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Part: 23
(Starting from shivaay’s POV)

“I knew she is weird but I didn’t know she’s mad too…like seriously she wants to ride a cycle on the wall of china c’mon man who do this? It’s insane I ain’t gonna accompany her in it…I thought but I knew I will accompany her when she’ll give me that puppy face smile her favorite weapon to attack me…she knows it will work like magic on me…I was lost in all these thoughts and smiling like idiot holding the diary of her close to my heart when Mallika entered ward with a serious expression and dull face she started leaning to my level I guess she wanted to tell something I looked at her with the same smile plastered but she didn’t smiled back “Annika is critical…complications during surgery shivaay” she finally spoked up her words were like sword piercing my heart and as if she pulled out the earth beneath my foot’s “Are you nuts? How can it even happen? All the tests were fine and she was calm too then how?” I yelled at her which was just my reaction to such thing…unknowingly I hurt her… “Shivaay, she needs blood I mean much bleeding happened they used all the blood they had…now I just came here to tell you so that you can give her blood your blood group is same as here’s” she told me dropping few tears and walked out…hell I never think before speaking or doing anything…I rushed out after her putting the diary in my pocket… “Mallika, where I’ve to go?” I stopped her and she directed me to the ward where blood was going to be collected…”

POV Ends…

Mallika walked back to the OT side after leaving shivaay to the ward and sat back on the bench hanging her head low covering her face with her hands… khanna came there from canteen and looked at her “I think she’s worrying for annika…” he thought but it didn’t stay same after hearing her little silent sobs…she was worrying but was crying too…reason totally un-known…
Khanna “I know I’ve no right to ask you the problem as I’m not your friend even. But, you can still share something if you want to… you’ll feel good” he placed his hand on her shoulder and she looked up at him wiping off her tears “Nothing…I’m just missing someone” she lied smartly while stammering “You know when someone lies they stammers” he sat beside her and she dropped few tears “I’m trying to be strong” she looked at him “Why? you’re already so strong!” he tried cheering “Yeah but that’s physical I’m talking about mental strength I mean I lost so much in one week only” she looked down again “What?” he slowly asked “A lot…you know I started loving him because we were going to get married…But, then I met shivaay after ages with his lover who told me about daksh’s reality…I was hurt but I still managed it somehow…since childhood I’m emotional freak. I cannot handle lots of emotional attacks…I started feeling as if I’ll get heart attack because of the heart-brakes I was getting… I left him after knowing about his reality but then the major shock I got was my parents still wanted me to marry him… then annika blamed me for hurting shivaay, well that was just some misunderstanding but then this all happened…you can get idea of what I’m feeling since few days but I’ve controlled my all emotions… now what wrong I did by informing shivaay of annika’s state? Why he talked to me like that why he twisted my hand?” she looked at him “Um…” he was about to speak when she again spoke “I know he is tensed about annika but that doesn’t mean he can behave in this way with rest…well leave it. I’m feeling good now” she stood up and walked away “weird girl.” Khanna shooked his head and relaxed
After sometime…
Doctor “Yeah mr. oberoi she is perfectly fine…and nothing to worry she is fine now and will be conscious in sometime” he patted on his shoulder and walked away
Shivaay “Thank-God…. everything went so well. Now just she gets conscious and then we’ll do a party” he smiled talking to khanna
Khanna “Before you meet her Apologize to Mallika…” he looked straightly and shivaay closed his eyes realizing what he did before sometime “Yeah sure” he said in low tone and walked to canteen area where she was sitting holding a cup of coffee

Shivaay “Mallika…” he placed his hand on her shoulder “Hmm” she just hummed “I’m sorry! I didn’t mean to hurt you I just reacted” He sat on chair next to her “You didn’t reacted but just overreacted” she looked away “Ummm yeah I accept I over-reacted but I’m saying sorry na” he turned her face toward himself “Yeah on saying of khanna, I know he asked you to do so…” she glared him “Yeah he just reminded me…I myself wanted to apologize” he held her hand “What are you waiting for… go ahead you know how to apologize to me very welly” she with-drew her hands and crossed them “Uhh… here?” he made faces “Ofcourse yes” she smirked “Okay…” he dropped his head and stood up from chair holding his ears he started doing sit-ups “I’m sorry Mallika I didn’t mean to hurt you ab maan ja ziada bhav mat kha” he glared her with a smile “Okay stop it I forgive you” she hugged him and smiled “I knew tu maan Jayegi {You’ll agree}” he reciprocated “Yeah who knows me better than you?” She smiled “Wese operation was successful, she is fine” he withdrew “I know…I was the one who arranged it and doctor myself…they informed me first” she smiled “Idiot why you didn’t tell me than?” he smacked her shoulder “meri marzi {My Wish}” she chuckled smacking back and walked out followed by him “You’ll not tell about hurting you to annika okay?” he said like a child says after doing mistake to avoid beating by mom “Umm why?” she hid a smile and said in serious tone “Because she’ll get angry” he rolled his eyes “Good na you deserve it” she smirked “Yeah I deserved what I did in canteen now promise me you’ll not tell her please na…you’re fine na don’t tell to annika okay” he cupped her face and ran away to her ward where she was sleeping and standing near the door he pleaded her by folding hands and smiling walked in as she nodded…
In Ward!
Annika was laying on the bed with machines attached sleeping peacefully… shivaay moved near her and sat on the stool near her…Sitting on it he slowly held her hand in his and smiled seeing her…

Shivaay “Annika…My life…it feels so good to see you fine finally…I’m so happy with the fact that you are perfectly fine, no more fear no more complications in anything… Finally, we’ll be starting our life freshly without any sorrows… finally we can live peacefully with eachother only. No daksh… no one! Only We… and our small family… now just get up soon… ummm actually no! sleep for some more time…you look so cute while sleeping like a small child sleeping after a tired day… I don’t think anyone can be cuter than you… I never saw someone so cute in my whole life…” he spoke holding her hand smiling like an idiot and admiring her for 2 more hours he yawned “I guess I’m sleepy…” he smiled and stood up and slid down on bed by her side with one hand below his head and other on her face he looked at her “Good night my baby doll” he caressed her face and placed few kisses on her face and then slid the hand on her abdomen and holding onto her in a hugging manner he dozed off staring her…

Annika woke up with drowsy eyes she looked at him and a sweet smile crept on her face seeing him… “My handsome hunk. He looks so cute” she admired him and removed her oxygen mask “After ages I’m seeing him so much relaxed his smile while sleeping shows it all how happy he is…” she rubbed her hand on his hand which was on her abdomen “It really feels so good to have you shivaay. I never knew we’ll make it up to here…You gave me another Life” she slowly placed a kiss on his forehead still admiring- adoring him… “I love you shivaay…eager to start the new phase with you, so much to do much more than you think” she blushed saying so “I’m hearing it annika” he mumbled and she smiled biting her lip “What did you hear?” she asked joining resting her head near his “That you’re feeling hungry isn’t it?” he opened his eyes and looked at her who smiled “how’s you now?” he asked “I’m not feeling fine actually” she closed her eyes and opened it as he sat up “What happened are you having problem in breathing tell na?” he freaked out and started making her wear the oxygen ask when she laughed “No I mean I’m hungry” she laughed “Oho” he leaned on her little and tucking her some little hair strands behind her ear he smiled “What you would like to have miss?” he smiled nuzzling on her neck “Shivaay” she whispered and he smiling looked in her eyes “I knew it. You are monster will only eat me. I’m ready to be eaten by you” he smirked moving near her lips “I’m hungry and I’m serious” she blushed saying “Okay…I’ll just bring something for you…Btw Good morning my sweetie” he pecked on her lips and stepped off the bed adjusting the blanket on her he walked out passing fly kiss to he and she smiled…

To Be Continued…

Precap: After few weeks…
Shivaay “You’re looking so cute annika” he laughed cupping her face “But you’re looking funny” she laughed and hugged him… a small pillow fight

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