“Not First Love, BUT Last Love” #ishqbaaz SS Shot-13 by #annie

“Not First Love, But Last Love”
Part #13
~In Shivaay’s Room!
Shivaay’s POV… ?
“she’s in pain…not because daksh left her or someone raped her but because she think their relation got over because of her only while I don’t think that she was the reason behind breakup…I know him he can never be serious with any girl never ever…I need to investigate about the past to let her come out of the guilty zone in which she is living from past one year…In video there was something weird…when annika met those 4 man’s only annika’s voice was hearable while whatever those man’s said wasn’t hearable…but how she got those videos? And if she had watched them why she didn’t notice them or maybe she never watched them? But why the hell daksh recorded their union’s video…I’m sure there’s something else behind this whole damn matter…why it feels annika is trapped well even if she is trapped I’ll bring her out from that trap…
Let’s check those medical file’s or maybe first letter’s?
umm files are important… {thinking so he picked up the bunch of files which were 10 to 20 files}
Seems a lot work is pending…ufff so many files I wonder what would be in these files I just hope nothing much serious…
{he checked 1st file}
What the hell? Abortion? Did she just abort a child? But why? She could’ve give birth to that child… why she took the life of an innocent?
{he kept on checking the files and 15 files was about just of her check-ups during pregnancy and 1 of abortion…} I guess she decided to abort it on the 7th month…but why so late it was risky for her too”
POV Ends…
Shivaay was wondering about the pregnancy of her and reason of her abortion because till he got to know her, he wasn’t believing she aborted a child and the reports were making it weirder as she aborted child on the 7th month which was risky for her… “sir” Khanna’s voice brought him back to the real world from the wondering world “han?” shivaay asked “actually if you don’t mind can you please turn off the light now? I guess you can check those files tomorrow too let me sleep” khanna buried his face in cushion… “yeah I think so I should sleep too” shivaay murmured and switching off the light laid on bed with wide open eyes “why she did that?” he questioned himself but it was audible to khanna too… “I asked her to do so” khanna said eyeing shivaay and he “sorry” apologizing turned to other side…

@ park outside the cottage
~On Bench…
Annika was laying on the bench sleeping peacefully when tuffy woke her up licking her face and she rubbed her eyes while sitting up “what you’re doing here?” shivaay was standing in-front of her crossing his arms “I guess I was sleeping and you too know that” annika tried looking at him with her drowsy eyes “I know very welly but I think you’re forgetting one thing…” shivaay narrowed his eyes “shit! did I forgot to put my cell on charging?” annika wide opened her eyes “you” shivaay shooked his head and threw a jug of water on her “ahh Bagadh billa” annika wiped water off her face “do you remember?” shivaay asked holding pipe of water and khanna was standing near the tap to open it on orders “whattttt? Annika stood up “I told you not to sleep here on bench you’ll catch cold and you promised me that you’ll not sleep but look at you! You were sleeping here again” shivaay signed khanna and he opened the tap for a while and again closed it and annika was drenched now “what the hell! Khanna you were on my side if you are forgetting?” annika narrowed her eyes “I do remember that I was on both sides yesterday helped you for punishing him now it’s your turn to get punished so helping him” khanna passed a cheeky smile “youuu!” annika snatching the pipe ran to khanna and he ran away “I’ll not leave you both” annika turned on the tap and started watering them instead of plants and shivaay and khanna were running here and there in the park while annika was chasing them with the heaviest weapon in her hand ‘The Pipe’ …
“okay now stop it I’m tired” khanna sat on ground full drenched and water dripping from every corner of his face and body… “I’m tired too” shivaay shouted and slipped “shivaay” annika ran to him as he slipped “meri Pyari bhen, we aren’t tired” Khanna snatched the pipe from her hand annika shocked looked at shivaay and he smirked “Busted”
“You…cheaters” annika punched shivaay and khanna in the stomach “you know baby everything is fair in love, war and Friendship, only you said this” shivaay smirked
And khanna pointed the pipe and them and released the lock and soon shivika were drenched again and khanna moved little back “stop it” they both shouted and tried standing up and slipped due to the slippery mud beneath their feet’s and end up sharing an eye-lock while khanna continued pouring the water on them…
Taking their eye-lock to other level annika started wiping off the water from his face and he from her face which was continuously falling on them…in-short they were caressing eachothers faces in the name of wiping off the water… “your eyes are beautiful they are just amazing” shivaay muttered “But your eyes are amazing wonderful and what not? They are just deep like oceans every time I look into them I get lost and every time they say same thing that You Lo…” but “achuuuu” shivaay sneezed and annika came out of trance and stopped from saying further and composing herself she stood up “what sir? Couldn’t you just hold it for some more time…?” khanna threw away the pipe and walked in annika too walked in and shivaay went to close the tap… “what she was about to say? She knows what my heart says through my eyes? She knows that I love her?” shivaay kept on turning off the tap but water didn’t stop from coming and he looked down at his hand which twisting tuffy’s ear “oops! Sorry” shivaay bit his lower lip and turning off the tap walked in the cottage…
~After Sometime~
They all were sitting in hall near hearth holding their respective cups of tea/coffee and with jam bread in front of them in a plate “I think I’m forgetting something I needed to tell” annika exclaimed “finally?” shivaay smiled thinking she’s about to tell him of her abortion and all “yes! I remember” she jumped “tuffy bring my purse” annika shouted “Purse?” shivaay looked at her “yes!” annika looked at him and tuffy came with a purse of her whose handle/chain was in his mouth and rest it was sweeping the floor…she took out a letter and handed that to shivaay “aww love letter” shivaay winked at her “ufff you check it first…it’s a love letter only” annika giggled and shivaay opened the letter
“Dear shivaay singh oberoi
We the XYZ studio are feeling lucky to invite you as chief guest for our biggest concert and album releasing function of 2017. we would love it if you’ll give us a chance to have you as our only chief guest, to give the award of the best singer of this year to Annika Rathod”
From XYZ…
Shivaay was happy to the core reading the last line “best singer of the year” annika hadn’t read that so she wasn’t aware of the award she was going to get all she knew was she is going to be famous and her dream was going to be fulfilled… “you are amazing” shivaay jumped over her and crushed her in a bone crushing hug “oops! I know that” annika laughed and reciprocated the hug…
A Hug! Which was having no love feelings…just friend feelings…though the love hugs are best but the friendly hugs are the bestest “I love these kind of friendships where you know what other wants and other knows what you want” khanna said hugging them “okay I know we are best friends and we are happy about this album and all but that doesn’t mean you’ll kill me with hugs, I’m suffocating” annika said and they both got apart from her “what annika? What’s better then dying in the embrace of your bestie while having a hug” shivaay made an innocent face winking at khanna and annika chuckled “As If you will handle the pain of losing me?” annika raised her eye-brows “okay I can handle it, only if I’ll get biryani” khanna rolled his eyes while both {shivika} chuckled and threw cushions on him…
“so what you guys are waiting for? Go get ready fast and I don’t want you guys to be late” annika stood up “wait? What do you mean by we getting late? For your kind information girls takes a lot time in getting ready not boys so go get ready fast” shivaay stood beside her…
Khanna: I think you both will take time as sir is not so fine so he will take time and girls you know they take so much time don’t know why! So I’m one and only who will not be late so go get ready you both
Annika and shivaay glared him and then exchanged glances before attacking him. They passed eachother cheeky smiles and then looked at khanna like hungry tiger/tigress and started taking step forward
Khanna: I think I’m in danger isn’t it?
Khanna was all sweating
Annika: hihihi you’re still thinking?
Annika acted like a scary ghost instead of tigress
Shivaay: what? Annika you need to act like a tigress not some scary long lost ghost
Khanna chuckled and they both again looked at him
Khanna: I think I shouldn’t have stayed here instead I should’ve ran away
Khanna gulped and they both ran to him and he started running away, little did khanna knew was he isn’t really in danger as he knows them very welly that they’ll end up on eachother lost in eachothers eyes so he slowed down but not every time your thinking could be right!
Lesson of the day learnt “hahaha”
Khanna was caught by them and they started tickling him
Khanna: oh haha for god’s sake haha please haha annika hahaha shivaay haha please haha leave haha me haha I hahaha sorry haha you haha
His every word ended and started with Haha
And hearing him they both cracked up and started laughing…and kept on laughing…
{After Sometime}
Shivaay came out of his room in black jeans with white T-shirt and a black knee length jacket on T-shirt and annika descended down the stairs in her black Off-shoulder Skater Dress.
Shivaay who was standing down the stairs was totally dumbstruck he was going to call her but seeing her his all the damn words died in his mouth and she was just avoiding eye-contact, “Annika” he whispered and walked to her “shivaay” she looked at him
“Gosh! You are looking Breathtaking Beautiful” shivaay neared her and was about to touch on her lips but went back into his senses with the barks of tuffy and to cover up the act he poked on her nose “what?” annika poked back on his nose “nothing I was just checking if you’re real or not” shivaay chuckled and walked away “hawww! Why do you think so?” annika walked behind him “what?” shivaay looked at her innocently “what do you mean by real or not?” annika narrowed her eyes “umm oh that! You aren’t looking like annika na, who told you to put on so much make-up?” shivaay made faces looking away to hide his smile “HUH! Billu Ji I’m not having any makeup on my face” annika tapped on his shoulder “oh really? Let me check then” shivaay bit his winked at wall and turned to her “Yeah go ahead” annika crossed her arms and shivaay looked at her and forwarded his hand toward her face…
Tumko Choo ke bhi choone ko karta hai dill
Paa ke bhi paani ko karta hai dill
{he touched her face with his ice-cold Fingers which gave current to her Known as Static current by “omkie in Ib”}
Awargi aane lagi

Saansoo mein khushboo chahne lagi
{he moved little bit closer to her inhaling the smell of her the smell of her perfume the smell which makes him loose his senses the smell he dies to snivel…
Dill pe deewangi chah gayi iss qadar
Band ankho se bhi Mujhko aye nazar
{shivaay closed his eyes and leaned on her shoulder while rubbing his hand on her face on the name of checking if she had applied some makeup…as soon as he leaned on her shoulder she closed her eyes tightly taking a long warm breath “usually breaths are warm only I think so” their this much proximity wasn’t happening for the first time but this time there was a little difference and that was both of them were madly in love and just hiding it for some silly reason fire was ignited on both the sides this time}
Kaise kahy hume kitni mohabbat hai
Han Mohabbat hai
Kitni mohabbat hai
Kaise kahy humeeee kitniii Mohabbat haiiiiiiiii…
Shivaay’s other hand reached on her waist and placing it on her waist he gently grabbed her waist and pulled her slowly in a hug and resting his forehead on her shoulder he gently rubbed his bearded cheek on her soft cheek while whispering in her ear “I know you’ve not applied any makeup annika, and still you’re looking no less than any angel and I need not to say this that you don’t need any makeup you takes away breaths without makeup only” and placing a kiss on her cheek he moved back leaving her in her dreamland
After a minute or two she opened her twinkling eyes with some tears in them her hand moved toward her cheek where he kissed her and caressing it she smiled widely but tears fell down from her eyes “Mein tujhe bhi choom lu chaht si hoti hai, Tu paas rahy tou rahat si hoti hai.” She kissed her hand with which she was caressing her cheek where he kissed and jumped in happiness…
{Pardon me if it’s lame and crap scene}

“Annika come fast we need to leave soon” khanna shouted from outside “and bring sir too” he added and controlling her all emotions she tip-toed to shivaay’s room and looked for him but didn’t found him “shivaay, shivaay” called him out and soon someone grabbed her waist from back and placed his chin on her shoulder “shivaay” she held his ear “I knew you’ll know” shivaay blew on her neck and she left his ear with a jerk “haha” shivaay chuckled and moved away and soon started wearing her something on her neck “what’s this shivaay” annika touched the chain “umm Gift” shivaay turned her toward him “but why?” annika looked at him “because you didn’t let me down and I’m so proud of you…it’s a prize for you for doing amazing songs in studio” shivaay cupped her face and held her by her shoulder and moved toward mirror and lifted her chin up looking in mirror and she too looked in mirror “did you liked it” shivaay looked at her in mirror “yeah” she replied looking at shivaay “I was asking about pendant not about me” shivaay hid his smile but she blushed and turned into a tomato “yeah, pendant is also beautiful” annika replied not knowing what she is saying “mean I’m beautiful too? You were really answering about me?” shivaay smirked and she closed her eyes tightly and blushed “whatever…” annika turned toward him “I liked this a lot and I guess it’s expensive too isn’t it?” annika touched the chain looking at him “not more than you annika” shivaay held her by her shoulder and pulled her in a hug and she reciprocated “this chain only looks beautiful on you and I repeat it’s not more expensive than you” shivaay crushed her in his hug and she did no less “I knew it” someone’s voice shooked them and they got apart and looked at the person and sighed “I knew it you both must be doing this only I’m waiting outside and it’s been 1 and half hour since I’m waiting outside” khanna glared them crossing his arms “i…I was just thanking your sir for gifting me this beautiful pendant” annika smiled confusingly and walked to khanna “yeah,…yeah and I was welcoming her back for thanking” shivaay too smiled confusingly and walked to khanna “I know what was cooking here need not to lie mr and miss bad liars” khanna twisted their ears and walked out them following him “you looks more like our father then friend” shivaay made faces “cool isn’t it?” khanna sat on front seat and they both sat on back “yeah cool, do this again and you’re dead mr over smart” shivaay narrowed his eyes “uhm, I guess” khanna was cut in mid by annika “bhai! Concentrate on other things don’t waste time on guessing” annika passed a smile and he looked away while shivika kept on chatting about random things.
{After Sometime}
They reached venue/place of concert and were warmly welcomed by the staff of studio with bookie and were taken to their places and sitting right in-front of the stage they both looked at eachother “soon you’ll be standing right there, and you know after that you’ll become so famous” shivaay sign toward the stage with lots of music systems “and after that I’ll always be thankful to you” annika side hugged him “nope! After that we’ll be going for the dinner” shivaay caressed her face “ahan! And for Gol-Gappa’s too” annika closed her one eyes and looked at him with the second eye “okay” shivaay smiling winked… ?
Soon a person who was the manager of studio stepped on stage and holding a mic tapped on mic “hello ladies and gentlemen’s. Thank you so much everyone for joining us as you all know today we all gathered here to know about the new comer in the singer’s field of our country, who is probably the best singer for us. We will be giving you devices for your respective opinions about this album you need to vote in like or dislike so please take them. Now presenting the hit song ‘Tere Hoke Rahenge by Annika Rathod’”
He stepped down and soon the Music started playing and the biggest LCD was dropped downwards on Stage…and annika was shown sitting on a stool {not complete view}
“Kal thy mile, phir kyu lage aise
Tumse mile…arsa hua jaise…”
{camera moved upward from her feet’s to her lips and stopped there}
“Ab tu bata…jo ho pataa…
Tere Bina Lamha, Lamha jiyenge kaise?”
{camera black out and again appeared the video of her with the focus on her eyes}
“Teri baaho ka ghera
Badaa mehfooz lage hai
Badi bekhauf jaga hai ye… OO OO…”
{camera zoomed out and her face was revealed and soon the hall was filled with whistles}
“Inme hi rehna Chahein, teri panaahein
Jab tak hai jeena chahenge, Oo…Oo…”
{~Present in concert~ shivaay looked at her “really?” with a smirk plastered “yeah” annika boldly winked and side hugged him and he bit his lower lip with a smile}
“Tere hoke rahenge, Oo…Oo…
Dill zid pe araa hai, Oo…Oo…
Tere hoke rahenge, Oo…Oo…
Tera shauq chahra hai, Oo…Oo…”
{camera blurred and zoomed on her eyes again}
Aankho mein sapno ko rakh le mere
Inko naa jag tod de
Phir meri kismat ko jaise ho dill
Waise hi tu mod de
Tu hi tou hai hausla
Chaahat ka tu hai sila
Jeete jee na jee sakein
Kahin ab jo tu na mila”
{Camera zoomed out and she continued while snapping her fingers}
Oo…Oo… tere hoke rahenge
Oo…Oo… dill zid pe araa hai
Oo…Oo… tere hoke rahenge…
Oo…Oo… Tera shauq charha hai…
Oo…Oo… Oo…Oo… Oo…Oo… Oo…Oo…
hall was filled with the sound of claps for her and she was teary eyed seeing such thing for her and shivaay wiped her tears “Ufff can’t you stop crying?” shivaay held her face “these are happy tears shivaay” annika kissed on his hand “thank you”
“so everyone did you liked it or loved it?” manager asked in mic and turned it toward audience “Loved it” they all shouted and the hall was echoing with their voices “so now do you guys want to hear her live? Yes, or No?” manager again asked “YES…YES…YES” The hall echoed with their voices and annika stood up from her place “Miss Annika Rathod would you like to join us here?” manager asked in mic and she stepped on stage looking at front and then back at shivaay who was nodding in yes and the audience was hooting for her “ANNIKA, ANNIKA, ANNIKA, ANNIKA”
“Hellowwwwwww everyone” annika said in a stylish yet cute manner and hall was filled with whistles, claps and shouts… “Thank-You so much Everyone for the love you’re showering on me so now let’s fulfill your wish? What say?” annika spoke in mic “yessssssssss” a long shout was filled in hall “which song? Guyssssssss” annika stretched “Teri Galliyan…. Galliyan Galliyan” everyone shouted in unison “Galliyan?” annika shouted “Teri Galliyan” everyone shouted back and she chuckled “Music”

~Scene Shifted to a house~
A man was sitting on a couch with whisky bottle on the table and a glass of it in hand with a pony tail and full drunken eyes “oh God! This work is so hard! Isn’t there a way to become so much rich then shivaay without any work?” the man placed the glass on table with a thud and few drops fell down on table “but where this shivaay is? His number is out of reach he hasn’t even visited office and on the other hand I haven’t meet him” the man head down on the table “well maybe he’ll meet me now as I just returned to India and he didn’t know so wait for tomorrow mr daksh” daksh chuckled and picked the glass again “oops? No girl is free today! Let’s sooth the eyes by watching the girls online…umm I heard about the 2017 biggest concert there will be lots of girl lets watch her out who knows how much s*xy she’ll be!” daksh chuckled and switching on the TV started changing the channels soon he stopped at a channel where the concert was telecasted live “now let’s see who this girl is”
~Back to concert~
“O… Yahin doobe din mere
Yahin hote hai savere
Yahin marna or jeena
Yahin Mandir or Madinah…
O… Yahin doobe din mere
Yahin hote hai savere
Yahin marna or jeena
Yahin Mandir or Madinah…”
{audience hooted “ANNIKA…ANNIKA” on the other hand daksh’s eyes popped out seeing annika “SHE’S ANNIKA”}
“Teri galliyan… Galliyan teri, Galliyan…
Mujhko bhaavein galliyan, teri galliyan
Teri galliyan… Galliyan teri, Galliyan…
Yuhin tadpavein, galliyan teri, galliyan…”
{she sung it looking at shivaay who was already looking at her in loving manner… on the other side daksh was sweating and was shocked seeing her as a singer}
“Tu meri neendo me sota hai
Tu mere ashqo mein rota hai
Sargoshi si hai khayalon mein
Tu na ho, phir bhi tu hota hai
Hai sila…. Tu mere dard ka
Mere dill ki duayein hain….”
{she kept on looking at shivaay, daksh was curious to know at whom she is looking at but camera didn’t turn toward the person and he kept on biting his thumb nail}
“Teri galliyan… Galliyan teri, Galliyan…
Mujhko bhaavein galliyan, teri galliyan
Teri galliyan… Galliyan teri, Galliyan…
Yuhin tadpavein, galliyan teri, galliyan…”
{shivaay stood up and hooted for her and the rest audience too stood up and again started, hooting for her, daksh stood up and went near TV and kept on wiping his dripping sweat from forehead…}
“Kaisa hai rishta tera-mera
Be-chehra phir bhi kitna gehra
Ye lamhe, lamhe ye resham se
Kho Jaayein… kho na jaayein humse
Kaafilaa…. waqt ka… rok le…
ABR se juda na ho….
Teri galliyan… Galliyan teri, Galliyan…
Mujhko bhaavein galliyan, teri galliyan
Teri galliyan… Galliyan teri, Galliyan…
Yuhin tadpavein, galliyan teri, galliyan…”
{yes, ANNIKA Shivaay hooted and rest joined, daksh was tapping his feet on floor in tension “how is this possible?” he was confused}
“JOIN ME” annika shouted…
Teri Galliyan…
And the audience kept on swinging…” Galliyan…Teri Galliyan…”
And soon the hall was echoing with the sound of claps and annika was literally crying seeing this…
“now let’s check how much people disliked it? Or maybe liked it?” manager appeared with mic and on LED voting screen was showed and voting counting started
10: 0
The final result was 6000 Likes and 0 dislikes…
And she jumped in happiness while once again all clapped…
“Thank you so much everyone for this much love and appreciation…I don’t know what to say…I’m short at words I’ve no words to thank or explain how much this mean to me…my childhood dream it was…I never thought it’ll be ever completed by any chance…but you all made it come true for me…thank you manager sir for giving me this chance and you all thank you for helping me in it and making it a huge thing for me…and special thanks to the person sitting here as a chief guest {daksh was about to see but the cable started spoiling the image and when the camera was on shivaay his TV screen went black} Shivaay singh oberoi…for all of you he is a great businessman but for me {his cable returned} he is my greatest support…my friend bestest friend and my life…he is the reason I’m standing here…he helped me in this reaching here wasn’t easy but he made it easy for me he helped me by every mean from the sources to confidence…MR. Chief guest would give me the owner to give you something? Would you please join me here on stage?” annika smiled with tears and shivaay nodding stood up {“finally I’ll see who helped this b*tch…” daksh rubbed his lips…}
Camera turned to shivaay!
“will daksh get to know about shivaay and annika?”
So this is it ishquies my sweetie followers… Part 13~ ❤️️ ❤️️ ❤️️ ❤️️
Thankyou everyone for the lovely and supportive comments on the last Part! ? ? ? ? ?
Sorry for the delay and sorry for not giving the all written in precap…that’s why I don’t give precaps  …
Well I saw some dislikes on the last few parts…so would you please tell me what you are not liking so I can make it perfect? Please! ?
Next will be a revelation and intense part! ?
stay tuned!
Target for next:
50 Votes ?
I think I can get this much… ?
Annie signing-off TC EVERYONE STAY SAFE SEE YOU SOON! ❤️️ ❤️️ ❤️️ ❤️️ ❤️️

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    Now it’s time for anika to bear the punishment…. shivay being angry on her for sleepin outside on the bench and khanna siding with him… khanna’s so lucky jab chahe party badal lo ?. And boom…. pani war strts between the three of them… so nice to see tht the anika who would sit quietly at home is now playin arnd and enjoyin. Shivika’s eye lock and caressin each other’s faces ?…. my reaction was same like khanna when shivay sneezed… thodi der ruk nai sakta tha. Shivay turning off the knob rememberin anika’s words ???… he was twisting tuffy’s ears ??? poor tuffy… i laughed so hard at tht.
    Shivay thinkin anika’s gonna reveal more abt her past but she gives him the love letter ?. Shivay was soo happy to see tht anika has achieved so much success and she truly deserves every bit of the stardom. This letter is equally precious to him as a love letter as it’s anika’s first award. Shivanna huggin her happily almost crushin her bones ?. Ab khanna ki baari hai saza keliye ?… uska andaza iss baar chuk gaya… shivika were focused on attackin khanna only and thn haha he haha was haha caught ??. Shivika also burst up seeing him… such hearty moments.
    Shivay mesmerised seeing anika… his breath stopped. Both of them were lost in each other’s eyes. Shivay showin her how much make up she has and his comment ????… uff and anika’s reaction to his actions… pyar hogaya hai magar abhi tak puri tarah se accept nahi kiya hai. Shivay gifts her a pendant for finally fulfillin her dreams ?… anika tellin she also likes him ? and thn they hug. Khanna inki rag rag se waqif hai… he knew they would be lost in their own world or romancin somewhere. And they reach the venue.
    Shivika excited for it. Anika’s song is shown on the screen and audience are rooting for her. Shivay must have been so happy tht his lady love fulfilled her dreams and everybody is lovin her so much. Anika singin live on the stage… wht a coincidence i am actually listenin to the same song she sang ?. Shivay motivating her at each step and increasin her enthusiasm. She thanked shivay for his constant support and belief in her… for givin her the chance to fulfill her forgotten dreams… so emotional. The anika who used to stay away frm people is now singin infrnt of a huge crowd.
    Daksh angered on seeing anika on television and on top of tht she was lookin at someone lovingly and everyone were lovin her performance… gusse se pagal ho raha tha ?. I was laughin upon him as he has lost such a great person. He was tryin to see who has become her big support and helped her to emerge so high.
    Can’t wait for ur next epi. I almost cried on ur rikara os… it was tht heart touchin. Take care dear and love u loads ❤❤❤❤❤.

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    Superb update

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