to understand and not behave rudely but outside you broke me down into trillion pieces I never expected this from annika I know… I’m ready to forget everything happened but give us a chance without any strong starting or mid you can’t come to conclusions…I need to live with you it’s not that I want but I need… without you I can’t even survive…stop thinking about others think about us… I beg…” he was stopped as annika slapped his back
Annika “Idiot stop it… I’m sorry all happened because of me… I know how to solve it all… so let’s just rest for little and then I’ve a surprise for you only if you forgive me?”
Shivaay “I’m sorry annika I slapped you” he caressed her cheek
Annika “I deserved that” she held his hand and chuckled
Shivaay “forgive me for that and I already forgave you…” he touched his forehead with hers
Annika “how can I not forgive you when there’s no mistake of yours?” she smiled and he smiled back…
Shivaay “it isn’t any dream right? We are patching up?”
Annika “yeah I guess so” she chuckled and tuffy licked their faces…
Shivaay “I’m sure it’s not any dream I can’t imagine tuffy with you in my dream” he chuckled and patted him and she followed…

~In car of Daksh~

He was lost in thoughts thinking about how shivaay betrayed him by supporting that girl and how he has spilled the beans in-front of khanna last night…it was just then he got a call from Mallika
Daksh: what happened baby?
Mallika: baby my foot Mr. Daksh Khurrana
Daksh: hey you have some shame; don’t you have manners on how to talk to you would be husband?
Mallika sarcastically: do you even deserve to be called to be husband? And you should get some shame but what’s the use you’ll sell it too…It’ll be better if you buy a glass of water and die by drowning in it…
Daksh angrily: have you lost it? Listen I’m in no mood of joking so bye
Mallika laughs: do you really think that I’m joking? No! mr daksh I’m not joking at all and why will I waste my cool jokes on a shameful person like you…
Daksh: you’ve to pay for it Mallika
Mallika: haha no mr I won’t but you…BTW I forgot to tell that you and I are over…I break this relation now only…All the knots we tied I break it today at this time only…
Daksh shockingly: what? Baby I’m sorry but don’t do this you know I love you.
Mallika laughed: well I don’t care… now be ready to pay the amount of 20 lacs in 2 days see I will n0t let you go so easily…you’ll remember with whom you messed…
Daksh: what is wrong with you?
Mallika: mr daksh not with me but with you… you’re screwed…
And she disconnects the call while daksh throws away his cell…
TO BE Continued…
“People need to talk before taking any decisions!”
“communication gaps can ruin the whole life of 2 people’s”
“She hided he never spoked”
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