“Not First Love, BUT Last Love” #ishqbaaz SS Shot-14 by #annie

“Not First Love, But Last Love”
Part #14
@Daksh’s House
Camera was focused on shivaay and zoomed on his loveliest smile, seeing which the girl crowd went crazy…well it was justified! them going crazy was justified anyone can go crazy for him… but for the one he goes crazy is rare and he was crazy about annika and she being the luckiest was running away from all this…
~On the other hand~
Daksh who was hell eager to see the person and was literally jumping, rubbing his hands and biting nails…Got Disappointed as there happened a power cut and breaking the screen of TV with the whisky bottle he fell on couch…his whole damn drunkenness was over, seeing Annika successful “dammit! How is this even possible? How could she overcome all the matter’s”? he was at the urge of pulling his hair…
~But why he was even angry? What’s the reason for the hatered toward annika? Why he hates her? Let’s just move forward to know!
~Back to Concert~
Shivaay stood by her side and looked at her directly into her eyes and holding the mic he whispered in her ear “it wasn’t really needed” and looking back into his eyes she whispered “It was”
And they both then looked straight at the crowd of people who were eager to hear them
“hello everyone! Before annika you give me what you wanted I want to say something…
Thank you so much everyone… I know annika gave the biggest credit to me but I’m giving that to you people… she wouldn’t have achieved this position if you guys hadn’t voted/supported her so thank you so much everyone…and annika you too thank you so much for not letting me down in front of them…you proved me right by giving such a fabulous performance today…you just made me proud today thank you” shivaay side hugged her dropping turning off the mic…
“I want to give you something shivaay the thing you’ll love a lot…” annika took a pause
“wait! First let us give you for what you’re here” manager interrupted
“yeah sure! Go Ahead” shivaay smiled widely as he knew that what the manager was talking about…
“So everyone now it’s the time to give the XYZ award to the one who deserves it…as you all know few months back there was a concert by us at that time we introduced 3 singers and now annika Rathod is the 4th as you know the best singer of the year award is given every year to new singer and now I’m so happy to announce that the one who won the award this year is none other than the Miss Annika Rathod…” manager announced and the hall echoed with the sound of the claps and she was honored with the best singer of the year award and thanking so she moved to shivaay and held his hand in her hand “Shivaay, I wanted to tell you something” annika paused “tell na?” shivaay held her hand back
“ Sh..i….va…ay” annika started stammering “Yes?” shivaay biting his lower lip looked at her sweating face and little bit rolling eyes “I wanted to” annika closed her eyes and fainted shivaay held her in his arms and looked at her face…
Lots of thoughts started to come in his minds…after a month she fainted again in his arms…
“Annika…Annika” shivaay tapped on her cheeks but she didn’t respond “arry koi paani lao {someone bring the water}” shivaay shouted as salty water started to fill up his eyes… With his blurry gaze he kept on looking at her face and shooking her but no use…he even splashed water on her face but it didn’t work this time… “Driver ghari start kro {Driver start the car}” shivaay shouted and lifting her in his arms he walked to the parking while all the audience went numb…no sound was hearable in the crowd of 6000 people’s just shivaay’s voice was echoing…soon he drove off to the city hospital…

~Daksh’s House~
he was laying and humming a song when a shadow was seen walking toward him “who’s there?” daksh asked “arry I’m khanna” khanna moved and shooked hand with him “oh you where is shivaay?” daksh looked at him “actually sir was invited in a function as chief guest so he just went there and asked me to meet you” khanna smiled “Okay I’ll meet him tomorrow, I really missed him a lot…” daksh sat up “umm let’s have a drink?” khanna looked at him “yeah sure after all we met after a long time” daksh smiled and they started drinking which wasn’t true only daksh was getting drunk but not khanna as he was just throwing it behind in a bin…
~In Hospital~
shivaay entered in hospital lifting annika in his arms “Doctor, Call the damn doctor” he shouted while walking toward the stretcher and placing her on it he started moving toward the emergency ward while ward boys were following him but he was much faster than them “doctor ko bulao koi {somebody call the doctor}” he entered the ward and then shifted her on the bed and doctor entered “Mallika” shivaay walked to her “please see what happened to her” shivaay held her hands “okay relax shivaay! Let me check her stop panicking and leave the ward” Mallika held his hands back “No! I’m staying here only check her please” shivaay nodded like a child “okay nurse checks her BP “Mallika walked toward annika “what exactly happened shivaay?” Mallika asked while checking “she was going to say me something but then suddenly she fainted” shivaay stammered “did she fainted like this before too?” Mallika looked at shivaay “yeah a month ago she fainted as we were talking and a doctor suggested us to visit someone to have complete tests but then my accident happened and I forgot and she didn’t fainted” shivaay constantly rubbed his eye-brows and stammered “Shivaay” annika woke up murmuring his name seeing which Mallika smiled “annika” shivaay neared her and held her hand “See she’s fine and now I’ll do the rest of tests and then you can take her home” Mallika smiled “thank-You so much Mallika you don’t know what you’ve done for me” shivaay hugged her and annika’s eyes widens

“hawww! He hugged her how could he hug her like this? How dare he? And who the hell she’s why she didn’t pushed him or stopped him? And just hugged him back?” annika’s face changed a lot of expressions and she thought all this in her mind…
“it’s okay shivaay” Mallika got apart and pinched his cheeks “I like it” she winked at him
“haww 2rs cheapde! They’re mine dare not to touch them again” thinking this annika glared her “Annika let’s leave” shivaay turned to her “aagyi meri yaad {you remember me}” thought annika narrowing her eyes and passing a smile “Wait! You can’t go now let me do tests” Mallika held shivaay’s hand with which he was holding annika’s hand and apart their hands “Now, you come with me annika” Mallika passed a smile and took annika with her…
“why I’m feeling as if something is going to happen?” feared shivaay and took out his cell…
“Khanna” shivaay spoke on call “kam hogya? {is work done?}” “Very Good, I’m waiting send me the video now…”
And saying so he disconnected the call…and walked to the cabin of Dr. Mallika and sat on the chair of hers…soon his mobile beeped and taking out hands-free he played the video…
*Video Started*
Daksh was laying on the floor on his stomach and was hiccupping
“daksh, do you know annika?” khanna asked
“yeah that b*t*h…” daksh hiccupped {shivaay closed his fist tightly “How? I mean how you know her have you met her?” khanna asked “Oh met her? I had a lot fun with her?” he laughed “I know her very welly” daksh rolled on floor “how you met her how you got to know about her?” khanna asked “umm how, how, how…Yes! I met her in a park but you know what how I know her? I saw her in Indian idol Mumbai auditions…I fell for her body man?…what curves?! What a figure she has?…perfect to be on bed material” ? daksh rolled his eyes and showed a great sign ?” mean? Did you get her? And if yes then how?” khanna asked

“it’s so simple…I called my friend who works in that show and got her details and followed her for few days…she used to sing in a park and I went there to get her but ufff? her attitude…I liked it too… the way I liked her body…then she refused to be my anything…Then one day co-incidentally for her and deliberately from my side we met in train where we became friends and then I proposed her after becoming friends but she rejected … I was angry but to get that I need to have patience and then khanna I took her to Delhi for a tour and their I got shot because of her silliness she wasn’t giving her damn cheap ring to the hijackers I moved forward to make her leave the ring but got shot as she moved bullet was for her but I got shot…and then the thing happened” daksh hugged the cushion “what?” khanna asked “she thought I took her bullet deliberately, She thought I saved her” daksh chuckled “and taking the advantage I proposed her again and she accepted” he drank another glass
“then how you got what you wanted?” khanna asked “that was difficult though but I’m not so loser to give up…I tried to get close to her many times but she never let that happen I had to bear her nonsense a lot for that…her pets were the disastrous thing to handle I was fed up so I planned to fake a marriage…” he laughed “then she was trapped and gave her the dates of marriage and just week before that date I bring her here…and then I got what I wanted” he laughed leaning on Khanna’s shoulder… “but didn’t she resisted?” khanna asked “Why would she? You know we were going to get married” he laughed and looked at khanna “she was idiot” and chuckled again “then how you got rid of her?” khanna asked “that was easy I had planned that before only…I had recorded our intimation but I got a much better plan so she doesn’t hate me” daksh chuckled “I called her here and asked my friends to help me in that and then left the place so I can make a scene…” daksh leaned on table “what?” khanna asked “oho idiot… they ra*ped her and then when I entered the scene was something as if she cheated me and then the work was done and I left her for that” daksh winked “but didn’t she remembered?” asked khanna “she did but there was no proofs to help her but I had a lot as I planned that all and above that Cameras Were also installed so she was trapped successfully!” daksh laughed “didn’t you ever loved her?” khanna asked “love? Maybe somewhere I felt like that but nah bullshit! She liked shivaay not me but ended up craving for me and will be craving still” daksh gulped down another shot “what do you mean?” asked khanna “as usual I got to know she has a crush on shivaay…she never seen him but had a crush on him…she loved his Principles and all…she never seen him before maybe not till now too… she wanted to see him after becoming a star but then she met me and fell for me…and forgot him hahaha Cheap love! I don’t love her but I hate her only hate I hate all those girls who loves shivaay, what’s so special in him that is not in me? I hate her for loving shivaay and did more worst then I had planned, I love shivaay as he is my childhood friends but hate him to be most perfect and idol for girls…and today I saw her on TV I’ll not leave her I’ll destroy her” daksh fainted…

~Video Ended~
shivaay’s eyes were red and he was clutching his fist tightly as tight as possible! “shivaay” annika entered the cabin “what happened why you’re crying?” annika moved toward him and he wiped off his tears “Nothing” and walked to Mallika…while annika sat on the chair on which he was sitting
“Mallika…how come you here? I mean last time you told me that you were going to USA?” shivaay tried to divert his own mind for some time “dumbo” Mallika smacked his head “I went abroad for studies not settling there and till I remember I even told you same!” added Mallika “umm maybe I don’t remember…I missed you and thankful too for checking annika btw what’s in result?” shivaay held her hands
Annika was getting jealous seeing him with her and that too so close holding hands “I’ll kill this Mallika how dare she? And what is wrong with him why he’s holding her hands don’t he know she’s Mallika not annika” annika self-talked while ripping the tissue she was holding into millions of pieces…
“shivaay why you are taking so much tension?” Mallika made him sit on sofa “have this water first” Mallika forwarded him the glass and stood behind him placing her hands on his shoulders “Tests result will come tomorrow or maybe day after tomorrow…do you have any past medical reports of her?” Mallika kinds massaged his shoulders…
For a second shivaay went into thoughts and coming out he held her hand and pulled her in in-front of him and leaned to her ear
“hawww shivaay” annika yelled in her mind made a sad face…
“she had an abortion in the 7 month” shivaay whispered in her ear and Malika’s eyes widens “what?” Mallika screamed “

Annika narrowed her eyes and they both looked at her and moved away… “hey! You’re Engaged?” annika looked at her Ring “Yeah” Mallika replied…
Annika smiled widely and went to them and stood beside shivaay “Who is that lucky person?” annika passed a smile “Shivaay”
So this is it ishquies Part 14 of this SS…
I’m not really sorry for the delay…I’m not getting the amount of comments I deserve…I’ve a lot of works but still I take out time to write for you people though I write it with my own wish I can stop it too but I post it for you people there’s no profit of mine in all this…Guys please do comment; it just takes few seconds if you read do comment…Silent readers too…please!
I’m sorry for not replying to the comments my TU isn’t working properly tab keeps on crashing and comments aren’t posting so as soon as it gets okay I’ll reply all …Thank-you for Reading…
Annie Signing off TC see you Soon!

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    Daksh breakin the tv in anger as he couldn’t see the person’s face. I knw tht khanna had a plan when he came to meet daksh…. aur usne usse sara sach ugalwa. He is such a bast**d and low key guy… all he wanted was to have s*x with anika and aftr he was fulfilled with his desire he made a plan to send her out of his life and make her stay in guilt all her life… he made his friends gangra*e her and he blamed for all of it. He used her just caz he had lust and caz anika had a crush on shivay. I preferred to ignore all of daksh’s words except when he said anika had a crush on shivay and she adored him a lot ?. Daksh doesn’t deserve anika’s hatred also… she named her body and soul to him believing him and trustin him but he betrayed her and used her for his benefit and thn threw her away when she was of no use.
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