“Not First Love, BUT Last Love” #ishqbaaz SS Shot-15 by #annie

Hey this is annie signing in with the next part of “Not First Love but Last Love”
Before starting I want to ask if you guys are not liking the FF? I mean I’m not getting enough of comments as I expect to get I don’t know why! I revealed the past of annika the major concept of this FF but I didn’t get what I wished to get…well thanks to those who are commenting and continuously supporting me…Those supporters are the reason of continuation of this story…well let’s move toward the next chappy…
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Part #15
~In Malika’s Cabin~
Annika taking a back: Mallika what are you saying? Shivaay isn’t engaged…
Mallika hiding her smile and sounding serious: Haww shivaay you didn’t inform her that you are engaged with Mallika I mean with me?
Shivaay being shocked: No! {realizing what he blurted} I mean I’m not engaged annika…
Annika with confidence: yeah I trust shivaay he can never lie nor hide such thing from me and I know he isn’t engaged are you pranking us?
Mallika with fake cracking voice and tears: shivaay why you’re doing this with me? what is my fault? I just loved you and that isn’t any fault right? Then why you’re pretending to be shocked?
Shivaay smiling smacked her head: idiot you will never ever change right? Can’t you be serious sometime?
Annika sighing: I knew my shivaay can never lie to me…
Mallika grinning: your shivaay?
While shivaay was smiling inside and his heart was dancing but he pretends to be shocked
Annika slapping herself in her mind: I mean My Friend shivaay…
Mallika smiling: well I’m not engaged to Your shivaay annika! But I’m engaged to our only bestie daksh…
That was it…annika stumbled hearing those 5-word name from Mallika
Annika blinked 100+ time in a second and looked at shivaay and bit her lower lip as tears started to well up her eyes…Mallika was shocked seeing her reaction which was totally un-expected
Mallika stammering: what happened annika?
Shivaay coming in-front of her covered annika as his back faced Mallika, Mallika felt very hurt by this action but hiding it moved back to see the scene…
Shivaay soon embrace annika in his arms protectively and she burst into fits of tears and placing her head on his chest started sobbing…Mallika was now shocked to the core…
Shivaay creasing her hair: Annika stop crying please not every daksh could be your daksh
Mallika stood still on her place hearing what just shivaay said to annika
Mallika stumbled: Annika’s Daksh?
Shivaay looked back to see her shocked…
Shivaay thought: what is this God? She is gonna cry too?
Annika stopped crying and wiped off her tears: Shivaay I know he is daksh Khurrana only! Need not to lie for him
Mallika now sat down on the sofa with a thud: MY fiancée? Her daksh? Shivaay what’s the matter
Shivaay gulped: let me explain.
Annika stood up: No! I’ll Explain…
Shivaay held her hand: Are You sure?
Annika caressed his hand: I’m trying to move on!
This was no less than any good news for shivaay and for Mallika too…
Mallika Stammering: if your discussion is over will you tell me?
Annika nodded and sitting on her knees in-front of her she breathed out…
Annika: Mallika the thing I’m going to tell you about your fiancé will be no less than any nightmare but I need to tell you this as I don’t want you to marry someone with stone heart, I know it’ll be hard but please stay strong… *Narrates the whole story of her and daksh to him* I don’t know whether his love toward me was true or not, I don’t know whether our reason for breakup was valid or not but the conclusion of this matter is simple that he can never respect any girl in his damn life…
After narrating the whole story to her strongly she breaks down not able to control her feelings while Mallika too break down and they both were now eachothers Support at that time… Shivaay kept on looking at both consoling eachother…
Mallika sobbing: I never thought he could fall so low I just thought he is immature but he is not immature but
Shivaay completing: A complete Bastard…
Annika looked at both: what does that mean?
Mallika wiping her tears: Nothing, Thank you so much annika
Annika smiled: you need not to thank me; it was my duty to save you… I think I fainted and it was GOD’s Wish so that we can meet you.
Mallika smiled: I’m happy that I met you both just a week before my marriage…
Annika’s eyes widened: don’t tell me you both were getting married?
Mallika sniffing: that’s the only bitter truth!
Annika looked at shivaay: Hmm…
Mallika being confused: don’t tell me you still love that bastard!
Annika smiling on her fate: I guess, But I’m trying to move on…
Shivaay to divert their minds: Mallika you’re lucky, otherwise when First time I called Daksh Bastard she kicked me out of her house and I was on bed for a whole damn month…
Mallika wide opened her mouth: Hawww annika how could you kick such a sweet kind man out of your house…
Annika Embarrassed: I didn’t know him much at that time…
Shivaay chuckling: liar? You knew me much more than myself didn’t you had a crush on me? that too without even seeing me?
*Truth Blurted*
Annika shocked: How you know this? I never told this to anyone…
Mallika smirking moved near shivaay: well annika no need to hide this… Shivaay is just like that anyone can fall for him without seeing him I too had a crush on him and he knows it but it was old time not only me in-fact whole class’s Girls had a crush on him…
Annika moved near shivaay: hai hi aise koi pyaar na kare toh kya kare {he’s is like that only… Somebody won’t love him what else somebody shall do?}
Shivaay shockingly looked at her: really?
Annika smiling: No I was just kidding!
Mallika laughing: CORRECT ANNIKA!
Shivaay: for what?
Mallika moving to annika: Kidding One!
Shivaay looked at watch: I think we should leave now we need to go for dinner too…
Mallika: okay I’ll call you once I get reports of her…
Annika immediately picks the notepad and pen from her table and write down something…
Mallika looked at her: what are you doing annika?
Annika handing her the note: here you go my number Inform on it…
Mallika smiling: why I feel as If you’re moving on with shivaay?
Annika muttering: I don’t want him to know about the reports…
Mallika trying to listen: what did you just said?
Annika smiling: Nothing… Actually usually he doesn’t pick unknown numbers so here it is my number…
Shivaay held annika’s hand: we should leave…
And side hugging Mallika they bid bye and left while Mallika sat down thinking about daksh…
~Outside HSP~
Shivaay facepalmed: I think I forgot the keys in cabin only… Stay here I’ll get them…
Annika nodded and he went back in HSP…
~In Cabin~
Shivaay entered and went near a lost Mallika: I don’t know what decision you’ll take regarding daksh… Whether you’ll marry him or not… I don’t even know if you believed whatever annika said… but I want to tell you one thing Mallika daksh is more than a bastard
Mallika looked at him and hugged him: I don’t know what to do now shivaay… I started to take interest in him but now see what happened…
Shivaay consoling her: Mallika I know after this revelation and that too without proofs it is hard for you take any decision but to make it easy for you I want to tell you few more things about this
Mallika got apart: please shivaay tell me?
Shivaay held her face in his hands: Mallika annika aborted the child of them only… I had reports too every word annika said to you is true and I have video proofs too… and above that all I’ve sent you a confession video you need to check it don’t tell about this video to annika or anyone else… keep it secret and clear your decisions…
Mallika hugged him: Thank you so much shivaay for helping me…
Shivaay hugged back and got apart: Okay now I should Go she must be waiting for me…
Saying so he picked up the keys and walked out…
*they both Drove off to a Restaurant*
Annika smiling: I don’t know what my date wants from me? you know what I was going to say to you?
Shivaay smiled: what?
Annika looking away: I’m asking
Shivaay rolled his eyes: something romantic?
Annika laughed: I don’t think so…
Shivaay: let’s eat first…
*After Sometime*
Shivaay held annika’s Hand: I want to ask you something regarding your past… don’t think I’m digging it as it’s needed but I’m just curious to know…
Annika breathed out: ask shivaay…
Shivaay sighing: why you aborted the child?
Annika dropped her head down: I didn’t…
Shivaay caressing her hand: in the 7th month… I know it’s difficult to keep a child after whatever happened but what was the mistake of that innocent soul in all this? Annika why you’ve kept that videos with you and last but not least have you watched them?
Annika dropped her face and placing her forehead on his hands she sobbed: I loved the child more than Daksh…Shivaay!
Shivaay: then what happened that your aborted it?
Annika sobbed more: I didn’t I was forced to do it… but still I didn’t… Those videos daksh gave me… after two week of break-up I got to know about pregnancy… I was happy to have that child… I would’ve been another person if I had that child but no daksh was scared that I’ll blackmail him with child I didn’t told him till 5 months just used to call him to hell but he never picked up one day he appeared on door and i thought he came to patch-up but he was there to warn me not to call him and then he got to know about my pregnancy… he asked me to abort it otherwise he’ll made that video’s go viral… I didn’t pay any heed and refused he kept on threatening 2 months passed but one day I went for a check-up and there they did it aborted it without my permission… I was un-conscious for 2 days due to complications as it was 7th month and when I got to know about my abortion I went to confront him and there he handed me the CD’s saying “Here You Go…Don’t come back to me ever again” I never thought he’ll play such cheap trick to get rid of that child, I wasn’t even asking him to accept it but still he did it…
Shivaay wasn’t shocked hearing all this as he got to know what he really is before only and he just moved near annika and hugged her…
Annika: shivaay I’m not so mean to abort an innocent soul and give punishment to him of someone else’s deed’s…
Shivaay: and you say you still love him!
Annika looked at him: that’s the only problem with me I’m not able to hate him… ‘JUDA HOKAR BHI WOHH MUJHME KAHI BAKI HAI’
Shivaay moved away: why you loved him?
Annika: I looked at him when he was on bed of death… I fell for him…
Shivaay: You fell for his face isn’t it?
Annika: I don’t know maybe…
Shivaay: True love isn’t that annika… When you fall for someone seeing their prettiness that’s not called love at all… Falling for one’s soul is love… Falling in people isn’t love because people changed and leave but soul remains Forever…
Annika looked at him: I loved him truly…
Shivaay smiling: Not every love is true… You just think that you loved him truly but that am not true… You never loved his should neither he loved yours so it’s not true love I think…
Annika: how can you be sure… did you loved anybody?
Shivaay looked at her with a light tight smile and few tears: How can I love someone? No! I don’t love anyone…
Annika: Hmm…
Shivaay: In my POV you should move on…
Annika: what true love is?
Shivaay looked at her lost: I guess true love is when you start finding your thoughts in someone else’s Mind…
Annika: what true love is like??
Shivaay: True love is like… A boy playing carom – always afraid of losing his queen and a girl playing chess – risking everything just to protect her king!
Annika: what best love is?
Shivaay: The best love is the one that changes you in a better person.
Without changing you into someone other than yourself.
Annika: What am I to you?
Shivaay looked at her directly into her eyes: when I see you, the world stops. It stops and all that exists for me is you and my eyes staring at you. There’s nothing else. No noise, no other people, No thoughts, no Worries, no yesterday no tomorrow. The world just stops, and it is a beautiful place, and there is only you… do you get it what you’re to me?
Annika smiled: But I never feel like this for you!
Shivaay sighed closing his eyes: If you break someone’s heart and they still talk to you with the same excitement and respect. Believe me they really love you.
Annika’s eyes dropped a tear: Sometime caring/ too much for someone can leave you hurt. Your soft heart will be your weakness…
Shivaay opened his eyes smiling and tears rolled down: Having a soft heart in this cruel world is courage, not weakness…
Annika: never get too attached to anyone unless they also feel the same towards you, because one sided Expectations can mentally destroy you…
Shivaay’s eyes well up and he looked at her with the hurt clearly visible on his face: Do you really think expectations are from one side only?
Annika sniffed: isn’t it clear on my face that I don’t feel the same way for you the way you feel for me?
Shivaay smiled: I’m feeling as If I never knew you… as if your eyes lied to me… as if I never lived with you… I don’t know if I’m hurt or happy!
Annika looked at him wiping her tears: Your smile is telling you’re happy! Not in pain?
Shivaay looked away: The worst kind of pain is when you’re smiling to stop your tears from falling… you know what truth is and feel that!
Annika looked down: Forget what you feel, remember what you deserve and you deserve better than me…
Shivaay covered his face with his hands: None of your scars can make me love you less… I don’t deserve anyone but getting you will be bliss…
Shivaay resting his forehead on table: I’d rather settle as your friend than lose you in the process of trying to convince you to become more than we can actually live through.
Annika walked out of the restaurant in a way as she was running away from the feelings she shares for shivaay…
Shivaay still his head on table: Annika everything you’re running from is in your head and heart only…
~In a Corner of Park~
Annika was sitting near a tree hugging her knees… she was crying… crying for hurting shivaay… Crying for LOVIING HIM!
Kise Puchu Hai Aisa Kyu
Bejubaan Saa Ye Jahaan Hai
Khushi Ke Pal Kahaan Dhundoo
Benishaan Sa Waqt Bhi Yahaan Hai
“Shivaaaaayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy” she shouted his name
Jaane Kitne Labon Pe Gile Hai
Zindagi Se Kai Faasle Hai
Base Jitte Hai Sapne Kyun Aankhon Me
Lakire Jab Chhoote In Haathon Se Yun Bewajah
~In an empty road in-front of a car shivaay was sitting on his knees and looking at sky he was crying… “why God?” he shouted “ANNIKA” He again shouted!
~ “GOD! You’ll be happy today na? seeing him and me in pain! I lost him by my own today you must be happy?”
~ “why GOD? Why never listens me? why you made me go away from her? I lost her today I just lost her…”
Jo Bheji Thi Duaa
Woh Jaake Aasmaan
Se Yun Takra Gayi
Ki Aa Gayi Hai Laut Ke Sadaa
Jo Bheji Thi Duaa
Woh Jaake Aasmaan
Se Yun Takra Gayi
Ki Aa Gayi Hai Laut Ke Sadaa
~She looked Straight and saw shivaay
~He looked straight and saw annika
~She rushed to him
~He rushed to her
~She touched him
~He touched her
~He Vanished
~She Vanished
~Annika fell on ground
~Shivaay fell on Road
~I LOVE YOU SHIVAAAY~ She shouted and burst into fits of tears
~I LOVE YOU ANNIKA~ He shrieked and burst into fits of tears…
Saanson Ne Kahaan Rukh Mod Liya
Koi Raah Nazar Mein Naa Aaye
Dhadkan Ne Kahaan Dil Chhod Diya
Kahaan Chhode In Jismon Mein Saye
Yahi Baar Baar Sochta Hu Tanha Main Yahaan
Mere Saath Saath Chal Raha Hai Yaado Ka Dhuaa
Jo Bheji Thi Dua
Woh Jaake Aasmaan Se Yun Takra Gayi
Ki Aa Gayi Hai Laut Ke Sadaa
~SHE kept on crying… “I LOVED HIM… I LEFT HIM… I HURT HIM… I’M SO SORRY SHIVAAY” “I’m sorry for hurting you I know you love me so much I’m sorry”
~HE was crying Vigorously… “I just wished to get her God why you do this to me? always?” shivaay shouted her words were ringing in his mind “WE CAN NEVER BE SOMETHING MORE THAN FFRIENDS” “isn’t it clear on my face that I don’t feel for you the way you feel for me!” “You’re Happy”
“AAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH” he shouted banging his hand on road resulting in bleeding “Annika… I can never stop loving you… I LOVE YOU”
Jo Bheji Thi Dua
Woh Jaake Aasmaan Se Yun Takra Gayi
Ki Aa Gayi Hai Laut Ke Sadaa
Jo Bheji Thi Duaaaa…..
Woh Jaake Aasmaan…
Jo Bheji Thi Duaaaa…
Bheji Thi Duaaaa..
Bheji Thi Duaaaa…
Bheji Thi Duaaaa….
Bheji Thi Duaaaa…
They both were hurt equally~
This is it ishquies! Part 15 of this SS!
Hope you like it…
A New morning with a lot of twists ahead…
I know it’s little bit emotional… and will get more in upcoming episodes…But I promise you I’ll not disappoint you ending will be MUCH GOOD then you may expect?
For now, tell me how’s it?
Did you enjoy it?
Do tell me your views in comment section below~ I’m still having some problem with TU that’s why couldn’t reply as soon as it gets fine I’ll reply I’ve read comments 
Annie signing off~ SEE YOU SOON

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